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' 'fc. 

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• .•• ••:: 







Tlhb 14 of JaDuarij, 1641, the estaits of parlia- 
ment mett at Edinbjiighe^^ (jjahec ]^. K4ng3 Maies- 
ties warrand, wnder his hand, producit Jby his ad- 
Qocat, directed to the est&ita of parliameiit; it was 
adiomed to the IS day cf Apjpryle, in -this same 
zeire, 1641. . :. . • V 

The Lord Barlie was cliosen president of this 
meitting of parliament, quhervpone passed ane acte 
of continnatione» published by a herauld, and or- 

TOL. Ill* B 


dbinad to be printed; and the parliamenl dedared 
eorient, according to the tenor of the acte of the se- 
cond of Junij, 1640. 

18 Aprilis.— The noblemen and commissioners of 
imrliament mett at Edinbrughe, this 18 day of 
Apryle, 1641, and by his Maiesties warrandi wnder 
his hand, directed to the parliament, and presented 
by his aduocat, the parliament wes againe adiomed 
wntill the 25 day of MaQ, 1641. 

The Lord Burlie was chosen president for that 
meitting, by the hail] parliament, quhervpone pass- 
ed ane acte of continuatione, ordained to be printed^ 
and the parliament declared to be current, wntill 
the forsaid 25 of Maij, according to the tennor of 
the acte of the second of Junij, 1640« 

25 Maij.— One the 25 of Maij, 1641, ther mett of 
the nobility, in the parliament housse at Edinbru^^ 

Earles of Argyle, Lordes lindesayr 

Sutherland^ Sindaiin^ 

\etAijOe9r.: \ I : ***\\:\ Balmerinocht, 
••tfotittoi*. ..:.-.... Couper, 

Eglii^nftiV.r-.J**: Burlie. 

**«??<: /\ •;::♦•!•: 1 Naper, 

Mans^li; Ihonston* 

Kingorne, Fhuser, 

"^^seoont Keanmure, 

with only 8 absent of the haill commiMiwieri of 


Aym ttnd burronghesy qnlier the Lord Burlk 
wes et^etod pfMdetit of this sessione' of parlimmcaal 
also ; and his Maiesties letter was produced by his 
adoocat, Sr Thomas Hope of Craigehall, adiominge 
dtfe parliament agane till the 15 day of Julij, 1641, 
at wiche tyme his Maiesty faithfully promissed ather 
to keepe the said meitting in persbne, withoute aney 
tdtdet coBturaatione^ or •ells send suche a commis- 
sioner to doe the same^ that shoulde if them all 
eontentmeot. Quberwpone past ane acte of con* 
timuitioB, wntill the fixrsaid day^ and the parli^ 
Bent til! then tnrdained to be current, according to 
the tensor of the acte of Junij, 1640. 
• At this sessione of parliament, ther past ane acte, 
not to passe from 0ie Earle of Traquaire, as one of 
the dieiffis of the incendiaries, and a warrant di« 
Meted fhnA the parliament, to the Scotts commis- 
sioners at London, to haue them all sent home. 

Ther ^ast ane note, lykwayes, this same day^ 
that nather the Kinges aduocat, nor aney other ad-* 
noolit imployed for the stait, counsaill, plead for^ 
or adwysse aney of the incendiaries, wnder the paine 
of heigh treason. 

4 ANNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A. a 1641. 

mint CisxUftr 

From the 15 day of Julay, 1641, to the Vi of No- 
uembier, holden at Edinbnighe, this same zeir, 
the Kinges Maiestie being present. 

The parliament being continued till the 15 day 
of Jtrlay, 1941, at wich day the 3 estaits conveined, 
and elected Robert, Lord Burlie, to be ther pre- 
sident; after much debait^ being voyced to sitt still. 
The burrowes did oflFer to the housse ther w«y- 
ces in wreat, with this protestatione, that if aney 
thing should be proponed that might preiudge the 
liberties of ther estait, they should be free to reseile 

The barrons gate this protestatione of the bur- 
rowes till be adwysed with till the nixt day ; and 
then it was ordred, with the consent of the 3 estaits, 
that nothinng should be agitat in parliament that 
might eonceme aney particular estait, quherin they 
might be intressed, vithout ther auen consent till the 
10 day of Agust. 

Noblemen, present at the parliament this day, 

Earles of Argyle, Earles of Eglintone, 

Sutherland, Cassiles, 

Mar, Glencaime, 



Lor^ St Claire, 






Boyde, j 















Finlater ; 


Viscount Eeanmiire; 

■ Forrester, 

Lords Lindesay, 







Conumssioners for shyres of the barons ^prei^ent 
this day. 

1 Sk Jo: Vauchope of Nidrie; 
Edinbrughe, S>^ Da: Crightone of Lugto^e. 

2 Sr Tho : Morton of Camvo ; 
Fyffe, Villiam Rige of Edemey. 

3 S' Jo: Dundas of the same; 
Linlithgow, S^ Jo: Streueling of Garden. 

4 Laird of Lemingtone ; 
Clydsdaill, S^ Valter Steuart of Minto. 




S* Robert Greire of Luge^ 
Sr Jo: Chartre$ of Enitfeilcl 
Lac of Balwie; 




La: of Carrick^ 

S' Charles EnkeineiarBanteithei 
& Ja: Myrray of Polmais. 
Vaughtone being abseal^ Sr Pati 

Murray of Elibancike, &^ lum till 

his retume; 


S' Jo: Hamilton of Frestone. 
& Da: Homeof Vedderbume; 





- 11 


Laird dT Putrossict- 

Sr Tho: Hope of Kersscu 

;Sr Rob; Innes of the BamQ. 

La: of Mayaesse. 

jSk Jo: Murray of Blackbaimwiej^ 

Laird of Stennopei^ 





Laardof Keameiu 
9^ Hen^ampbellofC^iioeke. 


17 £k Gilbert Ramsay of Bftbnamet 
Meamisy barronet; 

Sr Robert Grahame of Morplue. 

18 Robert Pringell of Stichell ; 
Rozbro^e^ EUet of Stobbes. 

19 Sr Jo: Moacreiff of the aame^ Bar* 
Ptrthy roiiet; 

' fir Tho: Ruthuen of Freeland. 


OaUowa^y ^brdon. La: of Earleatone. 

81 Laird of KilhiU; 

Vlgtone^ Laird of Mertone. 

28 Sr Vill: Forbes of Cragewar, Bar- 
Aberdeine^ ronet; 

Jo: Forbes of Lesley. 

2S & Lndouicke Houstone of the ame; 

Renfirowt & Fatricke Maxswoll of Nevearke. 

84 James Ly one of Aldebar ; 
Forbr^ fr Jo: Erskeine of Dune. 

85 at Vill: Scot of Harden; 
Forrert^ La: of Torredlie. 

86 Laird of Dunevegen ; 
T nne me ss, Laird of Losseline. 

87 & Rob: Campbell of GleilTrqnhay» 
Argyle» Barronet; 

Sr . 11 , Campell of Achiabredce^ 



Bamffshyre, Laird of Birkkibdge. - 



Keanros^e, * 

« * - « 4 



*. •. ^ 

One commissioner 

for euerey one of the follow* 

ing burrowes, and tuo fbr,£<}inbnighe, wer present 

this day : — 



Kingome, * 





' Aberdem^) 






St. Andrewes, 





Anstroyther Vester, 











Aztttoyther Easter, 






Brunt Hand, 






North Berjoid^e^ 

^aim^ » 


Foifai^ . 












Ru^eo, « 


Th^ yyliffmeot is consented to sitt and prepaire 
boasines till die 17 day of Agosty (at wich tyme our, 
conunissioners did vndertake that ather hes Ma^ 
or his Conunissioner should be present ;) and lyot 
befor th^ to determine aney thing, vnlesse the 
vrgent a£Eaii:es for the .good and peace of the coun- 
trey .di4 requyre it J)m ordinance wes carried by 
$0 woyoe^. 

16 Julijy Fryday. Sessio L 
A comittee chossen fior^^ordringthe housse t^- 

Nob:' Barr: Bmrowes. 

£. Louthean, La: l)une9 Dundi^ 

Lord Amonl^ La: Cragewar, Aberdeine; 

togider with the flarle of Sangorne, tutor to the 
Lord Grate Constable, and the E^le of Mar for 
ik^ Earle Marishall, in respecte of his absence* 

This day in a committee chosen by the housse tq 
draw vpe ane anssuer to the Kinges letter. 

M AM1UU» Off lOOTLAlllX A^ailMU 

The Earle of Traqiiaires charge^ ccmtaiiung 96 
theetes of paper, thk day read in the houae. 
17 Jnlg, Satterday. Sessio 1. 

The incendiaries called one by ther names^ by S 
maissers, at the S barrs and grate dore. 

A double of the trettey with England ordained 
this day by the honsse to be giuen to eadie estait. 

This day the housse ordained cache nobleman that 
shall happin to be absent a day, topay 12^1ib. ; cache 
barrone, commissioner of a shyre, 6 lb. ISsli. 4d« ; 
cache commissioner of a bmgh^ S lb. 6sh» 8d« with^ 
out leine, or a resonable excusse. 

Sonday^ 18 of Julij, ther wes no sermon in the. 
pari: housse, bot all rent to the tonne churched 
19 July, Monday. Sessio I. 

This day the comittee for ordring the honsse mada 
ther report, wich after some debait wes wtted and 
alloued, in 18 artickells, by the housse. 

The trettey with En^aad read this day. 

The committee for anssuering the Kings letter 
made ther reporte this day, and the draughte therof 
wes read in the housse of the Lordes^ and sttt to 
die Barrons and Bnrrowes to be considered offi 

The Lord Ekkcubright obtrined leiue of the 
housse for 8 dayes to goa home^ in respecte of his 
Ladejes sicknes. 


SO Julij, l^ifttday. flesnoViiiaL 
Ane amraer to the Kings Ma^ ktter to thesM 
pontes pfFopesed by the commisiioiiMrs to the paxw 
Uiunenty wes iread end «»tted» and name of llie 
qohole houase^ ordained to be snbscriued bj the 
Lord Burlie^ president of tbe pari; and by 4 cf 
eache estait 

' Nobx Barrons, Bmrema^ 

Argyle, La: of Inne9, Edinbnighi^ 

Sutherland^ La:ofDun^ Pcorthe, 

Mar, La: of Camuo^ Dondie, 

Amont. La: <^ KersscL Aberdeine* 

A letter direoted from the parh to ther commis* 
sbners at London, ordained to be subsorhied by the 
^msideiit oiiJiei I. P. D. P. 

A bill this day exhibit to the housse by the Earle 
of Argyle and S^ ThMias Hope^ his Maiesties ad» 
Qoeaty craivnng a dispensatio&e &r holdk^ a justice 
eomte in tyme of pari; one Mr JFohne Steaart^ 
iridk wes granted* 

This day, the Eurle of Argyle, in fiice of pari; m^ 
lemlie protested, that since the fisatter of Mr Johns 
Steeoartes trayell did not onlie ooweme him in ho^ 
nor and crydit, bot the quhole housse also; as fisr 
hes anen intrest, he publkkly aodwdled that he did 
net beare maliee agsnist an^mans penene; bot 
^pihal tlie ae^pieU 6f it might preoe, he ssmilted l» 


the wysse consideratiDne <^ the housse ; and least it 
should be thought that the Judges did fi&uor him in 
ought, he humblie desyred that the hQiisse wold be 
pleassed to appoynt some of ther number to be asr 
sessors to the justice deputts, that by ther helpe an^ 
adwysse thesse thinges might be decydit by law. 

The hotts. granted this petitione, and ordained the 
Lord Balcomey, one of the Senatores of the Coir 
ledge of Justice, with one of eache estait to assist 
the Judges. 

Nab: The Lord Elphingstcme ; 
Barn Vill: Rige of Edemey ; 
Burrowesy Jo: JSemple of Dumbartane* 
21 Juli], Veddinsday. Sessio 1. 
The Lord Elphingstone did petitione the housse^ 
that hes conscience wold not suffer him to sitt a^ 
jiidge to Mr Johne Steuart, in respecte he himselue 
wes within degrees desendait to my Lord Argyll* 

Tlie [housse] ordaines the said Lord Elphingstone 
and hes coleauges assers to proceid and doe justice. 
Colonell Lindesay, constable of Edinbrugbe cas- 
tell,; by his bill demandit of the houss^ if or not he 
might receaue aney petitions from the Earle of Mour 
trois, Lord Naiper, and the Laixd of Keir, tp deli- 
uer to ther frindes. 

By woyces the housse did warrant him to receaue 
ther petitions, and deliuer the same to ther frifides^ 
that they mig^t present them to the parlianwit. 


Hes Ma^^ 5 demands wer publickly read, and 
eaclie estait ordained to hane a copey of them, and 
to retome ther aaseruers tfaerto to morrow at 9 
a elocke. 

Sessio 2da. 

A bill giuen in to the housse by Mr Johne 
Steuarte of Dualley, and Steuart, hes tenant, supli* 
eating that the housse wold ordaine my Lord of 
Athole and hes Balzie, to be citted to compeir 
befor the pari: to morrow, and obiecte if they 
collide qnhay the said Steuart, Dualleys tenant, 
shoulde not find cautione befor the justice to ans- 
suer for hes aledgit thifte, for wich the said Earle 
of Athole most vrangously persewes him in his 

The housse ordaines the Earle of Athole to be. 
citted to anssuer this bill, aganist to morrow, the 22 
of this instant^ and the partey to be againe citted 

The La : of Camuo^ -commissioner for Fyflfe, gaue 
m a bill to the housse, anent his precedencey in 
pari: before Lotheanshyre, and desyred the same 
to be recordit for hes exoneratione to the shyre. 

This bill receaued noe anssuer. 

A petitione presented to the housse this day by 
the Lord Ersk3me, from the Earle of Montrois, hum- 
Uie intreatting the housse, that they wold be pleais- 


4d to lionce himiBlae^ Naptr and Ken^ to sMttt 
and talke logider in andience of CMcmell Lindasfty* 

This fame day» the Lord Napeir did send t^ h«m«- 
Ue petitione to the housse, intreating that nothing 
might be read in the honsse that might preiudge 
diem^ or ather of them ; ivich might giue the honsse 
shade informatione of them, wntill that sfirst thef 
ver hard to cleir themsehies. 

Both thesse petitiones reoeued this ftnssiier» thai 
the honsse wold take bathe thesse petitiones to dier 
consideratione in dew lyme, and at ther most omi- 
venient leasure. 

The committee for setting doonne the artidcella 
for ordring the honsse, wer ordained, since thej wer 
wotted, to causse wreat them in mundo, and deliner 
a double of them to the Earle MarishalL 
88 Julij, Thursday. Sessio 1. 

The honsse this day made choysse of a committee 
of 4 of cache estait, to cognosce vpone the general! 
estaits oppinions anent the trettey with England, 
and hes Ma^ demands ; and to reporte to the housse. 

Artickells aganist Montrois, Naper and Keir, i^ 
ter much debait wer wotted» and ordained to be rcftd 
pnblickly in the housse, extra incarceratorom pre- 


The lioasse being infimned this dsy, that the eft- 
dieqner wes sittings sent a Tarrand by a maisaer ta 


thmi to detittf and compdr befor the pari: and 
gina a compt qnliat tbey bad done. 

They icofnpeired» and by the haile honsse yme o^- 
dained to paa no aignatonrs without a diqpensatiooa 
from the pari: and that th^ be first sighted by tha 
honse; and for theste $ aignatours they had alradey 
pasted^. the .honsse ordained tuo of eaohe estait to 
weia thanif and to report to the housse:-** 

Nc^i Bmnvm^ Burrawi$f 

£. Glencaime^ La: Aldbar^ Iroinge,' 

L. Amonti La: GifiSn, Dumbartane* 

They lykwayes ordained the Thesaurer Depute 
tp.Tretoeaue the Kinges rents from all that wold til- 
l]ii§^y pay than, bot not ta denunce them vebeUa 
for not paying of theqi for tbi^ tpM% (^>ecte 
maney wer absent at the armeyt) and ordained a dis- 
pensatione to be drawin vpe for him to this eflfecte. 
83 July, FryddfQir. Sessio 1. 

The Kinges aduocat being questioned for his bekig 
in the housse, aUedglt that he wes ther as ane offieer 
of estait^ and aught not to be remoued, in regpeeta 
that he and his pnedicessors for 160 zeires, wer in 
possession of a plaee and vote then 

The hoi9«s^ after a full heirii^, anssiierid hiiOf 
that according to the eytabhsht order of the housss^ 
they wold take his alMgaanpeJH. houres to ther 
coMideratieney and in the meane Qrma remooed him 


The housse this day, ordained a pFOclamatione to 
be published, of a dispensatione to all inferior courts 
of jiidicatorej to sitt till the last day of Auguste, 
exeiming all in the armey, assembley and parliament, 
and in any vther publick imployment in the stait 
from ther sentence, pro hoc tempore. 
« Queres aganist the plotters drauin off the artic-* 
kells, read the day preceiding wer read, and the 
questione wes moued, wither or not thesse artickells 
wer a sufficient ground of citatione aganist them ore 

Sessio 2da. 

The housse this aftemoone fand, after much de- 
bait, and resoning by Joyces, that ther wes suffi- 
cient ground of citatione aganist the plotters contin- 
ed in thesse artickells read befor noone, and ordain- 
ed them to be citted to anssuer befbr the parlia- 
ment, and the Kinges aduocat to persew and ^con- 
cur with the aduocatts of the estait, for the prosecu- 
tione of the same* 

The committee for sighting the signatours did* 
make ther reporte. 

The committies of the S estaites for consider- 
ing the trettey with England, did present ther ob- 
seruationes, wich wer red in the housse, and a com- 
mittee appoynted till to morrow at 7 a clocke, to 
meitt and reconceili s3). thesse differences, and to' 
reporte to the housse againe. 


^ 24 Jnlij) Sstterday* ffesuo Tmca. 

A petitiooe ffixen in to the housse by Mr Jobne 
Stenarte, quho wesr sentenced to losse his head one 
Vedinsdajy at 2 a elocke in the aftemoone, at the 
crosse of Edinburghe, for fauor and mitigatione 
oS the rigor of his sentence. It was read and 
xemitted to be anssiiered the nixt sessione. 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by Francis, 
I!arle of Bockleuche, anent some tdndes of the 
Earleof Nidisdailleslandes, wiche heretabley belong- 
ed to the petitioner, the takes being expyred; that 
thehousae wold if command to Leiiietenant ColoneU 
Home not to medle with thenu 

This bill wes takin to the consideratione of the 

Trettey with England^ read all ouer in the housse* 

Instructions in 13 artickells firom the pari: to ther 
•commissioners anent the trettey, ordained by -the 
housse to be subscriued by the president 4>f the 
pari : I. P.-D. P. for all the estaits, and cache sheete 
of the trettey to be marked by the clerke. 

A letter directed from the pari : to his Ma^ anent 
the officera of eatmt, refiering ther anssuers tobe im« 
pairted to hb Ma^ jmd the Englische comnnssion- 

Petitione giuen in by the Lord Loudon, humblie 
desyring that the parliament wold be pleassed to 

wou nu c 

18 AMKALXS OF SGOlXAmX A* X>. 1641. 

approue his inqployiiMnts, and discharge him of all 
his commissioiies bypast for thle pablicke^ 

The housse did find, that he had behaued him* 
setae noblie) fiuthfuUy and wysslie in all his publick 
ioaployinents, and that he not onlie deaeraed to haue 
ane acte of approbatione, bot lykwayes to be so re- 
uarded by the estaits^ that ther &uor and his deserts 
might be knowen to the posteri^. Neuerthelesse 
his acte wes not to pass till the 17 day <^ Agust be 

The hottsse^ after some debait, votted that one onlie 
nobleman more wes to be sent vpe to London to 
make ther nomber asqnall^ tuo of eache estait, wich 
wes woyced to be Lord Loudone. 

25 Julij, Sunday. The housse meett all in the grate 
pari : hall, qnher Mr Henrey Rollocke, one of the 
ministers of Edinbrughe, preached befor noone. His 
text was Psal: 82, 1 versse; and aftemocme, Mr 
Robert Douglasses ane vther of the ministers of 
Edinbmghe; his text wes Daniell cap. 6 versse 25^ 

26 Julij, Monday. No meitdng in publicke. 

27 Julij, Tuesday. Sessio 1. 

The honsse osdaines aney 5 of the cosHnissioners 
to snbseriue the trettey with the Englisehe ; beinng 
one of eache estait to make a coram. 

The housse after ddiberatione, by woyces ordain- 
ed that during^ the tyme of the sitting of the generall 
assemblie, one only sessione of the parliament to be 


ciireydaj; tkeasMmbfeytostttintikefosaooiiefirom 
8 till 12) and the pari : in the aftonoone fr<»Dii 2 till 
6 or 7^ as bussioes should requyre- 

The Earles of Mar and Vigtone did moue, that 
the plotters in the castle might be hard according to 
ther humble petidones, and after some debait, the 
question wes staited thus : Quhen and how the pris- 
soners in the castle should be hard ? This questicm 
beiag put to the voyces of the housse^ it wes caried» 
that they should be harde publickly in the housse in 
the aftemoone; Montrois first, then Napeir, and 
lastly Keire ; and they to absteine firom particulars* 
or speking aney thing in the causse. 
Sessio 2da* 

Mr Johne Steuarts biU wes againe read pub- 
lickly in the housse this afternoone, and after woyo* 
ing, the judge wes ordained to pntte tfaer sentence in 
executione at the tyme and place decreited* 

My Lord Montrois compired publickly this after- 
noone, and in grate humilty said he wes come ther 
to know quhat wes the housse pleossure with him ; 
saying that he wes hardly sorey that it wes his eiuell 
fortune to be put in the predicament with thesse that 
had done eiuell offices to the stait; howsoeuer he 
wold obey ther commandiments, and endeuore him- 
selue to goe als neire as he could to giue them all 
humble satisfkctione. He being remoued, wes 


againe called, mid asked by the president, if ore no 
he had aney thing more to say, quho anssuered, No* 
Then the president told him, that the housse wold 
take it to ther consideratione, quhat coursse to take 
nixt, and in the meane tyme commandit him to re* 
tame to the castle. 

It v«s after much debait, voyced and ordred by 
the hoosse, that the plotters in the castle should be 
citted to anssuer befor the pari : one 15 free dayes. 
The Lord Napeir, vponehis humble pelitione this 
aftemoone had audience also, quho in a verey con- 
fessed disGoursse, did plead his auen innocencey in 
€piiBt he had done, .as anssuerable to the lawes of 
Crod, nature and nations ; and humblie besought the 
housse, that'they wold consider that, as he imagin- 
ed the honor of the natione wes intressed in ther 
particular. The housse TOtumed him to the oastett 
vithout aney anssuer at all. 

The Laird of Keir had audience niit, one Kis 
humble petitione. He said, that he, in all humility, 
did honor and reuerence the committee of estaits de- 
cree in committinng them to prisson, and as for him- 
selue, he quhoUy remitted himselue to the pleasure 
and disposing of the housse; and desyred that they 
wold be pleassed, after ther citation, to suffer to meitt 

The president anssuered, that the housse wold 
consider quhat he had said, and in deu tyme wold 


giue ther deCermiBatione, andxiuhea they met called 
they might giuen ther bill, and the housse/woldgiue 
them a resonable anssuer according to .equitie. 

Jeane Currur gaue in a humble supplicatione to 
the housse, desyring a dispensation to the justice to 
sitt and sentoice ane Fraser^ that had murthered her 
husband, named Eduard Scola. This petitione Yea. 

38 Julij, Vedinsday. Sessio vnica. 
The generalls letter to the parliament read. 
Our commissioners lettersat London, directed to. 
the generally read pujblickly in the housse, contaning 
maney particulars aaent the disbanding of the 
^tnney, payment of the arreires, and 80 thousand 
pound starling. 

A committee of 6 of cache estait,xhosen to draw 
yfe the artickels, and anssuer the forsaid letters. 
Nobi Ban Burrcnoes. 

£• Glencainie, La : Yedderbume, Edinbrugbe, 
£. Loutheane, La : Dune, Glasgow, 

Lord Lindesay, La: Nidtie> Linlithgow, 

Lord Coupar, La: Lugtone, Dundie^ 

Lord Amont, La: Harden, Aire, 

Lord -Balcarras, La : .Cesnocke^ Streuelin. 
Tua letters from our commissioners, .at London, 
directed to the Earle of Dumfermling and Lord 
Loudon, read in the housse, anent the incendiaries, 


and not concluding aney' actes till the 17 day of 
Aguste, wich'if they wold doe^ they assurid the 
housse they wold extremly offend his Ma^, and marr 
a werey faire game. 

The anssuering of thesse tua lett^s remitted to 
the consideratione of the estaits till the nixt session* 
A committee of sex of eache estait appoynted &ft 
the incendiaries, and to proceid m the processes ac- 
cording to the instractions to be giuen them by the 

Nobi Bam B urw e x u 

E. Argyle. Laird of Morpfak^ Fertfa^ 
£• Eglintone, Laird of Lage, Abordeine^ 

E. Cas^iles, Laird of Elibanke, MontroiSy 
£. Finkter, Laird of SteichiU, Irwing^ 
L. Zester, Laird of Achinbrecke^ Hadingtcoe^ 
L. Fraser. l^aird of Kersse. BamfiEbb 

CkMnttiittee fi>r the btUs wer iqpfioyiited^ 4 of ioasilie 
estatt, viz: — 

Ifcb: Bat: Bmrtmet. 

E« Mar, La: Cragewat, Covpar, 

K. Kingome, La: Babnain^ Bmnt-Iland, 

Lo: ISphingstone, La: Moncreiffe, Kingorn% 
Lo: Jhonstone. La: Freeland. Buglen. 
The hmnUe petitione of James^ Earle of Mcn^ 
Hois, nou prisaooer in die castle ef Edinjbrug^e, to 
tiie housse, csainDg that they widd conand & Lew^ 
jgteuarte, Mr JphneKi^bet^ and Hr Johns OUmotc^ 


to be his aduooats, and that they in the castle im- 
prissoned, might meit and conferre togider* 

The bouBse tooke this supplicatione to auisandum 
till to marrow ; onlie Nisbet and Gihaore wer or- 
dained to goe to Montrois and consult with him. 
29 Julijy Thursday* Sessio vnica. 

Fetitione from the Earle of Montrois, presented to 
the housse this day by the zounge Lordes Erskyne 
and Fleminge, and read ; quherin he demandit, 1, that 
& Lewes Stewart should be commandit to consult 
and plead for him ; 2ly, to haue the 15 free dayes 
quheron he wes dted to anssuer to his lybell befor 
the housse, to be from the melting of ther aduocats ; 
8, that the 4 prissoners in the castle might be suffired 
to meit ti^den 

After some debait, by plurality of woyces, the 
housse &adf 1, that all aduocats, except thesse for 
the stait» should consult with Montrois, hot not 
plead at this tyme ; 2o, they should not meitt to- 
gider wntill they wer all first citted, and a oomiU 
te be appoynted by the housse to rewiew ther pro- 
cesses, and see if ther be aney interrogators, to pose 
them one befor they can be admitted to meitt togider; 
Sly, as for 15 dayes after the expyring of the first 15, 
the housse will take it to ther consideratione till 

Instmctions sent by the pari: to ther commissioa* 
ers at London^ in anssuer to the letters read zestor- 


ckjr, are read this day in thehooase ; as alao a let- 
ter to goe with the instructioois to the cominiauiioiir 
era anent the disbanding of the armejry fcc.; that all 
the armey should disband one the payment of the ar- 
reits of 80 thousand lib. starlmg ; bot if it could not 
be payed, then that 3000 foote, and 1000 faorss^ 
diould stay till it were payed, and that befer the 
Sootts armey passe Tueed; the 2 garisona of Ber- 
nick and Carleill to disband,.. 

The incendiaries thia day wer 3. seueiall tymes. 
called to compeir, to viz:— - 

Johne, Earle of Traquaii^ ; 
Sr Johne Hay f. 
Sr Robert Spotswood; 
Mr Johne MupswoU, once B. oi Ross s 
Dr Valter Balcanqueil; 
tiie aduocators for the stait tooke to morrow to veri* 
fie the executione of the sumonds aganist them.. 

A petitione to the hous by the children of Mr 
Johne Steuarte for his escheit. 

The hous ordained the Th' depute ta pesae 
Ae same gratis to his children, they finding catione 
that hi9 creditors be not frustrad of ther iust debts. 
SO Julij, Fryday. Sessio vnica. 
Varrante granted by the housse to Stephin. Boyde 
of Temple, tamake payment toColonell Lindesay, 
Capt: of Edinbrughe castle, 2 weekea pay in the first 
and reddiest of the caflde rent&w 


Instmctions from the pari: ta ther oonnmssioiiera 
at LmidoD, wkhaletter to lliei%wer both read pub* 
lickly and yotted in die honsse, and ordained to be 
snbscrwed -by the president^ in name of tiie qnhole 

A letter ;Gx>m the pari:, to the generaU of dier ar- 
mey* read pabliddy, containing ene anssutr to his 
liters wretien to then^ and read in tibe houase M 
day, anent the reteering of the armey^ payment of 
moneyes, and reformer officera* 

Conumssione ginen by die pairl: to dier comnaap 
sionen at London, to- examine vittnes aganist the 6 
pryme Incendiaries, opinlyread indiehonsse^ and 
alloned by the estaits. 

The Earle of Dnmfisrmling, after some debatt 
anent his carriage^ iieinga commissioner, by maneyest 
woices (after he had deirediuaiaeliie') wea onlained 
to goe to oourte vith di e forsaid instmctions and lejt- 

Ocder by the hoosse to die Lord Leiuetenant Ge- 
neraU to command all officers and commanders Tpe 
to their chairge^ wnder suche paines as he shall 
thinke fittings qnho. are not imjdoyed in assembly 
and parliament* 

CokfieU Lmdesqr commandit by the housse^ as 
he will be anssnerable to the stait, not to suffer no 
more aduocats and frindes come neir Montroii^ nor 
he by his garrisone can command. 


The [lioiMse] ordaines Colonell lindessy as Ci^i- 
tane of the castle, to haaie from the stait 20Q merkes 

The bous this day by ther acte ordaines the Earle 
of Traquaires name to be delet out of all signatoun 
to be passed. 

The housse ordaines S^ Alexander GKbsone of 
Dairies elder; Sk Johne Hope and S' Johne Soot^ 
Smators of the Ck>Uedge of Justice^ to attend the 

81 Julij.— Saterday. No seSsione of parliament 

1 Agiiste«^Simday9 ther preached to the houase, 
b^r noon^ Mr Androw Ramaay. His text, 52 Psal: 
7 versse; and afternoon, Mr James Bonar^ minister 
of Maybcd, text 7 Job: 5 versse. 

2 AgustL—- Monday* The assembly had tno aes* 
sums, and the pari: none. 

3 Agasti, Tuesday. Sessio vnica. 

Petitione exhibit to the housse this day by Gilbert^ 
Earle of £iQle» Grate Constable of Scotland, and 
Jcrfme, Earle of Kingome, hes tutor^ for the exhibit 
done of a manslayer, to be judged by him, as 
widun the constablea verge in lyme of parliament. 

The housse, after much debait, ordained the toune 
of.Edinbrughe to exhibit the manskyer to ihe con- 
stable and his deputts, with liberty to the toune of 
Bdmbmghe to protest, prout de jure. 

E. of Montrois hmnhlie desyrea the houate thia 


day, by has frindea, to liB«e a oopey of the deposi- 
tions of Mr Robert Murray, Mr Johne Robertson^ 
Valter and Mr Johne Steuarts, to adwysse wiidi hes 
odnocattB for his anea defence. 

Thesse demands the hoosse took to aaisandiw. 

A letter from Oenerall Maior Monro to the 
housse read publickly, anent the want of 7 mounthes 
pay to his regiment. 

TliiB letter ad avisandum till to morrow. 

The Lordes Angnsse, Montgamerey, Maitland 
and Eicbo^ all Earles eldest sones, camto the hons^e 
this di^r. llie banons and l>urroaghe8 wold not 
vote till they wer remoued, in respecte Aey wer ther 
eontrarey to the orders of the housse. 

They wer remoned, and commandit by ii»z housse 
to expecte ane anssuer to*morrow« 

The cammittee for bills this, day had tike poner 
declared, by the Toyces of the housse^ to pas bills 
far citatione onlie, and one of eache eatait to sub- 
soriue tbem; and as far all vtilier Ulls, to mdce 
report a£ them to the housse. 

4 Agusti, Vedinsday. Sessio Vnica. 

PetitiaDe this day giuen in to the housse by Wilr 
Ikon Dmmond of Bjjcartone, one of the commia- 
sioners far the trettey in England, humblie desyxv 
ing he might be cleiced anent some letters of his 
iotencepCed vitfa Valter Stenarte^ and thai he might 
goetoliesxlrarge at the armey. 


This petidone receaed no vther anssuer tliis day^ 
bot onlie Riccartons letters to his wyfie, and hes let- 
ters to the Laird of Keir, wer read publickly in the 
housse ; as also hes anssners ypone the interragators 
proposed to him by the comittee. 

Halffe of eache -committee this day appoynted to 
be a coram for eurey committee* 

The housse ordaines the Lyone Kisig of Armes to 
if command to a herald to pas to the crosse of 
Edixtbrughe^ and ther, by opin prodamatioae^ or- 
dane aney of the 5 pryme incendiaries that are out 
of the countrey, that hou soune soeuer they come in 
it^ to enter ther perscms in prissone, according to the 
acte of pari: and the resetters of them, to be pmiish« 
ed by the pari: in ther persons, fortuns and estuts. 

Some remonstrances from the comittee for the in* 
cendiaries Tead publickly in the housse, craning the 
housses resoUutione of them ; amongest which wer 
this one of not, viz. If aney of the housse that has a 
Toyce^ being a judge, may be a vittnes aganist ancj 
of the incendiaries. 

After some debait, the housse fimd by woycea^ 
that aney one of the 3 estaits may be admitted both 
as a Tittnes, and Toyce as a judge, aganist aney of 
the incendiaries ; and all did aggree to the rest of the 
ardckels of the remonstrance. 

The hous ordaines the Earle of Cassiles, the Laird 
of Dune, and Prowest of Irwinge a neu, on some 


poyntes to illterrogat Riocartone, and to make re- 
porte therof to monrow* 

6 Aguste, Thursday. Sessk) Tiiica. 
The humble petitione of Amia WjmeeSf Vis- 
couHtesse of Stormont^- to the hoosse^ read, and the 
Thr depute ordained to put the confirmatione of 
her k^tnre, with the generall restrictions. 

The Laird of Orrocks petitionee assured by the 
hoiase that they wold giue order to the ^Thr. depute 
not to pas his warde and manage to Marey Young, 
till first he should be hard befor the parliament. 

lite Ttuites and manages of the Lairdes of Cun-* 
highamehead, Cromriges, Blare and Galdweell, 
qnhosse fiithers deyed in the countries sendee, or- 
dained by the hous to be past by the Th^ depute to 
ther heires gratis. 

The presbeterey of Yigtons siqiplicatione to the 
generall assembley recommendit to the housse this 
day, aiient the ryotts and riUaoies done by Thomas 
Mack-gie, ane infamous banished netarey. 

The hou8 on good groundes ordaines the Earle of 
Galloway to apprehend and produce him befor the 
pari; aganist the 17 day of Agost instant, as he will 
be anssuerable to the housse. 

The committee for re-examining of Ricartone 
made ther reporte, wich wes publickly read. 


6 Augnsti, Frydsy. Sesaio vnkfu 

Ricartons heiring castin offe by woyces, and the 
publicke bossines entred too. 

The Gomiiiittee for the plotters in the castle, makes 
tker reporte of Montrois, and Keirs depositions, mch 
wer publickly read. 

A parcell of a letter of the Earle of Rothesse to 
die Earle of Argyle, read in the hottsse^ for cleiring 
some passages of Keires depositions, wich he wold 
haue layed on my Lord Argyle. 

James Suord in St* Andrewes, and the proueat of 
Jedbrughe, being solemly suome in presens of the 
haill housse, wither or not, and by quhom they wer 
dissuadit to come to the committee at Neucastle, to 
make diuisione in the armey. They anssuered, they 
wer dissaudit to come indeid by Mr Alexander 
Vedderbume, the clerke of Dmidie, and Johne 
Smith of Edinbrughe, at the said derkes instigatione. 
This did arrysse one some pairte of the I^aird of 
Keirs depodticms. \ 

The interragators asked at Montrois, and his ans- 
sners therto, read in the housse. 

A scureuey infamous lybell found in the Earle of 
Montrois cabinet, pennd by himselne, aganist the 
eountrey, in defence of the diuisiue band and band- 
ers, read publickly in the housse. It was wrettin by 
the hand of John^ Grhame, hes seruant, and inter- 
lynned with hes auen. 

A. a 1641. ANNALSS OF SOOTLAlffll. U 

The housse ordatnes the said Earle of Montrois 
to subscrifte a dedaratione aganist the said infamoos 
paper xnaateined by hun. 

After mnche debait in the hous, by woyces it wes 
at last ordered, that the copey of that diuisiue band 
alredey cancelled, tc^ider with the banders declara- 
tione, should in a fiiire maner, by tno of cache es* 
tait, be represented to the generall assembley, and 
iher oppinions asked, wither or not suche a band 
may be subscriued in tyme coming, without the 
breache of the couenant and generall vnione. 

7 Augttsti, Satterday* No sessiosie. 

8 Angusti, Sunday. Mr Dauid Dagldsche, mi- 
nister at Coupar, preached to the hoosse befor 
noone ; his text, Josoa, cap. 22. yersse 9. Mr Ro- 
bert Knox, minister at Kelso, preached aftemoone ; 
his text, lob, cap. 1. versse 6. 

9 Angnsti, Monday. Sessio vmcsu 
The Laird of Aiken, acted himselue in the bookes 
of parliament, ynder paine of the losse of his for^ 
tuns and estait, for lawborrowes to Villiam Dicke 
and his children, till the morrou, therwittnes be 
examined; and the Earle of Southeske, La: of 
Edemey and the Com: of Irwinge, ordained by the 
lH>ii8se to examine then^ and make report anent the 
alledget rayote done by Atken. 

After much debait, by woycing it wes found this 
day, thai the Kinges aduocat shall come to the 


lioiiase quhen he is called for, and sitt at the presi- 
deDts feete oouered ; with this declaratione, that he 
shall not haue aney vojce, hot onlie sitt and giue his 
adwysse^ and plead qnhea he is commandit by the 

The acte of the generaU assembly anent the band- 
ers, represented by tuo ministers- and 2 ley elders to 
the housse this day, and read, with the assemblies 
offer to interceid and mediat peace betoix all the 
members of that honorable housse, giue aney di£kr- 
ence wer^ 

The president gaue the commissioners firom the 
generall assembley, in name of the housse, thankes, 
and villed diem particularly to thinke thervpon. 

Thesse ibllouing onertoures wer this day propos- 
ed to the housse, wich wer takin to be adwysed by 
the estaits till to morrow. 

1. That cache member of pari: may be tayed be 
the othe to giue ther woyce freely, according to ther 
conscience, good of religione, and peace of the 8 

2. That all papists be debarred the housse, and 
that they giue satisfactione to the churche, accord- 
ing to the actes of the generaU assembley ; and the 
disobedient to be fynned in the halffis of ther estaits, 
to be imployed-by the adwysse of the pari: 

3. That all quho hare deserted ther countrey be 
not admitted till first th^ giue satis&ctione. 


4. That the registers be sighted. 

5. That no nobleman take place, bot according to 
his creatione. 

6. That the coimsell and vther inferior judicato- 
ries be ordredfc 

The maner of the othe wich is to be takin by eache 
member of parliament wes read, and by the estaits 
takin to be adWysed with vill to morrow. 

10 Augusti, Tuesday. Sessio vnica. 
A letter of the 6 of Agust from the commissioners 
at London, read this day in the housse, anent the 
Kinges coming away to Scotland, the 9 of this in- 
stant 'Hie arreirs auen to our armey compleiUy 
payed ; and the 80 thousiand lib. starling shall be 
compleitly payed befor the disbanding of the armey, 
allcHiing to the 3 shyres 38,000 lib. and 200, deu to 
the said shyres from ws — Saluo calculo. 

This [housse^ ordaines James Murray this day, 
to haue all the ordinances of the castle that can con- 
veniently be mounted, in redinesse to giue his Ma^^^ 
a Toley at his velcome. 

The gentrey of East and Vest Lothean, ordaned to 
attend the King from Gledsmore to Edinbrughe, 
one Fryday nixt, be ten houres ; and letters to be 
wrettin to them for that effecte, and subscriued by 
the president of the pari: in name of the housse* 



The Earles of Argyle, Marishall, and the Lord 
Amoht, ordained by the housse to goe meitt the 
King betuix Hadingtone and Tranent, (and the 
gentlemen forsaid to attend one them) and to present 
to his Ma*'^ the housses humble seruice, and bid 
him heartly welcome. 

To the first ouerture or artickle proposed, wes 
brought anent ane otlie ; the housse &nd it most ne- 
cessarey that ane othe should be administrat to 
eache member of the housse. 

1 1 August!, Vedinsday. Sessio vnica. 

The commissioners for the kirke did this day 
humblie petitione the pari: for cancelling and razing 
out of the bookes of counsell all suche actes as 
Traquaire had, with hes falls declarations, caussed 
insert ther, ad futuram rei memoriam, contrarey 
that wich himselue had done in the generall assem- 
bley holdin at Edinbrughe in A^ 1639, quhill he 
wes Commissioner for his Ma^'^ This put to be 
aawyssed by the estaits till to morrow, according U> 
the order of the housse. 

The contents of the othe, after much debait, being 
read onee and againe, wes votted and subscriued by 
all the members of the housse present 

Petitione from the Earle of Montrois to the 
housse, humblie desyring that he might haue the li- 
berty to meitt with Naper and Keire, and that ac- 

A. D. 164]. AtfNALBS OP SCOTLAND. 35 

cording to hes formar Bnplications^ he might haue a 
double of ther depositions. 

This petitione the hoosse remitts to the committee 
for the plotters, ather to interrogat one othe, or con^ 
front them, conforme to the commissione giuen by 
the honsse. 

Sr Robert Spotswood of Dunipace, kn^ht^ some 
tjme President of the Sessione, cme of the 5 prymis 
incendiaries^ is c<Hnmandit by the housse to prissone- 
in the castle of Edinbrughe. 

12 August!, Thursday. Sessio vnica. 

The petitione of the kirke presented zesterday, is 
this day granted, without a contrarey woyce. 

Ouerturs by the committee for the north rept^ 
sents to the housse this day, annent the lebells and 
broken men of the Clangregor and Clanchamnonu 
Avisandum till to morrou. 

3 petitions from Naper, Keir and Blackball, fo^ 
the pari: humblie craning licience for them to meit 
togider, and that they may haue coppies of thess^ 
depositions, quharon ther citations is groundit, as 
ako aduocats to consult with. The housse allowea 
than adwocats, and frindes to meitt with thex% as 
Momtrois had ; and the Ladey of Keire hes licience 
to^ conversse with her husband. 

The committee for the plotters reports to the 
housse anent Montrois and Keirs deposifians oUa- 
othe; and that Montrois refussed to anssuer one 


othe to aney generally bot ofnlie to particulars, that 
he might haue to recollecte himselue for that end. 

The housse ordaines Montrois to be advertisd 
thiB night, to anssuer the committee to morrow pe- 
remterlie, qnhat he sail be interrogat one othe* 

The housse, after some debait, fimd by voyces, 
that in all tyme coming the pari: should make 
chojrsse of ther auen president 

IS Augusti, Fryday. Sessio vnicau 

Petitiofte' from Montrois to the housse read, 
quherby he humblie craues, that S^ Leues Steuarte 
and Mr Robert Mack^ill may be varranted from 
the housse to plead for him | that they in the casteU 
may meit togider ; and that he may Haue the ex- 
tracte of some practiques out of the bookes of the 

The [housse] onlie grantes the I&st artiiekell of 
diis petitione. 

A bill to the housse by S' William Cockbume of 
Langtone, Barronet, anent the office of grate vsher 
to the parliament, granted to his predicessors by K* 
Rob: 2d, wnder the grate seall, aganist Johne, Earle 
of Vigtone, aganist quhom he had reoouered decreit 
in fore contradictoria parte comparente, read. 

The housse appoyntes a committee of 2 of e^he 
estait to cognosce of this bill, and to report to the 


Nob: Bar: Bur: 

£. of Wymee^ L»: Dundas, Glasgowj 
Xi. Lwdeaa^t La: Freland. Kingorne. 

A letter from the commissioners at London to the 
pari: daitit 10 Agusti, read, anent the Kinges home- 
coming, and certaine vther particulars. 

To composse the differences betuix the tutors of 
the Lord Grate Constable and Marischall, anent the 
Ipeyes of the housse, the estaits appoynted a copi- 
mittee of 4 noblemen^ viz. 

Tbease follouing artickeU^ wer by woyces con- 
dudit this day : — 

First That publicke bpssines be first proponid, 
expede and oondudit, bdfor aney priuat br particu- 
lar be spokin oSe. 

Sdo. That 2 of cache estait, with the president of 
the pari: be sent to his Ma^, to represent to hipi all 
bussines that hes past alredey in parliament, for 
awoyding misinfiurmations, viz. 

Nobi Bar: Burr: 

£. of Argyle, La: of Kersse, Aberdeine, 
Lo: Amont La: of Innes. St Andrewes. 

8io. That ncme be admitted to wote in the housse 

38 ANNALE6 OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 10il. 

bot suche as shall subscriue the couenant, band for 
manteining the actes of parUament, and othe ; and 
proclamatione to be made by a herald at the crosse 
<if Edinbrughe for this effecte. 

4to. That the officers of estait be exclndit from 
aney woyce in pari: conforme to theacte 22 of Juniji 
1639, approuin by his Malestey ; and that all actes 
be repelled thatgaue them place and vote in pari: 

6to. That no nobleman, being ane officer of estait, 
haue place bot according to his creatlone, except 
the Lord Chancelour of the kingdome allenerley. 
14 Augusti, Satterday. Sessio vnica. 
This being the perretoter day to wich the Earle 
jof McHitrois wes cited to anssuer befor the parlia- 
ment, after soine debait) by woyces he wes ordained 
to compeir in persone at the barr, a^ a delinquent, 
in the place appoynted fbt the comon incendiaries, 
i^ieh he in all bmnility obayed, and hes trayell wes 
delayed till the 24 day of Aguste instant. 

The committee tot the north made ther report to 
the boussje this day, and ther ouertours wer redd* 

The hoUBse 6rdaities Fatchersone of Innercald to 
leney a 100 men for securbig the shyres of Angus, 
Merinsy Mar and Bapiffe, for 2 mounthes ) the coun- 
tarey to pay him, and the comittee to giue him ane 
ample eommissione and insfrnetions from the pari: 

A petitiotie exhibit to die hotts by Alexc Cunig- 
hame, in Carell, anent his lossc of 200 lib. starling,. 


and 18 mounthes imprissonment in England for the 
comon causse. 

This petitione by the hous found to be juste, and 
to merite reparatione, wich they in dew tyme will 
take particularly to ther consideratione. 

4 bills this day recommendit by the comissioners 
of the kirke from the generall assembley to the 
pari: anent the eiuell wssage of 4 ministers by the 
excommunicat rebells in the northe, and north vest 

The consideratione of thir 4 bills the housse does 
remitt to the committee for the north, and they to 
report to the housse. 

This day the Kinges Mtfi* came to Holyrudhous 
about 6 a clocke at night; the nobility and barrons 
kist his hand in the longe gallerey. 

15 Auguste, Sunday. His Mefi^ hard sermon in 
the abbey churche, quher Mr Alexander Hender- 
sone preached to him before noone ; and afternoone 
he Went not to sermon, 'bot being weirie, repossed 
himselue in priuat. 

16 Agusti, Monday, ther wes noe meitting of the 
estaits in publicke, onlie hes Ma*** did meitt with 
hes counseU, quher it wes debaited wither or not the 
pari: should anew ryde, since hes Maiestie wes come 
m persone. The Kinges aduocat oflfred to produce 
sondrey prsecidents quher that pari: hes ridden 3 
seneraU tymes ; alwayes it wes resolued by hes Ma*** 


and counsell, that one Tuesday hes Ma<!« should 
heire sermon in the abbey churche in the morning^ 
and ther^fter goe vpe to the pari: in cotche, and 
alight at the ladeyes steppes, and a varrant wes gi- 
uen to the Tfir depute to bring the regalia to that 
place. TThe Marques Hamilton ves ordained to 
beare the croune, the Earle Argyle the scepter, and 
the Earle of Sutherland the suord, 

17 Augusti. Tuesday, Sessio 1. 

The Kinges Ma^ came to the hous about 11 
houres, the heraulds preceiding the honors, and the 
trumpets them. 

At his Ma'^^ entrey wnto the }ious, the Laird of 
Langtone, w^th a batton in his hand, went befor the 
honors as grate wsher, and ofired to make ciuill in- 
terruptione for mantinence of his right aganist the 
Earle of Vigtone. The King reteired to the inner 
roume in a choler, and ther subscriued a varrant to 
put the I^a: of Langtone in the castle. 

Then did his Ma^*® enter the hous, and sitts him 
doune in his chaire, and, after a prayer said by Mr 
Alexander Hendersone, hes Ma^^ kyndly saluting 
the housse, spfike. thus ;-- 

My Lords and Gentlemen, 
Ther hath beine nothing so displeassing to me, a$ 
thosse vnlujckie differences vich. of laite haue hap- 
ned betuix me ^d my subiects ; and nothing that I 

A. D. 1641. 4NNALE8 Of SCOTLAND. 41 

haue more desyred as to see this day, quheiin I 
houpe, not onlie to setle thesse ynhapey migtakinges^ 
bot rightly to know and be knpwen of my natiue 
countrey. I neid not tell you (for I think it is well 
knouen to most) quhat. difficulties I haue passed by 
and ouercome to be heir at this lyme ; zet this I will 
say, that if loue to my natiue (pountrey had not beine 
a cheifiEe ^lotiue to this lomey, other respects might 
easily haue fopnd a shi|l to doe that by a commis- 
sioner, wich I am come to performe myselue* Al 
this considered, I cannot doubt bot to find such 
reall testimonies of your affections for the man- 
tinance of that royall pouer wich I doe inioy after a 
108 discents, and wiche you haqe so often professed 
to manteine, and to wich your auen nationall othe 
doeth oblidge you, that I shall not thinke my paines 
iU bestoued. Nou the end of my coming is shortly 
this, to perfecte xjidiatsoeuer I haue promissed, and 
withall to queit thosse distraction^ wich haue and 
mayfiill out amongest you; and this' J mynd not 
superficially, bot fully and cbeirftdly to doe ; for I 
assure you, that I can dp^ noething vith more cheer- 
fulnesse then Xo glue my people content aqd a gen^ 
rail satisfactions Wherfor, not ofiring to indeere 
mysehie to you in vords, (wich indeid is not my way,) 
I desyre,in the first place, to settle that wich concerns 
Che religione and iust liberties of this my natiue 
countrey, befor I proceid to aney wther acte. 


The Lord Burlie, presidenC of the parliament, in 
name of the honsse, made a prettey speiche to hes 
Ma^, of thankes for all the former demonstrationes 
of his goodnes, and expressiones of loue to his Ma* 
iesties ancient and natiue kingdome. 

And tberafter the Earle of Argyle did second the 
president, with a short and pithy harraing, com- 
paring this kingdome to a ship tossed in a tempest- 
oils sea, thir zeires by past ; and seing his Maiesty 
had, lyke a skillfull pilote, in the tymes of most 
danger, steired her throughe so maney rockes and 
shelwes, to saue anchor, he did humbly intreat his 
Ma^ that nou he wold not leaue her, (since that 
for her saftie he had giuen way to cast out some of 
the naughtiest baggage to lightin her,) bot be gra« 
tiously pleassed to setle her in her secure statione 
and harbour againe. 

Hes Ma^ offired to ratiiie the 99 actes of this pari: 
89 Junij, 1689, wich the housse humbley intreated 
hes Maiestie to superseid, till, according to the or* 
ders of the housse, they had taken them 24 houres 
to ther considerations ; wich with a declaratione in* 
sert in the recordes of pari: of hes Ma^*** villingnes 
to doe that, and the housses eamist and humble sup- 
licatione to his Ma^ for keiping the orders of the 
housse ; to wich he condescendit 

The housse did humUie snplicatbes Ma*'* that he 
wold not comitt Langtone to the casde, and bo dis^ 


member ther hoiisse. His Ma^ declared, that he [bad] 
not done it for the respecte of aney subiecte, bot for 
the af&ont done to his auen persone, for intruding 
him in his seruice without acquanting hes Ma^ ther« 
with. After much intretey, his Ma^ wes gratiously 
pleassted onlie to confyne him till to morrow to his 
auen chamber. So with a prayer, his Ma** returned 
to his palace of Holyrudhousse to dinner. 

The croune, scepter and suord, wer lefte in the 
pari: housse, in custodey of the Lordes Constable and 
Marishall till the last day of the parli and ordained 
by jiis Ma^ eui^y day to be produced, and by the 
Lyone K. of Armes layed one the table befor the 

Noblemeb present in the housse this day, wer, 
Earles of Argyle Earles of Kingome, 

Sutherland, J^elley, 

Mar) Haddingtone, 

Buchane) Seaforte^ 

E^llntone, Queinsberrey, 

Cassiles, Soutbescke, 

OleDcairae, Wymees, 

Home, Dalbousie^ 

Vigtone, Finlater. 

Viscounts Stoormont, 


Lord^ Lindesay, 

hoxds Burlie^ 





St. Claire, 











The Ducke of Lennox, Marques of Hamiltoii, the 
Earles of Mortone, Roxbrughe, Annandaill, Kinr 
.noull, Lanricke and. Camwadie, did not enter the 
housse, bot stayed in the nixt roume, in respecte of 
the acte that non should enter, nor haue yoycein the 
housse, bot suche as did first subscriiie tlve cpueoant^ 
band and othe* 

The Prince Elector Palatyne, his Ma*** nephew, 
came to the .housse this day, and sat one ane em- 
brodred stoole, neir by his Ma*^ left hand, a litde 
be^d the cfaaire of stait, by pennissipne of the 
housse^ for wich his Ma^, in jhi3 nephewes name, 
gaue the housse thankes. 

18 AugustL Vedinsday, Sessip I. 

The Kinges Ma*^ commandit the Earle of Rox- 
bmghe, Lord Priuey Seall, to sett himselue in his 
auen place, as Earle of Roxburghe, wntill he tooke 
furder order anent the officers of estait 

A. D. 1641. AKKAL£8 OF SCOTLAMD. iS 

Hes Ma^ approuc9 the othe, and oxdaines the 
clerke to tecord it 

The Marques of Haoniltone, the Earles of Mortone, 
Perthe, Roxburghe and Lanreicke, in presence of 
hes Ma^, and in face of parliament^ does subscriue 
the coaenanty band and othe. 

The Lord Bahnerinoche named to bfe president 
6f the pari: by his Ma%' and elected by the quhole 
honsse, without a contrarey woyce. 

The Lord Burlie^ quho wes president of the pari: 
had ane acte of the housse granted him of his good 
eariage, approiiing quhat he had done. 

Anent the imprisscming of & William Gockbume , 
of Langtone^ barrone^ his Ma^ opinly declared to 
die housse, that quhen he signed that varrant, he did 
not know that he wes a member of that housse, and 
ther promissed for him, his heires and successors, 
not to committ aney during parliament lyme, with- 
out the adwysse and consent of the pari: and hej» 
Ma^ and estaits ordaines this declaratione to be re- 
cordit in tihe bookes of pari: ad fttturam rei memori- 

His Ma^'^ is gratiously pleassed, ypone the hum- 
ble remonstance of the estaits, to continew the rati- 
feing of the actes of the 22 Junij, 1640, vntill the re- 
tume of our commissioners from London, with this 
especiall deelaratione, that then it shall be the first 


bttfsiiiet shall be conclndit, and of his Ma^ villing- 
nes to doe the same instanter. 

His Ma^ and estaits, till the retume erf* our oom- 
missioiicrs from LondcMi, ordaines onlie one sesiona 
of pari : a day, riz. from to 18 befor nocme, and af«- 
ter noone for the seuerall committees to meitt. 
19 Augiisti, Thursday. Sessio ynica. 

This day, in free of parliament, the Ducke of 
Lennox and Earle of Annandaili did subsoriue the 
couenant, band and othe, and the Earles of Gallo- 
way and Drumfries, the othe. 

Our commissioners letters from London to the 
general!, read anent the pari : of Englandes orders 
for our armies reteiring the 25 of Agust instant. 

Lord Generalls letter to the housse to that same 
effecte read. 

The committee for the armeyes ouertours read. 

The marching home and maner of retrait of the 
armey by the King and pari : lefte to the general], 
ather to marehe ouer a bridge wich hes Ma^^ is to 
make ypone his auen charges one aney convenient 
place of Tu^ed, vtherwayes at Beruicke bridge, ac- 
cording to the determination of the parliament of 

Instructions to be giuen for the ordring of our 
armies marehe, and prouisions to be made for them, 
referred to the committee for the armey, according 
to the ouertours read in the housse, with pouer to the 


said committee to directe out proclamatioiif for that 
effecte, wiche lies Ma^ and estaits approwes* 

The housse ordaines the Lord Amont, Leiutenant 
GteneFall, to goe and bring home the anney, and re* 
mitts to himselue quhat commanders to take with 

The hou8se appoynts a committe of 4 of eache 
eBtait, for reweinng thesse actes alredey pa«t in ar- 
tickells, quhill Traquair wes commissioner, and since 
spoken off, viz. 

Nob : Barr : Burr : 

K of Mar, La : Dundas, Exlinbrughe, 

£• of Roxbnighe, La : Houstone, Glasgow, 
£. of Southescke, La : Camuo, Dunbartane, 
Lo : Elphingston. La : Edemey. Iruinge. 
Ouertures from the general! assembley appoynted 
to be giuen in in oppin pari : to hes Ma^*^ and estaits. 
CkKnmittee from the north appoynted by the 
honsse, to goe one and report to morrow. 

Petitione exhibit to the housse by S^ Johne Hay, 
knight^ some tyme Gierke Register, one of tlie $ 
pryme incendiaries, humbley beseeching the housse 
to dispence with hes going to prisson for 8 or 3 
dayes, till he should recouer his healthe. 

The hoQg ordaines the petitioner to obey the pro» 
clamation, and suspends the execution of it till to 
morrow, he shall produce wnder the handes of 
Doctors Amot, Kinkead and Macklure, or aaey 


tuo of thein» vpone ther othe and conscience^ 
that in respecte of his sicknes he cannot goe to the 

Maissers bill read, anent extruding them out of 
the house, by the Earle Marisfaali. 
20 Augusti, Fryday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

His Ma^, at his first incoming to the house, after 
prayer wes said, and the housse Tssht, represented 
to the estaits his manifesto in fauors of the Elector 
Palatyne, hes nephew, with the wottes of bothe 
houssed of pari : in England, and caused the same be 
publickly read in the hous ; and intreatted them to 
ioyne ther wotte and declaratione iJierto, and that 
might be heire printed a new. 

The estaits tooke this motrone of his Ma^*^ to ther 
cbnsideratione 24 houres, according to the orders of 
the housse. 

A petition exhibit to the housse by the eldest 
sonnes of noblemen, wich wes read, anent licience 
to them to sitt in the housse and heire, quherby 
they might teame how to carrey themselues in tyme 
to come. 

After much debait ill the housse annent this bill, 
it receaued no yther anssuer, saue only that the 
aduocat tooke instruments that it wes produced. 

Sr Jo: Hay, one his humble petitione, receaues 
from the hous a varrant to the constable of the cas- 
tle to receaue him prissoner. 

A. D. 1^1. ANNALES OF SC01;LAVD. 4» 

The housse ordaines the Earle of Gallowjay, ao 
cording to his commissione, to produce Mack-gie 
befor the pari: to morrow. 

Oaertours and artickels annent the xectifinng of 
the comissariotts, read in lh/& housse, ad auisandum 

Ouerturs £rom the generall assembley, annent 
some supley of mantinance to the vniyersities out of 
prselacies and coUegiat churches, ad auisandum, ac^ 
cording to the order. 

Ouertures from the generall assembley, fpr plant- 
ing of scooUes, and mantinance of poore scoUers, 
and masters to instructe them. Remitted according 
to the order of the house ; and quhat in all thesse 
ouertures does oonceme hes Ma'*<' immediatly, a 
double of them to be giuen to hes Ma'^~ aduocat. 

Artickells for pacificatione of the North, repre- 
sented by the committee for the North, read in the 
housse, at auisand : according to the order. 

The Earle Marishalls anssuers to the maissers 
bill read in the housse, and they ordained to see 
them till to morrow, and replay therto in scriptis. 
21 Augusti, Satterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Petitione from the Earle of Montrois read in the 
housse, humbly beseeching his Ma^^^ and honorable 
housse of pari: to take his restraint to ther consider- 
ations, and his yillingnes to obey ther determinar 



ttons) (in fyne, a suhmissione to the housse in obscure 

After tuo houres debait^ it wes found that the 
housse behoued to be cleired by Montrois, wither or 
not his petitione did implay a submissione, accoma^ 
datione, or a spidey coursse of justice ; and this ex- 
planatione is to be giuen by himselue to the commit- 
tee for the plotters, quho ar inioyned to aske him, 
wither or not by his bill he humbley craues ane ao* 
comadatione, legall trayell or submission to the king 
and pari: 

The housse appoynts eache estait to meitt by 
themselues, one Tuesday at 6 a clocke in the mom« 

DiiFerences betnix the Grate Constable and Mari- 
shall, submitted to his Ma^^ 

The maissers replayes to the Earle Marishalls 
anssuers, read. 

The housse ordaines S et eache estait^ to meit in 
the Ducke of Lennoxs chamber for the Prince Elec- 
,tors bussines, at 2 a clocke this aftemoone. 

22 Agusti, Sunday. His Ma*^ hard sermone be* 
foore noone in the neu churche of Edinbrughe, and 
aftemoone in the abey churche. 

2S Agusti, Monday. No session of the pari: at 
all this day. 
24 Agusti, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

This day, at the meitting of the Lordes in priuat, 


the Earle of Lauderdaill did stibBcriue the band and 
othe, 'and the Earle of Kinoule, the couenant, band 
and othe. 

The tretty betuix our commissioners and the Eng- 
lische ratified in the pari: of England, wnder the 
grate [seall] of that kingdome, read in the hous, 
and tfikin to the consideratione of the estaits, accord- 
ing to the order. 

Ane acte of both housses of pari: wnder the grate 
•seall of England, for securing the remainder of the 
brotherly assistance to be payed at midsomer 1642, 
110,000 lib* and als much at midsomer 1643* This 
money to be payed in the chamber of London, one 
the demand of so maney as are contined in the acte* 

The president, in name of the housse^ thankes the 
Earle of Galloway, for producing the falsse notarey 
Mack-gie, quhom they sent to the comon jayle* 
Sessio 2da. Rege presente. 

Orders to the generall from the housse for dis* 
banding the armey, read,^ as als for paying of ihemi 
sent with my Lord Home* 
25 Agusti, Veddinsday. Sessio L Bege presents 

The petitione exhibit to the housse one Satterday 
last, by the Earle of Montrois, wes read ouer againe, 
with his anssuers to the committee, quherin he does 
not desyre aney accomadation, as some of his frinds 
did implay, bot onlie a spedee just trayell, with thesse 
papers that he had petitioned ofien befor for; and 


vithall he desyred to know the will of the King and 
parliament, if they did desyre him to requjrre of them 
ane accommadatione. 

After 2 houres debait, the hous wes pleassed to 
retume him this deliuerance one the back of his 
bilL First, as for thesse papers by him demandit, 
he producing the lyke praetique, should haue als 
muche fauor as aney in the lyke caisse ; and that the 
King and pari: wold take to ther coi^sideratione his 
proces, by way of justice, in ther auen tyme, and 
quhen they thought it conuenient. And withall left 
to him so much way in the interim to giue the housse 
satisfactione, by petitioning them for ane accomoda- 
tione and submissione. 

A petitione from Montrois, Naper, Keir and 
Blackball, to the King and parliament read, desyr- 
ing that they 4 might be inlarged one sufficient cai^ 
tione and souerty. 

This petitione, after muche debait, wesordred,.by 
plurality of woyces, to haue anssuer at all, till first 
all publicke bussines wer endit 

The Kinges Ma^^*' this day, in face of parliament, 
signes the trettey with England, 
26 August!, Thursday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The trettey betuix our commissioners and the 
Englishe drawn vpe in acte, publickly read, and ra- 
tified by the King, with advysse of his estaits, by 
tuoching it with hes sceptre ; wich, after a shorte 


speiche, wes lifted vpe of the table, and deliuered to 
his Ma*** Ijy the Lyone K. of Armes ; after wich he 
superscriued it, and then the Lyone, in name of the 
3 estaits, gaue his Ma^ hartly thankes, and kist his 
royall hand. 

The King and pari: ordanes it to be exemplified 
wnder the grate seall, and deliuered to the Englische 
commissioners, with a varrant for wretting and ap- 
pending the grate seall therto. 

S^ William Douglass of Cauers, shriffe of Teifi- 
daill, contests with Stobes for vote and place in 
pari: wpone ane prior bot expyred commissione 
{rom the shriffdome of Roxbrughe, giuen to, the 
said & William, and a posterior to Stobbes. 

The housse ordaned this not to be hard, till all 
pnblicke bussines wer first endit, 

Three of cache estait, with the commissioners ap- 
poynted by the housse, to attend his Ma^^' at 3 a 
clocke, anent the preparing of matters left by the 
trettey, viz. 

Nob-: Bam Burr: 

£. Argyle, La: Dundas, Aberdeine. 

£. Cassiles, La: Innes, Glasgou, 

£• Lottthean. La: Kersse. Iruinge. 

27 August!, Fryday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Petione of Villiam Mack-intoche to the Eling and 
parliament aganist the Laird of Glengarey and his 
frinds, for roberey and depredatione of his lands, 


luid killing tuo of his frinds. A maisser sent for. 
young Glengarey, quho compeired befor the pari: 
and. by the honsse wes ordained to find souerty 
10,000 merkes, to compeir to morroi^ the Laird of 
DuneragenJies cationer. * 

Petitione from the vniversities to the King and 

pari: . shouing. ther pouerty. Sec. This suplicatione 

the housse ordaines to be giaen to the Klnges Ma^« 

himselue. . 

as August!, Satterday. Sessio 1, Rege presente. 

His Ma% after a shorte speiche, with consent of 
his 3 estaits, ordaines the actes made in the mounthe 
of Junij, 1640, in the. begining of this pari: beinng 
in number 39, to be published in his Ma^'^name,, 
and to be printed, confbrme to the trettey. 

The housse, with ane vnanimous consent, ratifies 
the manifesto made by his Ma^ in fauovs of his 
nephew, the Prince Elector, by ther declaratione^ 
and ordaines the same to be printed without the de* 
claratione of the Englishe parliament. 

Instructions from the King and pari: to the Lord 
Maitland, sent from the hous to the Earle of Hol- 
landf g^erall of the Englishe anney, for disband- 
ing of all armies and garisons ther, conforme to the 
trettey^ votted snd alloued by the housse. 

La: oC Olengarey finds Sk Johne Mackenzie of 
Tarbet, barronet,. souertie that he shall compeir be- 
for the housse one Tuesday nixt, vnder the paine of 

A. D. 1641. ANNAI.E8 OF SCOTLAND. 65 

10,000 merkes, and the Laird of Dunevagea is freed 
of his cationrey. 

The Ix>rd Naper, the Lairds of Keir and Black- 
hall^ does this day compeir befor the pari: at the 
barre, being citted to this day. Ther proces is, by 
the honsse, continued till the 8 day of September, 
with continnatione of dayes. 

SO August], Sunday* — Hes Ma^ hard the prind- 
pall of Edinbruge coUedge, Mr Johne Adamsone, in 
the new kirke of Edinbrughe, befor noone; and at 
Holyrudhoosse churche,he hard aftemoone, Mr An- 
dn>w Can^ one of the ministers of Aberdeine. 

SO August!, Monday. No meitting of pari: bot his 
Ma^, with the Prince Elector and qohoU nobility, 
wes royally feasted in the grate pari; hall by the 
toune of Edinburghe. 
Last of Aguste, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The hottsse ordaines Thursday from 2 . a docke 
in the aftemoone till 0, for heiring of bills. 

Acte discharging James Banan^es patent of 
pearling, and wearing therof. 

The Laird of Glengarey compeirs befor the 
housse, and Tarbett is freed of his cationrey* Af- 
ter some debait in the housse, he is ordained to find 
neu catione, or els to goetoprissone ; and & Johne 
ifadKenzie actes himselue for him a new, that he 
shall keepe the Kinges peace, and not dqpairt aboue 


a xnyle from.Edinbnighe, till the conclusione of the 
parliament. . 
1 September, Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Actedischai^ingwnlawfiill marriages votted, past. 

The 39 actes of the 22 Jimij, 1640, ar this day 
proclaimed at the. crosse of Edinbnighe by the he* 
rauldes. . 

Hiis day. the Englische commissioners did meitt 
with the comittee from, the parliament,, in the Earle 
of Argyles chamber, . in the court, after, they had 
beine first with the Marques of Hamiltone. 

2. Sep; Thursday,. Sessio 1. Rege presente.. 

Acte anent neu couenanting;. patrons .appoynting 
die right of presentatione. to ther kirkes, to perteine 
to the preshetrey* 

Acte for freeing of viccarages, prowydit to minis* 
ter& for ther stipends, of all payment of taxations. 

The hous ordaines this afternoone, wich. wes ap- 
poynted for bills, to be for the meitting of cache esn 
taitby itselue, and Fryday, in the afternoon^ to be 
for the bills. 

a Septem: Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

That questione betuix the Earle Marishall and 
the maisser& being debaitit in full parliament, anent 
the maissera remaining within the housse the tyme 
of ther sitting ; tHemaissers are altogider, by the or- 
ders of the housse,. excludit from entring, bot or- 
dained to wait without the dore ; and the housse re- 


duces this day the Earle Marishalls 5 men to one 
alleneily, and he to sitt at the barre. This wes past 
by woyces* 

The Marishalls man within dors is to call the 
maissers, and by this acte the maissers are by the 
honsse ordained to attend all committees of pari: 
the Earle Marishalls men. 

The housse ordaines Vedensday nixt, in the after- 
noone, for the bills ; and this afternoone for the meitt- 
ing of the grate committee for the officers of estait, 
counsellors and judges. 

4 Sept: Satterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
The pari: humble remonstrance to his Maiestie 

anait the affaires of the Prince Elector, that no 
leuies or recrewes of men for France or elsquher, be 
granted out of this kingdome,. ore till first ane ans- 
suer retume from the imperiall dayet at Ratisbone, 
ore at least till the 1 day of Appryle, 1642, to wich 
hes Ma^ wes moued to condesend at the humble 
desjre of the housse. 

The hous ordaines his Ma^^^ manifesto in behaliBfe 
of the Prince Elector to be printed, in primo loco, 
then the housses dedaratione theranent,with ther re- 
monstrance, and hes Ma^'^ gratious anssuer therto. 

The hous ordaines Monday for the grate bussines 
of the officers of estait, &c. in respecte Tuesday is to 
be holy, and a soleme thanksgiuing to God. 

5 Sept: Sunday. Hes Ma^« hard Mr Dauid 


Dickey minister of Glasgow, preache in the new 
kirke of Eldinbniglie, befor noone ; and Mr Androw 
Fairfull, minister of the Vester-Kirke of Leithe, in 
the abey churche, aftemoone. 

6 Septem: Monday. Sessio 1. Kege presente. 

The Kings Ma^ and estaits adioyms the mAit^pg 
of the housse till 4 a clocke in the aftemoone, and 
cffdaines eache estait to meitt a pairt by itselue at 2 

Sessio 2da« Pomerid: Rege presente. 

Our commissioners demand to his Ma^ 15 Martij 
at London, anent the choysing of officers of estait, 
counsellers and sessicmers, read in the housse. 

Hes Ma^^ anssuer to the housse wes, that he did 
much wounder that they should stand so one quiddi- 
ties; and altho he knew hou to ssquiuocate, zet he 
did protest that he neuer so did, nor yold with them, 
to quhome he wold villingly giue all satis&ctione in 
reassone, with saftieof his honor; andnou he grant* 
ed ther forsaid demand absolutly in eache circum- 
stance as it wes conceaued, wich he ther signed vith 
his hand. 

After much debait in the housse, this questione 
wes putt to Yoydng, wither or not the housse wold 
take his Maiesties desyre presoitly to consideratione, 
or continew it till Veddinsday the 8 of this instant:, 
plurality of vottes didcontiiiew it 


Hcs Ma**** desyre wes to haue hes anssuer to the 
demand votted and past by the housse in acte. 

7 Sept: Tuesday^ No meitting of pari: bot a 
soleme thanksgiuing throughe all the churches of 
this kingdome, for Godes blessinges bestoued one 
this Jylland, and the happey condusione and rati- 
finng the trettey with England. The Kmgs Ma^« 
this day hard Mr Alexander Hendersone befor noone, 
in the abbey churche ; and aftemoone, Mr Mathew 
8 Sept: Weddinsday* Sessio L Rege presente. 

That qaestione, wither ore not the housse void ex- 
cept his Maiesties anssuer to ther commissioners de- 
mand anent the officers of estait, counsellers and 
sessioners, and admitt the same satis&ctorey or not 
His Ma^ did not fiirder vrge ane anssuer till to 

The hous ordaines my Lord Maitland to stay at 
Zorke tSl the 18 day of S^tember, or till he see the 
Englishe armey and garisons disbandit ; and the pre- 
sident ordained by hes Ma^^ and estaits to wreat to 
him for' this effecte. 

The housse ordaines this aftemoone for cache es- 
tait to meitt a pairt for debaitting, and accomadat- 
ing the Kings Ma**** anssuer anent the officers of 
estait, &c. 

ArtickeUs anent manufactories to be erected in 


eache shyre, read, and according to the order, at 

9 Sept: Thursday. Sessip h Rege presente. 

Acte aganist suspensions for ministers stipends, 
deuties of colledges, hospitalls and schooles, votted 
and past. 

A letter from the King and pari : to the estaits of 
Holland, in fauors of S^ James Ramsayes vidow, 
seigned by hes Maiestie, and wnder him by the pre- 
sident of the parliament. 

10 Sept : Fryday. Sessio h Rege presente. 

A comittee of 3 of eache estait appoynted by the 
housse to consider the griuances of the north coun- 
trey ministers, and to report. 

Nob : Bar : Burr: 

£. Finlater, La: Cragewar, Com; Aberdeine, 
Lo: Forbess, La: Birkinbolge, Com: Innemesse, 
Lo: Fraser. La: Lesley. Com: Bamffe. 

Acte for abolishing the monuments of idolatrey 
read, wotted and past 

Acte anent none communicants and excommuni- 
cat persons, read, votted and past. 

Acte anent bullion, read, wotted and past. 

A comitte of 6 of eache estaitt appoynted by the 
housse to consider the ouertours for manufactories, 
and to report. 














St Andrewes, 



E. Roxburghe, 
£. Lauderdaill, 
£. Soathescke, 
L. Zester, 
L. Burlie, 
L. Cranstone. 

Sessio 2da» Pomeridiana. Rege presente. 
The toune of Vigtons bill aganist the Earle of 
Galloway, contaning one poynt of treisone and 8 of 
oppressionej read in the housse. 

The Earle of Cralloways anssuers to ther com- 
plaint read. 

The toune of Vigtons replayes to the Earles ans- 
suers read. 

The housse ordaines the toune of Vigtons replayes 
to be giuen to the Earle of Galloway to be adwyssed 
with ; and he to giue in his duplayes to them one 
Thursday nixt; and the housse ordaines both par- 
ties to citt ther wittnes, hinc inde, the one to prone 
ther lybell, and the other his exceptione, aganist the 
23d day of this instant. 

The petitione of Eduard Peirsone, ane English- 
man, remitted by the housse to the consideratione of 
one of eurey estait. 

MaccuUoche of Myrtone and diuers others, ther 
bill of complaint aganist the Earle of Galloway to 


the King and pari : containing diners poynts of op- 
pressi<Mie, bloodshed and depredatione* 

The Earle of Gallowayes anssuers to the bill read, 
and Myrtone hes gottene them to anssuer ; and the 
King and pari: ordaines Myrton to sumond his witt- 
nes for probatione of hes complaint, aganist the 23 
day of this instant. 

11 Sept: Saterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente* 
Acte ratifing the stipend of a professor of diuini- 

ty in the vniversity of Glasgow, in the persone of 
Mr Dauid Dicksone, nou present professor, and hes 
successors in that place, votted and past 

12 Sept: Sunday. His Ma«* hard Mr Rob: 
Knox, minister of Kelso, in the abbey church befor 
noone; his text wes, Cron. 2d. cap. 15. versse 15. 
Aftemoone, in this same churche, he hard Mr 
George Gillespie, minister of Wymees; his text 
wes, the 5 cap. of the Corintheans, versse - - - 

18 Sept: Monday. No meitting of parliament 
14 Sept: Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
A bill tliis day exhibit to the King and parliam: 
by Johne, Earle of Rothes, Sr George Hamiltone of 
Blackbume, Androw Ensley and George Amot, 
merchands of Edinbrughe, craning that they may 
haue restitutione of the Hamburgers for 800,000 
merkes, in shipping and goods takin from them» 
vtherwayes, that they wold grant them letters of re- 
prysall aganist the said Hamburgers. 


A committee of 6 of eache estait eleeted by the 
housse, to consider this petitione, and make report 
of the same. 

The committee for the S north coimtrey ministers 
makes ther report^ wich the housse takes to auisan- 

The housse grantes a dispensatione to the Com- 
missaries of Edinbrughe, to sitt and decyde suche 
caiisses as pertaines to William Dicke alleneriy, 
secluding all others till the first day of November. 
15 Sept: Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
The housse ordaines a comittee of 12 extra co- 
miss: pari: or aney 7 of them, to heir the comptes 
of Goierall Maior Monro, the Lord St Claire, and 
Colonell Cochrane, and cleire the same to the 

This comittee did not consist of aney of the mem- 
bers of the housse, bot of the committies of Edin- 
bmghe and Neucastle. 
For the Nob : For the Barrons* 

ho: Angus, S^ Patrick Murray, Elibanck, 

Lo: Maitland, S' Jo: Hamilton of Bargeney, 
Lo: Camegey, Jo: Craufurd of Kilbumey, 
Lo: Elcho. Mungo CampbeU of Lawers. 

For the Burrowes. 
Eduard Edgar, B: of Edinbrughe, 
Jo: Binnie, B: ther. 


Heu Kennedey, B: of Aire, 

Mr Alex: Vederbume, B : Dundie. 

A letter from the speaker of the louer housse of 
pari: in England, to the Earle of Holland, the Eng- 
lische general], anent the speedy disbanding of the 
armey and garisons, showen to the housse by hes 
Maiestie, and publickly read. 

The King and pari: ordaines the Lord Generall 
to disband 3 regiments of footte and one of horsse, 
with all possible expeditione, vpone the same con- 
ditiones of pay: that the wther regiments wer licen- 

16 Sept: Thursday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The draught of the acte anent the electione of the 
officers of estaite, counsellers and sessioners, by the 
adwysse of the pari: read in the housse. 

To wich his Ma"" anssuer wes, that since by ther 
anssuer to his doubts proponid one Monday, they 
manifestly shew to eurey one, (as weill beleuied by 
him) that to ther knouledge they wold neuer dero- 
gat to aney thing from his iust power, and that the 
cheiffe ground of ther demand wes vpone the just 
sence they had of his necessarey absence from this 
countrey, wich wtherwayes, bot for the suppleing of 
that want, they wold forbeare to presse. Therfor, 
not to delay more tyme, his anssuer wes breiffly, 
that he excepted that paper ; and that he wold re- 

A. D. 1641. ANNALfiS OF SCOTLAND. 65 

new the commissione of the counsaill with ther ad- 
wyBse, and void condescend vpone a certaine num- 
ber, wich he wold not heirafter exceid ; and ther he 
did opinlie declare, that by ther adwysse he wold 
take the lyke coursse with the ofBcers of estait and 
sessioners, and void giue them in a roll of them to 
morrou. He houpt that they should be suche 
quhome thd wold make no questione to accept dffi 
bot if perhappes ther wer aney aganiste quhome 
they^old take exceptione, he did persuad himseliie 
they wold doe it with ressone. 

Howsomeuer the hoiisse had receauid this gra- 
tious anssuer from his Maiesties auen mouthe, they 
all arrosse and boued themselues to the ground. 
Then wes the acte before read now votted without a 
contrarey woyce, the Lord Zosters onlie excepted ; 
after wich Itersse, the speaker for the barrons, had 
a prettey speich to his Maiestie, in name of that 
bodey, for his so gratious anssuer to ther demandes. 

The Earle of Annandaill^ Lordes Jhonstone and 
Kircubright) with the Lairdes of Lage and Enisfeild, 
are enacted in the-bookes of pari: this day, to saue 
the countrey skaithles of the garisone of Carleill ; 
and Colonell Cochr&ns regiment, wich lay at Drum- 
ireis, is this day ordained by the housse to reteir 
thither, and the countrey ordained to giue them 4 
days prauiant for ther marche thitherward* 

VOL. nu F 


The hoQsse ordames Fry day in the afi^raooiielbr 
heiriBg ^bilky and di^pendfl wkh this aftenoone. 
17 Sept: Fryday. Sessio 1. B^ege presence. 
The hoiisse electea a neu comiBittee tear the 3 
north eountvey fldinisters busaiiiesi of 4 of eacfae •es- 
tait, to cogRoiee liiat bussines* and <iiihat satbfiwtioBe 
should be gUien them for ther losseB, and the wayes 
to pay the ^ame, and quho should doe it 

Nob: Bar: Bum 

E. of Mar, La: Bahnaine, Aberddne, 

£• CassUes, La: Edemey, Duiabartaae» 

£• Seaforte^ La: Birkinbolge, Bamffis^ 
£• Finlater. La: Cragewar. Tayne* 
A roll given in to the hottsse this 17 ai Sept: of 
Aiesse quhome hes Ma^^ nonunats to be off his 
f riuey coiuasaill. 

James, Ducke of liennox and Richmcmd ; 
James, Marques of Hamiltone ; 
€reorge, Marques oi HuntUe ; 
Aidbhald, Earle of Argyle ; 
Villiam, Earle Marishall ; 
Johne, Eaiie of Mar; 
ViUiam, Earle of Airtfae ; 
Alexander, Earle of Eglintone ; 
Johne, Earle of Cassiles ; 
Villiwu, Earle of Glencaime; 
James, Eark of Murray ; 
Alexander, Earle of Linlithgow ; 

A. D« 164t* ifNNALSS OF SOOTLAND. • 67 

James, Etfrle of Home ( 

Johne^ Earle of Perth ^ 

Charles, Eurle of Domfermlhig i 

Johne, Earle of Vigtone ; 

John^ Earle of Kingome ; 

Patricke, Earle cf Tttllibardyne ; 

Alexander^ Earle of OaUoway ; 

George, Earle of Seaf<Hrte; 

Johne, Eark of Lauderdaill ; 

George, Earle of Kimioule ; 

Villiam, Earle of Drumfreis ; 

David, Earle of Southescke ; 

Johne, Earle of Wymees ; 

James, Earle of Finlater ; 

Robert, Earle of Camwathe ;• 

Oenerall Lesley ; 

Archbald, Lord Angnsse ; 

Johne, Lord Lindesay ; 

Alex: Lord Elphingstone; 

Johne, Lord Balmennodhe; 

James, Lord Amont; 

S' Robert Gordone,Vket3hamberlane, Baronet; 

S* Pat: Hepbume of Vaghtone; 

& Vill: Doiiglas of Caners ; 

& Johne Dondas of the same ; 

Thomas Mjrrtone of Camuo ; 

Sr Daoid Grhame of Fintrey ; 

Johne Erskyne of Done ; 

e» ANNALES OF SCOTLAKa a; D. 164.1. 

Sr Rob : Grhame of Morphie ; 
Si* Rob: limes of the s(&me ^ 
Prouest of Edinbrughe for tbe tyme^ 
18 Sept: Saterday. Sessio 1. Rege prel^: 
The housse, after much debait» by woyces did 
adioyme itselue till Monday at 9 a clocke, the 20 of 
this instant, and dispensis with the orders of the 
housse, that ordained that day to be for recreatione, 
in respecte of the grate bussines otC hdnd. 

19 Sept: Sunday. Mr Peiter Euat did preache 
to his Msfi^ in the abbey churche this fomoone; 
text, Psal: 14, versse 8. Mr James Bonar preach- 
ed ther to the Kings Ma^*^ afiemoone ; his text wes, 
Cron: cap. 24, versse 15. 

20 September^ Monday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
His Ma***^ gaue in a list of hes officers of estait to 
the housse, and desyred them to take the ^ame to 
ther consideratione ; he houpit that they wold not 
accept aganist aney of them, bot with reassone and 
moderatione. He declared to the housse, lykwayes, 
that thesse officers of estait being joyiled to the roll 
of the counsellers giuen in by him 17 day, being 52 
in all, wes the number of his priuey counsaill, wich 
number he wold not heirafter exceeid. 

The roll of the officers of estait giuen in by hes 
Ma*« this day :— 

Villiam, Earle of Mortoiv Chancelour ; 
Johne, Lord Loudon, Thesaurer; 


Rob: Earle of Roxbrughe, Priuey Seall-; 

Vill : Earle of Lanreick, Secretarey ; 

Mr Alex: Gibsone, zotmger, Clerk Register; 

Sk Tho: Hope, elder, Aduocat; 

iSr Jo: Hamiltone .of Orbestone, Justice 

Sr Ja: Carmichell of the same, Thr Deput; 

S^ Ja : GaUoway, Master of Requysts. 
His Maiesty this [day] also gaue yi a role of some 
£nglische, quho wer foi*merly.oiie his priuey couu- 
saill o£ Scodand, to be addit to the forsaid role of 
52, wes in all 58. Thesse his Maiesty called super**, 
numerarey counsellers ; they wer — 

Thomas, Earle of Arundaill ; 

Philipe, Earle of Pembrocke; 

Villiam^ Earle of Salisburrey^ 

Henrey, Earle of Holland ; 

& Henrey Vaine, Secretarey of Estait:;. 

& Johne Cooke. 

This [day3 in presence of the King and pari : the 

£ar]e of Argyle obiectit wehemently aganist the 

Earle of Mortone, that he could not be Chancelour. 

1. In respecte suche a publicke place might shelter 

him from his creditors, and wronge them in seiking 

justice aganist >him.. 2o. He a.comtempous rebeU, 

and oftene at the home. So. He deserted his coun« 

trey in hergratest neid. 4o. He was decreptit and 



Mortone replayed with grate moderatione, and 
attested the King and pari: that directlie nor indi- 
racdie, he had neiier wronged my Lord Aigyle nor 
aney wther, muche lesse his countrey. As for hb 
debts and deditors, he and his firindes woU take 
suche a coursse therin, that no man dionld suffisr 
by hon hi a peniiey*^ Lyfcwaye% that he had educat 
the Eark cf Argyie fiO fleires, wich he did esteeme 
a honor to him; lliat he and bes fiindeshad moned 
1L Janes to passe frosr a fbrfiHitrey intendit and 
hk fifoces aganist die Eadeof A^gylesfioher and 
hes family. Sdly. Quhen hm had ao right to il» 
office of Justice Oenerall, bat ana iiotwovae laee 
aboue ane 100 zeires siBce acpyied, he had moued 
his Maiesty (quham he dmyred to befot him nttnes) 
to grant him the offioe ^ Justiciasey of hes auen 
countries, and of Ibe 4|aiiale lyks, with 4M0 lib. 
starling sa tD/m^. 4ly« Hoit quhen iias brother 
had sold Kintyre to the Eark af Aatna^ and the 
asnerty ves ae^ipai, lie moued hss Ma**"; at Aigyles 
mangt ik^xe^ toiaauMe Avtram^uyte has hwgakey 
Aat JLjBgfia wdf^ Isaae Kimiyre; and thesse wer 
ibt snne tf^OBB, 4e fidbbckly pntesled to God^ 
liuia.e9ier3miwd4lcnato ihe Esrk«f At^yk. 

Aigyk acpisyi Jj that he wald not aqpaat aqr Locd 
MartPBB good^ailfarB^ peflier wtanssiier them; hot 
he was sue he JMd ginap iuAi |tin^ittk& aa^ 


ed his qpihole estait for him ; and eoBclndit) wer not 
he» my LcHrd Mortone had not heme sittiiig in that 

21 Sept: Tuesday; Sessio 1. Regeprese: 

His Ma^ demands of the housse ane ansstt^ to 
Ua list^ gioen in to them zesterday, anent Ae. conn- 
adien and officers of estait; bot after 3 houres de- 
hait betnix hui Ma^^ and the housse, and they among 
tfaemadiies, tke Kmg still insisting to haue ane ans- 
sncv fitt ov na fin to his list. It wes at last ordred^ 
that ea4^ ettait should meitt this aftemoone a pairC» 
tei adiivysse themselues, and ^ue his Maiesty a di-^ 
recte anssuer to his list; and they to meitt at 3 ja 
clocke for thb e&cte. 

My Lord l^iynie this day subscrimed the band 
and othe publickly in the honssct and is adnutted to 
hia place, 
tt Sept: Vedinsday* Sessio L Rege presente. 

Ane acte preferred to the hoosse by the barroBS) 
ivad in the hous, for giuing dier woyces in the eleo- 
tione af tile officers of estait and connsellersy &c. 1^ 
bUletta cxr schadulles. 

In the debaitts anent the e:q>ediencie of the pass^ 
ing of this acte, it wes proposed as the caosamoneas, 
that man for feares or hoiqiesy might standin awe to 
iwse the liberty o£ ther consciences. 

His Ma^ anssuered, that for himsehie, he pro* 
tested to God, he should neoer be displeassed with. 


alley man for his froe woyce giuing, nather for that 
should he euer sitt one aney mans coate, and in his 
oppinione, that man that fearid to woyce fireelie wes 
not worthey jto sitt. in the housse. 

AAer 2 houres debait in this bussines, wither it 
should be takin to consideratione to be past in ane 
acte of the housse, or only ane order for that Qane, 
or vterly reiected ; this questione being pate to the 
woyces of the housse, by maneyest woypes, it wes 
tfikin to the consideratione of. eache estait apairty 
quho wer ordained to meitt at 2 aclocke this after- 
noone ; and the housse i^oymed till 4 a dockether- 

Sessio 2da. Pomerid : Rege presente.. 

The Laird of Innes» in name of the barrons, com-- 
plains to the housse one the Earle of Home,, for in* 
iuring ther speaker by wordes in the fornoone: the 
wordes wer, that h&had reassone to alledge theses- 
sione, becausse he. had vine most by it. 

This complaint by hes Ma*«» mediatione wes past 
ouerj. des3rring the barrons to lett wordes spokia of 
no eiuell intentione or reproche pas, and enter one 
the busaines for wich they cam tjier* 

The: Earle of Mortone humble intretted his Ma^% 
in. face: of pari: to name ane vther to be chancelour, 
since he did perceaue that his Maiesties nannng of 
him bred such? a sturre in the housse ; and least 
he should seime: ta ba ane instruments of diuisione 


betuix -his Ma^ and his people, (wich if for him he 
vished rather neuer to haue beipe borne,) and hum- 
blie thanked his Maiesty for such a testimoney of his 
&uor, and ther he againe did. lay it doune at his 
Ma*^ feeitt. 

Bot his Maiesty wiHed the housse to proceid, and 
giue him ane anssuer to his list ; bot.being anssuered 
with silence, his Ma^^' said that my Lord Mortone 
had done Tortheley and nobley, lyke himselue, and 
as a man of honor; .vich offer of hishe wereyTnviU- 
ingly accepted. Bot since he perceauid him to be 
Tngradous to the honsse, he wold name ane vther, 
and remember him at quhom, without aney reassone, 
they had so sturred at Vpone hes Maiesties accept 
tance of his surrander, after a prettey speich to> hes 
Maiesty for hes maney fiiuovs to him, assending the 
stepes of the throne one his knees, he kisthis Males- 
ties hand* 

The Lord Londons bill, crauing ane exoneratione 
and approbatione of his imployments for the publicke 
from the King and pari : wes read' in the housse ; he 
being remoued* 

He wes approuen, and the clercke ordained to. 
draw vpe ane acte of exoneratione and approbatione 
to be past for the Earles of Rothes, Dumfermling 
and the Lord Loudone and Rothes ; double to be. 
giuen to his sone, and thers to themselues. 


99 September, Thursday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Petitkme of tbe S barrons and 9 burgesea impkiy- 
ed in the tiettey at Rippcmc and Loondone^ to the 
King and pari: humhlie enraing ane exonetatkM^ 

The hous appoyntes a cenunitlee of 2 cf eache 
ettait to consider du9 petitwae, and to reporte the 

Mr Rob: Bardayea petione to the King and pari : 
i^raning ane esKoneralione and approbadone of his 
auruioe fiir the pabl]di:c^ read* 

The honsse contunes the anasueriBg of this bill 
till to momm, that £k William Dougka of Caiier% 
qnho wea imployed in that seruice with hiBoiy may be 
a4 September. Sasaio 1. R€ge pregente, Fiydi^. 

A petitione giuen in fay the eemmiasloBera of the 
kirke, that all signators of prelacies be stoped topee 
in ezcheqoer. 

His Ma^ conunandit tbe oommiauoners of the 
kirka to come to him, and he wold gjm them satie* 
fiu:tione^ for that did not belonge to the parliament^ 
bet ta him0elue» 

The how ordainet the e<»nmitteefor paeificatioAe 
of the Borthe to mmtt to morrow, and take the 
Kinges aduocats ouertoum theranent in con^era- 
tione, and reporte to the houAse. 9^ move, addir to 
this comittee, viz. 

A. D. 16U. AKHALBS Of 6COlXAll|^ 75 

Earle of Flnlater, 
Sr Rob : Lines of the same. 
Com : of the brughe of Tayne. 
Petkioiie to the housse of the Earle of Streueleings 
ereditorS) craaing a warrant to inhibit all inferior 
judges to deceid aney of thesse bussines in prehi- 
dice of the creditors; bot that the housse wold or- 
der die tessione to determin ihi% that all ereditcm 
might oome in alyke, according to ther right 

The house appoyntet a committee of S of eache 
estait to oonsider this petitionee and to rqsort to the 

Hie committee for heiring the petitione of the 8 
banona, commissioners to England, makes ther re- 
port to the housee, wich wes publickly read. 

Hie hopsBOj after some debait anent Riocartone, 
did by wojFces exoner them, and appFoae ther fideli* 
ty and honest cariage in dier imployment ; imd or- 
I ane acte of pari: to be exped to them fat that 

SessioSde. Rege presence. 

Petitione of Villiam Cuningfaame of Potttme^ 
aganist the Earle of Galloway, fer imprissoning of 
bim till he almost stemed, being the Kinges free 
leige, and for vther poynts of oppressione^ humblie 
craning the honsses varrant fer dtatione of yittnes. 

The H of GallowByes anssners to this ccnnplaint 
umi m the hoas, and a Tarrant granted to the peti- 


doner for citatione of his wittaes ^iganist the 7 of Oc- 

The housse ordaines a committee of 4 of each es- 
tait, and 8 of cache to be a coram, for examinatione 
of the tomie of Vigtones wittnes aganist Uxe durle of 
GaUoivrayy viz. 

Nob I Bar A, Buri 

£.of SQi|the6cke»,La: Balmaine, Com.of Aberdeine. 
E. of Seaforte, La: Moncreiffe, Iruinge, 

Lo:£lphingstoiie La: Freeland, Dumbartone^ 

Lo: Burlie. La: Cesnocke. Bamffe. 

Petitione of C!olonell Johne Monro read, humbly 
erauing to be sett at liberty* He wes imprissoned 
£br deliuering that letter to & Donald Gorme, wich 
he gaue to Traquaire, (as Monro awerred,) wrettin 
by the committee heir to the Frenche King, to he a 
mediator betoix the King and them, for wich my 
Lord Loudone wes imprissoned. 

The housse ordaines a committee of 4 noblemen^ 
befor Monro be sett at liberty, to examine S^ Do- 
nald Mackdpnald, quhom th«gr prdaine to be citted 
befor that committee : — 

Earle of Cassiles, 

Earle of Lotheane, 

Lord S. Clair^ 

Lord Burlie. 
^ September, Satterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
The 3 com: for the burrowes, Johne Smithcy 


Heughe Kennedey and Mr Alexander WeMer- 
bume, vpone ther hnmble petitione to the housse^ 
by woyces, this day had ane exoneratione and appro- 
batione of the King and pari: by acte of the housse* 

Mr Archbald Johnstone and Adam Blane, clerkes, 
vpone ther humble supplicatione to the King and 
pari: by woyces, had aiie acte of the honsse ordained 
to be ei^ped for ther exoneratione and approbatione 

The committee for the armeyes report, and ther 
negotiatione irith the English commissioners read in 
the hoin this day for payment of debts, hinc inde, 
and restorinng of goodes and amunitione, takin one 
both sydes. 

26 September, Sunday. His Ma^ hard sermon 
befor noone in the abbey chnrche, from Dr Villiam 
Guild ; hes text wes Psal : 75, vers 24. Mr Frede- 
rick Carmichell, minister of Markinche, preached to 
him ademoone; his text wes cap. 1 of the Cantic- 
kells, versse 2. 

27 September, Monday. No publicke meitting of 
parliament at alii 

28 September, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presenter 
His Ma^ desyred the hous, that since he had 
granted them, wich neuer non of his praedicessors had 
done, that they nou wold goe to the woycing Loudon 
Chanceler, quhom he did nominat befor to them in 
priuat, and nou in publicke, desyred them to leaue 


oBSt aouiiDg and destraning one Tordes^ smce the mat- 
ter in haade wes actionem not yordes; he addh, also, 
that £00: aney thing he could perceaue, neu questions 
and difficulties did emerge dailies and lyke muscb* 
romesf grew vpe in one night, to stope the bnssines 
non in hand. Zea it greiued him werey muche to 
see the honsse meitt his firanknesse to them so ill, 
and therfor since he did see it ves so, he againe re- 
quyred them to ahssuer to hb demand, Loudon to be 
Chanceler, fitt or onefitt 

The Earle of Cassiles said he loued not to walke 
in darknes; and therfor he wold gladlie hane the 
acte of parliament explained anent ther adwysse to 
be giuen to his Maiesty. 

Roxbrughe replayed, that he wes hartley sorey 
that that wes a blocke, as it seinied to him, castm in 
the way onlle to breid delay. And since non wold 
say bot the nominatione wes the Kinges, he thought 
that no anssuer oould be returned, or adwysse, more 
then fitt or wnfitt 

Hia Ma^^ addit, that he wold neuer haue expected 
for so much grace and &uor showen to them, quher* 
of nou (contrarey to his ordinary custome) he wold 
vant that he had done so muche to them as euer 
King had done to anbiects; and since it seimed that 
they so litle esteimed hes nominatione, that th^ 
wold giue him no anssner, he wold nominat no more 

A. D. 1641. ilNKALBS OF 8C0TLAKIX T9 

S^ Tho : Hope said, that thesse qtteitfoiies be* 
ttux h« Ma^ and his pari; wer lyke the streadung 
out of 2 lynnes, the fiiRer tliej be drauin, the fiurer 
distance they keepe betaix thenu Qnherfor he in 
dll hvnility intreatted hn Ma^% in name of the bar^ 
rons, that he wold be gratiously pleassed to make 
such a nominatione as might be acceptable to the 
thehoQSse, to the end that difficulties and questions 
betuix his Ma^ and the housse might be suppress 

Wis Ma^ did againe vrge the housse to procekl, 
afld leaoe off all neu questional ek he protested to 
God he wdid name non more to them« 

AU this debaitt endit in this^ that eacheesteit 
should meitt apairt at 3 a clocke, and ther commis- 
sioners to goe presently and speake with his Ma^<^ 
after dinner, widi this peremter protestatione^ that 
without ftrder, to morrow they should giue him ane 
definit anssner, inther Loudon fitt to be chanceler 

A petitione of suche gentlemen as wer officers in 
the armey, to the housse, that they might be payed 
all their arreires, as the officers of fortoune are payed, 

The report of the committee for the armey in this 
poynt, vead and ratified, and approuen by the 
The King and pari: ordaines the Commissapey 


Generall to pay all the officers of the armey in redey 
money ; and as for the shouldiours, they wold bor- 
row money to pay ther arrieres. 

^r Alexander Hendersone, minister at Edin- 
biirghe, his petitiokie to the King and pari: for hes 
exoneratione of his imployment in England, read in 
the housse. 

The Eang and pari: exoners him of his imploy- 
ments, and approues the same by acte, and ordaines 
Mr Alex: to haue the extracte therof wnder the 
clerks hand. 
39 SeptembriS) Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

His Ma^'® vrged the approbatione of Loudon to 
be chanceler, and said, that in cinility they aught 
him ane onssu^r to his demand. 

Argyle wold haue thesse debaits first cleired be- 
for they goe to woycing Loudon to be chanceler. 

Cassiles said, that men behoued to speake freelie 
nou, since ther othe tayed them so to doe. 

& Thomas Hope alledged, that hes Maiesties 
questione is a questione of order, and vithout the 
resoUutione of the poynt of adwysse in the acte, and 
Toycing by sheduUs, they can hardly woyce Loudon 
to be chanceler, since the doing of it taketh away 
both thesse questions. 

His Ma^ said, that he had hard this so much de- 
baitit, that he desyred to heire it no more ; and that, 
therfor, he gaue the housse till to morrow to ad- 

^ArysBey wtkterMqre» Ijuiidon should liaue no office aT 

CtMHeB hfttiBUey intfeatted his Ma^ not to tbi«t*' 
timliiff parliament so. 

To wich his Ma^® anssured, that hie nathet df^ 
nor void thretten tfaem^ and |^ue he ^ught soy 
TTonged him. 

Sr Tho: Hc^ finds this mediiim to giAe the Kinge 
content^ wich Weis to woyce Loudon presentlie, with 
this protestsidone^ that the so doing at this tyme 
j^otdd in noe wayes'be obiected to them by the King 
in the approbatione of the wther officers of estait 
and connsellersy amd then both the King and parh to 
be in statu qno ntmC 

His Ma^ tooke this propositione of the bantons' 
to be adwyssed with till to morrow. • 

3 bills read in the housse this day» all ad auisan- 
dmn; 1, The fishers, anent ther excisse to be one 
cache beale a 1000 herinnges^ for 6 lib., wich they 

Hy Cra^gmiUers, aganist S^ James Hamiltonie of 
Preistfield, for procuring from the King a- gifiee «f 
nltmas heresof his lands. 

8,' Zounge Laird of Frendraught aganist ihe]fttFi-' 
ques of Himtley, for oppressione. 

SO Sept: Thursday, S^ssio 1. Rege presente.' 

His Maies^ said, that he came to £be Jious this 
day, not for the dayes bussines, botforione ynhappie 

TOL. III. o' 


ttDcidfliitof aadaiidcHr Am heg ftl Hh MiLtoheknMd 
one ane verey eminent and noble member of ibm 
houaie. Nather did he put aney quesfioBe bot tbat 
the housse had hard of it, since it wes flo pobliddj 
4aiie$ wd that he thait had ipade the aclander had 
come to him» acknouledged hi$ &ull^ and cmuad 
pardone, auerring ther wes no ground for qinhat ha 
had spokin, and humhl^y submitted himaeliie. 

CaasUes said, that sinee it wes apnblicke biuiiBeay 
H publicke adander done to so eminent and pnUieke 
member of this houas^ thecfor he thought ther b^ 
hoved to be a pubtioke satiafactione for it. 

Lord Lindesays opinion wes, that he aught to. 
make a piiblicke menes in^the housse to his Ma^ and 
Ae parliament Nather thought he the adanderer 
worthey to demand aney wther sAtiafactione of him. 

His M|i^ replayed; that he did thinke his^ rehr- 
lion of it to th^ housse wes more then i£ the partie 
should e^me himselue and ^ufesse his faulie in pub* 

T^ Ou^k pf L(emsioi( wes of the of^iiiikme^ that 
sJBce Ves Mai^stie h&d relatted the eiuell carlage of 
of my Lord Ker, it wes to be more thought off then 
if tl^e pii?tey luimselue had ack«ouIedgiMl afa mudie 
in presence of the housse. 

Sr Tho: Hi9p^ concludit his apeiche, that since 
h», Mmst^ th^fe-MAKqnea Hamilton and the housse 
wer ^iX gr%% tetimsiad in the adander, ^Iha liia 


tCaiiesly and the Ifioqaes had both gottin flsdsfcc- 
tion^ aet HA he not see hoii the housse could be so 


La: Done sai^ that no prinat satisfhctaobe^ ather 
U> his Maiestie or the partey, could ludue die iniu* 
rey done to the housse, mdiout a puUicke and ex* 
emphurey salisfiietioiie. 

Morton atgued^ diat the Lord Marques of Ha* 
ndltoiie ought to be poblieUy deired, and that wes 
now cardo questionis. 

Edeni^ wold hane llie Lord Ker acknoidedge 
thai in puhlicke befbr the housse, wkh he had done 
plrluatley h^or his Maiestymd some of the nobOity. 

Daek of Lennox niade a XBpotione, that the Mta^ 
quesdiouldbe called to ihehousse, and told that 
the honsse did eldre him of aney imputatione ore 
assertion layed one him. 

Thia motdi»e wes by the housse ahqgider reiected 

Ix>rd i^lpynie said, that altho the Marques void 
pas from It, Ml except the Lord Ker cam befor the 
housse, and made a puUicke declaratione ill qins 
rabis, and ther publickly iidmouledged hes sdan- 
der, the Marques frinds could hane noe satisfiustione; 
aea, since the &ult wes so publicke, he dtought that 
if it wer particularly befor the housse cleired, it wold 
still leane a grater staineonethe Lord Marques then 


Glencaime desyred the preBident te aske eacbe 
jnans oppiaion^ Since the vrcMige wes so publicke^ 
he wes confident that the housse not longe* since 
knew werey weiU quhat wes the punishment' of sBch 
a fiiult as that. 

Has Maiestie said, that in his oppiniooe, the first 
thing that wes to be done by the housse, wes to eleira 
mj Lord Hamiltone, and restor him to his honor. 

Lauderdaill said^ that hes Ma*^ had staitted the 
questione werey right. 

Mar said, that since this in hand wes scandafaim 
magnatunir and since, by his Maiesties declaratione» 
my Lord Marques Hamiltone had acquiessedto the 
Lord Kers submissione and denayell of such a rashe 
and groundlesse sclander, and had remitted the sa» 
tisfiictione to his Ma^'% he thought the housse aught 
to do the same. 

Sk Tho: Hope said, that the stait of the qUesstion* 
should not be, hou the Marques should be cleired*;- 
bot hou the King and pari: should be satisfied ? 

At laat, after muche debait, this questione wes put 
to the woyces of the housse, Quhither my Lord Ker 
should come publiekly befor the King and pari: and 
make his declaration^ or no ? 

The housse, without arcontrarey; wotted he should 

Ssssio 2da« Poikieridiana^ 

Sr Thomas Hopes motione, made sesterday antot 


tile yoycii^ of Loudcm to be chaaoelery embraced by 
tbe King» .and ordained that the derke should keepe 
it in jreteqtis, marked; bot not to be put onerecotd 
iOl thenixtnominationy and ihen^ if the pari: wiUesi 
to be cancelledi 

Acteanentihe Dominatione and electione of the 
Xiord lioudon to be chanoeler, past without a. gob* 
trarey woyce* 

The Ring and pari: ordains my Lord Marques 
Hamilton to produce the grate seall to morrow, {he 
had the keying of it thesse 2 zeires bj^ast, by his 
Ma*** grant vnder the priuey seall;) the bousse or- 
dains him a varrand for that effecte.. 

His Ma^ this day^nominats publickly the Lord 
Amonte to be Orate Thesaurer. 

Lord Amcmts pedtione to the King and park con- 
taining anesnnander of his o£Bceof Leiuetenant O^ 
merall^ craning ane exoneratione and approbaticm of 
his charge ; the honsse this day did approve- him^ 
Mnd the morrow they will pass to his exoneration^ and 
ordaines the derke to draw ype ane acte for the same. 

Tug of eache estait ordained to speake with the 
generally anent the Lord AmoQts exoneratione, and 
to xeporte to the housse to Qionrow. 

Nob: Bar: 

£• of Cassiles, La: of Waghtone^ 

K.of Louthean. La : of Vedderbimie. 

Com. Jedbrughe. Com. St Andrewes. 


My Loid Kef ooDpek* beSot Che Kiiqp-Md pail: 
mof hh ImecB^ and m/kts this dechmtiwie, I» Hett* 
iBOff liOrd Ker» have alradcy adbiooledged my oC- 
IfaMa to hia Mafeglae, and cmnad his Ma^ faaoatUe 
paidone^ wich nou I doe this honacidda howiiie at 
pari; ani fee the acandakms ifcrdea coocemuig my 
Lord Marquea Hamiteois I heir dechdr^ 4hey wer 
rashlie vttered by me, and am sorey for dMn. ^ 

This dedaratioiie^ after much debait^ Ae King 
and parKam^il ordained him to aafascrioe irith his 
him^ wich he did iai ftoa ^ parliammt This vm 
Qtdsed to remaine oa^e reoord^ ad fiiduam retmemo- 

Theiafterthe quhole biiias^ bf. ther acte» m one 
woyce, does cleire the Liacd MJurquea df Hamihoii of 
aUacaiifiUdla aad dls)oyfdtie$ toitta King aftd oottn<- 
tactjs aqdd»allttiiBliim4o bestrew patriot^ and fiddb* 
liU#ild ioffii beniant to hiMMumt^i and satfe 
^MMse^anxMselkhis nightabaatS a cloekei. 
' I QfMhtXy Fryday. Sessio K B^ge praBente. 
.' «Aicteofea»»ei»tmeandapprobetioa(eioftlieX^ 
A*aU^. of has cariage in the place of Leiuaitoant 
GaneralL of the #urmey, rotted and past. 

My Lord Chancelcrs patentred in thehousa^ and 
altered in some vordes, and a comittee of 2 of cache 
estait a^poynipfi bj^ the housse, with, the Kinges ad* 
uocat, to dntw ffe.^ s|me, acoo^diiig to theacte» 


Mfr: Smr: Bmts 

E.ofLauderdAB]^ LatofKersse, Com: Kingomciy 
&ofS6iitbe8cke; La:ofImied. Com: Hadingtone. 

The Lold Ainoiit, hMi sone he had teeeaued die 
exoMratiMe atkd j^i^batione of the hoHSse, he t^ 
moaed to his aeat amongesthis peeress for as Leiiie* 
MUUit OeHeiral}, he did sytt in a chyre nixt the 
fiade ifttilAi^ by the regalia. 

f)is Mn^ vrges the housse to proceid to the ap- 
]^tob*li<Mle >of htt nottiinatioiie of the Lord Amont t6 
be Thesaiirer^ iUtei" Aiudie debait, the most pailt 
ofthehoiisse indyned to haue the acte explained 
meitt «lie ad»rysse to be giueb to his MiAestie, and 
the fiM«a of W^yvangs tfaesse debaitts tooke Tpe aU 
theibmoone^ Mid liie condusione at this tyme wef, 
Ua ICa^ deayM to the hooise to thinkeof it till t0 

The hoiiiae qppoynts 4 a docke ^thia aftmepoone 

Semlo 8da« R^e pnsente. 

Theeottnttee for dranmg Tpe the Chanoekrs pa- 
tent reports it to the housse, and hes Ma'^ seignes 
it m fiu)e of pariaament. 

Hie tonne of Vigtons ocmiphdnt aganistthe &arle 
isS GaDowi^ debait this aftemoone, and both parties 
admHtad to hane ther adnocatts aganist Tuesday 
ttixty iBthe aftemoone, wich day the houMe ^poynts 
for this bnsaiMs. 


2 Qctobr Satexday. :Sesa^ 1. Rege pwiryi te. 

The Lord LoudoB, solemly in face irf'pAdi^meptt. 
one his kne^, befor his M^iesties throne, fie* di4 
Jaeare the othe of alied|geance, then tbat pf .a^ riaey 
iUMinseller, and JUstlL^ quhen die grate seall, by Jbif 
Maiesty jm open parliament^ we9 deliuet)^ .to hiin» 
with the measflie, he did sueare the plb^ de Adeli lulr 
ministratione officij^ and wes by the Lyon^ King pf 
Annef»Jplaced in his seat wnder his Maiesties feistXf 
fine the right hand of the president of the parliar 
menL I^unediatly tberafter he arro^se ^d spake 

Preferment comes naAer from the etaatenor finna 
the west, bot from God alone; and I ackaouledge 
X haue this from your sacred Maie9ti|rf fs fixna God» 
.vicegerent cjne earth, and the fontaine of all eafthj^ 
honor heir; and I will endeuor myselue to.anafiwer 
that expQctatione your Ma^ has pf;me, andrfhe 
good vill of this honorable housse, in faitb&Uf diar 
charging that yon both (witfiout desert of myne) 
haue putt one; and so kissing hia Maiastiea hand^ 
reteir^ to his seat. 

The housse, one a petitione preferred tathem bgr 
the leidjges, ordaines the Lords of Sesaione to paa 
biUea a& they did befiMT, wntill they be diachai;§|^. 

Has M»^ vTges the housse with ther af^oba- 
lione o£ AmonK b^ l^im nominat to be ThaBawrec. 

For this puxpois. the housse ordaJMS^Miihe estiit 

$o^Mitt.fleiiemlly one Monday at 7 a chMke, and 
the pari : at one a clocks in- the aftcsrnooiijel. 

a Octobex^ Sundliy. His Ma^^" hard seifmoa this 
jday belbr oocMie in the abbey dnirdhe. Mf Thomas 
Michefli persone of Torre^ prqached ; his teKt» Psalc 
11^ versse S3. Mr liienr^y Quthrlsy pceacbed nf- 
iemaome, minister of S(ren.eUng ; text,. Epist: Paul 
to the EphesianS) cap. - - - - . - - 
.4» October, Monday. Sessio 1. Pomend: Bcge 
1 pres^nt^ 

The housse ; ox^daiiies the d^kes to calle one 
XSuinoeler, &r8t in the roll, by the tytill of Johne^ 
Loiad Loudone, , Chanceler^ / 

Hes Ma^ said he came rather; this day to adjome 
the housp^ theu to -doe aney vther thing; and he 
^irttled ihem to ddnkist <» hes choi$s<^ ^od aot to exr* 
.cept aganist it, bot with good.yeas^Miei; aad w^fhaU 
^esyred that the housse adiomed till to 
fltorronr at & a olooke; her addit^ lykwayisB,, that he 
had something to show the parl^tb^t.h0 had .almost 
fergotdn, widi in r^pbfit/^ jit ^ did partly oanceme 
hia honor, he wold.dpe piothing till he first did iptir 
mat the same to them. He said, he. wes nou a)x>ut 
the Tretliiig of a letter to the croune of Spiden, in 
respecte they wer too haiptie (as he hard) to make 
peace witfilhe:Emparour; and^iioatherweaashipe 
going away finom this, qi;herin he wold wreat parti- 
odafdy to liis afnbf^sB9^f smee he did see hot a 

mrejr UBiil mppirtaee of Mejr good MoonmdctfDtae 
of the Prinee Eleetim bunsittes. 

5Ool0ber, Tuesday. Sessio L Rcge {H^eMirte. 
Hift Mi.^ sidd diat he Ind liiEinl in piituit a pal^ 
tietdar rdatiofie from my Lord Chancels of ^uhat 
Mned done, laid siiiee he did perceaue that diey dd- 
ayred sonxe mc^m tyme lx> the meitliilgs of eacfae ea^ 
tait apairt, to &cilitat bussine^ that bo he might Ah 
tetter see tibmughe his a£bires» and Tilled them ao 
to accomadat ther busirfttesy that they might not de* 
lay aney ftdrder, and put him to thesse thinges he 
nather wold nor oonld gMnt wnto them i and tfaei^ 
for did adioyme the honsse till Thursday, at 9 a 
docke in the aftemoone. 

Vpone a remonstranoe made thit day by the Lord 
Chanceler to the King and parUam^t^ that ther wea 
a grate confluence of people of lait come to the 
toune^ irpone quhat ground he did not knair $ the 
liousad otdAhies a prochunataone fbr that efiecte be 
«xpedy dischargbig all not members of pikrl : or anlN- 
t^s too it, to remoue wkhin 84 boures; and ox^ 
daines the Lyone King of Armea to puMiahe thito 
prodamatione himselue, in the most aoleme maHer, 
m respecte it concerns the peace of the kingdome, 
and the preseruatione of the same* 

6 October, Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Bege presenle. 
His Ma^ said, that shice some of eadie estak sent 
from them to him, had giuen him accompt of quhat 


f i i ng teiie thty 1»ad Joatode this kst day^ ftiid this 
nionung^ aod eiilce he did paceswe that the lurt 
4«y« ttdiMi^yiig the pajdt ilid produce some good 
eiEsete^ Ibi preparing 4if Imssines^ hedidnowwil* 
lilig}|r ^ue than M hoores niore^ atid wiihall ^ed 
IhcuL to kinie «^ idle difficultiet. 

A ^olBmissiteie gnnted by die heioae&r beriiig 
the gmerall Conunissareyy Mr Alex^Glb60llft eomfyts. 

His Ma^'*** letter to the Qneine of Sueden, shouing 
her dot he irold shortly sebdaae ambassador to her, 
t» mnt ef tfaiDges diet coficeme the weill oT bodk 
cnMUMSy and in the mean tyme mtreattoes her to 
proeeid slowly one with an^ trettey of peace with 
the Emperour*. 

I£a M^ adioyms the bottsse tOl Fryday, at 9 
adocke m the raonung^ and the estaits till then to 
meitt apairt at ther ordinarey houres. 

8 October, Fryday. £lesBi6 1. Kege presente. 

His Ma^ said diat the I^rd Chaaeelour had 
ginen him a breiffe relatiotle of sttcfa ditng^s as wes 
done, and he did perceane thai they jproceiditwerey 
flowly; and since necessity wrged h^^ lie must 
ewen hold dum too it ; and nan he wold be againe 
consent to iidionie die housse this ilqr, that diey 
mj^goe one with ther cenmittee of accomadatiiMiei 
w4 HmSac bt did adioyme die faoifime till Sitter- 
daf 9 at 10 a docke. 


Th^ retnotistcance of the Engliache commnioners 
to the committee £nr the armey, shouing that money 
ives now come.dovaeJbr the disbanding of the giwi- 
sons of Bfsruick and Carleill^ .and for sleighting the 
WOTk/R$ a^d transporting die amunitidne; therfbr 
they intreatted the honase, that according to the 
trettey^ Generall Maior Monro and C^lonell Coch- 
jjans regiments might fae disbandit, .and the workes 
of Leith slighted* The housse ordaines the 
Earleof Argyll* Ia: Haiden, Com: of Dundie, 
]L.ord Lindesay, I^: Edemey, CQm:of Aberdeinei 
to deall for moneyej;, that thesse regiments might be 
disbandit, and the r^t^^istrance of the Englisohe 
commissioners satisfied* 

Thesse wer the 5 Ikiglische commissioners from 
the parlc of JElngl^lid^. th^t gaue in the remon*^ 
strance :-— 

Lord Ednard Howard; 
. . Mr FilmeS) 8d sone to the Lord Sey ; 

JSr Phil%>e Stapeltoune ; 

8^ WiUiam Annine ; 

Mr Hambden. 
^ Octobet) SatteiHlay. £essio 1. Rege presente. 

His Ma^ seid, that so [he] might haoe assurance 
qt some end of his bussines, he wes nou not vnwill- 
i^g as off befor to gijie the housse some more tyme, 
Pfid therfore he wolde vishe them, that thesse thinges 


Ihey mdued to bim ni%ht be pro^odUcnis and not 

concluHon^r ttid since ther acconunadatkai^ we» ti 
tda beades ; ther desyres to him, and a projTer of 
thesse diinges might be acceptable to him^ therfor h6 
wes content that the publidbe meittii^ of the housae 
should be adioym^d till Tuesdby in the afteinooney 
al 2 A docke, aiid this dajy cache estait to meitt 
apairt at 3 ; one Monday at 8 in the morning and 8 
i&the aftemoonejandoneTuesda^atSinthemcmiV 

Acte of ratiflcatiota. of the neu kirke of Kilnuu> 
nocke, with the modified stipend thero^ and the pa*> 
trfMEiage of the same to belonge to the Lord Boyde, 
^piho is lykwayes patrbn c^the old kirke c^ Kilmav- 
nodk) votted and past. 

Petitione exhibit to the heusse by the Laird of 
Keames, Commiss : fo^ Bute^ humbly craning,' that 
the housse wold command the Commissaries of Edin- 
brughe to retreit a decreit giuen by them aganist him 
in pari : ^me^ he being a member of the housse. 

The King and pari : ordains the Commissaries of 
Edinbnrgbe to recall this decreit, according to the 
supplicants bilL 

Petitione Exhibit to thb housse by HeuTey Steuart, 
JEsquyre, quho wes imprissoned in Irland a zeite and 
8 mounthes, for not taking the wnlawfull othe, and 
hes goodes ti&in frcon him, quherby hes wyffe and 
children are wt^ly in^udrlsked, hnmbley beseeicbr 

tft ANNALE8 OF 8€OTLAKD. A.V. 1641. 

log the Sing aii4 pari : for ther feeommeadblioD to 
tke purliineiit of Engbiid for Us restttmion. 

Hie h^m8% ovdwM the Lovd Chanoeloiv and the 
Earie ^fDimiferli^Big^ wmonAj to reeosomend thii 
pelilk)ae Ihim them to the Eoglieche coninjsak)^^ 

10 Oeiobris, fibuday. Hit Ma"" bothe befor and 
aftemoone hard sermon hi the abbey dmrohe. Mr 
Robert Nane^ minister at 8t Andiewea^ preaohed 
befeveaooBe; his tat, PsaL 1S8^ Years. 4. Mr A»- 
drow Avthenlecke, minister at Largo, preached al- 
temooDe; his text, I^ist: Pauk to the Rom; eap. 
^ verss^ «. 

11 Octob: Monday. The estaits mett seuerally 
apairt, as the hoosse ordained oii^ €[ajtorday. 
18 Octobris, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Pomerid: R^ 

After the president had relatted to hes Ma^ the 
good progresse wee made, imtill this di^es a«scideiit 
did hinder the housse to gxte hes Maiestie ane ao- 
oonq»t Iherof, according to ther best wishes. 

Hes Ma^ anssuered, that he behoued to confesse 
the fault wes not th^rs ; bot left it light quher it 
might, he cam ther to setle ther religicHi and libes^ 
ties, wich he had done, and non should eoer draw 
him from that, nather should the deiodl prewaill m 
the countrey. Zea my Lords, I must neids tell you 
a Terey strange storey. Zesteniight my Lord Ha- 
miltone came to me^ I beiag walking m the garden. 


nitli a petitioiie of werejr gmall momwt, and thernf- 
tor, in a phUoBophioall and parabolkall wajs tti be 
flometymes had wssed, lie b^gan a werey strange dfan 
onnrs^e to me^ shouiiig m^ liow Ua enimiea had 
vaaed aU the ralnmnHJa^ enoay and malice coold 
hat«ibe» to nu^mftnne aond txaspeiat my wyiib aganu 
hiniy ifidi wevey muohe greiued hiaiy and he wdd 
nenar befiae that hea Maleatie iror aney vayes ac- 
oeaao wy to anohe baaae plotta, and with all eyaued 
pardon to reteire himselue this night from oomrte. 

Hea lla^ hauiag ihna qpoken, tooke out df his 
poket a letter wietdn from the ICarqaes Hamilton 
to him this mornings and commahdit die dercke to 
leid it opjoly in the honsse^ containing a relatione 
of hea Ma*^ manqr filuors to hkn, and cmicliuKng 
with his snome loyaltie and best seniice during hes 
ijSt to hes Ma*^. 

The San^ with teares in his eyies, (and as it seim- 
ed) in a verey grate greiflfe, said, that he did werey 
mudie l^omider at this letter, for it was werey weill 
knouen, that if he had belioed the reports of thesse 
of neirest veqMOte and gratest trust about him, kmge 
befor nou of him, he had grater reassons dien non 
tohauelayedhkniast; bot he must tdl them he had 
not calie then^ slighttd aU tueh reports, bot contrair- 
wayes tooke him by the hand, and manteined him 
aganist them all« 

Than wes the deposifiioDs, <wkh wer takin in the 

9i AKHALE8 OF 8GOTLAVO. A. D. 1641. 

moraiag) of C^taae William Slekiait, Leiwlenuit 
G>IoneU. Horrey, and Leiueteoa&t Coloaeli Home^ 
read pid)tlickly in the houdse.* 

After wioh hig Maiesty requyred the houBsey that 
die Marqoea of Hamilton might be reatrained from 
coming to ike housse till thesse thinges wer first 
cleired ; and that the' housse wold giue him jostice 
of hmg since he had so calumniat him^ ftberwayea 
diey could not deUay him to take it in the best way 
he could. 

The Eitf le df Roxburghe, solemly on hes knees, 
tlisclaimed that euer, direetlie or indivectlie, he did* 
know aney tUng of this bussines. 

Lord Amont said, that he wes neuer cdmmahdit 
by aniiy bot hes Ma^* and the Lord Generally nather 
did he ihinke that aney ells could command him, 
(since they did not,) to haue aney hand in so basse a- 

Ha^ Mb.^^ still ^xagerattis my Lord Hamiltona 
going away after that maner from hes courte ; nather 
did he thinke that he could haue found, (if aney 
suche thing had beine) a surer sanctuarey then his 
bed chamber, Bot since he had made suche a 
noisse and bussines, it seurly behoued to be for one 
of 2 reas^ons^ ather feare, wich he thought couki not 
be inherent to maney Scotts, muche lesse to him, 
ore ells a grate distruste of him. 

Hes Ma^ i»id, moreou^, he wold wndeBtalce 

A. D. 1641. ANNALEs OF Scotland: or 

that William Murray and the Lord Kilpont should 
compeir and anssuer quheneuer the housse should 
be pleassed to call them to ane accompt.' 

The Xiord Chancelour desjrres his Maiestie, for 
hes auen honor, and the honor of the housse, that 
they might goe one in a parliamentarey way, for the 
trayell of that bussiness, to the last poynt and pe- 
riod ; and in the meane tyme, to put thesse that are 
named wnder arrest, that none of them come neir 
wther, till first they be examined and confronted. 

Lord Lindesay proposses to haue the wittnes exa- 
mined by a committee. 

Koxburghe pleades that in justice it aught to be 
done in publicke, and the wittnes and vthers to be 
so examined. 

Lindesay wrges still that hes Ma**** aduocat, and 
theaduocatts for the estait, wold show that the lyke 
had neuer beine done in aney pari : heirtofor. 

Hes Ma^'^ anssuered, that the pari : was not tayed 
to the rigor or forme of lawes ; bot to make lawes 
and not to follow them, bot in suche caisses as they 

Mar argues for the wittnes examinationeSn^pre-' 
sentia parliamenti. 

Hes Ma'* said ther wes some people that, wndfer 
hand, endeuored to raisse jelosies betuix him and 
hes good subiects, quhom God {he wes confident) 
in his auen tyme wold xliscouer; and therfor he 


m ANN^LLfiB OF SCOTLAND* A. U 1641. 

iHUed the hens to proceid in a publicke exm&uui* 
tkia of thesse men, for he did sol Tndentand priuat 

LauderdaiU moued that ther might be a f;ommit- 
tee of indifferent men chpsen out off the housse, for 
the seurer and eassier expeditione of the matter, a^d 
better trayell of the bussines. 

Southescke wes for a publicke examination brfor 
the quhdte housse* 

S' Tho : Hope wes for a committee^ as the onlie 
sorest way for ezaminatioBe and trayell of the quhole 

His Ma^ said that he wold rather haue it in a 
publicke way then be a committee, and it be Tther- 
wayes, he protested he wes wronged. 

Morton wes of the oppinion^ since it drew hdti it 
wer beat to leaue aU till to morrow at 9 a clocke. 

The hoiisse cpmittes the £. Craufurd to be.dosly 
kttpt in JamfBs Murrayes housse* 

Leiuetemint. Colonell Steuart to the balzie, Johne 
Fleiminges housse* 

Colonell Cochrane to Johne Smythes housse, and 
ordaines the commissioner of Aberdeine to conway 
him thidier ; bot at the going out of the parU courte 
for that nigl^ he ma4€| ane escape at ane posteme. 
18 October, Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Hes Ma^^« said thf^t he wes in so grate a conflicte 
with himsdiue, that Hamiltone should haue so scur- 


Weley wssed hbh Aft«r that tnaner. Kou he Wd he 
wtte gone,- and had debosht the wther tuo with him. 
As for his brothel: Lanreicke, he ves a wevey good 
young man, and he knew noething of him. As for 
Argyle, he woundred quhat should moue him to 
goe away ; he knew not quhat to say of him ; and he 
wes in c verey grate doubte wither or not he should 
fell quhat he knew of Hamiltone, bot nou he wold 

My Lord Chancder said, that if the parliament 
did not command all, his Ma^ wold quicklie see 
the pari: tome in a conventione of the quhole king- 
dome, and so in a most dangerous confussione. 

S' Tbo: Hope^ in name of the barrons, desyred 
his Maiestie that he wold be pleassed to remoiie 
froni abonte his perssone and courte, thesse that are 
citted to the pari : and nou are the comon incen- 
diaries of the kingdome, and the sturrers vpe of 
snehe tumults. 

His Ma^* anssuered him, that in his judgement 
it wvld no wayes conduce for the peace of the king-* 
dome, wich they aU aimed at, to put publick affironts 
Tpone men of quality ; and it wes better to quehsche 
a flame with watter, then ade oyle therto. 

Roxbrughe vehemently wrges that the King and 
pari: wold concurre in one way for the preseruatione 
of the pitbllcke peace. 

MO A^nSkhEB OF 8CO>ri.AND. A. D. 164a. 

Presidmt of the pari: ux name of the housse, 
vrges that, in a l^piU way thir tumulta may be ap- 
peassed, and the incendiaries and citted, attachet of 
treassone and wther crymes, may be remoued from 
the courte and toune, wntill the pari: call them. 

Mortem wold haue all thesse tumults passed by, 
and the preseruatione of the peace, lookit too, and 
presently to enter to the bnssines in hand,' examine 
it, and see quher the fox layes. 

Glencaime said, that without the roote of this 
eiuell (the incendiaries citted* to the pari:} be re- 
moued from the King and courte, the deseasse can 
not be curred and remedied. 

D. of Lennox wes of the oppinione, that since hes 
Maiesty had undertaken that thesso that wer citted 
to the pari: should be quiet, he wold haue the pro-' 
nest of Edinbrughe looke to the peace of the cittey ; 
and ther rested zet one thing of grate consequence 
to be looked too, and that wes the queyet of the coun- 
trey, wich might be so informed of thir bnssines, 
that they might raysse and flocke thither in a tumul- 
tuarey way ; and this he desyred the housse to looke 
too in a particular maner. 

Hes Ma^^ said, that the first thing wes to be done 
wes to send for the generall and the prouest of the 
toune, and with them appoynt a comittee of the 
housse to sett doune orders for the preseruatioqe of 


tke peace, and aixt to find oat the Gausses of this 
grate intermptione, and to take ezacte trayell of the 

Colondl Cochrans petitione to^the hoiisse read^ 
shoiiing his last nights trauelis and-maner of escaipe^ 
submitting himselue absolutly to the housse, in 
qnhat punishment they wcdd be pleassid to inflicte 
one him. 

The housse, by vottes, ordaines him to enter 
prissoner in the comon jayle of Edinbrughe. 

It wes moued to the housse, that the Earle of 
Camwathe should haue said to William Dick zes- 
terniglit, that nou wee had S Kinges, and by God 
tao of them behoued to want the head. 
' One this the housse sent for William Dicke, and 
beinng by the president demandit of thesse wordea, 
awonched that they were treulie spokin by the Earle 
of Camwathe to bim, with grate execrations of Ha» 
miltone and Argyle. 

The housse appoyntes a comitte of S of cache es- 
tait^ to meitt this aftemoone with the generall and 
the pronest of Edinbrughe, for setting doune orders 
lor preseruatione of the publicke peace, and to re» 
port to die housse to morrow. 

Nobi * Qeniretf. Burr: 

L. Chancelour, La: of Dune, Com: c^Edinburgh^ 
E. ef Louthean, LaiofCamwo, Com: of Glasgow, 
Lard AmoaL La:ofMurtl^. Com: of Aire. 


Ifivd Etricke9' petitioae to the King and jmtGm^ 
mmtf humU^y beaeichmg them to conunlsemt^ hh 
€»tait^ to>repailI his forfaiiltrey, and to grant him a 
ftee pardon. It wes present by the Lord General! 
Lesley to the housse. 

Ad auisandiim by the seueraU estaits. 

lies Ma^® againe q( the housse demands justio* 
joi the Marques Hamiltone, quho said that he did 
see pou-he must^ have patieiiGey an^he iearid he 
had too grate rea^spne to he jeloua of him ; and withf 
all 4esyred the housae to thinke hon to gine htm a 
menes of thesse assertions and^mnnies^ mA he 
had layed one hinu 

Glencaime shew hes ]d$^9 that the Maitpies wm 
his Ma^ most humble and SuthfuU aeruanl^ «nd 
wold anbmitt Us lyffe aiid fartons to him ai|d the 
perl; hoi fii^ce hes Ma^'^ seimed to questione the 
Marquea loyalty out of a letter, be humbley heacn^fht 
him, that he wold be gratiously pleiMsed to lett eaehe 
tftait hune ^ eopey of it ; and if the Marques should 
be found guiltey, he protested to God, thaitnone 
m^in tiie ho^se diould wotte more fred^then 
himsdue lo iiis ^eneve punishment Wtherwigrea 
he behoued to see he had no "Yionge in his abaenoft^ 

Eache estavt. appoynted by the housae to meitt 
apairt to morrovf at 7, apd publickly at &• 
UOetobet^Thwrsday, Seasio L Rcgepnsente. 

The Cnanmiltettifor ^attii^daiuie ordamfiu^heep- 


ing the peaee^of the kii^ome, does make ther re* 
port in 9 artickellS} wich wer wotted and allowed by 
ihe housse, and ordained to be published and prisit* 
ed. - 

The petitions of Lndoukke, Earle <^ Cranfintly 
and Cblonell Johne Cochrane to the housse read, and 
remitted till the aftemoone, and the housse ta meitt 
at 8 a clocke* 

Sessio Secunda. Pomerid: 

My Lord Ainont humbley besought the houss^ 
that Capitan^ TV9Kame Steuarts depositions might 
be read, wich wes done. 

Hes Ma^ said, that sinw my Lord Amont weitt 
abovte to cleire himselue, so wold he also. Since 
that Cohmell Homes depositions did beare, that 
CSschrane wea brought to his bed-chamber by Vit 
liatik Murray, one of his groumes, it wes trew indeid 
he said, that Cochrftn wes brought by him ther, bOi^ 
ing piurtiefilarley recommendit to him by his sister. 
Qohen he earn in, he sheu me (said his Ma**^) he 
had Mme matters to impart to me, which did neirfy 
eonceame the weilfeire d my affidres, hot withaU 
he affiured me not to reweill him, wiohe one my 
werM I promissed him. I confesse he had mamy 
discoursses to me, and most of his auen praisses^ I 
will tell no more wnles the housse euriositjr wrgeme 
too it, and that I may haue his leiue for the same ; 
onUe I wold haue my Lord Chanceler to. find such 


a way to cleir my hoaor, that I be not esteekaed a 
searcher, out of holies in mens coattes. I neid not 
doe so, for in the way of justice I will not stand to 
follow the best subiecte in all my dominions. 

Morton wold' haue had thesse tuo noblemens in- 
trest layed assyde, to sleipe a litle, till that first the 
grate bussines that so muche did concearne the iweiU 
of tlie countrey be aduanced againe. 

Hes Ma^'^ said, it wes no dishonor to them to haue 
a plot layed aganist them, bot sure he wes, it wes a 
grate dishonor to him to be the layer of a plot aganist 

My Lord Chanceler wrged, that seinng.the Kiiigs 
honor wes the aime of all, this bussines amongest 
wthers might be lapped wpe in the accommadatione. 

D. of Lennox wold haue. the examinations to be 
publicke ; zet wold aggree. to ane accommadation, if 
the housse should thinke fitt. 

Hes Ma^^' said, that he wold not contradicte quhat 
hes Chanceler had said, and Morton also; bot cer- 
taine he was, that thesse men that wer gone away„ 
did not suffer in honor, bot in safUe, bot himselue 
and some others, as Amont, did suffer in ther honor : 
onlie he wes confident, that the housse void looka 
Weill to* that wich of all thinges wes most deire ta 
him, and that wes the preseruatione of hes honor. 

Boxbrughe^ for all his intresse, soleiply protested 


that the Weill of the {mblieke dhoiild be:deirer to hun; 
then aiiey intrest he- oould haue fcr himselue. 

Glencaime said, if that the smouthing ouer of this- 
bussines might conduce for the Kinges honor and 
the weiH of the publick^ he wes for it; hot if onlie 
to breid neu jelosies and difficulties^ he rather wish- 
ed ante omnia, it might be exactly trayed. 

Sr Tho: Hope wes of the same oppinione, and 
desyred till to. morrow to be qdwyssed hou to goe 

Lord Boriie wes of the oprpixuoi»e,. that till this 
bussines wer first cleired, since it did so neirly con<* 
ceme tuo pryme members of the housse,. that it wes 
not possible to fall to the accommadatione of the 
publicke bussines* 

The commissioner of Edinforughe said,, that, que&p 
tionles this, befbr aney wther thing, behoued to be 
olc&red, and thp sonner the better for alL parties in- 

The housse relasses Coclurane fbom the jcomon 
jail^ and committes him to dose, custody ia Jo:. 
Smyths housse* 

The bousse ordaines cache estait to meitt apairt to. 
monow 9 a docke, and the housse at 2 in the after-^ 

1^ October, Fryday. Sessio 1. Pomerid: Rege. 

The president UAd his Ma^^'^ that he putnoe quesr^ 


tiooe^ bot he knew teray veill qaliBt eftets this 
momingeB meittiiig hod prodncod^ and dasjred to 
wndentttid his Maieari— pleanur. 

He* Ma^ aaid, thai he wet of liie sane myad lie 
wes off h^urtofor, tiuit this biVMhes shoold be put to 
a trayeU-) aad he did confesses that in respecta my 
Lord Chanod^r hi^d made the lootione for him^ he 
did roUshe it tjbe moie. Bot aince that delay had 
not the wished aa^qea^ that now they wold goe one. 
in a publicke and speidey trayell, that thesse quha 
wer intereaaed ki that^ especially himaekte^ night 
haiie ther honor 4deired« 

My Lord Ounceier confeaaed, that by his mo* 
tkue that bnssines wea delayed, and he doubted not 
bot thesse parties wer adwertisaed ere Don; and 
since he did perceane that'ihe housse for the moat 
pairt did inciyne to a trayell, therfor he wold now 
change his mynd» and be for a sfkeedey trayeU, and 
to awoyde jelosies one ather hand, he thought that 
a publicke trayell wes most fitt, 

HeaMa^^said, that for his honor^ andtheho* 
nor of the parties intressed, it wes a more, legall wajp 
toliaQe the trayell «ad examinatione publicke. 

Hie Kingea aduocat (being licenced by the housse) 
pleadit longe, and at last concludit, that no tngrdl 
copld be so deire, as that wich wes publicke, for the 
Kinges honor; for a committee void still in some 
mena myndei leme some jetourits and aoqiiliona 


one tlM Kinget hoBor^ for qnhfil tuodied hea Maf% 
it off necessity beKoued to be keipt Tpe. 

Sr Tbos Hope said^ in suche a bussines, the most 
sennt vay wes ibe best vaj, and zet both wayes wer 
leg^ and the parb had it [in} ther pouer wich of 
Ili^tDavnayesyatherpublickeoriiriuatyto doe it; hot % 
f^MT aaotttt and exacts trayell, the priiiat way wes wiw 
dobtedley the best way. 

Hes Ma^* anssuer^, if men wer so charetable as 
nei to beleine fidls ramors, Sr Thomast I wold b^ 
of your mynd ; bot since I see the contrarer)s SKm 
most gioe me lehie to thin^^e wtherwayes ; bot how- 
euer the matter goe, I must see myselue gett flii^ 
Ii^« He addity that he piwtested -that if it eame to 
a omusitlee^ dmt naUier his honor, nor thesse uk 
tesessfd^ op«ld bane right. Nm aUqaid seinper 

Moftone saidy that the Kingwea sclandred in this 
bnssinesy and himselne son^ the bestWHy,ibv i«r^ 
tea Mtt <^eril angnJosr^ saad ntace hes Mldi^Bty fid 
seek« ihet best way, the pttldick^ way^ he did »ot toe 
hou the hoosse in justice could denay it 

Boxbon^he, one hi| knees, beged at the King ^ 
pails that ainoe it ^d begflil in pnbiioke^ so it should 

•fits Maiesly said, that wnoeit wes indtfhrentwiidi 
Wiaj^lko-tiioag^t, if the par): should lefiiase ther K»i^ 
so resonable a requyste, he knew not qohat they 


void doe for him, since in this his hoBor did so suf- 
fer in a verey heighe degree. 

'Olencflime wes for a priuat trayell by a commit- 
tee, or ells for a delay wntill the GeneraU ha4giuen 
ane accompte of his orders. 

Hes Ma^ replayed, that he behoued still to vrge 
that vich he wold not delay to aney of his suhiects^ 
wich wes a publicke, exacte and speedey trayelL 

Eflirle Marishall wes for a puUicke, exacte and 
Bpeedej trayell, in the most stricke maoer could be 

Hes Ma^^ said, that in presence of God he wolde 
speike it, that Hamiltone said to him the night be- 
for he went away, that he was sdandered, zea bassLy 
sdandered ; and withall he did desyre the president 
to putt this questione to the housse, Qtihay they 4la* 
nay his just and resonable requyste ? and if th^ 
should refiisse him this, he protested to God, he 
knew not quhat they wolde grant hinu 

The petitions of Ltiiydotticke, Earle of Craufiirdf 
and Colonell Johne Cochrane, crauing humbley he 
hard of the housse^ read. After wich Jies Ma» 
iesty said, that nou he must begin to be a little eiuell 
natured, wich wes to desyre that tbesse tuo petiti<Hi3 
might receaue no anssuer at all, till first he gett ane 
aossuer to his just and r;es<mable demand, wich if 
th^WAld «ot doe, that wold he be forced to malBd; 

A. n. 1641. ANNALSS OF SCOTLAND. 109 

a publicke dedaratione to all the worlds that hes par- 
liament had refused him justice. 
l& October, Setterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

His Maiesty said, he had nothing to say this mom* 
ing to the Lords, bot only to the barrens and bur- 
gesses, from quhom he did expecte that justice wich 
is dew to be giuen to a louing Prince by good sub- 

Sr Thomas Hope, for the barrons, vill haue the 
parties intressed, Hamiltone and Argyle, to be pre^ 
aentbeibr aney thing be done, since ther away go- 
ing wes only Ibr awoydinng of tumult. 

His Msiesty said, for his auen pairt he should ne- 
oer haue a hand in recalling them, for he did pro- 
test, if he should recall them, it might reflect one 
him ; bot if the housse wold condescend to a pub- 
licke trayell, they had frinds a new, lett them send 
for them, for he wold not doe it. 

My Lord Lindesay said, that he had beine with 
them, and had not onlie hard from themselues-, 
bot wnder ther handes, that they neuer had aney the 
least jelousie of hes Maiesty ; and for him, his 
semice and the peace of the countrey, they wold lay 
doune ther lines and ibrtuns, and as for the away 
goimig, they wold show werey good reassone for it. 

D. of Lennox void haue a publicke examinatione, 
without ther heir callmg by the King or parlia- 


His llaitosty said, that he granted mluiey thinges 
of importance to the homae^ and he desy red them to 
sbaw him aney thing that euer they had granted 
him; and if it wer come to that, that wee behoaed 
to aake the oppinione of tao or three noblemen that 
are gone away befbr he coulde hane justice, it wes a 
thing most strange. 

£• of Kinoule said, that a publicke trayell, to be 
condiscendit too^ wes just, and it wes our King that 
demandit it. 

His Maiesly said, that £k Thot Hopes motione 
wes a new one, and by the orders (^ the housse^ hes 
aoig^t to preceid ; and if they wsse him so, ere it wer 
longe, make his declaratione to all th^ world, that 
they might see quhat he had dcme to theiti and for 
them, and hou they had mett him. If thesse weir 
the fruitts of ther couenant, he called the Lord to 
jodge it 

TheKinges aduocat wes of the oppinione, that since 
this trayell is ex nobili officio, it wold be more con<4> 
dttcing to the cleiring of al parties, that the trayell 
be publicke; bot if the noblemen that are away 
wold petitione, ather by themselues or ther frindesi 
that they might be hard befor aney thing wer Aooit* 
It behooed his Maiesty and pariiament to giue them 
ane anssuer, zea or no. 

Lord Spynie said, that in his judgement, ther wer 
. onlie tno resspns quhay the housse wold not graai 

A.JDL 1641. AVNALB8 Of KOTLAVr^ 111 

his Mftieslies demand, ather ^norance or obstinatiejr. 
Ignonace it could aot be ; nather wold he say that 
the honsse wold be obstioat to doe ther King and 
Soiiendnge justice* 

Lord Lindesay still insisted^ that thesse noblemen 
might be present, ather by themsdvesi frindes or 
lawyers, befor aney thing be concludit in this bussi- 

SL Seafinrte argued from the GDaenaat,>thlit seinng 
wee wet all tayed by it, to see that the Kmges ho» 
nor wer not vronged ; and non leuing this bossuM 
to be trayed in a publicke way did neiiiy colioeme 
his Maiesties honw, he did not see quhay it should 
not be so granted by thesse that had sUorne th« 

E. of Mar desyred thai all thinges might be oon« 
tinned sicuti nunc, till ther frinds should vreat to 
them to come in. 

The honsse ordaines the estaits to meitt seuerally 
one Monday at 2 a clocke in the aftemoone, and 
one Tuesday at the ordinarey tynle. 

17 October, Sunday. Hes Ma^« hard sermon 
at Hcdyrudhousse diorche, bothe befor and after 

Mr Androw Ramsay preached befor noone; his 
teztwes Epist: Paul to the Ephesians, cap. 8, versse 
5. Mr Jame^ Read^ 8d minister at St Cttthberls^ 
preached afteraooner 

lis ANNALES OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 164.1. 

18 day October, Monday. Eache estait mett 
apairt at 2 in the aftemoone, aceording to the housse 
ordinance the 16 day. 

19 October, Tuesday. Sessio 1« Rege presente* 

His Ma^ said, my Lordes and Gentlemen, this 
day as I conceaiie wes for thetrayellofthis bussines, 
and if ther frindes haue nothing to say, then I de- 
syre this matter should be publickly trayed. 

Then he desyred to knou of my Lord Chanceler, 
wither ore not he had sought leiue of him to goe to 
them, or if he had sent him ? The Chanceler ans- 
auered, that he had humbly one hes knees begget his 
Maiesties leiue to goe to them ; he said that he had 
bein^ With them, and they humbley besought eache 
member of the housse to rest assurid that they wold 
sacrifisse ther lines and fortuns for his Ma^^^ honor 
and the peace of the conntrey. 

Hes M a^® said, by God the pari : and they too be- 
houed to cleire his honor. 

The Chanceler desyres this aftemoone to thinke 
one his Maiesties desyre, and one the way to goe and 
proceid in this bussines. 

Hes Ma^® adioyms the housse till to morrow, and 
giues the estaits this day to prepare ther last resolu- 
tions how to goe one in the bussineis, and eache 
estait to meitt this day apairt at 2 in the aftemoone. 
20 Octobris, Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

His Ma^ said he wold begin with a bussines of 


ones that he^werey mncfaenrespected, and that Wes a 
letter sent from the JPrince of Orange to the Lords 
of hispriuey connsaill^ for some reerues of men to 
the Scotts regiments ther; he^iddit, that they nou 
knew Terey weill quhat relatione he had to him, and 
since the letter wes directed to his priuey counsaill^ 
he esteeimed it not amisse hou to giue it to bis grate 

IThe clerke read it out to the faonsse, from the 
Prenche wnto Englische. He wes ordained to tran»^ 
laitit^ and to giue cache estait a copey therof. 

The report of the committee for the borders, :this 
'day read in the housse, and a copey therof by the 
King and pari 3 ordained to be giuen to eache estaitt 
, Earle Craufurdes petitione to the housse, humbley^ 
craning to be releassed from his strict imprissoiH 
jnent) one the souerty of 2 noblemen, read* 

The president of the pari: anssuered, that the 
speedey trayell and examinatione of the bossines 
wold be ane acceptable anssuer to this bilL 

His Ma^ said, that Againe he must renew his sute^ 
that the examinatione of them quickly and 
pnblickly ; and he did not see a reasson quhay the 
hoosse should not grant it Then did he ade^ jny 
Liordes and Gentlemen, I thinke you haue all ag- 
greid one a speidey trayell, and I will demand of 
jou that it may be publicke ; for since you confesse 
both wayes be legall, I thinke .the publicke way is 

yoL. III. i 


moBt legally and I wold know your reanson qohay ze 
sliould denay me this, and I am confident in a day 
ore tuo wee may haue all onte, if you vill take a lide 
pains, as I shaU giue you exemple. 

TTie Chanceler said, that he perceaned that men 
did keepe vpe ther mynds and oppinions,^ and he 
knew that zestemight both barrons and burgesses 
wer of the oppinione the trayell should be by a com*> 
mlttee, and nou he desyred them to giue ther reas- 
sons quhey the committee .wes best. 

Lord Lindesay spoke, longe for a priuat examina- 
tione, as the most fitt way of all vther, and in his 
oppinione (he said,) the most fitt way wes the most 
lawful way* 

Hes Maiesty said, that he adhered to the ques- 
tione. formerly staited by himselue, and vrettin by 
the clerke. 

Lord Chancelour moued, that the pari: wold take 
this mides, that Colonell Alex: Steuarte should be 
examined as the former 3 wer, viz. befor the 3 estaits, 
(quhen the quhole housse turned itselue in a com- 
ittee,) and after he wes examined, the housse thcn^ 
one a better cd&sideratione^ mighte examine the rest 
by a committee. 

E. Roxbrughe muche approued the L. Chance* 
lours motione, and thought in reassone the housse 
could not refusse it. 

Hir Mfl<^* said, that he iwQold gtoe this quMtione 

A.t^. 164lf. ANNAIrES^ OP SCOTULUfD. llir 

to the selieraU estdts to resolue off| and to giue him 
a positBe anssuer therto to monro^» zea or no ; and 
with this questione, he desyred them to take the 
Lord Chanoelers modone to ther oonsiderationg 

The hottsse ordaineB the estaits to meitt aeuerally 
this aflemoone at 8, and t&morrou at 7 in the mom- 

21 October, Tfanrsday. Sesaio 1. Bege prewate. 

The Kinges qnesticme read. 

My Lord Lindesay desyred hes Ma^ to take the 
adwysae of the hoiisse in the staitting of the ^es- 

D. (rf* Lennox said, that hes Ma^ wes nowno fiiv^ 
der adiMDoed in this trayell then the first day, and 
in the mean tyme hes Maiesty suffired by the not 
trayell. Therfor, in his judgement, leate ther be no 
trayell, he wold rather condiscend to a priuat then 
to none at alL 

Hes Maies^ said, that if it had not heme puUkht 
at the first, bat they had come and demandit jualjci^ 
then he should haue accordk to a priuat way ; bot;as 
my Lord Ducfce had said, radier ore it be nottrayed, 
he should wishe, if ther be a priuat way of hcOyi^ be 
said, (with renerence he spdce it,) lett it be wssed; 
hot if they wold show him that the priuat way wes 
freir of scandail then the publicke, he wold then be 
of ther mynd* 


rtbe Lord Chanoeler said, that thesse noblemen 
diat wer away, quhen thaj should haue the honor to 
I[be] heir, wold cleire to the housse^hes Maiesty and to 
all the worlde, that they neuer had of hes Maf^ the 
least jelossie or suspition. 

The King anssuered, thatther so^away goinge had 
giuen too muche ressone* 

My Lord Amont said, rather ore the trayell should 
be delayed, he humbley besought hes Ma^^ and the 
hottsse to goe one in the most priuat way of trayell 
that could be. 

Boxbnrghe, in a longe discoursse anent priuat and 
publick trayell, concludit, that since hes Maiestie 
Wes onlie for the trayell of the treuthe, in his c^pi- 
nione one dayes delay wes of more importance, that 
aney preiudioe that could accrew by a priuat trayell, 
and therfbr be humbley inlreatted hes Ma^ to sa- 
tisfie the humble desyies of. his- subiects, and giue 
way to a committee. 

My Lord Lindesay said, that he thought that my 

Lord Zester deserued to be exemplarly censsured 

.for darring to taxe the housse of periurey, and press^ 

ing with his impertinencies, to make interrupdone in 

the conclusione of so grate a bussines. 

SSester, one his knees, craned the housse humbly 
pardon, if he had spokin aney thing rashlie^ and 
eraued that Lindesay might be censsured for takiBg 
one him to taxe him of that wich he neuer meint. 


Hes Maiesty said, if he could see hou scandaU 
could be awoydit, lie wold be for a{>riuat way ; onUe 
he wold tibat the committee that should be chossem 
should'i&terrogat the deponers by wreat* 

The President replayed, that it wes impossible to 
preserue a methode in trayell, since questions wold 
still arrysse pro re nata, one matters deponed* 

E. Morton humbley besought hes Mafi^ to leaue 
thesse thinges -to the discretione of the committee, 
quho wold no doubt carey themselues honorably and 

His Itfa^ said^ since he had condiscendit to a 
committee, <he intreatted the honsse to begin this af- 
temoone, and to make choysse of the committee pre- 
sently, and cache estait to woyce to the electione of 
tiller auen to be of the committee. 

The housse ordaines 4 of cache estait to be of this 
committee, and they to make choisse of ther suea 

Nob: Ban 

Lord Chanceler,. La: of Dimdas, 

Lord Presid: of the pari: La: of Camuo, 
Docke of LennoK, La: of KilhiU, 

Earle of LauderdailL La: of Edemey. 

Com: of Perth, Com : of Glasgow, 

Com : of Aberdeine. Com: of Dumbartane* 
The Bjng and pari: gines pouer to this committee 


to examine vpone othe» or without ollie, ore wther- 
wayesy all persons vpone this incident^ and to report 
in plaine parliament^ and ordaines 7 of diis commit- 
tee to be a coram, prowyding ther be 8 of eache ea- 
tait of the 1 ; the housse dbo ordaines ane othe of 
secrecy to be taken by eache persone of this commit- 
tee ; as also if them poner to confront, sequestrat 
and imprissone suche as they shall thinke fitt. 

His Ma^ adiorns the housse till to morrou at 10 

22 October, Fryday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 
The King and pari: ordaines my Lord Generall 

causse slight the fortifications at Mbrdlngtone^ £ot 
die satis&ction of the Englishe commissionerB^ and 
fidfilling of our pairt of the trett^. 

The humble petitione of Generall Ruthuen to die 
King and pari: that he may retume und be confyned 
to. his housse of the Zaire, and hattelifaertie to goe 
to the churche ther. — Granted. 

The housse commands hes Maiesties aduocat to 
draw Tpe ane commissione for the Midle Mardies. 

Hes Ma^® adioyms the housse till Tuesday the 
26 of Octbber instant, at 10 a docke^ to the eflPecte 
the conmiitties may goe one^ 

23 October, Satterday. No meitting. 

24 October, Sunday. Hes Ma^ hard 2 sennons m 
Holyrudhousse churche befornoone. Mr Alexander 
Hendersoiie preached; hes text wes Deutronomie, 

A. a leil. AMNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. 119 

cap. 10. vecne IS. Afternooiie, Mr Samuell Austen, 
muiister at PetqaoBt preached, hes text Psal: 40, 
▼erase 1 and 2. 

25 October, Jtf osday. No meittiiig of pari : 
86 October, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Eege presente. 

The housse ordaines the committee for the churche 
to meitt this day at S a dodke, and to morrow at - - 

The humble petitione of Ludouicke, Earle of 
Craufurd, to the King and pari : desyring that they 
wold be i^eassed^ aince that he wes examin'd, and 
had treuly deponed all that he knew, that now he 
might be liberal from his in^rissohement. 

TUs petitione reiected by the hous, till first the 
examinationes of t^ attached be oondudit. 

His Ma^ adioms the housse till Thursday the 88 
of Ihis instant, at 10 a docke; and the committee in 
the meane tyme to meitt at the houres appoynted. 

87 October. No meitting of pari : 
88 October, Thursday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

His Ma'^ said, that he was to begin at this tyme 
with a bussines of grate importance, and qwhither it 
wes of more ore lesse importance, as zethecouldnot 
tdl ; onlie tuo or S good and faithfull subiects had 
wrettin to him. Onlie amongest vther^ he tooke out 
a letter from my Lord Chetchester, widi he com- 
mandit the dercke to reid to the housse^ shouing the 
Irjsche had lepin out in Irland in opin rebellion, and 
that maney of the papists ther had ioyn'd to them, 
taken some forts, as that of Dunganon, seassed one a 


nagasine of his, and takin the Lord ChafleilcT prig* 
soner, &c. He addit, that he thought good to ad- 
wertUse the housse of this, that if it proued hot a 
small reuohy then he hopped ther wes litle neid of 
aney suj^lie from this, hot if it proued a grate one, he 
did: put no qnestione bot they that wer his auen, 
wold'haueaneespeciall caire he wer not Tronged; 
for it wes best principijs obstare. For from France, 
1. in respecte the neire relatione betnix the Frenche 
King and him, and nixt in respecte of his varres 
withe Spaine, he. thought thesse rebeUs could ex* 
pecte no supplie. From Spaine, his Ma^ said, he 
knew for certaine they could looke for lesse^ the 
Spaniard hauing so much, to- doe, both aganist the 
Frenche, Hollander, Fortugueze; sea at home» 
not onlie in Catalonia and Arragone, bot euen in hes 
auen bosome in Castill itselua. Bot if ther herpes 
proceid from the papists of England, then he thought 
the bussines of a grater consequence, and. of a mora 
transcendent nature; and therfor he desyred the 
housse wold appoynte some of cache estait,.with my 
Lord Generall to speike of the bussines, and in. the 
mean tyme he wold with all diligence directe away 
to Irlimd, 3 by diuersse wayes to be advertissed of 
the treuthhou matters went ther, as also one to ad<*^ 
wertisse the pari : of England therof. 

The housse appoynted a committee of 8 of cache 
estait, to meittat 3.a clocke this aftemoone with the 

^. 0. 164^. ANNATES OF SCOTI^ANJOl. 181 

Lord GeneraU, tO'aclwysse the best coursae for die 
present to be takin in this bussines, and. to. report 
the same to the pari : 

N<ib : Ban Burr : 

L: Chanceler, La: Vedderbume,. Edinbrughe, 
]& of lx)utheaD, La: Kilhill, (Glasgow, 

Lord Amont La : Murdie. Aire* 

The grate pommittee for the lait incident, does 
make ther rq^ort, and die depositions takin by Aem 
are pubUckly read ini the housse. 

Capitane. Villiam Steuarts depositions of the 12 of 
Octob: by the 3 estaits, anent the disconery to him 
of the plot by. L. ColoneU Alexander Steuart, wich 
plot w^ to foe put in e^ecudone the 11 of October. 

The said Capitane ViUiavis 2d depositions takin. 
by the committee, litle or nothing differing from that 
takin by 3 icstaits, vead* ' 

L. Colonell Alex:. Steuarts depositions takin by 
^ committee 22 Octob : containing a discoursse con-, 
trarey in purpois to that wich Capkane Villiam^ 
Stenart deponned he relatted to him,, anent the ap- 
prehend]]^ the Marques and Aigyle, and sending 
them to the Kinges shipe orels stabing them; foot 
concerning my Lord. Ochiltries imprissonement. and. 
liheratione, and hou thesaid Lord had spokin treuth. 
of the Masques, wich was that he wes a traitor; in. 
eflbcte, this depositione wes all contradictorey to^ 
CSapitane William Steuarts. 


The tuo Steuarts contrsdictioiis takene one ther 
grate othe, paralelled, read* 

L. Colooell Homes depositicme befor the 8 estaits 
12 October, and his re-examinations befor the com- 
mitte 2B Octob : affirming all hes former depositions 
to be treiitb^ quherin ther was much of the plot 

. AlatJfcew Hamiltons depositiones read, contradict- 
ing his master L. Col; Alexander Steuarte. 

Colonell Ludouicke Lesleyes depositions read 
anent L. C!ol: Alesc Stenarts going -with him to 
Siieden, wich wes altogider fals. 

L. Col : Richardsones depositions b^or the com- 
mittee S3 Octob : anent his priuey conference with 
the Earle of Craufiird, read* 

Colonell Laurence Blare, hia depositions bef<Mr the 
committee, annent his discoursses with the Earle of 
Cniufiird, full of fixderies, read. 

The Earle of Cranfurdes depositions b^ir the 
committee, annent a discoursse at dinner in the 
Earle of Airthes housse, concerning a letter wrettin 
by the Earle of Montrois to the King, quh^in he 
wndertakes to proue the Marques Hamikone a trai- 
tor, read. 

L. Colonell Homes 2d depositiones befor the com- 
mitte 2S Octob : anent a discoursse betuix Colonell 
Cochrane and him, of Villiam Murrayes taking him 
to the Kinges bed chalmber, read. 


Cap: Bob: Kennedcy^ his di^xxdtlone hefor the 
committee, anent his^disconrsse vith Col: Cochrane^ 

• Col: .Cochrans depositione wnder his auen hand, 
CQtitaitiing a confisrence betuix VilHam Murray and 
Uni) anent the arcestbg of Hamiltone and Ai^le, 

Itonu The ccnmnitlies interrogators at Cochrane, 
ofie> hes auen depositiioni^ qeherin he contradicts 
Home, read; 

. Villiam Mmray, one of the groumes of his Maies* 
ties bed chalmber, his depositions takin by the com- 
mittee 2$ Octob : anent > discoursse . betuix the 
Earle of Montroia and hiniy wich he confesses he 
declared to his Maiesty ; and of his deliueryof 9 let- 
ters ftom die Earle Montcois to the King, and of 
his Maiesties anssuer to them* 

Item* The said Villiam confesses his taking of 
Cokmell Cochrane to. die Kinges bed chalmber, bot 
cbea not know quhat tlie Colonell said to die Kinge. 

Item. He denayes maney pc^ts of Cochrans depo- 
sitions i^ganist ^him^ anent dinersse diacourses at 
sundrey tymes and occasions betnix them. 

Item* Hedenayes he knowes aaey thing of drawing 
Hamiltone and Argyle to a conference in the Kinges 
drawing chalmber, read. 

Lord Amonts depositions befor the committee, 
S5 Octob: quherin he confessis that Villiam Mar- 


ray, Craufurd, Lordes Ogilue^ and Gray, &c. wer 
tuche a night at his housse, read. 

The Earle of Craufurdes re-examinations by the 
committee, 27 Octob: instant, read, qoherin he de» 
clares his former depositiones to be ail trew, bot onlie 
some vich he retreitts, and in thesse he confeaais, 
that in the Lord, Amonts housse ther wes speaking 
amongest them of arresting Hbmiltone and Argyle. 

Colonell Cochranes re-examinations one his grate 
othe befor the committee, S7 Octob: instant, quherin 
he declaires all his former depositiones to be trew, 
bot onlie thesse tuo discoursses betuix ViUiam Mur- 
ray and the E^le of Craufiird and him, and the 
preceisse tyme of hes auen discoursse with the Lotrd 

The committies interrogators at Ck>chrane offe hes 
auen depositions, full of contradictions, read. 

Villiam Murrayes reexaminations by the comit- 
tee, 27 Octob: vpone hes grate othe, read, quherin 
he denayes thesse thinges that Craufiird and Coch- 
rane layes to his charge. 

Craufurd and Cochrans confomtations with Vil- 
liam Murray befor the committee, 27 October in* 
stant, read, quherin William Murray does altogither 
denay that euer he desyred Cochrane to goe to the 
Kinges bed chalmber. 

L. Colonell Horries. re-examinations ; vpone hes 
grate othe, 27 Octob: read, quherin he awowes all 


his fonner depositions, andaddes some a neu aganist 
the Earie of Craufurd, read. 

The hottsse ordaines eache estait to haue a copey 
of thesse depositions, to the effecte they may take 
the same to ther considerations, and to meitt apairt 
this day at 3 in the aftemoone, and the quhoU housse 
to morrow at the ordxnarey tyme. 
29 Octobris, Fryday. Sessio I. Rege presente* 

The committee for the commotions in Irland 
makes ther report to the housse, shouing that, first, 
till the pari: of England be advertissed, hes Maies* 
tie receaue more certaine information from Irland, 
and oar assistance be requyred by the pari: of Eng- 
land ; for the present, wee can doe no more then to 
be redey, Tpone the first occasione, to shew our deu- 
tey to his Maiesty, and our loue to Our brethren, 
the protestants of England and Irland. 

The housse ordanes S of eache estait to meitt at 
S a clocke this aftemoone with the Earle of Eglin- 
tone^ to see quhat shippinng the vesteme costs of 
Scotland can afford, and ther burden, for transport- 
ing of men to Irland ; and quhat number of men 
one a suddaine they will be able to transport : and 
to report the same to the housse to morrow* 

The humble petitione of the toune of Perth to th^ 
King and pari: for some supplie for the re-edifing 
flf ther bridge, of present money, ore out of the 
. bischoperickes, as the housse pleasded 

196 ANN ALES OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1641. 

The housse apponts a committee of 8 of eache es- 
tait to consider the best wayes to satisfie this so ne* 
cessarey a petitionee and to report to the housse ther 
oppinions therin* 

Nob: Bar: Bwrr^ 

E. of Perthi La: Balmaine, Edinbarghe, 

E. of Kinouie^ La: of Camuo, St Andrewes, 
Vis: Stormont La: of Moncreiffe/ Aberdeine. 

Acte anent the change of the termes firom Vitson- 
day and Mertimisse, to Candelmisse and Lammai> 
Yotted and past* 

Hes Ma*^ adioyms the hoosse till to morrow at 
10 a clocke, and eache estait to meitt apairt at 8 in 
the morning. 
30 October, Satterday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The humble petitione of George Fouills to the 
King and pari : for ane approbatione of hes seruice 
as generall of the mint housse, since hes Maiestie hes 
disponed the same to another. Granted. 

The committee for Irland makes ther report to 
the housse, that from Glasgow to Aire, not reckning 
my Lord Argyles boundis, ^ey find ther will be 
veshells one that coaste to transport at once 4 or 5 
thousand men, and more, if neid shoulde requyre. 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by Jcdine, Earle 
of Kingome, George, Earle of Seaforte, and & Ro- 
bert Innes of the same, aganist the Lord Forbesse, 
for his yiolent intmssioiie by law in some lands 

A. D. 1641. OF SCOTLAND. 127 

woodsett by him to them^ quherin they wer in po»- 
sessione, for grate soumes of money payed be them 
for him. 

The housse ordaines the Lord Forbesse to haue 
this petitionee and to anssuer the some by wreat. 

S^ Tho: Hope, in name of the barrons, hmnblie 
intreatts his Maiestie^ for better cleiring the grate 
bussines in hand, that he wold if his subiects that 
contentment to lett the committee see the last letter 
wich Montrois wreat to his Maiesty. 

His Ma^ anssured, that he wold at 2 a docke 
show it to the committee at Holymdbousse, so that 
some more of cache estait might be ioyned to them* 
He willed the honsse to directe a varrand to the 
capitane of the castle, that Montrds might be 
brought doune ther wnder a sure gaurd, and he wold 
himselue then cleir the bussines to them. Ther wes 
joyned to the committee for the incident, 

Nob I Bar: Burr: 

£. Eglintone, La: Innes, Edinbrughe, 

£• Cassiles, La: Balmaine^ Iruinge, 

E. Louthean, La : Freluid, Haddingtone,. 

L. Lindesay. La: Vaghtone. Bamffe. 

& Tho: Hope againe, in name of the barrons 
and bvrrowes, humbky desyres his Maiesty and the 
hossse^ that the wald, by ther order, retame thesse 
noblemen to the housse that wer absent ; since the 
boBsse had seine thattfaey bad werey good reassone 

181 ANNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1641. 

to absezft themselues for a tyme for awoydinng of 

Hes Ma^ anssuered, that he vished theyiner heiri 
and he houppit they wold retume, hot he void neuer 
assent that the housse should make aney suche or- 
detp and that for diners reassons best knouin to him- 
selue, wich 'he wold be lothe to expresse in pub- 

Hes Ma^ adioyms the pari : till Monday^ at 2 
a clocke in the afternoone, and the housde ordanes 
the estaits to meitt apairt that day at 9. 

31 October^ Su^da^. [His Maiesty] hard ser<» 
mon befor and aftemoone, in the abbey churche at 
Holyrudhousse. Mr Henrey Rollock preached in 
tiie mominge ; his text wes, Psal: 73. versse 1. Mr 
Mathew Wymees preached afternoone ; his, Epist: 
Paul to the Rom : cap. 4. versse 9, 
1 Nouembris, Monday. Sessio 1. Pomeridiana. 
Rege presente. 

His Ma^* said that he wold begin this day with a 
bussines that did concerne him werey muche, and 
that wes, that nou he wes credibly informed by hes 
Justices, that in Irland ther wes a totall rebellione of 
most of the natiues ther, zea in effecte a generall re- 
uolt in eache prouince in the north ; but he thanked 
God that the citey of Dubleine, by the prouidenoe 
and caire of the lustices and some others weill af- 
fected to his seruice, had escaped ther handes; and 


in the sc^uth of Irland he beleiued ther wer maney 
good subiecti. And nou in discharge of hes deuty 
ke aught to God and his kingdomes, he said he be« 
honed againe earnistly to recommend this grate 
bnssines to the housse, and that they wold be redey 
to stur howsounsoeuer the parU of England ap- 
prone ther lone and fordnardnesse. He addit, that 
he had spokin to the Englishe commissioners, qnh'o 
wes of that oppinione, that l^gland could nor void 
Bot bot take it weill at ther handes, to be in redi- 
nesse^ so wee doe nothing ; and therfor he thought 
ia hes iudgement, that the committee alredey chosen 
wer most fitt to thinke one the forme and maner of 
our preparations, for Craigfergus and Londondiuriey 
wer tuo pices of maine importance, and he fearid if 
a speidie sypplie wer not sent to th^n, that they 
wold be yterly lost; for it wes better to haue at them 
in tyme, then after they had seassed one all to begin 
a new conquest, wich wold take deeiper delibera-^ 
tions, and grater preparations aIso« 

The president anssuered, that thesse tuo places 
indeid did werey muche conceme the Scotts, that 
wer most numerous in the north pairts of that king-^ 

Hes Maiesty replayed, if he had no beine a Scotts- 
man himselne, he had not spokin that 

The housse ordunes the committee for the Irishe 
boasinea to thinke quhat speidie coursse to take 



anent thesse vaightey affidres, represented by his 
Ma^^ to the housse, and to report the same. 

Ane order and declaratione of the pari : anent the 
absence of the Marques HamiltcMie, Earles of Ar- 
gyle and Lanreicke, from the hoQsse, and how they 
had good reassone so to doe, since by ther letters to 
the seuerall estaits, they had declared that ther so 
going away wes qnlie for awoyding of tnmult; and 
therfor the hoas ordaines a letter to be wrettin 
from the housse, and in ther name to be subscriued 
by the president, for recalling of them, to the effecte 
his Maiesties seruice doe not suffer by ther ab- 

This order wes read and wotted, with the contra* 
dictione of aney, except the Earles of Mar, Mari- 
ehall, Lordes Zester and Spynie, &c. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at the ordenarey 
houre of 9, and the estaits seuerally at 8. 
2 Nouembris, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

Petitione of Leuietenant Generall King to the 
housse, humbley supplicatting that they wold be 
pleassed to heir his appologie, quherby he may be 
hard to deire himselue of that imputatione layed to 
his charge, as one dissafected to his natiue countrey^ 
read in the housse* 

The housse ordaines L. Generall King to be call- 
ed in to make hes auen appologie. 

Quhen he catred, he said, that for the obedience 


ai that citatione wssed aganist him, he had eoiiia 
heire for his imployments beyond seas, out oS that 
humble obedience and deutie he aught to his Ma- 
iesty and that honorable housse of pari: and hes 
natiue conntrey ; and since it wes his eiuell fortoune 
to Ml in aney the leaste dislyke and bad oppinione 
of'Sney of hes countreymen, home or abiod, 
he did solemly protest, that since thesse Tnhappey 
differences first did arraysse betuix his Maiestie and 
hes subiects heir, that he wes nather counseller nor 
actor in aney thing that did eoncerne this countrey 
and stait; and howsoeuer they might constructe 
him, he in all humilty did submitt himselue to th^ 
cflHssure of his Ma^ and this honorable hottssa oS 

The president asked him, if he did not wnderfake 
the leuinng of horsses and men in Denmarke for lsi$ 
lia^, aganist his natiue countrey* 

He anssuered cq>penly in face of pari: that tli^ 
treuth wes, since they put him too it, that he we^ 
inded wrged by hes Maiestie, quho sent for him tp 
that effecte to England, to wndertake that seruice; 
bot he altogider refiissed it one aney condiltep 
quhatsomeuer, in respecte it wes aganist his wtin^ 
countrey, and hes conscience lykwayes. 

Being remou^, the housse ordaines him to sub- 
serine the nationall couenant, wiche done, they or- 
daine his name to be ddet out of the sumondefl^aod 


sue acte ef the housse to be exped declaring his in- 
nooeneey to all thfat diould qvestioiie t^e same, re* 
ponixmg him to hes honor abrod^ and vittnesseing 
Kim to be a good and honest patriot, deseruing the 
publlcke approbatione and testemoney of his coon- 

Hie htmible petkione of Montrois, Napeir, Keir 
and Blackball, to the hioosse, desyring that nou, af- 
ter 7 mounthes imprissonement, they might be in- . 
hrged vpone quhat souertie the parliament should 
fhinke fitt; and that they may hane that fauor that 
hes beine shouen to thewes, raissero of fyre, and 
Ythers malefactors^ by the Justice Oenerall, as the 
pactiqnes produced by them does deirly demonstrat ; 
all wiche wer read opinly in the housse. 

The hous ordaines this bill to haue no anssaer,\ 
till first the Earle of Montrois giue a positiue de- 
claratione and anssuer to that letter wrettin ()y him 
to his Maiesty, to thesse wordes thero^ (that he wold 
particularly acquant his Maiesty with a bussines 
wich not onlie did conceme his honor in a heighe 
degree, bot the standing and falling of his croune 
lykwayes). They ordaine him to be examined be- 
fbr the committee for the incident, ypone the forsaid 
▼ordes, at 2 a clocke this aftemoone* 

Hes Ma^ said, that nou since 12 wes past, he 
had one thing to remember the housse of, wich wes, 
that since this wnhappey bussines of Irland wes nou 


to be taldn a serious deliberatione, qi^t way to goe 
in hand and proceid with, he wold desyre, befor they 
tooke it in hand, that they should first of all su^^U- 
cat God by a geoerall fast, that he might be propi- 
tious to ws, in the prosecutione of «o grate and im- 
portant a bussines ; and therfor he besought the 
housse, that the commissioners of the generall as- 
sembley wold meitt and resolue vpone the reassons 
and day for it. 

D. of liennox anssured, that in his judgement it 
wes not best tohegin with a fast, for that might in- 
courage the enimie, quho wold .say that wee could 
doe no more then. betake ourselues to our prayers 
and fisting, since yarrlyke preparations vwer more 

This oppinione of .my Lord Duckes wes slighted 
by the housse as impious, and>hes Ma^ proposi- 
tione embraced, and remitted ut supra desiderate. 

The generall estaits to meitt apairt to morrou at 
8, and the housse at the ordinarey houre of 9. 
8 Nouembris, Vedmsday. Sessio 1. Rege presenter 

The committee for the incident makes ther xeport, 
that according to the order of die housse, they had 
called befor them the Earle of Montrois, jmd intep- 
rogathim quhat he meined by thesse yordes of his 
letter, that he yold show his Maiestie that wich did 
not onlie conceme his honor, &c. He said, quhat 
his meining wes he had alredey declared to lus Ma^ 


iestie, and the comnittee from the pari: on Satter- 
day last at Holyrudhousse ; he furder declared, that 
> tlMrbjr he nather did intend, nather could ore w<dd 
he vTong anej particular persone qohatsomeuer. 

This being read wnder Montrois band to the 
housse, it did not giue them satisfiicti<me. 

Tlie connnittee for the Irishe bussines makes tlier 
report to th^ housse^ ihst diey had found it expe- 
dient howsouneuer the pari: of England should ap^ 
prone the conueniency of ther ayde and assistance 
in tJiis bussines, that 8 regiments of footte should 
with all diligence be leuied, -consisting often thou- 
sand men, quherof 9500 to be Heighlmd m^i, and 
Y5M to be lenied out of the Lowkmd shyres, with 
am^mtione to them ; and the 8 Colonells to be ciio»> 
sen by the Kfag, pari: or <;ouiisatily mid GeneralL 
Hey made reporte, Ijrkwtiyes, <Jiat they oouM Bup» 
plie liher breflnen in Irland widi amies out of the 
comon magazine for SOOO men, 9 pairtmnsketts, and 
Sd pairt pidces. England giuing assurance for r^ 
deliuerey <ft 'paym&xt of the same* 

Acte i^ttiiSngliis Ma^^ recall donaticm and morti<* 
flcatione a£ &e bisc^opricke and priorey of St. An*' 
dretfs, Tiz. of 1000 Vh. starling per annum out of 
them to the vniTersity; ther reseniing from the foiv 
said donatione and mortificalsone to his Ma^** hea 
airs and successors, Kinges of Scotland for euer» 
flie superiorities of lands, tordscdiipes, tenements^ 


&ۥ ; entrey of vassals, regalities, steuartries and er- 
ritant clauses of infeftments, &c. ; and the teindes of 
the saids bischqoricke and priorey to be walued, and 
the vassalls to haue the benefitte of the yalluatk)ne» 
confbrme to the acte of parliament, read, wotted and 
past^ wich hes Maiesty did solemley tuoche withhes 

My Lord Chanceler did moue to the honsse, that 
the former committee for accommadating of bussines, 
might now againe proceid and goe one quher they 
lefle ]befor the lait interruptione, in respecte that hes 
Maies^ wold be forced of necessity, ore it wer longe, 
to goe for England ; the Irishe affaires bemg nou in 
so eiaeli a caisse, that the pari : of England wold 
donbtles vrge his Maiestys spedey returne to them, 
quho in his absence could doe litle therin. 

Hes Ma^ sec<^dit the Lord Chanceler, and said 
he wes much afi&ayed that the bussines of Irland 
wold neids force him to returne to England, souner 
then of necessity he himselue expected to haue beine 
vrged; and therfor he willed the housse to goe 
aboute the conclusions of ther affaires (after so long 
delayes,) wtherwayes he wold be forced to leaue 
matters heire in some disorder and begone, since 
he verily beliued that the parliament of England 
couid conclude litle anent Irland without hinu 

The housse intertaines the motione made by the 
liord Chancelour, anent the] cominitties proceding 


with the accommadatibne, and ordsines the seuerall 
estaits to meitt apairt at 2 a clocke this aftemoone^ 
fi>r satling the said committee^ and pnttinge them one 
the way againe* 

The housse to meitt to lapnaow at Iher ordinarey 
4 Kouembris* Sessio 1. Rege presente. Thursday. 

The honsse againe after some rubbs, ordaines the 
committe for acoomadatione to proceid and goe one, 
and vithall to take in the lait incident as a st^>e of 
the procedure of the said accommadatione. 

The commissioners from the generall assembley 
represents to the housse the causes of the fast to be 
indicted, according to the housses reference to them, 
wich wer publickly read, and hes Ma^ and estaits 
of pari : did allow of them, and ordained the said 
generall fast to be solemly keipt ii^all the churches 
q[ Edinbrughe, and in the purochiall churches of the 
adiacent shyres, one Sunday the 14 day of this inp* 
s£ant mountlie, and throughe the rest of the king- 
dome the last Sabothe of the same mounthe* 

The committee lor the cooper coyne, makes ihet 
report to the housse; and they ordane a varrant to 
be exped U> the said committe, for taking a trayell 
of a stone weight of 3treuelinges tumours and a 
stone of cooper, that therby the difference and losse 
of the subiecte may be Juiowen« 

The housse ordaines the estaits to meitt seuerally 

A. D. 1641. ANNTALES OF 8C01XAND. m 

at 2 a docke in the aftemoone, and from thence the 

grate conunittee for accommadatione to goe, and the 

housse to mekt to morrou at 2 in the.aftemoone. 

5 Nouembris, Fryday. Sessio 1* Pomeridiana. 

Rege presente. 

The inunble petitione o{ Ludouick, Earle of 
Cranfiird, to the King and parliament, desyring, that 
since he wes nou examined, and had deponed qnhat 
he knew anent the lait incident, that they wold be 
pleassed ather to proceid aganist him legally, ore 
wtherwayes inlarge him vpone catione. 

The anssuering of this petitione remitted by the 
housse to the conunittee for accomadatione. 

A petitione to the King and pari : from the tonne 
of Beruick, humbley showinng, that for implement 
of the tretty betuix the tuo kingdomea, quherby 
they stand oblidged to demolische all new workes, 
they humbley desyre that the housse wold be pleas- 
sed to suffer the draw bridge to be wnfilled vpe, and 
for conveniencey and decencey to ther toune, that 
the tuo gates one the bridge may stand wntakjn 
away, as they ar now ; and that the parliament void 
suffer them to keepe 3 pices of iron ordinance, wich 
belonges to themselues, for defending ther toune and 
harbrey from pirrats* 

The housse ordaines Robert Murray, Quarter 
Master Generall, to be sent to Beruicke with hes 
Ma^ reeommendaUone to take notice quhat may be 

W AXNALES OF SCOTLAHa iu 11.1641. 

die importaiice of diat petiticme» and to report the 
same to die housse. 

Tke comittee for the north shyres makes tber re- 
porle to the faoiisse, wich wes pubUckly read, cramng, 
1, that the wold grant aoommissione of jusdciarey to 
a fieleete number of able men, with 2 jusdce deputts 
t»mtbmd dMm^ 20f that the fynes of all delinquents 
be iapphnpttd to the defiraying of the. charge, and the 
•npeipliis to come to hes Ma^^ thesaurey ; 9o» diat 
IM men be leoied to attend die said committee ; 4o, 
that a pryce be candisoendit one and aett one die 
heads of some of the Mackgregor giuen in, in list to 
the housse, and a definit aoume be to suche als shall 
ather kill them or bring them to justice ; 5o, that 
letters of homing be presendy directed, at the Kinges 
adnocats iustance, aganist them, and diey d^mncit 

The housse all ia one voyce, does seriously re- 
commend Kilhills bussines to hes Ma^% anent die 
cancelling some recoids in Irland,.and taking diem 
oife the fyle, quherby he wes dtted by the lait depu- 
ty ther, and adiu<%ed as a traitor, in respecte that 
he in die lait troubles had adioyned himselue to his 
auen natiue countrey. 

Hes M^® wes gradously pleassed to promisae to 
die honsse, that he wold glue S* Henrey Waine, his 
Secretarey, present order to wreat to Idand, that the 
said petitioiie of Killuls might he reaUy and spedily 

A. D. m\. ANNALE6 OP 4C01XAIID. 189 

obaysed; and for ther intrettey, he wold for that 
effecte faimseliie wreat to his justices lykwayes, 

Acte, changing the faire and mercat of the brughe 
of Docnocke, in Sutherlaody from the 14 of October 
till the 14 of Nonember, votted and past. 

The gaiertil estaits to meitt at 2 this aftoTHoooi^ 
and to morrou at 8in the nx>nung, and the housse 


6 Nouonbris, Saterdsy. Sessio 1. Bege presente. 

Generall Lesley hainng neuUe reoeaiaed his patent 
of Lord Balgon^ and Earle of Lewine, wes solemly 
this day instated by his Maiestyes order, in £ice of 
parHament. Being invested in his parliam^it robesp 
and c(«ducted by the Earles of Egiintone one his 
right hand, and Dumfenxidinge one his lefte» in tber 
robes ; the Daoke cf 'Lennox and Richmond^ Orate 
Chamberlaine of Scotland^ in his robes^ going befor 
him; in this onder ^d they come throughe the 
conrte, and so entred the parliament honsfle* 

First went sex tmrnpetts in ther liumss» tuo and 
tno in order. 

Hien the parsnewaats, tuo and tuo in ^Mrder, in. 
ther coattes of office. 

Then the heralds in ther coattes, the eldest of wick 
did beare his coroneCt. 

Nixt cam the Lyone King of Armes, hauiiig the 
new Earles patent in his hand. 

And after him the Lord Orate CSbomberlaine ia 

140 AKNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A. Di 1641. 

his roabes, folloued by the Ewie Marshall, quho 
did vsher in the new created Earle^ and hes tuo as- 
sistants or conductors. 

"Qohen they cam befor the throne, the Lyone de- 
liuered the patent to the Earle of Leuin, qnho did 
giue it to the presid^it of the parliament, and he to 
the dercke, quho opinly read it 

Then after 3 seuerall low cringes, the Earle as- 
cendit the throne, and kneeling befor his Maiestie, 
had the vsuall othe of ane Earle administrat to him 
by the Earle of Lanarke, Secretarey of Estait ; after 
wlche his Maiesty did putt the coronett one his head, 
and arryssiBg, humbly thanked his Maiesty for so 
grate atestimoney of his fauor, and withall besought 
hes Maiesty to knight the 4 Esquyres that did at- 
tend him, wich in this order, by hes Maiesties com- 
mand, wer called by the Lyone King of Armes : 

Johne Lesley of Birckhill ; 

Johne Broune of Fordell ; 

James Malweill of Brunt-iland; 

Androw Skeene of Aughtertule. 
Being in this order called by ther names, they as- 
cendit the throne, and kneeling, wer seuerally dubt 
knights by his Maiesty with the suord of estait ; then 
all of them, againe kneeling, had a gilt spur put one 
ther right heUl by S' Dauid Crightone of Lugtone, 
knight, the anciest knight ther at hand. This 
done, they still one ther knees, with vpelifted hands, 

A. n. leil. ANNALE9 OF SCOTLAND. 141 

had the othe of a knight administrat to them by the 
Lyone King of Armes, afler wich they seuerally kiss- 
ing his Maiesties hand, discendit, and attendit the 
new made Earle to his place, quher he wes ranked 
amongest his peepesr 

Then wes ther 4 senerall alarges proclaimed by 
the Lyone, first for his Maiesty, by the heraulds for 
the neu Earle, and by the pursewants for the 4 
knights, with all ther ty tilles ; after wich the Earles 
reteired and disrobed themselues, and therafter re- 
turned to the housse. 

Tber wes no more done in the housse this day, 
saue onlie his Maiesty did intreat the comittee for 
accommodadone to omitt no tyme, bot to proceid 
Tith att possible diligence, in respecte of his necessi- 
ty to returne for England souner then he expected, 
as letters receued by himselue zestemight &om the 
pari: ther could wittness, wich he had showen to my 
Lord Chancelour; andtherfor, since my Lord Presi- 
dent had said that the committee could make no full 
accompt till Tuesday of ther proceidmges, he did vil- 
lingly adiome the housse till that day at 10 a-clocke, 
so that the committee might meitt this day at 2 in 
the afiemoone, and one Monday at 8 in the morn- 

^ Nouembris, Sunday. Hes Mef^ hard sermon 
in the abbey churche at Holyrudehousse* - Mr Vii- 
liam Bennet preached befor noone; his text wes 


PsaL 16. versse 8. Mr VQliam Erskyne, basse sone 
to the Earle of Mar, preached afternoone ; his text 
wes Psal: S4* vers 8. 

8 Nouembris, Monday* No meittingof thehousse 
this day, bot onlie of the grand committee for ac<- 
9 Noaembris, Tuesday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The President intreatted his Ma^** that he wold 
be pleassed to adiome the housse for this day, for 
the maturing of bussines aganist the nixt, to the end 
that the seuerall estaits apairt might thinke wpone 
the report of the committee of accommodatione. 

Hes Ma^*^ eamistly intreatted t)ie housse that they 
wold wsse al possible speed to make ane end, in re- 
specte his affaires in England wer suche that he 
could stay no longer heir; and therfor he besought 
them, since he resolued to begin his jpmey one 
Thursday cum 8 dayes, that they wold resblue to 
ryde the parliament ather one Monday ore Tuesday 

Acte repelling the forfaultrey of Generall Rutin 
uen, Lord Etricke, restoring him to his estait, tytle, 
honor and fame, &c. Totted and past. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10 a clocke, and 
the estiats seuerally at 8 in the morning. 
10 Nouembris, Vedinsday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The Lord Chancelour humbley besought his M»« 
iesty, that the housse might be adiomed thb day^ in 


respecte the general! estaitts had not zet cudit tlier 
deliberati<ms one the ouerturs represented to them 
by the grand committee for accommodatione^ bot 
▼old this aftemoone send to his Alaiestj and acquant 
him with ther hnmble desyres. 

The commissioners fipom the generall assembley 
gaue in this day to the honsse a declaration^ wich 
they desyred his Maiesty to make, that all the teindes, 
personage and viccarage, wiche did belonge to the 
bischopes, should be applayed to the stipends of mi- 
nisters, not formerlie prowydit, and to the pronisicme 
of sconUes and hospitalls, red and put ad anisanp 

The honsse ypone the humble supplicatione of 
Johne Stenarte of Coldinghame, aganist S^ Robert 
Douglass of Blackerstone, ordaines 4 of eache estait 
to heir ther differences, and if they could' not aceom- 
modat them, to make report to the housse. 

The seuerall . estaits to meitt this day at 11, and 
2 in the aftemoone, and to morrow at 8 in the mom-- 
ing, and therafier the housse at 10. 
11 Nouembris, Thursday. Sessio L Rege presente. 

His Ma^*^ said, that he saw nou bussines still to 
draw in lenth, and his yrgent necessity one the Tther 
hand, forcid him to intreat them eamistly to accele- 
rat matters to ane end, for he protested to God, he 
could stay no loi^r then Thursday ; for his staying 
went Weill neire to losse him a kingdome, (he meind 


Irland) and he looked hourlie for a petitione from 
the parliament of England^, erauing his speedie re- 

To the efiecte that bussinea might the souner be 
put to some visshed closse, the honsse ordaines a 
committee of 6 of eache estait to consider the actes 
to be presented by the barrons and burrowes in ther 
catalottgues, and quhat of them is expedient to- be 
presented in parliaments 

Nob V Barronsi Burrofwes, 

Lord Chancelour, Vaghtone, Edinbmghe, 
Earle of Argyle, Camwo^ St* Andrewes, 

.Earle of Cassiles, Dundas, Glasgow, 

Earle of Glencaime, Kilhill, Aberdeine, 

Ea]*le of Lauderdaill, Innes, Iruinge, 

Lord Lindesay. Kers. Dumbartane* 

The housse did, lykeWayes, ordaine this day a com- 
mittee of tuo of eache estait for receauing and re- 
wising all ratifkaiions wioh are to .be past in par- 
liament» viz. for the 

Nob: Barrons. Burrames, 

£• Sottthescke, La: Morghie, Couper, 

L. Elphingstone. La: Cragewar. Baraffe. 

Acte anent the charges of the commissioners for 
the barrons, votted and past. 

Acte anent the charges of the commissioners for 
the shrifidome of Sutherland, votted and past 

His Maiestie said, he had tuo thxnges to acquant 

A. D. 16f^l. ANNAL£S OF SCOTLAND.. 145 

the housse with, wich he had almost forgottm* One 
wes concemiDg his nephew, the Prince Electors bus- 
sines, that since they abredey had mad&'a declara- 
tione in his fanors, that nou againe they wold take it 
more particularly to ther conaideratione, if befor the 
condusione of the pari: ther wer aney furder to be 
done for aduancing that bussines. And for the vther, 
he had to impairt to them, he said, ther wes tuo cas- 
tells in the north of Irland, Cragemore and Elnock 
Fergus, wich (as he wes informed) wer in some dis- 
tresse for laicke of poudei^ and armes, and seinng 
they had some store of bothe in the castle of Dum* 
bartane, he said he wold bay it from the owners, and 
pay redey money for it, seinng they could not be so 
commodiously serued from no quher a» from thence ; 
and, therfor, befor he wold doe aney thing, he thought 
good to acquaint the housse with it 

The housse ordaines a committee of 4 noblemen 
to consider quhat wes more for the present to be 
done in the Prince Electors bussines, and to report ; 

Earle of Lenin, Generall ; 

Earle of Eglintone ; 

Earle of Louthean ; 

Lord Amont 
And as for his Ma^*^ Sd prc^ositione, the housse 
giues way to his Maiesties bayiiing the said amuni- 
done for the releiffe of thesse tuo castells in the north 



of airland, wich did so ma^ import his Muesties 

Tuo petitions, one from the Earle^ the vther from 
the old douager Countesse of Hotne, to the King and 
pari: annent tber losse of the iiousse u^ furnitiize 
of Dnnglassy belonging to her in tyffirent» and to him 
in fee* 

Thesse S petitions, by the housse recommendit 
to the conunitte appoynted by the pari: for the co^ 
mon burdens of the kingdome. 

The hoosse ordaines the semeraU estaits and com- 
mittees to meitt this day at 3 a clocke in the after* 
noone^ and the morrow at 8 in the morning, and the 
housse set 10. 
12 Nouembris, Fryday. Sessio 1. Rege presente. 

The committee for the Prince Electors bnssines, 
makes ther report to die housse, that ther may be 
ten thousand foote lemed, armed, victualled and 
transported (for die Prince Electors seruice) to aney 
convenient port, in Germaniey^ vpone the countriea 
charges; and this to be treatfeed by the commission- 
ers that goes from this instructed from this pari: to 
treat with the pari: of England anent the remainder 
of the trettey, read, votted and enacted by the housse. 

Hes Ma^** first did giue aU tho housse heartly 
thankes for the expre^sione of ther lone to his ne- 


And then the Prince Eleetor himseliie arryssing 
£rom his seat, with his hate in hand, did hartelefr 
thanke them for ther affection to him, and vished he 
might be able to doe them seruice according to his 

Therafter his Ma^ isayd, that he wes confident 
thej had not forgottin qnhat zestemight he had spo* 
kin to them, for^his iomey behoued to begin 
one Thursday, and he solemly protested that he 
could stay Ho longer ; and albeit he wes not obiidged 
bot once in 9 zeire to a parliament, zet he wold ftith-^ 
folly promisse them, if neid requyred, they should 
haue ane sooner, afiea, qufaensoeuer ther affaireift re-* 
qnyred it 

The hons^ ordaines a committee to be chosen this 
aftemootie, at the meitting of the seuerall estaits 
apairt, to cegnoi^oe^ the causse of thesse persons cii- 
ted to the pari: and to report the same to the hoosse 
on Monday nbct. 

The housse ordaines the seoerall estaits to meitt 

this day at 2 a clocke in the afiemoone, and tomor- 

rou at 8 in the morning, and the quholl housse at 

10, to remaine vntill 4 at night. 

13 Nouembris, Satterday. Sessio L Bege presenter 

Acte annexing the 7 parishes of the shriffdome of 
StreueUng to the shriffdome of Dumbartane, wich 
wer takin from it of old, and addit to that of Streue^ 


The housse remitts this acte to the nixt parlia- 
ment, aod in the meane tyme, recommends the set- 
ting of it to the counsaill. 

The petitione of Johne^ Earle of Rothes, S^ 
George Hamiitone of Blackburne, George Amot 
and Androw Ainsley, merchands of Edinbrughe, 
erauing letters of reprisal!, according to ther former 
petitions, aganist the Hamburgers, againe the 3d 
tyme read in the housse* 

The King and pari: grants the petitioners letters 
of reprissall aganist the estait of Hambrughe, by 
sea and land, with this prouisione, that the letters 
shall be presentiy exped vnder his Maiesties hand 
and grate seall, and to remaine in deposito in the 
eonnsaills handes till the stait of Hambrughe be ad* 
vertissed and requyred to make payment to the com- 
plainers ; wich if they denay or delay, then vpone the 
retume of ther anssuer, the counsaill is ordained by 
his Maiesty and parliament to deliuer the letters of 
veprissall to the petitionerSi 

The 3 estaits of pari: hes delett out of the roll of 
eounsellers giuen in by hes Maiesty, thesse follouing, 

George, Marques of Huntiey; 

Villiam, Earle of Airth and Menteth ; 

Alexander, Earle of Linlithgow ; 

James, Earle of Home ; 

Patrick, Earle of Tullibardyne ; 


Alexander, Earle of Galloway ; 

Villlam, Earle of DrumfreLs ; 

Robert, Earle of Camwathe. 
And in ther places the 3 estaits did put in 

Johne, Earle of Sutherland ; 

Villiam, Earle of Louthean; 

Alex: Earle of Dalhousie ; 
. Johne, Lord Zester ; 

Johne, Lord St. Claire-; 

Johne, Lord Balmerinache-; 

Robert, Lord Burlie. 
Acte anent the nominatione and electione of the 
counsellours votted and past, according to this sub- 
sequent roll: 

James, Duckof Lennox and Richmond; 

James, Marq: of Hamilton ; 

Archbald, Earle of Argyle ; 

Villiam, Earle of Marishall ; 

Johne, Earle of Sutherland ; 

Johne, Earle of Mar ; 

Alex: Earle of Eglintone ; 

Johne, Earle of Cassiles ; 

Villiam, Earle of Glencaime ; 

James, Earle of Murray ; 

Johne, Earle of Perth ; 

Charles, Earle of Dmnfermling ; 

Johne, Earle of Vigtone; 

Johne, Earle of Kingome; 


George, Eark of Seaforte ; 

Johne, Earle of LauderdaiU ; 

George, Elarle of Kinnoule ; 

ViUiam, Earle of Louthean ; 

Pauid, Earle of Southescke ; 

Jbline, Earle of Wymees ; 

Alex: Earle of Dalhousi^ ; 

James, Earle of Fiidater ; 

Alexander, Ear)a of Lenin i 

Archbald,. Loc Angus ^ 

Johne, Lo; Lindesay ; 

Johne, Lor Zester s 

Johne, Lo: St. Qair^ ; 

Alex: Lo: Elphingstone ; 

^hne, Lo; Balmerinoche ; 

Robert, Lo; Builie ; 

James, Lo: Amopt'; . 

Alexandr, Loi Balcarraa; 

S>f Robert Gonfon, Vice Chamberlwie; 

& Patrick Hepbume of Vaugbtonet 

gr Viliiam Douglas of Cauers i 

^ Ja: Dundas of thfi same ; 

Thomas Hjrtane of Camwo ; 

Sp Dauid Grh^une of Fbtrey ; 

S^ Jobne Erskyi^e of Dune; 

j» Robert Grliame of Morphie ; 

^ Robert Inn^ of the same; 

Prouest of E^fami^ ft^r die tji^ne, 



Acte anent the nominatione and dectioiie of thesse 
officers of estait retained in 4her places, dotted and 
past accordinng to this ensemng roll, they all be- 
inng indiidit within the r<^.<^ eonnsellers also, viz. 
L Jo: Lord Loadon» Chanoeloiir; 
S. Commissioners 6x the office of Thesaurer, 8 
of them to he a coram, votted yiz, 

5. Earle of Roed>mghe, Lo: Friu^ Seall; 
4. Earle Lanricke, Secretarey ; 

6. Mr Alex: Gibsoneof Doxie, Clerck Register; 

6. Sr Tho: Hope of Cralghall, Adnocat ; 

7. & Jo': Hamilton of Orbeston^ Justice Gierke ; 
. 8. Sr Ja: Garmichellofthesame, Thn depute; 

9. £k Ja: Galloway^ Master of Requysts. 
Supemumerarey counsellours, so called in his 
Maiesties rolls, wotted and approuen by the hbusse^ 
wer: — 

Thomas Houard» Earle of Anmdaill ; 
Philipe Herbert,. Earle of Pembrock and 

Villiaia Cidll, Earle of Sarisburrey ; 
Henrey Riehcji Earle of HoUand; 
Lord Villoughbte ; 


' Eduard, Lord Houard ; 

S^ Henrej Vaine, Secretarej for England ; 

& Johne Cooke, knight 
Acte anent the nominatione and electione of the 
ordinar and extraordinar Lordes of the Session, 
confonnj& to ' this. roll,, votted and appronea by the 
housse :— 

S^ George Erskyne of Imierteill ; 

B' Alex: Gibsone of Darie, elder ; 

S' Androw Fletcher'of Innerpepher; 

Sr James Lermonth of Balcomey ; 

S^ George Halibrunton of Fodrens ; 

S' James Mack^gill of Cranston Ridell; 

Sc Johne Hope: of Cragehall ;. 

fir Johne Hamilton of Orbestone ; 

& Jobne Scott of Scottstacuett; 

Sr James CarmichelL of the same; 

& Alejc:. Falconer of sHalcartiAiei . 
Thesse foure follouing, lay the esteits. wer putt 
ficom^ther places in Sessione, fo^r crymea. lybelled 
^ganist them ; \ 

Sf Rob: Spotswoodj^JPresident; 

& Jo: Hay,^ Clerke Renter ; 

& Villt Elphingstone, Jnsttce Generall ; 

Sr Patrick Nisbett of EastbanK^e. 
Aud in thej>Iac6 of thir. fiorsaid four^ tha estaitts 
put in '...'•, s \ ' 

Johne Lesley of NeutQne;i i . . \ 


Sr Thomas Hope of Kers ; 
Mr Adam Hq^bnme of Humbie; 
Mr Archbald Ibonstone, Clerke of the Gene- 
rail Assembley; 
Extraordin^rey Lordes of the . Sessione, wotted 
and uppraaen by the honsse thia day, wer :-« 
E. Argyle, 
^ L. Angus, 
L. Lindesajy 
JL Balmerinoche* 
Hes Ma^®.adioma:the hoiisse till Monday at 10 
a clocke^ and the seBendl estaits to meitt apairt 
this day at 3 in the aftemoone. 
• 14 Nonembris, &mday. The publieke fast ap- 
poynted by the pari : keipt; hes Maiestie bothe be- 
for and afternoone hard sennon at Holymdhousse* 
Mr Alex: Hendersone preached befinr nbone ; his 
text, Deatrenom: cap. L vers 12 and IS. Mr 
George CMUespie preached afternoone ; his text wes^ 
Actes of the Apost: cap. 2. vers 37* 
15 Nouembris, Monday. Sessio 1. Regepresente. 
His Maiestie said that he had one thing to doe 
first, wioh wold suffer no IcMiger delay, that wes the 
yydinng of tjie part: wich he did one necessity vrge 
to be at fardest one Veddinsday nixt, wiche wes the 
longest he could stay, for Irland Wes in a verey dan- 
gerous caisse. Hes Maiest^ iniediatly signed the 
warrand with hes auen hand for ryding of the pari : 

one Vediasday the 17 ^^thkJDStevt, with command 
to the Lyon^ in most Boleme inaner, to publiBche it 
himselue with dillgei^M» wich he for obedience of 
hes Maiesties command forthwith obsyed^ 

The King and pari: by ther acte, ordaines the 
sessione to aitt domie the 4 day of Januarij, 1642. 
His Ma^ did seing the warrant to that effecte, and 
deliuered the same to the Lyonei quho imediatley 
caused a herauld to pnUische the same. 

Acte anent the commissione £>r the comon bur- 
dens of the kingdome^ Totted and past. 

Acte of approbatbne in fiuiors of the committee 
of estaitSy votted and past. 

Acte for releiffe of thesse quho haue giuen band 
for the Ysse <^ the publicke^ votted and past, 

Acte for receaoing of the remainder of the bro* 
therly assistance from the pari : of England, vptted 
and past 

Acte discharging the goumg of saltpans, millet 
fishinges, kills $nd other prophanations one the 
Lords day, votted and past. 

Acte anent the nominatione and electione of &" 
James Galloway to be master of requysts, t. and p. 

Commissione for plantatibne of kirkes^ votted and 

Acte anent the prouisione of scooles referred to 
the nixt parliamenL 

The committee for Tissitinngthe sumondaof tkease 


cittod to tlie pari: makm tlnr report to ike hoiisse» 
qiiho remitted tfaer r^ort to tbe amsiderado&e of 
the seuerall estaitff till to morroRv. 

Acta of approbflidone to Archbald, Earle of Ar- 
gyle, of all his cpmmiimnneSy seruices and imploy- 
ments for tM pabficke, read, votfeed and pasL 

Petitione to the Kiqg and pari : from the oflBicers 
and shouldiours of fort^ile,'that fttayed in the comi- 
trey, craning to haue audi pay at t)ie Reformers in 
the armey had. 

The hoiisse giiantv this pefitipne, and remitts tiher 
payment to the committee tf^r die pnblicV burthens^ 
quhom the hoiisse ordaines to pay them« 

The housse ordainea the aeuerall estaits to meitt 
apairt at 4 this aftemoone^ and to morroii morning 
at 7 ; and the housse at 10, and siti tiU 6 at night. 
16 Nonanbris, ^u^sday. Sessi^ I. Bege presf^te. 

The .housse, Tjxme the! humble petilaone of Mr 
Johne Gnfchiie, some tyme Bischope of Murray, 
prjssoner in the conidn jayle of Edinbmghe, ordains 
him to be sett at liberty, -with tUs pronSsiixny thitt he 
giue satisfaction to the churche for hes excemunicn- 
tione, and retnme not to Murray. 

Commissione for consceniing the artickells of the 
trettey, votted and past. 

- Commissione for the concluding the remainder of 
the trett^ fiir naturalizations^ leauges and eonfse- 
derations, conrsse of bands and obligations mutually 


in both kingdomes by law, trade, comerce and coyne, 
votted and past* The commissioners for this com- 
missione chosen by the paric are :— - 
K Louthean, S"" Tho : Myrtone of Camwo, 

L. Lindesay, S' Tho: Hope of Kers, 

L. Babnerinoche, S^ Archb : Jhonston, 
S<: Jo: Smyth, 
Patrick Bell^ 
with the Earle of Argyle and Lord Chancelour to 
be supemumerarey ; 5 of thesse 11 to be a coram, 
prowyding ther be one of cache estait* 

Acte anent the 5 incendiaries and plotters, with 
the Kmges declaratione theranent, votted and past. 
Comnussione for traying the incendiaries and 
plotters, votted and past. 

Acte for passing from thesse quho are citted ta 
the parliament .as vnfrindes, votted and past 
Acte anent sellmg yame by weigh : v. p. 
Acte anegtit linnin cloth, and bredth thero^ v. p. 
Acte disdiaffging the importatione of stronge vat- 
ters, V. p. 

Acte anent the excisse of hering, v« p. 
Acte anent loyall packing of salmond, v. p. 
Acte dispensing with the Elinges rents, vpelifted 
by warrant of the committee for the publicke wsse. 

Acte discharging aduocations for sumons vithin a 
hmidereth lib. v. p. 


Acte for directing of caquetts within the regality 
of St. Andrews in the Kinges name, t. p. 

Acte discharging transportatione of eggesy t. p« 

Acte aganist distroyers of planting, parkes and 

Acte ordaining the purseuer of the theiffe to be 
restored to his auen goodes, t* p. 

Acte anent coale-hewes, v. p. 

Acte discharging the mixture of tinne vith lead, 
V. p. 

Acte anent presenting and doqueting of sigi^ttors, 
letters lOid others, v. p. 

Acte anent the election of the president of parlia- 
ment, y« p. 

Acte anent superiority of lands wich held of 
bischopes and ther chapters, v. p. 

Commission for rewissing of the registers, v. p. 

Acte anent coquetts and entries of shipes, y. p 

Acte, discharging the registratione of compry sings, 
and appoynting onlie recording and allouing therof, 
and modifinng 40 sh. for both, v. p. 

Acte, discharging the Lordes of Sessione to exact 
12d. for the pound, and all wther exactions impos- 
ed wpone sentences to be pronounced by them, v. 
and p. 

Acte anent the pardon of penall statuts, v. p. 

Acte in fauors of orphans, fatherles children and 
others, y and p. 


Acte in faaors of the vnssalb of vard landes^ hold- 
ing of the King aifd prince, r. p. 

Acte tfient bredtb of pleading, y. p. 

Acte in fauorg of the laick patrons of prouestries, 
prebendaries, chaplenraies and altarages, ▼. p. 

Acte discharging the qaotts of testaments, y. p. 

Commission for regulating the commissariotts, y. p. 

Acte discharging monopolies, y. p» 

Commissione for the manufactories, y. p. 

Commissione for the secrett counsail, quherof 9 
of the number to be a coram, y. and p. 

The humble petitione of Johne, Elarle of Montrois, 
Archbald, Lord Naper, the Lairds of Keir and 
Blackball to the King and parliament for ther lib&- 
ratione from imprissonment, read. 

The housse ordains them to be Bberat one can- 
tione, that from hencefourth they earey themselaes 
soberly and (fiscreitly, and that they shall appeir be- 
for the committee appoynted by the King and par- 
liament, 4 of Januarij nixt. 

The humble petitione of Sr Robert Spotswood 
and Sr Johne Hay, knights, tno of the pryme incen- 
diaries to the King and pari : for ther liberty from 
prissone^ iread. 

The housse ordanns them one sufficient catione to 
be liberaC, vt supra. 

The humble petitione df L. Colonell Johne Mon- 

A. D. 1641. AmiALES OF SCOTLAND. . 159 

ro» (impriMoned for the l^renche letters) tojdbe King 
and pari : for his liberty, read. 

The hoosse ordaines him to be sett at liberty, vt 
supra, one catione* 

The humble petitione of Capitane Villiam Steuart 
to the King and parliament, tor tetters of recommen- 
datione from the housse to the parliament of Eng- 
land, for wronges sufired by him in Irlluid, read and 

Ludouick Earle of Craufurd, L. Colonell Steu- 
arte, L. Colonell Horrie, Cap: Villiam Steuarte, 
Col : Cochrane, one the humble supplicatione of the 
Marques of Hamiltone and Argyle to the King and 
pari : ordained to be sett at liberty, without aney 

L. Colonell Valter Steuarte ordaned also to be 
sett at liberty, one catione for his compirance befor 
the conunittee. 

The humble petitione of Alexander Cuninghame, 
being referrid to a committee, quho this day made 
ther report, one wich the King and esfaits in one 
Yoyce ordains him to haue 430 lib. stariang, and glues 
▼arrant to the commissioners for the publkke to make 
him payment of the said soume» 

17 Nouembrb, Vedinsday* 

The pari : reid this day ^etey solemly from his 
Ma*« palace of Holyn^ihoosse to the grate hall of 
the pari : in Edinbrughe,. in this order :-^ 


Imprimis. The Earle of Leuln, as General!, read 
first befor all. 

Nixt him the commissioners of the burrowesy tuo 
and tuo in order. 

Then the commissioners of barrons, tuo and tup, 
Fyfie and Louthean last 

Lord Lure, 

Lord Frasser, 

Lord Balcarras, 

Lord Kircubright, 

Lord Jhonstone, 

Lord Amont, 

Lord Kintyre, 

Lord Coupar, 

Lord Burlie, 

Lord Balmerinoche, 

Lord Spynie, 

IfOrd Elphinstone, 

Lord St. Claire, 

Lord Zester, 

Lord Forbesse, 

Lord Lindesay, 

Viscount Keanmure, 

Earle of Lanrick, 

Earle of Pinlater, 

Earle of Dalhousie, 

Earle of Wymees, 

Earle of Southescke, 


Eatle of Queinsberrey^ 

Earle of Dnunfreis, 

Earle of Louthean, 

Earle of Lauderdaill^ 

Earle of Amlandaill^ 

Earle of Seaforte^ 

Earle of Galloway, 

Earle of Haddingtone^ 

Earle of Buccleuchei 

Earle of Kelley, 

Earle of Roxburgbe^ 

Earle of Kingomer 

Earle of V igtone, 

Earle of Dumfermling^ 

Earle of Perth, 

Earle of Home, 

Earle Glencaime read BOt this day, Bather 
came he to the hoiisse, bot wes in th« 

Earle of Cassfles, 

Earle of Eglintone, 

Earle of Buchane, 

Earle of Mortone, 

Earle of Marishallr 
After them came hes Maiesties 6 tnimpetts, in tber 
liueries, tuo and tuo in order. 

Then 6 pursuewants, 2 and 2 in order. 
Nixt 6 heraukU, 2 and 2 in order* 

VOL. Ill* II 


And after them the Lyone King of Armesy in the 
midelly ryding betuix his Maiesties tuo gentlemen 

Then the suord, caned by the Earle of Mar. 

Scepter, caried by the Earle of Sutherland. 

Croune, caried by the Earle of Argyle. 

The Kinges Maiestie himselue, his traine beii^ 
8upp<Mrted by the yotmg Lordea 
Ker, and the 
Vice Chamberlaine, S^ Rob. Gordon. 

The Marques Hamiltone, as master of his Maies- 
ties horsses, red iust behind the King, and tlie 
Duck of Lennox and Richmond, as Grate Chamber- 
liune of Scotland, and of his Ma^*^ housse heir, one 
Us right hand. 

After them, red the Earle of Kinoule, as Capitane 
•f his Maiesties gaurd, and with him the Marques 
•f Huntley. 

After hes Ma^ wes sett in his throne, and the 
estaits in ther seatts, the prayer being said and the 
roll called, order wes gitien to the Lyone, that all 
that pteassed should remain in die hOusse, so they 
caried themselues modesdy and quietly^ 

All the. ten seiietaS bills of complainty exhitHt to 
the housse aganist Alexander, Euie of (jraUoway^ 


ar gubmitted by his Maiesties mediatione to too of 
eacbe estait; and the Lord Chanceloar or president 
oithe parliament to be ouersman. 

Nobi Bar: 

Earle Argyle^ ' Edemey, 

Earle Glencaime. Sr Thoi Hope# 

James Codbrane, Com : of Edinbrughe, 
Johne Semple, Com: of Diambartane. 
Acte discharging the castome of 2 and a halffe one' 
the hunderetb, and the impost c^ 4 lb. one the ton^ 
t« and past . 

Acte in faaors of minors, anent the deuties of the 
hnds compryss^d from them, v« p. 
Commission for the thesaarey, t« p« 
Acte anent the restitutione of the horsse and 
omes to the owners, otttputters therof, v. p^ 
Acte, Salao iore cuiuslibet, ¥. p. 
Acte appoynting the next parliament to convene 
the first Tuesday pf June, 1644^ 

The Gen^all iayes dotme his battone, and dimitts 
his place of Crenerall to the King and pari v and hes 
ane acte past to him, approuing his seruices, with 
this declaratione of the hoosse, that in the meane 
tyxne, whill the connsaill prowyde money, he shall 
command all horsse and footte, and then licentiat 
tbem ; and ordains him to haue a hnndereth thou** 
sand merkes Scotts, out of the first end of the bro- 


therly assistance from Englaod, or hes good ser- 
ttice to his countrey. • 

The housse declaires the Lord Amont, L. Gene- 
rail, to be worthy of a recompence, and remitts the 
soume and maner of payment to the committee for 
the publiek burthens. 

Ther wer wotted and past, in cumulo, thre hun- 
dereth and 60 ratifications, commissions and protes- 
tations, in fauors of particular persons. 

After all wich, his Maiestie deliuers a patent netdy 
past, wnder his grate seall, to the Lyone, quho de- 
liuered it to the Gierke Register, quho read it pub^ 
lickly ; quherby his Maiesty creat Archbald, Earle 
of Argyle, Marques 6[ Argyle, Earle of Kintyre and 
Lord of Lome, to himselue and to the heires mailles 
gottin ore to be gottin of his auen bodey, bearing 
dait at Holyrudhousse, 15 Nouembris, 1641 ; wicb 
being read, hes Ma^*% in presence of the housse, de- 
liuered the same to him out of hes auen royall hand, 
wich he one hes knees receaued, randring his Ma-^ 
iesty humble and hartly thankes for so grate a grace 
and fauor, far by hes merite and expectatione, be* 
stoued one him. 

So that a sermon, made by Mr Alexander Hen- 
dersone, clossed this pari: after the Chanceloura- 
q>eache to the King and estaits# 

Ther wes no ryding baoke againe to the palace of 
Holyrudhousae, in respeote it wes haliPe past 8 at 


night befor the housse bracke Tpe, onlie the.castell 
of Edinbrughe discharged manay yollies of grate 
and small ordinace ; and this night hes Maiestie so- 
lemly feasted his haill nobility present; in the grate 
hall of the palace, and after supper, solemly tooke 
his leiue of them; he takinng his iomeyfor Eng- 
land one Thursday be 8 in the morning, 18 Nou* 
embria, IMh 

mtnt XUgU CaraU, 

Holdin at Edinbrughe, and begune the 4 day of 
Junij, in Ao 1644. 

The noblemen and jcomissioners of the barrons 
and borowes of the kingdome mett in the Vpper 
Exeter Chamber aboute 9 a clocke, and ther the 
nobility putt one all ther parliament robes^ and 
came doune the staires to the sessione chamber, and 
beinng called by the Lyone K* of Armes, they ar* 
rived in order, with sound of trumpett, to ther setts 
in the parliament housie, wich was weill fitted with 



A. D. 1644^ 

haoguigs^ and a dothe and chaire of estait. 
fint day ther was present of the nobility^ 


Lord Chaaceleri 
Marq: Argyle^ 
£. ^9iitlierlaiid^ 
E. Mar^ 
£• Marischally 
£. Glencaimei 
£. CassileSy 
£• Dumfermling^ 
£• Haddingtone^ 
£. Lauderdaill, 
£. Louthean, 

£. Perth^ 
£• Lanrick, 
E. Linlithgow^ 
£• of Wjme8, 
Lord Zester, 
Lord Elpbuistoxiy 
Lord Burlie, 
Liord Bahnerinoch^ 
Lord Forresterj 
Lord Barganey, 
Lord Elibancke. 

Commissioners for the sfayres present at this par- 
liament :-^ 
Edinbrugfae^ Si" Archbald Jbonstone of Wareston; 

S^" Patrick Hamilton of Preston. 
FjSdy fir Johhe Aytone of the same ; 

- David Betton of Creighe* 
Innemesse, . . . * i^ 

Argyle, Jhone CampbeU of Ardiatane. 

3Lmlitbgow, Mr George Dundas of Maner; 

Sunueli Dundas of Carlaurie. 
Lanrick^ &^ William Carmichell; 

y illhun Hamiltdh of Dalserflfe* 
Dnim&eis^ ^ jS^ Robert Oreirsone bf Lage; 

/James 'Douglasie of MpsaU% 
Dumbartan^ m - ■ ^ , '*!>^ ' ^ « 

A. D. UM. 















Geoige Buchanan of the same ; 
fir^ Tfao: NicolBone of Camock. 
£k Johne St. Clair of Hermistone ; 
Patrick Cockbume of Clerckington. 
S' Alex: Soyntoa of the same; 
Mr Alex: Belchis of Tostis. 

& Charles Erskyne of Cambusko* 

Ogiluey of Bamflfe* 

Sk Dauid Murray.of Stenhope; 

Sr Johne Weitch of Dauick* 

S' Ja: Steuart of KirktaQe,.Shriffef 

.fir Jo: Craufiird of KUbumey^; 
£k William Cochrane of Caudome. 
S' Alex: Falconer of Halcartone; 
& Alex: Camegy of Pittarrow. 
S* Thomas Ker of Cauers.; 
Jo: Ker of Lochetouer. 
Sr Jo: Haldan of Gleneggies ; 
Mr Francis Hay of Bougie. 
William Greirsone of Burgalfon. 
James. Mackdouell of Oarthland; 
Andrew Agnew, fear of Lochnaw; 
» William Forbes pf Cragievsr.} 
Tho : Erskyne of Balhagartay*. 



Renfrew^ .Jo: Birshaiie of Bischopeto^ne^ 

Jo: Shaw of Greinpcke. 

Forfar^ Fredrick Lyone of Brigtpne { 

Patrick Crightone of Ruthen ; 

Selkirke^ fir William Scot of Harden ; 

Robert Scot of Ebrtwoodmyres* 

Orknay, .. • . - - - - r -^ 

Cathnesy ^ ..... . 

Ck>ziimis$ioiie^8 for the burrowes present at this 

parliament :-<- 


Sf Jo: Smythe, 

Rob: Meiklejhone* 


Robert Amot. 


Tho: Halybrunton^. 


Tho: Bruce. 


George Bell. 

St Andrewes, 

Jo: Lepar. 


James Beli. 


Jo: Osbume. 


Richard Capkioe. 


Will: Symsone. 


James Law. 


Rob: Beatie. 


George Jamesone, 

Anstruther Easter, 

WiU: Hamiltone. 


Geo: Jhonston. 


Geo: Gardyne* 

Jdarke Kinlessey^ 




Mr Rob: Cuninghaine* 


Dauid Donaldsone^ 


Allane Dunlope. 


Adam Broune. 


Joe Crosbie. 


Patrick Hanna. 


Walter Airth. 

Anstruther Wester, 

Norund Fairfiill^ 


WiU: jaot 


James Porwes. 


Jo:^ Semple. 


Jo: Somerweill. 


Oedeon Jacke. 


Ja: Williamsone. 


Ninian Hamilton. 


Archbald Merster. 


Mr Alex: Douglas. 


James Peirsone, 


Jo: Scott. 


Alex: Wilkesone. 


Rob: HiU. 


Jo: Ochterlauniey. 

Biurrowes abs^it the first day of the parliament, 
and most pairt of it, wer, 

Jnnemess^ ^ajme, 

Dumfemdinge, Rothesay, 

Elgyne, Whithorne, 

Naiipe, Lochmaben, 


Forres, Sanquhair, 

North-Bemicky New Gallouay, 

CuUane, Domocke. 


Tuesday. Dies primus padiamenfL 
After the Lotdes wer sett, and tfaie comissipners of 
barrons and btirrcmes, the sermon begude, preached 
bjr Mr Andrew Cant, minist^ of Aberdeine.; hes 
text wes, Ikon, cap. & wersse 22, 23. After the - 
sermon was endif^ the parliament was solemly fenced. 
The Earle of UnUtbgow, with the Lordes JBar- 
ganey and EUbancke, ^ubscriued the othe of pariiar 
ment» after it was solemly read and suome by the 
haill members of the housse. 

The Lord Balmerinoche hauin presidet in the 
last pari; did proposse to the housse the dectione 
of a new president for this, wich the housse taking 
to ther consideratioiiQ^ did vith ane vnanimoua voce 
electe and choysse for president the Earle of ]^u« 

The Lord Balmerinoche, president <^the last par^ 
liament, one hes auen petitione, by all the'woyces of 
the housse, hea ane acte of exoneratione and appro- 
batione granted him. 

The Lord Chanceler, in ane longe.and eloquent 
speich, declares the trews causses of the present dis- 
tractions betuiz the King and hes subiects^ in the 
^carriage ci affidres heire and abrod ; also qiiher the 


jesuiticall factum wieh enuirons him and moderats 
hes counsells, caussed him in one and the same day 
declare hes estaits of bothe his kingdomes p£ Scot- 
land and England traitors and rebells* 

The ddinquentSy incendiaries sxid malignants that 
war citted to the first day of the parliament, wer 
oolemly called by 3 maisses in the houss^ and at 
the grate dote. 

Vedinsday, 5 Junij. Ther came to the honsse 
this day the Earle of Callendar, the Viscount Kean^ 
mure, with the Lords Sinclair and Borthwick. 

The orders of the housse read publickly, and or'- 
dained to be obseruid* 

Contest betuix Sr William Carmichell of that ilk^* 
younger, and Hamilton of Dalserffe, elected to be 
commissioners for the sfariffdbme of Lanark 16 of 
Maij, and S^ James Locart c£ Lee, and Jamea 
Hamiltone- of ^, elected lykwayes commis* 

sioners 22 of Maij* > AStex much disput in the 
housse^ die first conunissi(Mie granted to S^ Willi 
Carmichell ordained to stand good, and that gi^nt^ 
ed to Sr James Lockart of Lee anulled* 

The housse appoynts the committee, form^rly api^ 

poynted by the conyiention of estaits, for borrouitig 

cff money, to continue and proceid tiU Satterday nitU 

Sessio Poon^idiana, D : 5. 

The housse tfaii afternpne ordaines tuo of eacb 


estait to be one a committee for examining the witt* 
^es aganist the Lord Banfie. 

Nob : Bar: Surrowes. 

£: Linlithgow, L. Bussie, Banffe» 

L. Elphingston. La : Couenton* Dmnbartane. 
The. housse appoynts a committee of 4 of eache 
estait, anent the commissione of Leiutenant Crenerall, 
to be giuen to the Earle of Callendar, and es^pedt- 
tione of i;his present armey towardes England wnder 
hes command* 

Nob : Bar: Burrafoeu 

E. Argyle, La : of Hardin, Edinbrughe, 

E. Louthean, La : of Garthland, Streul jnge, 
L. St. Clair, Shriffe of Galloway, Aire* 
L. Kircubright La: of Camock. Coupare. 
Aney 8 of them to make a coram; and they to meitt 
at 4p a clocke this night, and to morrow at 1, 

Hie housse appoynts a comittee (^ 2 of eache 
estait, to sett doone a roll and index of all that pass- 
ed in the conuentione of esfaits, and CQmit|:ees ther- 
<^ siiv^e Jimij last. 

The malignants in the south, wich wer citted t^ 
the parliament, quherof the most pairt hed found 
sufficient souerty for ther appirance, wer sol^nly 
called this aftemoone ; most of them compir and was 
ordained to attend, and ther cautione to stand still. 

The housse appoynts a comittee of 3 of eache 
estait, for regulatting and preparing the processe of 


all thesse citted to the parliament, for representing 
the same to the housse, cum potestate inquisitionis, 
and citatione of wittnes to the said comittee and 
examinatione of them. 

No: Bam Bwrcnoes^ 

K Cassiles^ La i Caudone, Edinbrughe, 
E* Perth, La: Bussie, Bamffe, 

£^ Lanrick, La i Lage. * Dumbartan. 

Three of this eomittee to make a coram. 
The artickells and propositions sent dowie by both 
housses of parliament of England to the pUrl: heir, 
to be made to the King for a good and sane peace,, 
and by them to be mutually presented, wer publick- 
ly read in the houisse, and remitted to the consider- 
atione of the seuerail estaits apairt, and the Clercke 
Register appoynted to giue euery estait a copey of 
them ; and all the members of the housse prohibit 
by the Lordes President and Chancelor to diuulge 

Thursday 6 Junij. This day, the Earle of Queins-^ 
berry and the Lord Boyde came to the housse. 

The housse this day appoyntes a comittee of tua of 
cache estaits for the bills and ratifications. 

Nob : Bar. Burrowes. 

Glencairne, Halcarton, Linlithgow, 

Cassileft. Bischiptone. Brunt-Iyland. 

Three of this comittee to be a coram, one of cache 
estait, with pouer to them to citt wittnes. 


The housse appoyntes a comittee for ratificatione 
of the conventione of estaits, and all that hes follow- 
ed tbervpone, viz. 2 of eache estait 

Nob: Baf: Burrawes* 

Lord Balmerinoch, La : Grinock, Dundie, 
Lord Burlie. La : Maner. St Andrewes. 

The housse giues pouer and varrand to the haill 
committees of warre within eache shyre of the king- 
dome, to proceid as of befor, till they be discharged 
by the parliament, with command to the conmiission- 
ers of eache shyre to aduertisse ther generall shyres 
of the same; with expresse comand to them to ad- 
wertisse that none citted to the pari: as malignants 
or delinquents be suffred to sett one thesse com- 

The committee for dispatching the Earle of Ka- 
lender, Leiuetenant Generally makes ther report to 
the housse this day, quho is with ane armey to 
marche to England, and opposse the EngUshe led 
by the Earle of Montrois. The results of this bussi- 
nes wes publickly read in the housse, and recom- 
mendit to the generall bodeyes of the estaits apairt^ 
this aftemoone, for the more quicke dispatche. 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by the Lord Fle- 
ming, in name of hes brother & William, for li- 
cience to him to come and see his father, being dead- 
ly seike ; ad ayisandum till to morrow. 

Fryday, 7 Junij. This day ther came to the 


hoQsse and satt in ther auen placeS) the Earles of 
Morton, Home, Roxbrughe and Dalhousie. 

The commissioners of the generall assembley re* 
presents to the consideratione of the housse, that di« 
uers ministers that wer commandit to repaire to the 
armey, did laick necessarey mantinence ; knd hum- 
bley intreatted them to proyde for them some com« 
petent meines to that effecte. This was represented 
to them by Mr Frederick Carmichell, minister at 
Markinche, in Fyfie. 

The honsse remitts this to the comittee for the 
dispatche of the Lieuetenant Oenerall, and the pre- 
sent expeditione, to take order for the mantinence of 
the said ministers. 

The Lord Boyde petitions the housse to retume 
home to hes housse for 6 ore 7 dayes, to dispatche * 
some neidfcdl affaires of hes auen, and obteined it 

Tuo petitions exhibit to the housse by tuo north 
countrey ministers, aganist tuo of the Laird of Had- 
dowes followers that had spoyled and pillaged ther 
hoiisses^ remitted. 

The housse ordaines thesse that are in prissone 
to be examined presently by the committee for or- 
dering the processe of the delinquents and malig- 

The Laird of Freiiand, Colonell of the Perthshyre 
regiment, one hes petitione, hes orders firom the 
hensse for quartering hes regiment. 


The housse appoynted to meitt at 4 in the after- 

Sessio 2d9 Pomerid; D. 7r 

Tua bills exhibitt to the housse by the Earle of 
Hartefell and Laird of Hempsfeild, prissoners in the 
castell of Edinbrughe, humbley craning ather to be 
putt to a triall ore sett at liberty. Thesse bills ta- 
kin to be adwyssod by the estaits 24 houres^ ac^ 
cording to the orders of the housse. 

Diners lordes and gentlemen petitions the housse 
for licience to visitt my Lord Hartefell» and speake 
with him. 

The housse ifs order to the president of the pari: 
at such lyme as he pleasses, to grant warrand to such 
as wold wisitt the Earle of Hartfell and Hempsfeild, 
and that the constid)le of the castle, and Junes Steur 
art, in Edinbrughe, to be wittnes to all tfaer confe- 
rences and discourses. 

The Laird of Lauers petitions the housse that hes 
troupe of horsse may be mustered and payed ; and 
the housse giues orders to Maior Frasser to muster 
the said troupe one Brountoune^Linkes to morrow, 
and the comissarey, William Thomesone, to pay 
them a mounthes meines. 

A letter read in the housse this aftemoone, di- 
rected to the estaits of parliament, from bothe housses 
of parliament in England, dait 27 of Maij, giuing 
them heartly thankes for ther kynd and brotherly 


flttsistenee iii defence of the trew protestant religione, 
wick shall neuer be forgottin by themnore ther pos- 
terity; showing also^ that both housses of parlia- 
ment had ratified the leauge and mutuall couenant 
betuix both kingdomes, and besought them to doe 
the lyke, &c 

Ane Vther letter read in the faousse, from fhe 
Scotts commissioners at London, the Lord Maitland 
and Mr Bob: Barclay, dait from London, 28 Maijj 
shewing of 20,000 lib. starling sent by the pari:. of 
EngUind to the Scottes armey at Zorke, and that 
they had procured from the pari: ther 70,000 Jib« 
stadii^, for wich they had giueu the Ladey Home 
souerty for ; wich soume wes to be receaued .by the 
pari: heir from S^ Jhone Ruthen, quhosse band and 
asslgnatione therto,- wnder lier hand, they had sent 
home; This letter centaind diuers other particu- 
lars, as anent the mutuall mantinence of trade and 
comerce betuix the tuo kiAgdomes, and the Eng- 
lische parliaments esfablischinng of a new comittee 
for jsGumaging the warre, Sccj 

The housse orders coppies of thesse tuo letters to 
be ghien to cache estaitv 

Sr Archbald Jhbnston, speaker for :the barrons^ 
and comandit by them, intreatts the housse that jus- 
taoe may be done one suche of the cheifie delinquents 
of the north and south, that hes beine most actiue iir 
this lait wmuiturall rebellion^ and ar nou in hold; 

▼OL. nu n 


and that without delay a comittee may be appoynU 
ed to be deligat from the parliament, with the Justice 
Gierke and deputts, to proceid and doe justice tiU 
the conclusione of the proces, remitting ther cen« 
sure and judgement to the determination of the 

The housse ordaines that comittee for ordring tlie 
proces of delinquents and malignants to pi oceid in 
the barrons desyre, and giues order to the Justice 
Gierke and deputtes to examine all the novth and 
south rebells in prissone now. 

The housse ordaines the comittes to meittat 7, the 
seuerall bodeyes^ at 8, and the haill housse at 10 a 
clock to morrow* 

Saterday, 8 Junij^ This day T noblemen, 5 bar* 
Fons and 4 burgesses, that wer not present the first 
day, did solemly sueare the othe of parEament, and 
subtfcriue it. 

A list of all the cheifie matters to be done in par-^ 
Kament exhibit to the housse by the Lord Chance- 
ler, and read. The housse ordaiaes each estait to 
haue a copey of them. 

Ane accompte of the Marques of Argyles comis- 
sione to the northe, read in the housse, and the se- 
uerall estaits ordained to haue coppies of it. 

The Earle of Lenrick makes hes report fronr the 
•omittee for the reuising of the proces of the deluop* 
quents in the northe and southe* 

A. B. 164*. AAWAI.BS OF SCQtX<AKtL t7» 

Tbe housse ordun^ tlie ecmSttees to mciitt due 
Moaday at 7 kofure^i and sitt will 10» and then tb^ 
ifteaerall bodies to sitt all the rest <xf ike day ;' aAd 
the hoiisse to meitt em Tuesday at 9 in- ibe mom- 

Tuesday, 11 Junij. Hiia ^ay the Marines «f 
Douglasse came to the housse, and solemly siisajfe 
and subscriue Iher couenant» ot^ie aiid band, in late nf 

Acte past and wotted thig day anent t^e ponef gi^ 
ten to comitlees of the warre, and horning to pra^ 
ceid one ther ordnaces for out puttinng of borsse and 
footte, kt wich acte, letter of reliffe is granted lo ao- 
periors aganist ther wassails and tenants, &c.r 

The hottsae ordaines a proclamatione to be made 
by » heraiild at the crosse of Edinbrughe, comanf* 
ing all coma&ders of borsse and foote,f wnder the 
paine of deathe, within 24 boures^ by thesse be soutfc 
Forth, that they be at Kelso^ to attend the eommanda 
of the Lord Lieuetenant OeneralL 

The Leiueteftant Generally comissione read in thar 
housse, quberin the 3 estaita of the kiagdome .tt 
eaasse follow and assist him, ay and quhilt tluahea 
comissione be recallid by tbe parliament or estait^ 
or comittea of atber of them reqpectiue, wotted mid 

Comittee of 4 <tf eache eatait to ba Jadges dd^p)^ 


with the Justice Gierke and deputtes for the crimi- 
Balles^ 2 of eache estait to be a coram^ with one of 
the justice dieputtes.*' 

Neb: Ban BUtt 

£. Linlithgow^ ShrifFe of Bute, Edinbrughe^ 

KWymes^ Shriffe of Galloway, Perth, 
I:»r£lphingston, La: Harden, Kingome, 

L^Bvfgeney. LarSyntcme. Ituinge. 

Comittee for considering the propositions for 
peace of 12 of eache estait, and aney 15 of them to 
be a coram, being 4 of eache estait. 

M. Argyle, 
E. MarishaU,' 
£• Morton, 
£• Glencaime^ 
E^ Berth, 

Ban Bur : 

Hakartone, EcKhbrdghe^ 

Waristone, Perthy 

Garthland, Dundie, 

Tostis, Aberdeine, 

Camocke^ Linlithgow, 

Bussie, St Andrewes,- 

£• DumfiBrmUn^, Caudon, Glasgow, 

E.ofRoxbrughe, Cam'buskenethe, Coupafe, 
E. Lanrick, Litle-preston, Montrosse, 

£• Calender, Craigiewar, Drumfreis, 

L.Balmerinoche, Grinock, Dumbartan^ 

X.- BurHe. Pitarrow» Baiufie. 

Comittee for considring'the commissions granted 
by the last parliament, of 4 of eache estait, and the 
coram to he 2 of eache estait at least. 




Nab^ Bar : Burrawn. 

Suth^laady L. Pittarrow^ Linlithgow 

2^8ter, L. Stanoppes^ Brunt-Iylands 

BalmaJnoche, L. Pittodrie^ Dysert, 
Burlie. L. Cragiewarre. Dumbartane. 

Comittee for considering quhat may conceme .the 
annejrin Irlandj of 7 of eacbe estait, the .conua^a 
be 9. 

JSari Buri 

La: Greinocke, Edinbrugboi 
La: Cragiewai^ Glasgow, 
La: of Crcdghe, Coupar, 
La: of Lage, Montrois, 

La: . of Caudone, Iruing, 
L. of Dauick, « Bnint-Iylanc|» 
L. of Litle-preston, Aberdeine. 
The hoosse ordaines the Lord Chanceler andthe 
Earle of LauderdaUl, president of the pari: to be 
supemnmerarey in all the forsaid ^committees. 

Comittee of 6 of eache .estait, for borrowing of 
monej, quherof 7 to i>e.a coram, and this committee 
to haue pouer during this ses9ione of pari: 

Marq: Argyle, 
£• Olencaime, 
£. CassUes, 
iL Louthefm, 
K of Lanrick, 
Lord St Clair, 
Lord Biirlie. 


Bar: • 









Rob: Fleminge# 

Ml AHKALS8 09 SCOTL AKIH A^ p. I«4fr 

Afite of af^robatione^ grmted by the lidasse to S' 
Will: Soott q( Harden^ jitid S^ Thomas Kei* of Ca^ 
Hers, of ther good aeroice at the hut inrpde of the 
rebeU Montrois and faes assomttes^ wotted an4 

Sesiliof4s» Pomerid;:D. II. 

Tfie housse glues pouer and x>rder to thecoma 
mittee for ^e pi:esent' expeditione, to take order 
with the Earle of Lod^eans regiment, to causse mus- 
ter and pay them*. 

The housse giues present order to the 4!omittee 
for borrouing of money^ to causae bring in the ma* 
^ignaodts rentts to the wsse of the publicke* 

The housse ordaihes Uie comittes to meitt at 7, 
^nd sitt will 10 ; th& bqdeyes seuerally at 10, and 
aitt will 12; and the hail) housse at S ill the after* 

Vednisday, IS Junij. Ses^io Vhica^ Pomerid: 

This- day the Viscount Arbuthnot icame to the - 
^ousse^ and sueare and SMbscriued Ae othe of pari; 

Acte that the sessione shall not sitt till the 1 of 
Kbuember nixt, and ordaines a protclamatione for 
^tunatting the same at t^ crosse of Edinbrughe^ 
ipotted and past. 

Nyne orertures pi^opossed by the commissioners 
of the general assemble^ to the pari: read in the 
housse, with, some actes concerning the kirke ; a4 
aiii3andum, according to the orders of the hoi^e^ 


The hoiuse, by. ther acte, approues and exoners 
the Marques of Argyles commissione and ezpedi- 
tione to the nortb, and giues him heartly thankes 
for that he hes acquyt himselue lyke a good and 
faithfull patriot, wotted and past 

The Lord Bahnerinoche, from the oomittee for 
reubing the commissions giuen by the last parlia* 
ment» makes hes report to the housse, .wich is remitt* 
ed to. be ccmsidered by the estaits apairt. 

Petitione exhibitt to the housse by Robert, Earla 
of Roxbrughe, humbley beseiching them that they 
void wrate to ther commissioners in England, to 
deall with thehousses of parb ther, that some platta 
and goodes of hes, belonging to hes ladey, keipt at 
St. James, might be deliuered to the Lord Maitlandf 
and not to be sequestrat by the parliament, bot to 
be left to my Lordes auen disposalL 

The hoQsse grantes the petitione. 

The comissione to the Judges delegat from the 
parliam: for the criminaUs, read in the housse, wot-t 
ted and past 

The committee from the pari: wich should haue 
beine at Aberdeine for ordrinng the malignants in 
the north, the 21 of Junij, by acte of the housse ia 
continued till the 16 of Julij. 

The comittes to meitt at 7, the bodies at 10, and 
the houase at 8 in the aftemoone. 


Tlivnday, IS Jimij. Sessio vniea* 

Acte of exoneratione and approbatione granted by 
die housse to Robert, Liord Burlie, as president of 
tbat conunittee sent with the armey to the north, 
wotted and past 

The housse giues pouer to centinew Thomas Ni- 
oolsons d&yes of compirance, and ordames^the Jus* 
tice Gierke and d^utts to take trayell of all the pro^ 
cedure of that bussines,. beibr it passe to ane assise, 
and to report to the housse*. 

■ The I^rle of Glencaime, from the committee of 
the bUls, makes hes report to the housse of som« 

Bill exhibit to die housse by the shriffdomes of 
Mers and Roxbrughe,. humbley becheing the housse 
that the armey may be remoued to the south syde of 
Tueed, that some of iher bypast quarteringes may 
be payed, and that the 2000 bols wictuall, wiche the 
housse had giuen orjier for to goe withe the armey, 
should be presendy payed. This bill remitted ta 
the comittee for the lewies^ 

Bill exhibit to the housse by Sr Johne Gordon of 
Haddow, consisting of 3 poynts: — 1. Auent meins. 
to leiue one ; So. For some moneyes to giue 
hes laweyrs and aduocats, that his frindes might 
Iiajue accesse to him in presence of aney magistrat ; 
ps also that the housse wald ordaine S^ Leues Steuit^ 

A. IX l«M^ AHMA];.e8 OF MOTLANH. lift 

art, Mr Johne Nisbet, Mr Johne Gilmorei and Mr 
William Forbesse, aduocatts, to plead for bis. 

The housse ordaines him to haue aduocats, and 
that the Judges deligat examine him one othe, with* 
^r he hltd anney more momieyes then thesse 8 do- 
lars, quhen he wes t^en in hes homsse of Kelee ; as 
also that he nmie thesse frinds that he void should 
speake with him^ and it should be granted^ 

The housse appoynts one of ^che estait to cootie 
der the bills of prisoners, and to report, 

Nobi Ban Bun 

Lord Elibancke. Sr William CarmichelK Aberdeme. 

A bill exhibit to the housse by the prissoners of 
tM sou.the, for procurators to plead for them for 
mantineQce, 9nd that soine ^indep might hau^ U« 
cjience to risit them^ 

This bill remitted tp th^ consideratione of tho 
Judges delegat 

Acte ratifibg the acte of the generall assembley 
anent S^ Jhone Scotts donatione, and fundatione of 
a R^ent and Professor of Humanity to St. Leon- 
ards Colledge, in St Andrewes, wotted and past* 

The hous3e prdiiin^s the Lord Elcho to force 
thesse that will not willingly pay ther t^^ct dpd Ipn^ 
be north the riuer of Dee, 

Fryday, 14 Junij, Sessio vnica, Pomerid: 

This day the Earl^ of Sputhescke came to th^ 


The hovsie sendg Mr Alex x Beldiis of Tostis to 
the Lord Leiuetenaat Generally with certaine in- 
structions, esspecially to adwysse with him anent 
some results of the committee for the leuey. 

The housse, one the humble petitione of William^ 
Earle of Lodiean, wreatts to the Lord Generally and 
to the Gouemour of Sunderland, requiring them 
for a tyme to superseid the executicme of that sen- 
tence giuen by the Gounsell of warre at Sunderland, 
aganist Capitane Rutherford of Ranfertlie, for hes 
couardly randring the fort of South Sheilles. 

A bUl exhibit to the housse by the commissioners 
of Fyffe, for homing aganist thesse that will not re- 
oeaue that amunition sent for by the shyre, and pay 
for it, brought in by Robert Whyte, skipper in Kir-» 
caldey, viz. suords, ponder and matche. Tlie housse 
grants the desyre of this bill, by acte. 

A letter from General Quarter Master Lesley, 
Gouemour of Sunderland, of the dait the 7 of Junij, 
for the spedey haistning forward of the armey com- 
mandit by the Lord Leiuetenant General!, to Neu- 
castell, read in the housse. 

Acte anent fugitiues and runnawyes from ther 
colors, reid, wotted and past this day. 

The housse ordaines a warrant to all inferiol* 
Judges to proceid and admister justice till the last 
jday of Aguste ; and intimation heirof to be made 
M the crosse of Edinbrughe. 


TheEarleofLanricke, froin the comittee fbr re^ 
gulatinng the malignants proces, makes hes report 
to the housse pf the progresse of that comxaittee, 
. The housse grants HadoMr MO lib. for hes adno** 
cats and jpiecessarey expenses, 
' The housse ordaines the committees to meitt to 
morrow and <me Monday at 7, and the seuerall bo-* 
deyes at 10 one Saterday, and aftemoone also one 
Monday, and so one Tuesday; and the housse one 
Tuesday, at 8 in the aftemocme. 

Tuesday, 18 Junij. Sessio vnica. 

Iii8truc(ron»to die Leiuetenant Generall, read and 
mnitted to the three estaits. 

The housse ordaines the comittee for the loane to 
meitt to morrow at 9.. 

. The Laird of Aytone, qnho was sent to Fyfife for 
putting out die horsses ther, with instructions to die 
comittee of warre in that shyre, returns, and makes 
report to the housse of hes diligence* 

The LcMrd Leiuetenant Oeneralls anssUers to the 
Laird of Tostis instructions, sent him from the 
housse, reade* 
. The housse ordaines a proclamatione at the crosse 
of Edinbmghe, commanding all officers to repdre 
to ther colors, with certificatione if they faiUed, ther 
places should be desposed one by others. 

The hppsse giues pouer to the committees of le- 


wios to appoyat the tyme of die E. of CUesAen 

Acte in faoors of the toune of Edinbrughe, dis- 
^^hazgiDg aney mercat to be keipt at Bn^^iouasey 
•vMted and past. 

Prorogatione <jf 4he Judges deligats comissione £ir 
delinquentSi till the S6 day of this moimthe indii^ 

Acte ordaning the rolls to be called* and the ab* 
sents mulcked by the clercke at each meitting of the 

Wedlnsday^ 19 Jun^f. Sessio .ynica«. Pbmend: 

This day the Earle of Kingome 4»iBe to the 
housse, and solemly did sueare the othe of parlia» 

The housse ordaines a conunittee of three of eache 
estait to waitt one the £• of Calender, Lord Leio^ - 
tenant Generally in this present expeditione, via. 
Glencaime, Cassiles, Dnm^rmlinge, or aneyone of 
them that shall bapin to be^nith the anney for the 
Zester, Nidrie, Archbald Sydserff^ 

Forrester, Lochtour^ Jo: Broune in Jedbrng^e, 
St Claire. Freiland, Jo: Dining in Glasgow. 
The coram of thi^ comittee to be 6» wotted, and 
past in acte» 

This day Earle af Southescke solendy sneafea 
the oathe of parliament. 


The molts ef the comittee fisr die propositiom df 
peace, read in the hottsse^ mtkd eoppiw of themgiuea 
to die severall estaits apairt, to be considered. 

A petitioiie exhibit to the housse by the Earle df 
Hartefell and Laird of Hempsfeilde, prissoners in 
the castell of Edinbmghe, humbley desjring they 
may ather bte putt to » triall, or liberat, now after 5 
wed:es' imprissoBement^ 

Thiff pedtione, according fo die orders of die 
housse, at auisandum till to morrow* 

Bill exhibit to the hoHSse by & l^nUiam Dick, 
merdumd ef Ediabrughey desyring payment of a 
pairt <tf the soiime of 8 hondereth and 40,000 merkes, 
addebit to him by the publicke,. and some of cache 
estait souerty for die rest of it^ (such as he shall 
choysae) and he is willing the remanent of die soume 
be payed in paroells. 

This bill was takin to the consideradone of the 
seneratt estaits appairt. 

Acte of exeneratione and approbadone to Cap* 
taine Vallace, of hes helping the castell of Streuelin^ 
wotted and past. 

The hoosse appoynts a comittee of 4 of cache 
esUot for onertours, wich shall be represented to the 
paiVameot; the coram of this oomittee to be 5, ane 
of cache estait. 

The hoosse gives pooer to the committee bt the 

IfO ANNALE8 OF SCOn, AJm. A.]>. M/L 

lewies to dispatche the £arle of Stitberland north, 
and to giue him his iristnictioos. ' ' 

The housse ordahies the haill committees to meitt; 
to morrow beibr noone, the genendl bodies afier- 
noooe at 8^ and the housse one Fryday at 3 in lihe 

Frjday 21 Jimij. Sessio Vniea. Pomerid. 

A letter from the Earle of Calendar, Lord Leioe^ 
tenant General!, read in the housse, showing of hes 
being in Beruicke laitly, according the orders ginen 
^im by the housse to that effifccte, and finds the same 
in werey good order; and humbley desyres that the 
Gouemour may receaue thankes from the housse, and 
the garissone shouldiours ther some pay. He shew 
the housse lykwayes in the same letter, that 3 com^ 
manders had come from the enemey, and ofl^d ther 
seruice to ther countrey, and desyres to Imow of 
die housse, quhither ore not he shonld intertaine 
them, and one quhat tearmes ; as also that they wold 
be pleassid to said him some printed couenants, 
daitit Kelso, 20 Junij. 

The housse, one a motione made by (he conrniit^ 
tee for the loane, ahent suche as wer decerned, and 
went to the home, and wold not pay, it was ordered^ 
that intimatione should be made to them by a inetf- 
singer of armes, first, that ther names should be 
publickly read in the holisse^ «d therttftef ther es- 


cheittfl and estaite to be dispbssed one by the pnb- 

The hoQSse appoynts a committee of 6 of eacbe 
estaity for filling ype the blanckes in the propositiDns 
of peace, and for anssaering the parliament of Eng- 
lands letters, and the letters of the commissionetf 

Acte ordaining the comissarey, WilBam Thom^ 
sone, to pay to the Lord St Claire 20,000 merkes^ 
and to take his discharge ojm the same, wotted and 

A bill exhibit to the honsse by the Lord Foribesse^ 
for taking tuo of the rebells of hes hand that he had 
taken, as also that he might haue payment of tb4t 
fyne imposed one ther heades by the comittee of es* 
taits for the northe, wich was 3000 merkes. 

This housse ordaines the suplicant to delioer their 
tuo prissoners to the balzies of Abberdeine, and they 
to the shriffe of Kincardin, and so from sWiffe to 
shrijSe, till they come to Edinbrughe ; as for tho 
last pairt of the bill, the housse grants the petiUon- 
era desyre. 

The housse thought that biU exhibit to thmn the 
last Widdinsday, by the Earle of Hartfell and Laird 
qf Hempsefeild, reaonable, and ordauies them both 
tp be putt to a trayell, so soune as the affiures of 
the parliament can permitt the same* 

If9 AlWAtES O*' 8COTLAKD. A. D. 1644w 

To morrovr the comittees ordained fo meitt at 7, 
the seuerall bodies at 9, and the housse at 10. 
Sutt^rdaj, 22 Junij. Sessio 1. Ante/nerid i 

Letters from the Lord Generall and eomittee 
iritk the armey befor Zorke, to the parliament, of 
the dait the I Junij, read, consisting of 5 heades ; 
1, for a recrew to ther armey ; 2, that Leiuetenant 
Genetal Balzie may haue a regifiient ; 3, that the 
wardea and mariages dT all such as deyes in that 
semitie may be designed by acte of the housse to 
ther heires, gratis ; 4, that they wold be pleassid to 
ratifie in pari: the pensione of S^ Alex: Hamiltone, 
Oenerall of the Artylierey, of 800 lib. starling ; 5^ 
that they wold with all convenient speed send tjjier 
armey into England. 

Ane letter read this day in the housse from both 
housses of pari: in England, of the dait the 25 of 
Maij, being only a copey of that lettere wich came 
to the housse some 10 dayes past from thence, the 
one being directed by sea and this by land. 

The housse remitts the anssuering of tkir letters 
to that committee for fiUinng vpe the blanckes for 
llie propositions of the peace. 

The kousse giue order^ by ther prece{>t, to Com-* 
missarfty Thomsone to deliuer to the 3 ministers, 
wicl^ are sent by the comissioners of the genend 
assembley for Irland, 50 lib. starling. 


A bai^^xhibit to 4e hoUsgc tbb day by Lrioa- 
tenltnt ColoneU HeDdersbnl^ Maior Gibsone' atld^ 
Capitane " — ^, humbley intreatting diat Aer. 

names may be detett out of the sumonds of fbi> 
faultrey, and that they wold from hence employ 
ther lines and fortounes for the seruiee of the €ouiw. 

Tbefhonsse drdaineiS thei! S^naikies to be delattrand 
they to find sufficient souerty for ther good beha- 
niour in'tyme coming; and if they cannot gett ca- 
lione, that ther soleme othe be taking and them* 
selues acted in the bookesof parliament^* nmder the 
h^igbest paine can follow. 

This'day the houslse gines mstructicms, wieh wev 
I'ead-and yotted, to the Earles of Glencaime and- 
Louthean, comandit to muster the armey, to see^ 
them payed, and to ponnoy the Lord.Leiuetenant 
GenetaU a day one hes marche^ &c. 

The hbus^ ordaines the comittee fortheleuejr 
to meitt this afternoone at S; and one Monday ni^t^ 
the haill coinittees to meit at 7, and sitt will 12, and 
the seuerall bodies to meitt at 2 in the afternoone^* 
and one Tuesday in the fornoone ;' and the housse i&* 
ike afternoone. 

Tuesday, 25 Junij. Sessio 1. Fomerid^ 

Acte anent the out putting of horsse and Soot^- 
the fburt and eight man^ quhenn each hansa"^ 

▼OIm III* o 


mm wiipnt <mt, die ftHler mmt pay 400 merckesy 
and the not outputter of the feotteman, 40 lib. See. 
ftadf wotted and post. 

The aitickells of the pr<^9itioDS of pisace, with 
'llie seueraH resuhs of the^same, read in the hooase^ 
moA accorded one. 

Thennstruetiones to be giuen to the commissiras 
t» be sent to England by the pasl: yead in the 

Hie instnictiona ^ue& by die eomittee of estaita 
to the Lord Chanceler and Mr Akxander Hender* 
aene, read in the houssey 164S. 

The housse appoynts a committee of 9 of each 
Mait to reoeaue the Qndn^ of Suedens agent, to 
receaue hea letten, and to report to Aehousse^ 

Noir Bar: J9. 

L» Chanceler, Warreslone^ Eflinbrughey 
IL LaoderdaiU. Gambuskeneth. Aberdeine. 
' The housae grants a aomisfiione to Johne Orhame 
dP Calincat, for repressing some biokin robers of 
Ae Heighlandsy wieh daylie infests the counties of 
liennox and Dumbartane, md for hes payment he 
takes hes hazard of thesse shyres.^ 

Lord Ochikree, a prissoner in the castell of Black- 
Bes, hes bitt and jkumbell petitione to the pari: ready 
and the reeeauers oidaind to be sent for, and pay^ 


Aient by them to be* made to him^ conforme to hes 
last warrant granted by the Ldrds Commissioners 
6f £3U;hequer. 

Wedinsday, 26 Junij. Sessio L Pomerid: 

A letter from the Queihe of Sueden, directed to 
t^ S estaits of the kingdome of Scotland in pariia- 
menty read in the housse. It consisted of 4 heades; 
I, contained ane anssuer of that letter sent to her by 
the King afid last parliament, in Ao 1641, anent 
the delaying of endinng aney leauge with the Empe« 
rour of Germaney, in preiudice of religione and the 
Palatins hoosse; 2o, sho showes the estaits the 
trew causse of the present warrs betuix her and 
Denmarke, for hes oppressing her subiectes and al- 
Hyes with tolles, more by quadruple then euer by 
him heirtofor exacted ; So, shoe craues a leauge of 
perpetuall amitey with this kingdome, and the leuies 
of some men if they can be spared; 4o, that the es- 
taits of the kingdome of Scotland wold be pleassed 
to heir and giue faith and crydit to Mr Hew Mow- 
at, her seruant, to thesse thinges he should proposse 
in her name. The lettere consisted of 4 sheitts of 
paper, and wer subscriued by the Queine herselue, 
Oxcensteme the Chanceler^ the Marishall| Steuart 
and Admirall of Suden. 

The housse appoyntes 5 of eache estait to heir the 
Suedens agents instructionS| and to report to the 


Chanceler^ « . . . - 

• M.Argyle, - - - - 



The housse delayes the anssuering of the bills ex- 
hibit to them by & William Dicke, James Steuart- 
and William MaxswoU, till to morrow, in respecte 
the burrowes not thought of thesse bussines. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by Oenerall Maior Da- 
uid Lesley^ anent the pfiyment to be made to him of 
9000 merkes zeirly, for 3 zeires to come and longer, 
till he be discharged ; and that the housse wald take 
order for hes arreirs since Candelmisse, and ratifie 
lies gift, as said is^ and secure the same to him iii' 
tjrme to eome» 

Ad auisandum to the seuerall bodies, conforme to 
the order of the housse* 

La: of Maner, from the comittes of the Judges 
deligat for delinqyents, makes hes report to the 
housse, that the said comittee did find S' Johne 
Gordon of Haddow guilty of heigh tressone, and 
worthey to ^be punished with the forfauture of hes 
lyffe, lands and goodes. They find Capitane Johne 
Logic guilty of losse of lyffe and guides. 

Some quieres proposed by the Judges delegat fot 


deliiiquents, takin to the consideratione 6f the s^ 
uerall estaits apairt 

The housse ordanes the conuttes to-m^to mov- 
row befornoone, and the seuerall bodies aftemoone; 
and the housse one Fryday at 3 in the aftemoone. 

Fryday, 28 day of Junij. Sessio 1. Pom^rid : 
" The housse pardons . Cepitane . PringeU, - and or- 
daines him to find cantione for hes good behauior 
in tyme coming, and to sueare the couenant. 

The housse appoynts a committee of three df 
eache estait to remeue. some obstructions in the mat* 
ter of excysse. 

The comittee for fflling vpe the bhinkes in the 
propositions of peace, 'proposses to the housse the 
nAX and list of thesse quho was to expecte no pardon, 
without consent of the parliamwts of both kmg«' 

The housse remitts to the seuerall bodies 6i the 
estaitS' how-to send ther commissioners to England, 
and anent the tyme, and ther dispatche. 

The housse ordaines tuo troupes of horses "to* be 
leuied for the seruice in the north, -wnder the com- 
mand of the Earle Marishall ; the rutemasters to be 
the Earles brother and the Laird of Crageywarre; 
and the housse remitts die way of the leuey of thesse 
troupes to the comitte for leides. 

The housse ordaines the Marquisse of Argylea 
troupe and the Lord Elchos regiment to be called 

JMH of 8C0TLAKII. A. a IM|^ 

aowAc^ mdremitto the tjyine of ther marche to thu 
Gomitte for the leuies. 

. A list of the hounes vich are to be alighted wd 
^^laolighed ia the northet xead in the houssc^ and 
nviitted to the <^nsideratioQe .of the severall estait^ 

Aehidoim^ . Whyte H(WS3e in Oomar, 

91ivefiadej^, Tipperley, 

Glenbuque^r Kelley* 

S^acholi^, jBucki% 

Knocked Arlogic^ 

Whyte Hoii3se of Blisses Drunv 

GhighV HartehU]^ 

ipritber thir hovs^s shall be demoUdied or aot 

A draught Qtth^ conujw^one wichis to be giuen 
to th(|t jSomitlee that i» to ^o^ t9^ .the jaorth^ read in 
the houss^ and remitted to the considecatione of .th^ 
fMterpU eatait? apairte^ 

^ SiU ea^bit to the hoiisse by tbe Ladey Ecckiit 
fi>r mantinance^ 91 reqpecte c£ her husba^da desert. 

. Sotted till the JEJigrle of Olencaimea jretome to 

; ]^l exhibit to the hcpsae, by ijbe Marques of .Ar«: 
gy]^ an^ithea imployni^ aganist the Iriscji rebeUa^ 
that invadet the He^ghlands.and West lylea out of, 
Irland ; that he leuxed 600 men wnd^ the cqmmand 
<jf the l4iir4 ^f Arkindlatfs^ a^dAhathefaad takei)i« 


0deKe order tnth thesne rebells^ that Al of them ar^ 
- after killed, hanged or takii^ <uid in hold, except 
IS persons only, wich are fled to the North .Wei^ 
n^; 4nd therfore humbley desyr^ the estaits that 
he may haue payment for 500 mcta, <mly tor S 
InouBthe and a halfie, and a shipe that attendit tb«t 
seroice in the iyles, 4 monntihes pay. 

The honsae ordaines Arkindlasse to giue in the 
list of hes comanders and shouldiotirs wnder hes 
hand, and he to be compted with and payed* Hea 
Gomptes remitted to one of eache estait. 

Nob: Bar: Bum 

£: of Wymes. La. CragieWam Bnmt-Iyland. 

Ane other bill exhibit to the housse by the Mar- 
ipks of Argyle, desyring payment of such aoumea of 
mcmey alid debtes as are restand'him vnpayed, fay 
precept and warrand of the connection of estut;^ 
for furnishing money and victuall to the arlnqr is 
Irland, 10,000 lib. starling ; and that he burdin not 
the publicke, that he may hane payment therof Out 
of the delinquent and malignants fynes in the north* 

The housse grants the suplicants bilL 
Saterday 29 Junij. . Sessio vnica. Fomerid : ' 

The tno queres giuen in by the Judges deligat for 
delinquents, after muche disputte in the housse this 
day, wer found to be so stated in questioner and so 
to be anssuered. 

Queritur 1. That a lybell foimdit nqfione the 


crjrmes' of xtussinng! of armies^ and inwading the 
countrey and.* kingdome^ quhat punishment the- 
comittersdoes deserue? * • . 

The hioiisse finds such persons punishable -by for^ 
fiuiltrey, and losse of landes, lyfie and goodec* 

In tins quere, ther wer oidy. 6 of the nobUily and 
one of the gentrey that wer not oleire in ther judge* 
ments to wotte in this forsaid quere, ▼iz, 
E: Mar, 
E: Marshall, 
£» Home,, 
fi. Roxbmghe,, 

Sr Jo: ISndaire,' of Hemnstone* 
the second quere we3 tjius statted, quither a dilK 
lay founded' one<the> ciymes- of balding of hqusses 
stganist the estaits^ of 4he« countrey, being requyred 
lb render ibem^ be reliuant tot jnfeive punishment, 
and quhat the punisliment shall be ? 

•The housse finds it punishable, by &r&ultrey of 
lyf^ goods and landes. Only thesse iik all thoB. 
Iionsse wer of a contrarey judgement; 
S* Marishall, wotted not ; 
EL Morton, non liquet ; 
E* Bome; 
£. Fbrthe^ 
E. of Roxbrughe ; 
L. Elphlngstone^ puixishaUe by death only* 


The honsse appoyntes the comittees to meitt one 
Monday at % and the seuerall bodies in ihe after- 
noone; and the housse at Tuesday in the after- 


Tuesday, 2 Jttlg. Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

A letter from our conunissioners from LoadoOy 
daitit from Worchester housse, 5 Junij, quherm 
they show the estaits of pariiam«it, that the pari: of 
England had sent doune 28,000 lib. starling with 
Capitane Kers, wich, togider with the 7000 lib. from 
my Ladey Home, did compleitly pay 30,000 lib, 
promised to the armey in Irland, as a pairt <^60,()00 
Bb. • morouer they wreatt 8 shipes sent to ke^pe the 
north and west seas, 

' The honsse orders Comissarey Thomson ^ and 
Campbell toreceaue the money; 

The housse ordaines Colonell Robert Lumsden 
to goe and attend the Lord Leiuetenant Generally 
the Earle of Galendcr, and to serue in this expedi- 
tione as a Generall Maior, and according to that 
place, to haue pay so longe as he serues i as also for 
hes outrige, a mounthes pay in hand» 

The housse grants Generall Maior Pauid Lesliea. 
petition, as it is conceaued. 

The housse ordaines a comittee of 16 of cache es- 
tait, and the Lord Burlie to be president of the 
same^ to goe to Aberdeine ; the coram of this comitr 
tee to be 9 promiscuosly. 


The hoiisse ordalnes far the better and tspeidier 
dispatcher after the morrow the haill housse to meitt 
tuysse a day. 

The Earle of CassUes from the comittee for ouer* 
tures, {iroposis 3 actes to the honsse, wich wer read 
and giuen to be considered by the seuerall estaits. 

Bill exhibit to the housse, by the toune of Dim- 
^e^ shouing that the had lent to the farthering of 
the northern expeditione 9000 merkes, and hum- 
bley desjftes that, they may haue payment of that 
flomne out of ther loane money» ready and takin ad 

The E. of Lanricke from the committee for re- 
gulatting the processes of malignants and incendi- 
aries, that ther was ground of dittay in the deposit 
tions aganist the Lord Bamffe, and desyres to know 
of the housse b^re quhatjudge he shall be citted, 
and thefyme. 

The housse finds that ther neids no iurder cit»» 
tbne aganist the Lord Bamfie, and remitts him to 
the Judges deligat to be appoynted by the parliament 
for criminalls. 

The said comittee finds ground of dittay in Max- 
awoU of Killeleunges depositionSi its also aganbt 
MaxswoU of Miltone^ younger. 

The said comittee finds 3 that ther is nothing 
aipniat^ and the housse ordaines them to be sett at 


!libertey, tliejr finding voittioxie far ther good behauiof 
in tyme coming* 

The homse gines poner to the committee of regu- 
lati(9i^ to modifie expemii to prissoner^ and to 
giue accesse to ther friudes^ $s ihcfy shall thinke fitt. 

The hoiiase ordaines commisaiQnfl 4aid letters of 
intercomoning to be directed aganist them that are 
fijgittnes^ and wer citt^ to the committee of Smm- 
freis» in the rebdlione of the soothe. 

The honaae ordfunes . JardiQ, the Lcnrd Hairiet 
mansntf to be proceidit i^^anist by way of dittay. 
. The honsse ordaines Dawd Wallace to be sel^. at. 
liberty, and Thomas Bnme lyhwHyes. 

Bcger Lindesayes man to be proceidit aganist, by 
way of dittay. 

The housse ordaines a committee of S.of eaphe es- 
tait, .to tray the Earle.of Hanfel^ the Laird :of 
Hempsefeildt and prouest of Drumfreis :— 
Nob: ' Bart JBuri 

Aigyle* H^rden^ Bamffe, 

. Cassiles, Pittadri^ Brant^Iyland* . 

Learicfc. Garthland. Dxumfreis» 

^ Bin exhibit Jo the housse by thehaill commis** 

sioners of the burrowes, desyring one .to be author-^. 

ized in the place of CkxQseruatore, tiK that one be 

aelled therin* 

Bill exhibit to the housse by Thomas Cunii^« 
haafii^ that he was authorissed by the borrowes ii^ 


Ae ConBeraators place, and biiiliblejc besought 1^ 
housse to ratifie the same to him. 

The 'heusse grants the desyre of the bfll, and re^ 
mittes the way to one of eaehe estait, how to secure 
Thomas Cunmghame in. the said office^ ^tiU one be 
hiwfnliy appoynted. 

Nob: JBar:. But: 

'Glencaime. Cambsskeneth. S^ Jo: Smythe* 

Bill exhibit to the housse l^ Mr Dauid Rodger, 
minister, aganist Johne Maxswoll offCasd^niUc, for 
hes -misdemanor in wronging the said minister, and 
troubling die -dhurche, and interrupting diuyne-ser- 
uice one a fasting day. 

The hpusse ordgines Castelhnilk to behard^by 
the comittee of bills, and they to report to the 

Wedinsday, S Julay. Sessio 1. Pomerid; 

The hondse giues licienceto ,the Countesse of 
Hartefefl to visitt her husbaad* 

The 'housse appoynts Lewes Dick to appoynt a 
conwoy to die Dounis road to William Sagen, Jo: 
Wilsone, md all wther -shipes goinng that way. 
* The seuerall bodies to meitt at 8 and sitt will 12, 
and the housse at S in the aftemoone. 

Thursday, .4 Julij. Sessio 1. Pomerid^ 

The Earle of Annandaill came to thejiousse this 
day, and soiemly suore the othe of parliament; and 
tlierafter declares publickly to the housse, one bes 

ib Jk M4ft AKMAtSS OF 8C0TLAKD. 90ft- 

fiothf treath mid htmof, tbtit he had neuer aoey 
message, dealling or intelligenoe'widi the rebellious; 
Ldrdes'that inwadit the kingdome. 

The hoiisse cH^daines, by woyces, tup of eache es^' 
taat to §cfe to- England with diligeacei to be €<»d* 
missioners ther; 

The honsse^ by woyees, ordaines the list of the 
commissioners for England^ to be double. 

The housse, by plurality of woycesy- electes to be 
commisnoners for England^ c^ the barrons^ 
£k Arohbald Jhonston of Warestoa ; 
Sr Charles Erskyne of Cambuskenetfa y 
Dundas of Maner. 
Fryday, 5 Julij. Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

The list this day giuen in of the commissioners 
by the seuerall estaits, wer 6 of eache estait. 

& William Scot of Harden addit to the list of 
the nobility the Earle of Lanrick.- 

& Jhone St. Clare of Hermestone addit the Earle 
of Lindesay.^ 

& Jhone Craufiird of Kilbumey addit the Earle 
of Glencaime. 

Sr Johne Smythe addit the Laird of Maner to the 
list o€the barrons* 

Prouest of Aberdeine addit Sr William Forbesse 
of Cragewarre,. barronett, to the list of the barrons. 

The Lord Bargeney addit Johne Semple ta thje 
list of the burrowes. 


' The Lord fiarlie addett Mr Alest Douglasse, pro* 
nest of Bamffe, to the list of the burrowes. 

The Laird of Oarthland addit to the list of the 
barrons S^ Will: Cochrane of Coudoune* 

The housse^ by woyces, electit comin&sioDeni of 
the nobility to goe to England, 
* Lord Chancelery 

Marques Argyle, "* 

Lord Bafanerinoche* 
The housse, by plurality of woyces, electes of tfae^ 
burrowes to be commissioners for England, 

8* Johne Smithe, prouest of Edinbrughe^ 
Hen Kennedey, burges of Aire, 
Mr Robert Barclay, prouest of Irwine. 
* The housse aUoues to the tonne of Dundie repay- 
ment of 500 lib. starling, borroued from them by 
ihe publicke, (at the expeditione to the northe) and 
that in the first end aney moneyes shall be lent by' 
the said brughe. 

The housse modifies to the Ladey of Eckit, till 
her husband be hard, 600 merices Scottes money, 
for her intertainiment 

After muche debait in the housse, the subiecte 
that the seuerall bodies had to thinke one till this 
day was — 'Wither or not the present members of 
pari: shall only be capeable of aney preuilidge, and "^ 
not the rest of Scotland lykwayes, according to ther 
seuerall staits ? 


This rocke, after den oonsideratioiie, euid^ andt 
the questione as destructiue not medled with* 

The hoasse that commissione giuen to the Judges 
deligat, [be delayed] till Saterday cum aoght dayes« 
Satterday» 6 Jnlij^ Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

Of the 9 that wer wotted zestemight to goe com* 
missioners to London, this day the housse finds that 
the Marqnes of Argyle,. the La: of Maner, and S^ 
Johne Smythe, shall be last in ^pe-going to L(»h 

The honsse appoynts a comittee of 5 of eache es- 
tait to heire the Soedens conunissioner, to wait one 
the Lord Chancder one Monday in the aftemomie. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by Mr Thomas Nicol* 
sone, petioninng that the skaith done to him and hes 
tenantes by Glenvrquhayes re^uoent may be recom- 
mitted to the comittee of Aberdeine ; and quhat the 
said comittee shall thinke fitt to be restored, that the 
housse wold declare it to be pnblicke debte. 

The housse finds this bill resonable, and grantea 
the demand. 

The comittee for Hamiltone of Bogges, makes' 
ther report to the housse^ that they find restand to 
him by the pnblicke 30,000 lib. starling, and that 
they think fitt that he gett out of the newcome 
Irische moneyes &000 Kb. starlings and a 1000 lib. 
sterling in redey money, and that in pairt payment of 
lb,060 bols eatt meall to be fumisht by him, and 


IMftieiidy «ent to Irland. Also the said oomittee bes 
ordained him the prjces of 13 merkes for iike boll 
of thejiaid maiU that goes by sea, and 18 by land. 

Tht housse ordaines the <comittee for borrouing of 
mone/es to inquyre for debtes auen to the Earle of 
Forthey and to other delinquents, and in caisse they 
want jlruiffes, to take the othes of debetters* 

The honase ordaines the seuerall comitties to meitt 
one Monday ibmoone, and the bodies in the after- 
noone; and the haill housse on Tuesday at 3 in the 

Tuesday, 9 Jiday.* Sessio L Pomerid: 

Letter from the Earle of Calender to the president 
of the parliament, from Birlingtone Leger/ 8 Julij, 
isead in the housse. In this letter the Leuietenant 
Generall desyres the parliaments mynd wither or not 
he should moue touardes Sunderland or not. 

Letter from the Gouemour of Sunderland to the 
Lord Leiuetenant Generall, of the 7 of Julay, read 
IB the housse. 

Colonell Waldens letter to the Esdtle of Calender 
read in the housse, from Chester, 7 Julij^ showinng 
Pijoce Roberta motions after his defait. 

James Suords letter .to the Leiuetenant Generall 
from Sunderland, the 7 of Julij, read in^ the housse^ 
shotting the depositions of some prissoners anent 
Prmce Roberts defait. 

A letter from Hector Mao-neill of Tamuesse^ to 


the Laifd of Arkindlasse, sliouing of the arriuell of 
some Dunkirkers from Irland in the Westeme Iyle% 
of the dait the 4 of Julij. 

A letter to thfe Marques of Ai^Ie from the Gapi- s 
tane of Xhinsfaphnage^ read in the housse, showing 
that 4 shipes and A pinnasse are come to the lyles, 
and hes landit 200 of the Clandonald, with the Earle 
of Antrims brother, in the Westeme lyles^* 5 Julij, 

The housse ordaines the Marques of Argyles 
commissione to be renewed foip the lies, and ordanes 
him to haue a regiment of 500 men,' and to raisse 
the counti'ey, if neid beis, and the Marques to^stay 
himselue, bot tlie housse does dispeiioe with the 
Laird of Arkindlasse deperture to* that seruioe*' 

The Lord Chanceler, from the coHmiittee.for heiv^ 
ing the Suedens commissioner,* sew the housse the 
Queine and croune of Suedens demands to be t — 

1. The willingnesse ef that orouns amitey witk 
ws, and that shoe wold.hartily enter in leauge and 
associatione with wsof Scotland and England, of- 
fensiue and ^defensiue, if so wee wer pleassed ther-* 

t2o. That wee wold endeuor to free ourselues from 
the tyranney of the King of Denmarkes insupport- 
able tolles, and that sho woldneuer aggrie with hi^ 
wnles wee wer lykwayes comprehendit within that 
accord ; and shoe eamistly intreatts this stait to send 

TOU iiu p 


A»nie peraone veiU instructed for the bossines for- 

So. That after he had hes dispatehe heire, he wold 
goe for Engknd) and that the Queine of Sueden and 
&er counsell wer eamist gutters that the staittes ci 
Scotland wold be mediators^ betuix her and England* 
and moue them to aecept of her and her realmes to 
enter in that mutuall leauge with Brittane for de« 
fence of religiiHie* 

Thia report remitted to the conaideratioae of the 
aeuerall estaits. 

Lord Chancelers report from the comittee for Ir- 
land read in the housse^r- 

Contracte betuix the estaits and James Hamilton 
•f Boggesy and James Steuart, merchand of Edin- 
brughe, anent the furnishing and transportinng of 
10,000 bols eatte meall to Irland, befor the last day 
of Agust, read in the housse. 

The housse approues this contracte, ordaines the 
same to be wrettin ouer, and the president of the 
parliament to subscriue the same in^name of the 
quholl housse. 

A letter from the parhto Overall' Muor Monro, 
in fituors of the Wiseount Clandebowes, command- 
ing the said Maior to put no more quarteringes and 
eatactions one him, nor one hes neighbours, 'con*^ 
Iprme to ther estaits.- 


A comniittee of 6 of eache estait to debait and ^ 
settle the matter of excis8e, and to prepaire the 
same for the heiring of the housse* 

Nob: j Bar: 

Marq:' ArgyM, d^* Arch: Jhonstone ofWarrestone^ 
£. Lauderdailly- Tho : Erskyne of Balhagartie, 
£• Loutheani Jo : Dundasse of Maner^ 

L« Balmerinoche, £k AlexV Falconer of Halcartone, 
L. Burlie, Birsbane of Bischoptoune, 

K of Cassilesy* Shaw Of Greinocke.- 
L. Chanceler, super. 






St Andrewes. 
This comittee to meitt at 7 in the morning to mor^' 
row, and to sitt till 12, the coram to be 2 of eache 
estait, 6 in all ; the housse ordaines the same comit- 
tee to regulat the loane. 

The housse ordaines Comissarey Thodisone to 
pay to Capitane Kers for hes auen particular losse, 
and for hes good seruice in bringing home the money 
for lyrland, 2000 merkes. 

The housse appoynts a comittee of 2 of eache 
estait for hering of William Thomsons former 


Nob: Bar: Burr: 

E. Sbuthesck^ Kilbumey^. Bumbartane, 

L. Bargeney. Daicke. Brunt-Iyland. 

Lord Babnerinoche makes a report to the housse 
<^the pn>ceidinges of that eomittee for traying the 
debtes aiten to delinquents, and examixig ther cre- 
ditors one othe. 

The-h'ousse ordaines the procurators of the stait 
to giue in ther judgements, how the estaits and mo- 
neys auen to delinquents may best be medled with 
by the stait, and to acquant the seuerall bodies ther- 

The housse to meitt one Wedinsday at 8 in the 
afternoone, and the comittees to sitt befor noone. 
Wedinsday, 10 Julij. Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

The housse ordaines 5000 lib. starling out of 
thesse moneyes that came presently out of England, 
to James Hamilton of Boggis, and James Steuart, 
merchand of Edinbrughe. 

Item. That a precept be giuen them in the fauor» 
of Goldsmiths Hall, to anssuer them 1000 lib. star* 
ling, out of the first moneyes dew for Irland. 

Item. That quhat moneyes is to be borroued for the 
publicke from ther creditors, shall be alloued to 
them, and the same creditors ordained to take the 
publick souertty, till it come to IQOO lib. starling. 

Item. That all former actes made in ther fauors ba 


ratified, and that they.haue aimuall rent after ther 
day of payment* 

The housse ordaines Lanrence.Hendersone, Alex- 
ander MaxswoII, . and Sanxuell Locart, merchants, 
to be payed out of the reddiest moneyes that are to 
be borrouedi>y the publicke, after Dicke and Steu- 
art are payed .of 11,000 lib. starlmg. 

The housse giues souerty to Robert Gordon, in 
Aire, for 12,400 lib. Scotts, for maill furnished to 
the Irische armey, and ordaines a precept to be di- 
rected to the Comissisar ey , Will : Thomsone, and bill- 
ing of that to be payed out of the reddiest of the 

Acte past in fiiuors of Thomas Cunighame, r^ 
mitting his fees for the Conseruatory to the conyen- 
tione iof the burrowes at Kircaldey. 

Acte ordaining ane be put in the cas- 
tell of Streueling, of sic a competent number aa the 
parliament, conventione of estaits, or ther commit- 
tees, shall thinke fitt; the Earle of Mar and hes 
eldest some, the Lord Erskyne, being acted for the 
sauety of the castell, ay and quhill the parliament, 
conventione of estaits, or ther, comitties shall take 
some other ooursse therw ith ; bot preiudice to the 
Earle of Mar. and hes sone of ther right of ther of- 
fice of heritable keipers of the said castell, and ther 
rents belonging therto. 

The taking of Patrick Lesley, prouest of Aber- 


deine, Mr Robert Farquhar> comissarey for the pub- 
licke, Ballizie Jaffrey and hes brother, with the 
Deane of Gild, and putting them in priuat prissone 
in . the castell of Achindoune, and detaning them 
therein, they being the Kinges free leidges, and pub- 
lick persons, Quitlieder this cryme be punbhable 
be death, tressoj^e.or arbitriment of the parliament?' 
This being putt to the woyces of the housse, it was 
found by plurality of woyces, that this cryme is ca- 
pitall, and punishable by the paine of death* 

The housse ordaines the comittee for the crimi- 
nalls to meitt one Fryday at 7 boures. 

The housse. to meitt one Fryday at 3 in the after- 
noone, and the cqmitties at. 7 in the morning. 

Thursday, 11 Julij. No sessione of parliament, 
in respecte of the soleme Iceeptnng of the fast 
Fryday, 12 day. Sessio L Pomerid : 

This day the Lord Lure came tothe housse. 


A letter directed from the Earle of Lindesay, pfe^ 
fiident of that comittee with the armey at Zorke, to 
the comittee, (in respecte he thojught the parliament 
Jhad belna vpe), shouing of the grate Tictorey Ood. 
had giuea them aganist Prince Rupert, at Longe 
Marchstone-Mure in Zorkseyre; in wich batell. 
Prince Ruperta forced were totally routted. He 
eamistly desyres in. hes letter that Scotland wal4 
giue God soleme. thankes for this $0 notable a wic- 
t<nrey, &c. Daitit from the Leauger befor Zorke, 6 


A. D. 16M. OF SCOTLAND. ns 

Jnlij* The bou^fw ordaines this letter to be sent to 
the commissioners of the generall assembley, and 
that a generall thanksgiuing be giuen to God for $o 
grate ane victorey. 

The presid^it of the parliament from that comit- 
tee for the ezcisse makes hes report to the hoas8e> 
anent the proceidmges of that comittee, wich, after 
much debait, was againe remitted to the senerall bo- 
dies till to morrow. 

Fine senerall letters read in the housse from di« 
tiersse persones.of crydit, showing of the arriuell of 
15 shippes, with 8000 rebells in them from Irland, 
in the West.IIes^ with the Earle of Antrims brother^ 
and the sones of CoU: Kittocke, desymng the staity 
with all expeditione, to send the Marquesse of Ar«- 
gyle ther by land,. with some shipes lykwayes by sesy 
and ponder and amunitione« 

The. housse remittis all this to the comittee for the 

The.hons^ to meitt the morrow at 9 a docke, and 
one M<mday at S in the aftemoone. 

Saterday the 13 day. Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

The honsse remitts the anssnering of thesse let- 
ters from the comissioners at Zorke to the committee 
for the leuies, as. also remittes to the Irisch comitte, 
iht anssnering of all letters from Irland, and order** 
logof allbussines concerning the warre ther^ and 


withaU, ordaines the saids comittees to meitt one 
Monday after the housse desolues. 

The £.>of Calender, the Lord Leiuetenai^t Gene^ 
rails haill procedour in hes expeditione to the wes( 
bordours, in oppositione of thesse vnnatural noble- 
men that inwaditther countrey, read in the housse. 
• The housse, in one voyce, granteis ane acte of exp- 
oneratione and i^probatione to the Earle of Calenf- 
der, and committee that went with liim aganist the 
rebells at Drumfr^. 

A propositibne made to the housse this day by 
,the Earle of Louthean, for some recompence to be 
^ the publicke to the Lord Leuietenant 6e- 
nerall for iies former seruice ; this propositione, the 
neuerall estaits takes to ther consideratione* 

Xbe housse ordaiqes-JS^ Jhone Dalzeill for vpiiftp- 
ing of 20|000 merkes, auen to the Earle of CarUf- 
4vathe, hes brother, by the Earle of Southescke, and 
payed to Mr George Douglas, the Earle 8{ Queins*- 
bureyes vnckell, for some land, for wich the said Mr 
George had & Johnes ba^d for ;9mdeliured him as 
set, hauing giuen only tiquetts of resait, to rediUuer 
Mr George hes tiquetts of resait, and to goe to the 
castell of Edinbuighe- a prissoner» ther to remain 
during.the parliaments pleasure, for hes cousinage 
jand preassinng subtily by slight conwayences to de- 
fraud the publicke of such a malignanta moneyei^ 
As also they ordane Mr George Douglas, to redeli- 

A. D. 1644. ANNALES OF SCOTLANa 917 

uer and consinge the said &0,000 merkes to the 
Clercke of Register, to be at the disposall of the es- 

Monday, 15 day Julay. Sessio L Fomerid: 

A letter from Francis St Claire out of Cathnesse 
to the Marquesse of Argyle, shouing him that he 
had apprehendit zouug Drum and hes brother at 
the toune of Weeke, in Cathnes» and.desyre6 that he 
may haue order how they shall be transported. 

The housse remiUs this bussinesto the Lord JBur- 
lie, the Lairds of Fittodrie, Boyne and Cragiwat» 
and to the commissioners of Aberdeine and Bamffe. 

Foure letters from the lies and Argyle, to the 
Marques of Argyle, read in the housse, shouing that 
the rebells from Irland*wer 9 shippes andneire 4000 
men ; they intreat the Marques to haist him ther, 
and dispatche to them the shipes, pouder aud amu- 
nitione* Thlr letters are pf the U, 12, and 13 ci 

The housse ordaines the comittee of the leuies to 
meitt after the housse desolues, and giues them pouer 
to take order anent the bussines in the lies, and to 
glue present dispatches. 

The housse, by plurality, of woyces, finds the ex- 
cisse to he the only way to make a stock ^f crydit 
for the kingdome* 

The housse, after muche debait, ordaines 15 gal- 
lons of aile and 20 gaUons ,beir in the boll of malt, 

il$ AKNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A* D. 1644. 

and the aile to pay 4d. one pynt of excisse, the 
strcHige beire als muche, and the small beir only Sd. 
and that to be payed to the tappers by the leidges. 

Item. Quhateuer merchandize was brought home 
befor the 1 day of Merche last, vpone ther othe to 
pay one halffe excisse. 

Item. The housse, by woyces, ordaines the first 
payment of the excisse to begin, the first day of 
Agust, in this instant zeire of Ood^ 1644. 

Item. That all wich hes beine exacted heirtofore, 
by way of excisse, shall be payed to the publiqkq. 

Item. That no Frenche wyne pay excisse after 
Lambes, and that no wintiner exacte it of the leidges, 
till new wyne cum home, and then the excisse to 
continew still. 

Item. The saicke to pay excisse still. 

Item. The housse, by woyces, ordaines the excisse 
to indure alenerly to the I day of Agust, 1645, and expyre.. 

The housse, by voyces, ordaines no additions to 
be addit to the table of the excisse. 

The housse» after some debait, all in one woyce 
ordaines the borrowing of money to.cesse at Lambes, 
In A^ 1645, and that it shall not be leisome to that 
:Oommittee to come backe one thesse that hes beine 
citted befor the committee at Edinbrughe, and got- 
tin the publicke souerty. 

Acte ratifinng the Mnuentione of estaits holdin in 


Ao 1M3, with the haill <x>iDittees flouing from it, 
and seuerall actes of themj wotted and paat, nemo 

Ciommissione giaen to the Marques of Argyle, 
read, wotted and past. 

The hoQsse ordames all the actes past this day to 
be proclaimed and published to morrow, by a he- 
rauld, at the crosse.of Edinbrughe* 

The hoosse to meitt to morrow at 9 a dqcke 19 
the morning. 

Tuesday, 16 Jolij. Sessio L 

A letter from the Earle of Calender to the presi- 
dent of the parliament, of the )1 of Jolay, read in 
the housse,.shouing of hesnuuroiiinng towardes Sun- 
derland, and of Prince Ruperts beinng. neir Hex- 
ham, as also, that some sure conrssefor intelligence 
may be mutually keept. The coiisderatione of thi9 
letter, and anssuori^g, remitted by the bourse to the 
committee for the leuies. 

The seuendl bodies to meitt at 9, and the housse 
at 4. 

Sessio Sda. Fcnaeridiana.. 

The Judges deligat for the criminalls makes ror 
port to the housse this day. 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by the frmdes 
of Sr Jhone Oordone of Hadow, humbley desyring 
the housse to continew the pronouncing of sentence 
aganist him for a tyme, read. 


The anssuering of this.biU,. after some debmt, be- 
inng putt to this questione in the heusse-^delay or 
no delay ? by woyces it was caried — ^no delay, bot 
justice should be administrat. 

After muche debait, the questione was putt to the 
woyces of tbe housse, what should be his punish- 
ment ? wich was uotted to be foifaultrey, with losse 
of landes and goodes, to be applayed for the pay- 
ment of the publick debtes of the kingdome, and 
that hes head should be strucken from hes bodey 
one a scaffold at the crosse of Edenbrughe, at 2 in 
the aftemoone, one Fryday nixt» and hes annes to 
be solemley riuen by a herauld then 

Capitane Jhone Logics dittay and haill proces be- 
ing read in the housse, with the repcNi; of the Judges 
deligat, quherin the saids Judges did find his dittay 
releuant and prouen, funding also'2 poynts of hes 
dittay tresonable, and 2 capitally oidines by woyces 
the said punishment, maner and tyme, to be inflict- 
ed one him as one & Johne Gordon of Hadow. 

Comissione of leiueteancy aganist the rebells 
of Irland that hath inwadit the Western lies by 
sea and land, .read in the housse, to indure ay and 
quhill that rebellione be.supprest, till the 1 day of 
Nouember nixl^ or till the pari: conventione of es- 
taits or ther committees respectiue recall it 

The Earle of Linlithgow protests that this com- 


missione be not preiudiciall to the Duck of Len- 
noxs achniralty and ofiice of justiarey by sea. 

The comissione granted by the pari : to thesse that 
goes commissioners to England, quherin ane of cache 
estait in the said comittee is ordwied to be a coram, 
and non^ of ther commis^oners ta be exdndit if pre- 
sent, yead,^ wotted and past in the housse. 

The housse ordaines the seuerall bodies to meitt 
at 8, and the parliament at 10 the more befor noone. 
Wedinsday, 17 Julij. Sessio L 

The committee for wisiting the commissions grant* 
ed by the last parliament, makes ther report, wich 
was read in the housse, and first anent the commis- 
sione of the thesaurey, wich they find expyred. The 
Lord Chanceler and Argyle humbley desyres the 
housse they may be liberat of that burthen, and that 
BOW,, for the easse of the leidges, the housse wold be 
pleassed till the nixt parliament to think one 
ene only thessaurer ; to exeroisse wich place they 
thought none so fitt as the Earle of Lindesay, wich 
propositione the seuerall estaits tooke to ther con- 

Additione to the Marques of Argyles commis- 
sione,. viz* that hes commanders be payed by the 
publicke, and that hes auen charges be repayed him 
him one hes just accomptes*. 

The housse ordaines the Earle of Louthean ts 


h«ue sach a soume of moneyes as the' eommitte 
thinkes fitt out of bes Maiesties rentis for hes charges^ 
being sent bj the King and last parliainent to 
France ambaseadore. 

Sessio Sd« Pomeridiana. 

A bill exhibit to the honsse by Johne Logie, de- 
syring to be in the chamber with Haddow, that he 
may bane the comfort of the nunistera that comes 
to him. The honsse grantes this bill. 

A bill giiien in to the hoosse by the Ladey Car* 
negey, showing that shoe had payed the Earle of 
Camwathes fine of 10,000 lib. for the wsse of the pnb- 
licke, and desyres that sho may be payed of her 
said soume out of the first end of thesse 90,000 
merkes arrestit and deposit to the pari: as being the 
Earie of Carnwathes moneyes. 

The housse recommends this bQl to the comittee 
for borrouing of moneyes and ordrinng of malig- 
nants raits, to assure my Ladey payment of her 
10,000 lib. ont of Camwathes estait 

Bill exhibit to the housse by & Thomas Nicol- 
sone of Camocke, showing that S^ Alex: Gordone 
of Cluney, hes debter, hauing come to the tonne <me 
a protectione granted to him for 7 dayes, by the 
Lordes of Sessione, contrarey to the 21 acte of the 
^ pari: Caroli 1641, quherby the Lordes of Coun- 
sell and Sessione are expressly prcdubit to if aney 
protection to assure the persons of debetors from 


thfsr creditors; notwithstanding & Thomas takes 
the said Cluneywith captione, and pnttes him in 
the tolbuith of Edinbrughe ; he adheres to hes pro- 
tectione of tutnm accessum et recessum, both ther 
ressons and aBegations being at length read in the 

The honsse» after much debait in this matter, 
anent the explaliatione of the arte of pari: eschuind 
to decyde in the bill for the present, in respecte of 
the heauie preiudice to the leidges, bot appoyntes 
a comittee of 2 of eache estait, with the Lord Chan- 
celer, for anssueriog this bill, and explaining the 
said acteof pari: quo ad futura; notwithstanding the 
most pairt of the housse inclynnd that Cluney should 
remaine in prissone tiU & Thomas Nicolsone wer 

Nob: Bar: Bur: 

£• Lauderdaill, La: Bussie, Dumbartane^ 
£• Southescke. La: Maner. Bamfie* 

This comittee to meitt to morrow at 9 houres. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by George Jamessone, 
prouest and commissioner of the brughe of Cou* 
pare, hiimbley desyring that he might be payed of 
ihesse moneyes, viz. of 1000 lib. starling, aughtin 
him by the puUicke for wictoall furnished to Irland, 
out of the fynes of the delinquents and malignants 
in the northe, after the Marques of Argyle was .pay- 
ed. Granted. 


The housse to meitt to morrou at lO, the coinit>- 
tees at 7, and the boddies at 9. 

Thursday, 18 Julij. Sessio 1. 

£• of HartefeUs petitione to the housse, humbley 
desyringy that in place of Argyle, to name ane other 
nobleman to preceid in that comittee appoynted for 
hes trayeH, to the effect tHey may make ther report 
to the housse, or wtherwayes he may be inlarged one 
sufficient catione befor the closse of this sessione of 

The housse names the Earle of Dumfermling for 
Argyle, and ordaines the comittee to meitt to mor- 
row at 7 houres in the morning* 

Acte past in fauors of Johne, Earle of Lijadesay, 
of the office of Heigh Thesaurer of this kingdome ; 
his comissione to indure vntill the next trienniall 
parliament, reseruing the Thesaurer deputts place, 
conforme to hes patents, and he to supley the place 
in tl^e Thr principalis absence. 

Acte for tuo of each shyre to apprehend the fugi- 
tiues and runaway es, conforme to the acte made ther- 
anent^ wotted and past. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by Sr Jobne DaLiell of 
Neuton, humbley desyrinng, by acte of the housse, 
he may be free of aney declaratione made by him in 
fauors of hes brother,, and that thesse landes bought 
by him from Mr Creorge Douglasse, may be dedar* 
ed to be his. 


The bonfise grantes the bill^ and ordaines the pe- 
titioner to be set at liberty. 

Sessio 2da« Pomeridiana. 

Petitione exhibit to the housse by William^ Earle 
of Lanricke, aganist & James Galloway, for hea 
Ysurpiag the office of Secretarey ; as also i^mist 
S^ Rob: Spotswood, now wsinng*the said office at 
coorte, ener since the petitioners restraint at Oxe- 
ford, at wich tyme hes Maiestie requyred the said 
signett from the petttioner, quho deliuered it to the 
Lord Digbey and S* Eduerd Nicolas^ He desyrea 
the housse to take to ther consideratione the deser^ 
ued pmiishment of the 2 vsnrpers, contrair 2 actea 
of counsel], and one of parlicunent ; and by acte they 
wold declare his office and place of ;Secretare7 to be 
free of aney preiudice by the vsurpatione of thesse 
enimies to ther countrey^ &c^ 

This petitione takin to the' consideratione of the 
aeuerall estaits apdft^ 

Bill exhibit to the hottsse by the coinmissione]^ of 
the haill royall brughes of the kingdome, desyrinng 
that thesse monnayes payed by them to the factors 
of Campheire £>r armes and amunitione, yiz. 64 
thousand gidlinges, may be repayed to them, and 
that each brughe, pro ratui, may be payed out of the 

The housse grantes the biU, the petitioners in- 
structing the debtev 

vox* III* g 

ttf akkales op SCOTLANDl a. d. iei4. 

t bills giaen in to t]i<e housse by the royoU bur- 
rowes of the kingdome ; I» fw ther losses bj sea be- 
for the last trettey; 2, ther losses since the late 
wavre did begine» desyrring that some competent 
povtione of the brotherly assistance from England 
Msj be sequestrat for tibat wsse, wntill tJier losses 
be rsally instructed. 

Both of them takin to the awisaoidmn df the es- 

Acte ratiftnng 8 sewrall actes of counsmll flinent 
the measure and pryce of coles sold within the coon- 
fipey^ and the prdferring the natiiies to strurigers in 
the seall, read in the housse^r 

Colemasters feassons aganist aney generall ratifl- 
eatione of thesse actes of counsaiU, read Ijkwayes* 

The housseappoyntes a committee forprepairinng 
this bussines of the cole, yiss. 3 of cache estait, to 
meitt to morrow at 7 iit the morning, viz. 

Nob: Bar: Bmri 

B^Caasiks, Z^: Clarkingtofi^ Edinbrughe. 

£. Soathes^ke^ La: Warrestone,' Bundie,- 
!#• BahneriBoche. La: Maner. LiiJi^gow. 

Commlisione establishinng and authorizing a com-" 
miltee in the northe, for fynning and punishing of 
all delinquents and malignants therj of vrich the pari: 
in one woyoe, appoyntes the Lord Burlie presidenty 
T&sidy wiotted and past. 

The comitties to meitttomon^owatTintKe morU'-* 
ing^ the bodies at 8, and tbe housse at 10* 


Fryday, 19 Jullj. Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

A comittee of 83 of eache estait chosen by the 
hoiisse to sitt at Edinbrughe in the interwall betuix 
the sessions of parliament, with this declaratione, 
that thease that are commissioners at London shall 
be snpemiimerarey ; the coram of this committee to 
be 9 promiscously, ther being present 1 of eache es- 
tait ; and each nobleman that beis absent, shall pay 
8 dolars, eache barron 2, and eache broughe 1 ; and 
that the first meitting of this c<»nmittee be the day 
befor the ryssing of the parliament, at wich tyme the 
houase does ordaine them to a|^ynt ther diuisions, 
Sessio 2da« Pomeridiana. 

The hottsse ordaines Monday in the aftemoone 
for bills* 

The housse remitta the donne casting of thesse 
housses contined in the roll giuen in by the commit- 
tefe for the northe, with pouer and command to the 
said comittee to demolishe the said» housses, if they 
be not secured for the peaee of" the countrey, wnder 
grate soumes of money* 

Saterday, 20 Juli). Sessio mica. 

Acte ratifinng 4 actes of ccmnsaill, anentthe fur- 
nishing the countrey with cole* Item, anent the pryce 
and mesure, wotted and past; and the housse 
grantes to the Earle of Dumfermling exemptione 
from this acte, for the space of 2 zeires, imediatly 


follouing the 25 day of December nixt, in respecte 
lies cole of the Crosse-gate in the Mures is drowned. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by the Earle of Home» 
craning order to be takin for hes losses at Dunglasse^ 
and desyring ane acte of the housse for hes payment^ 
quhen as the grater affaires of the kingdome can 
permitt;. ad auisandum till to morrow* 

All contrawersies betuix the St* Claires^ Mow- 
atts and Neiuens, with the herinng and composinng 
of the griuances of Orknay, by acte of the housse re- 
mitted, with the parties consents, to the finall deter- 
minatione and decisione of the Earle of Morton* 

The housse ordanes 4000 merkes Scottes zeirlie, 
payable to S^ Johne Settons Ladey by the JDncke 
of Lennox for her joynture, for wich shoe hes sou* 

The housse ordanes the Laird ' of Cluney, Gor- 
don^ to remaine in prissone, notwithstanding the 
Lordes of Sessions protectione, till he pay S' Tho^- 
mas Nicolsone. 

The housse ordanes the committees for leuies to 
take present order for putting the haill countrey be 
south Tay presently in a posture of warre, and or- 
danes the coramissioners of thesse shyres to meitt at 
2 a clocke this day in the aftemoone. 

The pari: to meitt one Monday at 2 in the afteiv 


Monday, 22 of Julij. Sessio vnica. 

Acte ordamng all the subiects of Scotland to be 
judged by the judicatories and pari: of ther auen 
kingdome, and that hes Maiestie be delt with to re- 
leasse Duck Hamilton ; and if the said Ducke be 
attached as a peire of England, that then he may be 
judged by the parliament of that kingdome. This 
acte containes in it also a declaratione aganist thesse 
that counsaills the King to wiolatt the lawes and 
preuilidges of this kingdome, contrair the saided 
lawes and Jmowen liberties of the samen, and or« 
daines thesse to be perseued as publick enimies to 
both kingdomes, wotted and past 

The housse, by ther acte, ordanes S^ James Gal- 
loway not to medle with the Secretaries place, wn- 
der the paine of lossing hes auen place of Master of 
Re^uysts, and to be declared incapable of aa^ 
place within this kingdome, wotted and past. 

The housse ordanes the 'Eagle of Home to hand 
40,000 lib. Scotts for hes losses at Dunglasse, con- 
forme to hes petitione,.to be payed quhen the grater 
affiiiresof the kingdome may permitt. 

The housse grants to the burrowes sequestratione 
of a pairt.of the brotherly assistance, as zet wnpay- 
ed, for ther losses by sea, conforme to ther bill ex- 
hibit to the housse for that effecte; ther compt be* 
ing seine and alloued. 

The houjse remitts all bills not hard and anssj^er- 


ed this day to the comittee of estaite widi presently 
is to Bitt doone^ . with pouer to them to remitt sach 
as concerns the Sessione, Connsaill, Justice General!, 
&c. to thesse aeuerall judicatories, and to deceid one 
all rtfaer bills that concerns the pari: oa: stait, past 
in acte. . 

The housse grantes the old coUedge of Sl An*- 
drewes petidone for some mandnence out of the 
excretione of hes Maiesdes munificence to diat 

Tie housse, in respecte of the rebellione of Ro- 
bert, Earle of Nidisdaill and hes depftttes, quho are 
Steuflirts of Kircubrigfat, none being ther nou to ad* 
minister justice to hes Maiestifts leidges ; anlsandum 
tili to morrow. 

The housse ordaines the I^urd of Oigh<^ bill to 
he hard, befor. sentence be pronounced aganist him. 

The housse approwes the Laird of Buchanans ser- 
nice, in slighting the housse of Mugdocke by thei: 

The Lord Bjalmerinoche, from the committee for 
regulatting o£ processes, makes hes report to the 
housse of ^e processes of forfaultrey aganist the 
Earleaof Crai^urd, Camwatfa, Forthe and Lord 
Eythan, found to be publick enimies to ther coun- 
trey, inwadera of it, and for adioyning themselues 
and assisting the popische and malignant partey. 
Th^ said committee finds them, by acte of Ae large 

A. I>. IM*. A»VALU$ OF flCOTLANa m 

trettey wkh England, to be guilty of hdghe treas- 
sone, and to be punishable at the arbitriment of the 
parliament, to forfault all ther landes, guides and 
heritages, to the wsse of the publicke ; and the said 
comiltee finds ther dittay to be releuant and fuUy 

This rq>ort takin to be adwissed by the seuerall 

.Tuesday, 23 Julij* Sessio 1. 

The Irische trettey betuix the Scotts and Ei^lisch^ 
commissioners, aneat the ccmditions made to the 
.Scotts armey in Irland, with the ri\^ificatione of the 
same, by bothe housses of pari: in England, read in 
the housse, ratified by acte and aj^rouen. 

Commissione of the thesaurey granted by the pari: 
to Johiie» Earle of Lindesay, to continew till the 
nixttrienniall pari: past. 

Acte recommending the said Earle of Lipdesay tp 
the Kix^^ Maiestie, wotted and pas.t 
Sessio 2da. Pomeridiana. 

The Lord Balmerinoch^ from that comittee ap- 
poynted to. heir the deqrres of the kirke, makes hes 
report to the housse^ wich was read. 

Acte dischargmg al executione of justice, as cap- 
tions, arrestments, remouings, &c« one the Sabath 
4^99 dayes of publicke humiliatione, &c. ; as also 
aganist salmone fishing one the Sabathe, and othf r 
abiisaes profiming tl^e Lordea day, read, wotted and 

taa AKNALES OF 8C0TLANBi A. B. I«41 

Acte anent diuorce for adakerey, and certiune 
caisses and prouisos contained in the acte, read, woti- 
ted and past 

Acte prohibitting the kepinng of merearts aney 
qiiher within this kingdome one Monday and Sater- 
day, wnder the paine of a 100 merkes^ toties quoties^ 
read, wotted and past 

Acte discharging right of patronage to belonge to 
aney particular minister, as tittdars of benefices 
anexed to them, bot thesse presentations heirafter to 
belonge to the presbeterey, read, wotted and past 
^ Acte aganist tauems and alehousses, aganist dun* 
Icards and drunkenes, that none seall aille, wyne, 
nor stronge drink, after 10 at night, read, wotted 
and past 

Acte dischargeing ministers bookes to fidl within 
the wyfies executrey, read, -wotted and past 

Acte ordaning waccant stipends to be bestoned 
one pious wsses, read, wotted and past 

Acte ratifinng the acte of the generall assembley 
anent the band subscriued, and declaratione laitly 
takin and publisdiied at .Oxford, with a remitt to the 
estaits to putt some piiblicke marke of infamey one 
die said band and declaratione. 

Acte anent the medling with the estaits of persons 
ezcomuiiicat, remitted by the housse to the comittee 
of estaits. 
Acte ratifinng hes Maiesties donatione of 500 liK 


starling, out of hes reuenews, to the cooiinissio&ers 
of the kirke, past. 

Acte ratifinng seuerall donations and monifica* 
tions of hes Maiesties, of certaine bisGhoperickes and 
churche landes, to the vniversities of St Andrewes, 
Edinbriighe, Aberdeine and (Grlasgow, wotted and 

The hoosse remitts the 2 Justice deputtes boll 
exhibit to them to the Exchequer^ with a recomen* 
datione for payment 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10, and the 
comitties at 7 and S. 

Wedinsday, 34 of Jiflay. Sessio 1. 

The housse adds four of eache estait to the co- 
mittee of the kirke, for surrander teinds and phinta- 
tion of kirkes; and the same number of «ache estait 
is addit by the housse to that comittee for comoa 
burdens. - 

Acte for putting the countrey in a posture of 
warre, for ther defence aganist ther enimeys invas- 
sioBs, and that leache man be redey with 30 dayes 
prouisione and armes, vnder paine to be esteimed 
dispbayers of the orders of the parliament, and con- 
temners of ther countreys sauety. 

The housse appoynts the Lord Cfaancder, vthe 
Earie of Lauderdaill, Warrestone, and the Prouest 
of Edinbrugk^, to di^atdie ane expresse to the ge- 
nerall comittee a^d Leiuetenant Generall with speedy 


tar adwynmig than in some Uiinges from the oomit- 
tee of the lewies. 

Sessio Sda. Pomerid: 

A bill exhibit to the honssejbythe Earie of Dam- 
flemiingf desyring the pari: to take suche coorsae as 
they ahooUl thinke fkt, that he may be fred from 
such imputations layed to his^chai^, by the emis^ 
stone of some pamphktts, wid| chai]ged him with 
diners BBpertiaoa of malignacey» and enimey to the 
religion, &c. ; for after Kentone batell, he beinng 
apprehendit by the parliaments foroes, was sent to 
London, and ther keipt prissoner without heunung 
8 weekes, during .wich tjxae thesse piunphletts w^r 

.4^>oe this b|ll tibe housseordaines amongest wthers 
ane instructione to be giuen to tiher commissioniQifi^ 
declaring the said Earles carriage^ and that the es* 
tait heir had no suche bad conceit of him. 

The oomittee for heiniing of Comissarey Thom- 
sons compts makes ther report, wich was read in the 
housse. The estaits of parl< approues the said 
comptes and report, and discharges. him therof^ sal- 
uojusto calculo. 

Bill exhibit to the housse by the Earle of Harte* 
MI, desyring his bussines to be putt to a trayell, 
himselue fred from prissone^ and ccmfyned witUn a 
myle of Edinbrughe, wnder quhat pane the housse 
^ould be pleassed. 


. Thekiasae oidaiies theEarleofHaile&Utox^ 
maine prissoner quher he is ; lies proces to be mad^ 
and he to be sumoiid and put to hes trayeU, in re- 
specie, the said estatta findes matter of dittay aganist 

lliehoi]i9eioiDeit(o.monnc>vAtlOaclocke, and 
the coauttitf at T. 

Thursday, 85 Julay. fiessio 1. 

The hoasse ordaines the £arle of Cakttder tp 
hsue for hes bypast aeniices done to the countrey 
4p thousand pound JSootte% to be payed at Merti* 

▲ quere proposed by the Judges deligat to the 
housse, Quhat should be the punishment of tbesae 
that had assisted the iniiradders of the countrey, and 
quither the qualified dittay (read in the housse) wa# 
releuani or not aganist MaxswoU of MidkeltcHie ? 

The housse, by woyces, findes the dittay reieuant 
to inforce that punishment dew to the inwaders of 
the coflatrey, wich ia tresaone. 

Sessio 2da. Pomeridiana. 

The houas^ by wDyces» does pconounoe aentence 
of fbrfaukrey aganist Lodouick, Earle of Cr8ufurd» 
Patrack, Earfe of Fortfae, and. Jarnes^ Lord Eythan, 
and declares them traitors to ther reli^oa and ooaur 
tr^, aud perfidious faveckers of ther nadonall coue- 
naat; and all dier laudes and heritages, gudes» 
moueable and imovable, to be firott henfivlh for* 


fiuiltedy and belonge to the estaits of the ldiigdo]iie» 
to pay the publick debtes* 

Petitione exhibit to the housse by Johne, Elarle of 
Lindesay, shouing that in Januarij 1642, Lodouick, 
Earle of Craufurd, had resigned the tytaH of Earle 
of -Craiifttrd in hes Ma^ handes, -qidio had giuen 
him a new infieflment to himselue and the heirs 
mailles of hes auen bodey, quhilks fai11inng» to the 
petitioner, and to the aires mailles of hes bodey ; 
quherfor he humbley iesyres^ that the said forfiud- 
tore of Ludouick, Earle of Craufiird, may not pre- 
iudyce hes right, bot that tlie housse wold be pleassed 
to except hes tytill and xight out of the said forfaul- 

Hes patent read in&e housse, and by acte of the 
same ratified. 

The housse grantes the petitioner hes bills. 

Acte ratifinng the tytill and dignity of Earle of 
Craufiurd to Johne, Earle of Lindesay, conforme to 
hes patent, of the dait at Vindesor, 15 Januarij, 

The housse madces and creattes the Lord Kircu- 
bright, steuart of that steuartrey, and grantes him a 
commissione to indure till the nixt trienniall parlia* 
ment, wotted and past. 

The housse appoyntes a committee of 2 of cache 
estait^ consider the Lord Dalzells petitionee and to 
make Aport to the housse. 


2to6: Barr Burr: 

Bahnerinochey La: Halcartone, Brunt^Iyland, 
BMrgan^- La^ Caudone. DnmbartaQe. 

Housse to meitt to morrow at 10 houres» and the 
bodies apairt at 9, the comitties at 7v 

Fryday, 26 Julij. Sessio I. 
. Acte establishinng the committee of estaits, ready 
wotted and past* 

The Earles of Cranfurd and Forth, with the Lord 
Eythan, wer solemly forfaulted, and the armes of 
Forth and E3rthan riuen by Lyone King of Armes^ 
in iace of parliament, after ane discoursse, as also at 
the crosse of Edinbrughe.^ 

Sessio 2da. Fomeridia: 

A warrand past, compelling all masters of shipes 
Tneloaden to seme the publicke, in transporting of 
wictoall to Irland for the armey, at the instance of 
the comissaries and wthers hauing entresse and 
charge therof ; and that all magistrats shall irapris- 
sone the refussera till they condescend, they alwayes 
putting in souertie to them for payment of ther 
firaughts and indemnitie of ther shipes, and restore of 
ther losses, in caisse they shall happin to be takin 
by pyrattes ore wthers^. 

A letter from General! Lewin read in the housse, 
(directit to the committee of estaits,) craning a 
tuplie of wictualls and moneyes, and the exan^lirey 


punishment of some of the fugitiues, remalkiBng bflck 

A letter from the Comisstrej GeneraB Hombie 
to the Lord Chanceler, showinng of the intaking of 
Zorke, and remitts the termes of the capitulation to 
the committees letter wich is a coming. 

Acte giuen in by the barrons and burrowes bear- 
and, that in all committees to be chossen oat of 
thesse bodies^ ther shall be ane list made be the 
saides bodies disioyntiue, and presented to the par- 
liament, quhermto aney number of the wther tua es- 
taits shall ade, hot not alter/ out of quhilke list and 
additione shall be chosen the commissioners, bot the 
addit persons shall only be such as are ather actuall 
members of parliament for the tyme, or suche as are 
capable to be commissioners of parliament. This 
aete was past after ane continuatione and a kmge de- 
bait betuix some noblemen, the barrons and bur- 
rowes ; the noblemen awouching this acte to be ane 
directe vielatione of the liberties of parliament 

The forfaultour of the Earle of Camwathe, and 
the restitutione of hes sone, remitted to the nixt ses- 
sione ci the parliament 

Acte for putting the countrey in a posture of de- 
fence aganist forrane inwassione, past and conclndit 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10, the comit- 
te^s 1^ 7, and the seuerall bodies apairt at halJBEe Si 

A. 0. 1044. AMNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. fS9 

Sotcirday, 97 Julij. Sessio I. 
Acte ratifiting tbe acte of llie g^erall assembley, 
anent the declm^tione published at Oxfurd, ordaiii- 
ing all tlie anbscriners of that wicked and dazEUEwble 
piee to be persecuted as traitors to fher eoimtrey by 
the coHunittee of estaits ; and to the end that some 
marke €i infamey may be put vpone the sidd decla^ 
ratione, ordaines the copey of the same to be bumd 
by the hand of the hangeman at the crosse ci Edin- 
brughe, past and wotted. 

Acte reuioeing ane other acte anent the prouisione 
of manses- and glibes for ministers, wotted and past« 
Acte for vpeliflinng c^pecuhiall fynes of whoore- 
mongers^ dmnkardes, suerers, &e* to be applayed 
far pkMM wsses, remiHed to the nbtt sessione of the 

The Lord Chaiieeler makes hes report from the 
comlnittee for Iriand, that the Comissarey, Johne 
CampbeBy is 4o be sent ouer with 14 thousand pound 
starlings as also that a eommissione be drawin Tpe 
for the comittee ther, wich wes read and past, the 
coram qoherof wes 5 ; and the housse giues warrand 
for the payibent of 3608 lib, starling, borroued by 
the publick out of thesse moneyes for Irland, and 
that out of the first moneyes that comes in aney way 
to the pubUcke. 

The housse ordaines the committee of estaits tor 
nedie with the estaits and moneyes of thesse quhosssr 


dittayes are found releuant and prouen by the Judges 
deligat, and to lay hold one ther persons. 

Acte that couenanters be not preiudged by the 
forfaultrey of quhatsomeuer persons^ they not beinng 
pertakers of ther crymmes in aney maner» beinng 
ather wassaQs, creditors or cationers for the persons 
forfanlted, after cryme comitted, wotted and past 

The housse, by woyces, ordaines the creditors of 
the Earle of Carnwathe to haue ther releifEe of the 
land belonnging to the said castle.- 

Ratificatione and dissolutione of the Earledome of 
Orknay, woodsett by hes Maiestie to the Earle of 
Mortone, wnder the reuersione of 30,000 lib. star- 
ling, wotted and past. 

Ratificatione to Patrick Maule of Panmure, of he^ 
infeftment of Arbrothe, contining certaine cautions 
and reseruations expressed in the acte^ in fauor» of 
the vassalls of the said abacey, past. 

Sessio 2da. Pomeridiana. 

This day the Earles of Eglinton<s and Buceleuche 
came to the hovsse. 

Bill of the Lord Balmerinoches, erauing payment 
of the soume of 40,000 merkes desbursit by him for 
tlie publieke. This bill remitted to the comittee of 
estaits, ordaining him to be payed out of the wn- 
quhile Earle of Forthes estait and moneyes. 

A letter from the committee with the armey at 
Zork, of the dait 23 Julay, complaining one absence 


of officers, and if they returned not, that ther places 
should be desposed one ; that Zorke was randred 
the 16 Julay instant ; that the runawayes might "be 
returned and some of them hanged, to the terror of 
others; that the estaits wald take soume order annent 
the recruittinng of that armey, &c. read. 

The housse remitts the ansuering of this letter to 
the comittee of estaits. 

The Lord Chanceler makes hes report to the 
housse, annent the proceidinnges of that committee 
appoynted by the last parliament for the incendiaries, 
read and approuen, and that comittee exonered by 
acte of the housse." 

The Lord Chanceler and Earle of Lauderdaill, 
makes ther report from that comittee appoynted by 
the last parliament for wisitinng the registers. The^ 
housse approues tlie said report, and committs the 
trust of inwenturing of the said registers, conforme 
to a clausse of ane acte of the last pari; annent the 
registers to the Clercke Register. 

The housse one the Earle of Hartefells petitionee 
notwithstandinng aney former ordinance by thein 
for hes restraint, ordannes him to be sett at liberty, 
and confyned with and about 2 myles to Edinbrughe ; 
he finding souerty for 10,000 pound for hes deport- 
ment; and remitts his tray ell to the committee of es- 
taits, and they to report the nixt sessione of parlia- 

vol*. HI. B 


The Laird oFEtej^dfeild edarged abo» Imd cat- 
fynod ftk Biid i% itmder the {Mdme of 10,000 merkes 
jfer hes dopditfneiit. 

The pronesft <^ Ditanfreis enkified w&der the 
plAttie 6f 6000 meilces^ imd he ordkiBed to pay hed 
fynne of 10,000 ihetkes befor hes inlargement. 

Hie Maxs\v^61Iii ^tM war eoioitted 2 dayes bcfor 
war also inlarged, and confyimd one catione. 

The facmsse to meftt one Monday at 9 homes. 
Monday, S9 July* Sessio. 

The pariSanCients letter to bdthe honsses of parlia- 
Adnt in England, aossuerimig liher £>rmer letters to 
this stait, read and approuen in the h<msse» 

A lettcir 'from the parliament faefr to ther -commit 
signers at Londoii, read in dielionsse and iq^roaen. 

The lidtisse renewes l!he commissiotie of the ex- 
eheqtier, only S^* James Galloway is delett, and my 
Lord Chknceler addit, witfaOiM aney ftirder altenn 
AdHe'tifi the iiixt se^sione of parfiameilt. 

Acte ratifinng the actes of the cohventione of es- 
tufs ttnent l!he excisse, and regdatting l!he same^ 
ilrtiited ahd past. 

iFhe honsse giaes poner to the ^te comiftee tyf 
estiiits, wich is to sitt betuix the sessiones of parlia- 
liient, t6 appoynt Judges deligat for examinitige and 
proceiding on the processe of delinquents, tmd to re- 
port to the nixt sessione of parliament 

The housse continewes the former comissione 
granted by the last parliaiilent, in Ao 1641, to 17 of 


t e^tiii^ for conaeraing the t^eaee iMtw bodi 
kingdomes, eisdem terminis et personis. 

The bousse ordaines, by ther acte, the sessione to 
fitt doBoe Jtfae 1 day of Nouember nixt, and intuna« 
tione thenof to be made by sound oi tnunpett at the 
cnBse of Edinfanigbey that none of the leidgea pre- 
tend ignonnce of ^ same; 

Acte appiouiiiig the good semice of the aduocats 
of the/eataity and witik all remittinng li&e reuard of 
ther aeruice to the oomktee of estaits. 

-The Laisd of Maner aakes hea report firom the 
Judges deligaty of William MaxawoU of Midelkel* 
tone, hes processes quheria the dittay aganist hiia is 
firand prowin by the said Judges, and relevant to in* 
fer fiMrfittihrey of lyffe, landes and goods. 

The humble petitione of William Maxswoll of 
Hiddlkeltone, read in the housse, crauing pardone 
from the parliament; he offers to renunce all hes es^ 
tait, and to be perpetually exyled. 

The houase absolutly refusses the bill, and accord* 
ing to sentence, ordaines justice to be execut; hea 
head to be struken off from hes bodey at the crosse 
of Edinbrughe, and hes acmes to be liuen by a he* 
rauld, and he declared ignoble and basse. 

The demolishing of the castell of Dumbartane re- 
mitted to the comittee by the housse. 

Acte that all shouldioura that are diaabled, hurte 
OTe mained in tlte mantinence of the good canaae^ 


Be inantined one the publicke duurge^- reade, wotted 
and past. 

Acte anent paying of taxt, loaile and wther im- 
positions, by proper woodsetters of landes, contaning 
foure queres therin, wotted, read and past. 

Acte anent the dildsione of comonties and mooreSf 
remitted to the nixt sessione of parJLiament. 

Acte ordanii^ 'tetters of homing to pas ypone the 
Lyons decreitts aganist messingers, as vpone the de- 
creitts of other inferior judges, wotted and past. 

Acte anent making of heretable bandes arresta- 
ble, read, wotted and past 

Commissione of Justiciarey granted by the parlia- 
ment to WHliam) Earle c^ Morton, for Orknay and 
2^tland, to indure for the space of 3 zeires from the 
first of AgU€t, read, wotted and past.^ 

Acte anent the eleotione of the officers of estait, 
remitted to the nixt sessione of parliament. 

William MaxswoU of Midelkeltone, receanethhes 
sentence of forfaulture and losse of hes head, in the 
housse, sitting one hes knees. 

Ratifioens past, ther rubriques beinng read, and 
they sighted and alloued by the committee for rati- 
ficationes, wer past. 

Acte saluo jure cuius libet, wotted and past. 

Acte declaring this a current parliament, and tfaer- 
i&r the housse all in one w»yce adioymea the same till 
the first Tuesday of Januarij, without preiudice to 


the committee of estaits to conweine the pari : souner, 
giue they find reassone for it. 

The Lord Chanceler clossed vpe this sessione df 
parliament with ane prettey and eloquent speache, 
randering the Almightie most hartie thankes and 
honor for the peaceable meitting, and unanimity in 
the mantinanee of hes causse; intreatting the quhoU 
estaits of the Idngdome to stand fast togider for the 
• mantinance of the treuthe, honor ^f the King ^md 
Weill of hes realmes, now all in fyre of combus- 
tione by the treacherous practices of papists, athests 
and malignants, aganist religione and the subiectes 
liberde setteled by law. He wished eurey one to 
fetche watter with him to helpe to extinguisse the 
fiirrey of this flame, and not oyle to-nourishe itt and 
lastly, besought the grate Creator of Jieauen and 
earth, quho according to the gude pleassure of hes 
will, did goueme the actions of inen, to preserue 
from danger the Kinges persone, to establishe peace 
and treuth in all his doibinions, and to remoue the 
-crayinng sins of the land, wich was the causse of so 
heauey ane indignatione ypone it. 

AHNALB8 OV 8C0TLAKD. A. 0. 1641. 

Tuesday, T Januar\J4 Sessio vnica. 

Mr Robert Douglas preadied to the housse this 
day a hea text was^ Esaias, eap. 3» versa 10. After 
sermon the Clerck Register called the roU. 

The Lord Zester, in naine of the Earle of Calen- 
dar! protested that the calling of the Earle of Leuia 
first, should not prejudge him, the said Earle of 
Osl^adar, df hes pla^, eonforme to hes patent; 
and the Earle of Leuin protested in th^ eontrareji 

The Lord Borthuicke protested that the cidlinng 
of th^ Lords Zester and Sinclair should net pre^ 
iudge him bf hes place of precedencey. 

Nobili^ present this day. 

E» Morton^ 

£• Dumfbrmlin, 

E. LauderdaiU, 


E. Tullibardin^ 

E. Louthean, 

Bi GassUes^ 

E. Galloway, 

£• of Leuii^ 

£. Perth, 

£. AnnandaiU, 
Vis: Frendr^th» 
TiOrds — 





St Clair, 



The housse ordanes all suche noblemen, barrons 

and burgesses, that wer not commissioners at the 

first sessione 

of this parliament, to sueare the othe, 


wich was read to them. Tbey holdiQg wpe th6r 
hands, did sueare the saiaeu 

The £• of LauderdaiU is ccpiitiniied president of 
the pari: till the conclusione of the same ; he vrgiag 
to ane neu electione, the housse in one Toyce absi^ 
Intly refosse the same. 

The Thesaurer deput takes instaiiBients that he 
producit the honors to the house, and deliuers the 
aamen to Arthur Straton, the E. Marishall deputey* 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 9, and the grate 
bell to ring dayly for that effecte. 

Wedinsday, 8 Januarij. Sessio I. 

£L of Eglintone came to the housse this day* 

After much debait, the oontrauersey betuiz the 
comissioners of the shriffdome of Lanricke, £k Wil- 
liam Carmichell and 8' James Xiockart, one double 
comissions flouing from that shyre; S' Williams 
dait in Junij, 1644^ and wess .preferred in the first 
sessione of this parliament, & James Lockart was 
giuen to him at Michelmis last to serue in this ses- 
sion^ bat only lacked this dauss^ wich fir WiQr 
liams hadf Tiz. to wotte and consult in all things^ 
&C. tin the Gonchisione of that pari: one wich dausse 
the housse &nd, by woyces, & Williams comigsiong 
good, and reiected the others* 

Thei:ontrauerseybetttixthe burrous and the co- 
of the stenartr^ of Xironbrigfat; after 


much debait, ilie housse ordained the gentrey of 
that steuartry to be citted, and to giue ther ressons 
of the pouerthey had to send a eomissioner to the 
parit and Cardinesse, the present comissioner, or- 
dained to sitt till he wer legally remoued. The bnr- 
rowes notwithstanding did adhere to ther protesta^ 
tione that he could haue no woyce ther. 

The housse ordaines the seuerall bodies of the 
estaits to meitt this altemoone, and the housse to 
morrow at 9. 

Thursday, 9 Januarij. Sessio'L 

The Earles of Buckcleuche and Dalhousie, with 
the Lord Forrester, came to the housse this day. 

The Earles of Tullibardyne and Galloway, Vis- 
count Frendreth, and the Lord Baicarras, did sub- 
scriue the last couenant with England, in face of par- 

The housse, by woyces, ordaines the sessione to 
•rysse in respecte of the plauge. 

The housse sends one of cache «stait to the Lords 
of Session, requyreing them to pas no suspensions but 
on good grounds and sufficient caution, and that no 
advocations be past, as they will be ansrable to the 

A letter from our oomissioners at London, direct 
<o the estats in parliament, red in the housse. ^ 

ik Archbald Jonstoi^e and Mr Rot Barclay^ too 


of our comissioners lattlie returned from London, 
makes a relatione both in church and estat till the 
5 of Januarij instant 

The housse to meitt to-morrow at 9 a clocke* 
Fryday the 10 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

The Earles of Home and Wemes cam to the 
houss. This day the houss ordanes the comittee 
for regulating the warre at home, to be caled the 
comittee for dispatches, and to mitt this day at tuo 
houres in the afternoone, with pouer to them to or- 
der the present warre within the <;untrie, to giue 
dispatches, to mak prouisiones for the armies, to 
giue out orders, and to doe all necessarey things, as 
they will be ansuerable to the parliament. 

The comissioner of the generall assemblie sent a 
message to the housse this day, to show them, that ac- 
cording to that laudable custome ever -wssed heir 
befor be the kirk, in keeping correspondance with 
the estat, to show the house that they intended to 
proceed to the censures of the church aganist the 
publick enemyes of the church and kingdome, and 
that the church did serioslie recommend to your 
Lo: to tak order with such as walked vpe Mid doune 
the streitte with remissione, quho had imbrued ther 
hands in the blood of the people. 

The second comittee for borrowing of moneyes, 
taking vpe of malignants rentts, and the comptes of 
money^alreadie borrowed by the statts, as also the 

«|0 ANKAIiBS OF §CfnhMMJK A. a 16M. 

oompts of tbe tut and lone» ta rqport* His od- 
mittee consbtes of 5 of cache estatt 
Ndtiemen. Surram. 

• • . . Clerkingtonet 
.... SoTnton^ 

. • • • HennistoDfl^ 

- • - . Yoloney 

• « • • Denmill* 

Second Comn of Ed: Rob: MacVen» 
Com: of Gla^goup . 
Com: of Bnmt-Iylandf Geor: Gardyne^ 
Com: of Kircaldey, James Law^ 
Couper, George Jamescme. 
The coram (^thia comittee to be 7, 9 of eache 
eatait £k William Dick and James Steoarte are 
addit to this ocmuttee as supemumerarey ; they are 
lo have deliberatiiie iroyce^ bot not a decessiue. 

It is declared by the hcmsae that the president of 
the parliament ia to be aapemmnarary in all comit- 

Tltt hooaae to meitt to morrow at 9. 

Sattfday, the il of Jannarij. Sessio L 

In respecte of the presidents setknesse and ab- 
sence^ the housse, by woyces, makes choysae of the 
fiarie of Craufaid and Lindesay to pvoceid this 


. TUi liaytlw Euief of Cnmford and LwdeMjr, 


and the L* OemrftU the Earle of Kal6ndar» came \ 

The housfle ordames a comittee of 6 of eache es- 
tait for proceises, to consider the relenajiGey of the 
processes of thesse dtted to the parlt and to find 
them proiien ore not» &c* and to report to the 

Noblemen. Barrons. 

E. Annandaill, ShrifFe of Teifidale, 

£. Wymees, SbnSk of Galloway, 

E. Dalhousie, La: of Tostis^ 

Vis: Frendracht) La: of Boosie, 

L. Burlie,. La: of Maner^ 

L. Forrester. Lai of Caudone. 

Patrick Lesl&f, Pro: of Aberdeine ; 
Jo: Kennedejs Prpt of Aire ; 
Will : Glendining, Pr: of Kircubright ; 
Datiid 8ymptone» Balde of Dysart ; 
Oedeon Jack^ Balzie of Lanridcei 
Mr lUd): Gunighame, Balzie of Kisgonie. 
The buROfres adds to the list of the noblemen to 
lie one dm <omittee> the JBarie of Cassilei and Lord 
BiteeriAockei and to that of the barrMS, lilf Geot 
Wynrvod of LibeiteM and Mr Robert Mel^ram 
of Brughlie; and the barrons adds to tilB Ibt of 111* 
terroms, Gk lohne Smytii, prouMt cf Ediiibnighe. 


The housse appoyntes a comittee of 4 of eache es- 
tait for the bills, ouertours and ratifications. 
NMemm^ Barrens. 

E. Buchan, La: Halcartone, 

E. Galloway, La: Oleneggies, 

L. Kircubright, La: of Cesnocke, 
L. Balcarras* S^ Will: CarmichelL 

Mr Rob: Cumnghame, Kingome, 
Allan Dunlope, Irwinge, 
Ja: Smallen, Dumbartan^ 
Rob: Mercer, Culrosse. 
The coram cf this comittee to be 7* 

Monday, the 18 day of Januarij. Sessio 1. 
This day the Lord Burlie came to the housse. 
The housse adds, by woyces, to that comittee for 
processe, 2 of eache estait, Viz. 

Nobi Ban Bur: 

E. Cassiles, L. Warrestone, S^ Jo: Smythe, 

L.Balmerinoch. L.Bischopetone. George Gardyne. 
The housse to meitt to morrow at 9. 

Tuesday, 14 day of January. Sessio L 
The housse ordaines the bodey of eache estait to 
aee quhom of ther number be absent^ that in pari: 
the housse may wreat to them to repaire thither with 
all ezpeditione. 

The housse giues licience to the Earle of Cmu* 
furd to speake with the Lord Ogiluey. 


The faonsse appoynts a comittee of 6 of eadie es- 
tait to cognosce one eache mans losses by sea and 
land, souldiours maimed in the warresy &c. to report 
to the pari: 

Letters from the Scotts commissioners at Lon- 
done, shooing that the pari: of England had sent 
10,000 lib. starlinng to the Scotts armey in Irland, 
and 9 shipes to ryde betuix Scotland and Irland, to 
hinder the Irishe to passe to Scotland; and & 
Johne Hotham and hes sone wer eitecutt, and the 
Archbischope of Canterburey sentenced to hanged, 
qimrtefed and drauin, as a traitor to churche and 
stait ; and that the directorey for worschipe was past 
wottes of bothe honsses. Thir letters daitted Lon- 
don, 4 Januarij. 

The honsse gines pouer to the comittee for mo* 
neyes to putt in executione ther decreitts aganist 
thesse denuncit to the home for not lending of mo- 
neyes, and to causse quarter hoirsse and footte of 
them till they pay. 

The housse ordaines all the comittees to meitt this 
aftemoone, and the housse to morrow at 9. 
Wedinsday, 15 of Januarij* Sessio L 

This day Sf ^Johne^^Smythe, in^iame of the bor- 
rowes, exhibit a paper to the housse, desyring that 
the actes made in the first sessione of this pari: might 
be reuised, and that thesse one that committee might 
giue a compte of ther proceidinges th^rin; ad aui* 


MdBdnm S4 hottres» tosoriiag to tlM ardftrs of tiie 

TbeoomitteMtomeittatain dieaftemiCKNW^ and 
the honsse to morroir at 10* 

Thimday, id day Jamiari}* Sessio 1. 

Tht Visooont of Didope came to tiie luMisse tUa 

Tht liouoae adds tUs claaeae to iba comaasio 
for processes, to ezaiaiiM vittncs per anodan 
sitom% i^^anist al such as ar dtted, inosKOSBaW a^B^d 
mdier acte of cautioise as ddiiijqaenis. 

The honsse ordaines a prodamatione to be pid^ 
fished, that no skifiper coBom&ig&ain NeuoasteH or 
Smderlaad doe presume to land without warrant 
from the magistral of that place quher he arriaea^ 
wnder the paine of death ; and that aone of them 
bring home aney shoaldiour, wnder aU heif^ieat 
censure in ther goods and persons. 

The comitlees to meitt at 8 in theafternoone^and 
the housse to morrow at 10. 

Fiyday, 17 day January. Sessio 1* 

This day the Eark of Airth and Mentdith came 
to the honsse^ and he and the Viscount of Didope 
did saeare and snbscriue solemly the oouenant, band 

A pethione giuen in to the honsse by 600 comons 
in a tumnknarey way. 

The housse ordanes a cooutlee of 2 of eacbe es- 


taitto cognosce tbift causw of tlMb tanMdt, duit dw 
niasenofHiimy beexemplariypiuiiBhed, and that 
tbe peepk aiay rooeaue « iretosiiibleaBflfaer, bot die 
boBsse refnased abaekitly te heir dier petitieiie «U 
the matter of the tomult was Krayed. 

.MU^ Jbor: Bftt: 

E. Casailes, La: OrbestD% Edinlmigfay 
K Louthean. Sbf : Teifidade. Aberdeke. 

The houBae ginea pcmer to this eoontlee to «ao«ire 
file ddfiaqpients, fay wardiiig Iher persons, aotmng 
tbeBD, er wtiierwagiies, as Ihey ahadl tSuoke Atty ^aad 

lOie ^omittee Ibr die losses makes « rqioit of 
someorasolts ofdiat«eniittoe^ii4oh ate by the hoosse 
reccMDimendit to the consideratione of the seueraU 
bodies ^paift. 

TheOBurleofUaitfdl, one heshtmdiilepethiime^ 
hes leiue c£ theihousse to ^isit the Lord Elibancke, 
qnho is saik% : so that he T^tame Jiganist Tuesday to 
the place of hes confymneDt, and hes can ti epe in the 
naean tjmieito stand* 

Laird ofliempafeihi is inlarged'on hes fiwmerca- 
time, 5 mjfles about Edmfamghe. 

The Gomhtees to meitt at S, and the hovsse to 
morrow at 10. 

Saterday, the 18 of Jflnonrig. SessiD 1. 

The hoaase ordanes a letter to be written to'iny 
Lord Maitland, condoling the death of his fiUher, 


the Earle of Latherdeale, quho departed this lif 
betaixt four and fyfe in the morneing, this day, de-; 
syruig him to eontinew in that fertue he had begune, 
which so much did concerne the weill of religione, 
and the saflie of the oountrie. 

The housse giues warrand and comand to shriffs, 
comissars, Stewarts, &c. to sitt and administrat jus- 
tice during the session of parliament 

A letter from the comittee with Argyll, directit 
to the parliament, red in the housse, showing that 
the Marques of Argyle had gottin a fall and di^iont- 
ed hes shoulder, bot he wold be weill ; that the re* 
bells wer fled to Lochaber, and that he wold, omitt 
no oGcasione to persew them ; and that they wer nou 
in Glenvrquhare. 

The housse to meitt one Monday at 3 in the af- 
temoone, and the comittees at 8 in the morning. 
Monday, the 20 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

This day the Earle of Kelley and Viscount of Ar- 
buthnot came to the housse. 

The housse, in respecte of the Earle of Lauder- 
daills death, quho was president cf the parliament, 
did by woyces make choysse and electe the Earle of 
Craufurd and Lindesay to be president of this 

Some results from the comittee for dispatches 
propofised to the housse and read, wich wer taken, 


accordinng to the orders of the housse, to the consi- 
deratione of the seuerall estaits appairt. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10, the bodies 
at 8, and the comitties this night at 4 a clocke. 
Tuesday, 21 day Ja: Sessio 1. 
The housse adds one of eache estait to that comit- 
tee for traying the tumultous petitioners, viz. Lord 
Balmerinoche, Mr Rob: Meldnim of Brughlie, and 
Robert Alexander, burges of Anstruthen 

The housse sends a comittee of 4 of eache estait 
to Perth, to assist Leiuetenant Generall Balzie. 
Nob : Bar : 

E. of Tullibardyne, Balmaine, 
Lord Burlie, Freiland, 

Lord Elcho, Bachiltone^ 

Lord Coupar< ' Ruthuens^ 

Provest of Perth, 
Prouest of Coupar^ 
Geo: Brand for Dundie, 
Mr Vil: More for Aberd: 
The housse ordannes a proclamatione at all the 
mercat crosses of the head brughes of the shyres, 
and paroche churches within the kingdome ; that 
the comittee of warr of each shyre, within 48 houres, 
putt the actes of pari: aganist runaway es, anent the 
leuies of horsse and footte not put out, and the re* 

VOL. III. 8 


setters of fugitiues from ther colors, to present exe- 
eutione, and ordanes a letter to be sent to eache 
shyre with this proclamatione, and the same to be 
printed, a thousand coppies at least. 

Vedinsday, 22 of Januarij. 

No sessione of pari: this day, in respeete of the 
fast and the doune skting of the generall assembley. 
^ Thursday, 23 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

The comitte appoynted one Tuesday the 21 of this 
instant of 4 of eache estait wich mett that night, to 
remoue the obstructions in the exctsse, are desyred 
to meitt this night at 6. 

. The Earles of Glencaime and Queinsberrey came 
to the housse this day. 

The housse ordaines the 500 men leuied in Aber- 
deine-shyre as the 8 man to be armed by the stait, 
and the shyre to if band for the armes. 

Letters from our comissioners at Londone, dait 
from Worchester housse, 14 of this instant, anent 
the Coll of Neucastle, and the pari: eamist desyre 
of our armies marching southward. 

The comitties to meitt after the ryssing of the 
assembley, and the housse at 10 a clocke to morrow. 
Fryday, 24 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

The housse thinkes it fitt, that since both the pari: 
is sitting, and the generall assembley also, that the 
pari: sitt in the fornoone, and the assembley after-- 


noone, that all such as hes intrest in both may the 
better attend. 

Sr Johne Horrey hnmbley petitions the housse for 
a passe, remitted to the comittee for dispatches. 

The housse, by ther acte this day, and prodama* 
tione to follow theron, discharges all comanders of 
horsse and footte from taking aney money for leuinng 
of horsse and fotte, wnder the paine to be casshired 
from ther charges, and furder punished at the housses 
pleasur [or] comittee therof. 

The housse gines pouer to that comittee that goes 
to Perth, to borrow money in the shyres quher ther 
armies shall be, and in the mxt adiacent. 

The comittee of the excisse to meitt and receaue 
suche redey moneyes as may be had, as that foure 
of eache estait may be addit to that comittee for re* 
gulatting the excisse, and the same to meitt this 
night at 6 a clocke. 

The president proposses the renewing the comis- 
sione of the exchequer; ad auisandum till Monday. 

The seuerall estaits to meitt this day at 2 in the 
aftemoone, and therafter the comittees; and the 
housse one Monday at 2 a clocke in the aftemoone^ 
and the comittees in the morning. 

Satterday, 25 day. No meitdng of the pari: in 
respecte all the members of the housse did accom- 
paney ther president, the E. of Lauderdaills corps 
6 or 7 myles out of toune towards Hadii^ftone. 


Monday, 27 day Ja: Sessio- 1. 
The president moues it to the housse, diat for 
guid example, eaohe member that had not lent mo- 
ney wold lend, and giue in a list of all soche within 
ther shyres and broughes as wer able to lend. This 
motione of the presidents takin to be adwyssed by 
the estaits apairt« 

The housse, by ther acte, ordaines comittees of 
warr to be appoynted in such of the northerne shyres 
that hes none as zet, and that eache shyre be northe 
Tay send some of the ablest men in that shyre, to be 
addit to the grate committee for the armey^ with 
Leiuetenant Generall Balzie. 

The housse grants the humble petitione of the 
Ladey Garleis, wyflPe to Lodouick Lindesay, that 
shoe haue berconiunctfee shoe had by her first hu»« 
band, the publidk deues being first payed* 

The housse appoyntes the haill committies to meitt 
befor 5 this night, and the housse to morrow at 10 
a clocke. 

Tuesday, 28 Ja: Sessio 1. 
This day the Earle of Southescke, the Lords El-^ 
phingstone and Lure, came to the housse* 

Propositions giuen in by S^ Adam Hepbume of 

Hoinbie, Comissarey Generall, collector of the taxt 

and loane, anent such shyres as had not payed the 


The housse, after the collector had giuea in the 


names of the shyres that had not payed, granted cer- 
tificatione conforme to the conventione and comktee 
of estaits actes, ratified in the first sessione of this 
parliament, and ordanid the same to be putin exe^ 

Letters firom the armey of Irland, daitit from 
Craigfergus, 9 Januarij instant, showinng of ther 
grate wants and necessities of meall and prouisions, 
desyrinng a speidey suplie, wtherwayes they wold 
be forced to abbander that countrey. 

The housseremitts the heirinngof Colonell George 
Monro, the bearir of thir letters, to the comittee for 

Montrois creditors, by ther humble suplicatione, 
petition the housse that they may haue payment of 
ther anwall rents, conforme to die acte of parliament. 
The housse grants the petitione, and remitts the 
trayell to the comittee for moneyes, if that the debts 
be contracted befor hes rebellione, and if the credi- 
tors be trew couenanters, and no wayes aocessorey 
to thesse crymes .committed be Montrois. 

The humble petitione of Mr George Witchart, 
some tymes minister at St Andrews, and 
Neucastle, nou prissoner in the ccnnon jayeU of 
Edinbrugh^, beging mantinence, since he and hes 
wyffe and 5 children wer lykly to sterue. 

The housse remitts this suplicatione to the comit- 
tee for n^oneyesi to grant modificatione for the supli- 

fet AKKiJLES OF aCOTLAKlX A. D. 1645. 

cants mtartidnnieiit and bes family^ during bes abpsd 
ia ward» as they shall think fitting. 

The president desjres the honsae that they wdd 
be pleaasid io aGCompaney the oorps of Johne Steu- 
arty Earle of Carricke, from St Geills to the abey 
churchy et 2 in the afternoone^ to be interred. 

Hie comittes to meitt imediatly afiier the burinll, 
and the housse to morrow at l(k 

Wedin8day» 29 Jannarij. Sessio 1. 
Letters from our comissioners in England to the 
pari; read in the honsae^ with some papers aj^nt the 
Scotts armieies marching from NeucasteU south- 
wards, making mention of 30,000 lib. starling, 
11,000 zairda of brod clothe, 2000 pair of pistolls, 
with all wther prouisiona and amnnitions pronid for 
them ; as also the parliitments message to hes Ma- 
iestie of the last of Deeember bypast 

S^ Archbald Jhonslonfit in name of the Englische 
cominissioner^ oraoes the housse pardone, that they 
hauing heme in toune 5 dayes, desyred neuer to be 
hard till now, the reasone being Sk William Er* 
myne seicknes, and now intreated the housse that 
th^y wold be pleassed to giue them audience. The 
hpu^e ordanea the comittee for dispatches to heir 
t^m, receaue ther message and to report 

The comittee for processes prcqposses to the 
housse quhat coursse they will take with the Lord 
Qgiluey, that wold not, after he bad deponed, sub- 

A. D 104& AimALfiS OF 8C01XAV]t MS 

scriue bes depositioiiS) bot obstinatly did refiisse to 
doe the same. - 

The hous, after debait^ did find, that if the presi- 
dent of that comittee with the derck did subscriue 
the same, they wer als walid as if the Lord .Ogiluey 
had subscriued them himselue. 

The hous, one the humble petitione of & Dauid 
Grhame of Fintrae, did licence him to goe home one 
sufficient catione, bot hes sone to stay in toune, and 
the father to be oblidged for the same* 

Three querees propossed to the housse by the 
comittee for losses, anent the forme of prpbatione 
to be wssed befor that comittee, for losses sustaind 
ather at land or sea» much debaited in the houss^ bot 
not anssured this day» 

The housse licencese the Ju3tM« dq[iutts, one ther 
petitione, to proceid and doe justice, notvithstanding 
the sitting of the parliament* 

The housse ordaines the conunitties to meitt this 
day at S in the aftemoone, the seuerall bodies of the 
estaits to morrow at 8, and the housse at 10* 
Thursday, SO Januarij, Sessio 1. 

A quere from the comittee for borrouing of moo- 
neyes. If thesse be northe the riuer Tay being in 
toune, shall be called for heir to lend moneyes, or if 
they shall be remitted to the comittee with the ar- 
may at Perth and Aberdeine ? 

The hoQsae prdaines such as are heir to be called 
for and to lend money^ 

Thesse obstructions that hindred the commission- 
ers of the excisse to proceid, ar this day remoued, by 
acte, wotted and past in the housse. 

The housse ordaSnes thesse that wer named, to be 
of that committee for Perth, and the armey to goe 
with all diligence ther. 

The committies to meitt at 2 a clocke in the after- 
noone, the seuerall bodies to morrow at 8, and the 
housse at 10. 

Fryday, 31 JanuariJ. Sessio 1. 

The housse remitts the proportione of the fee of 
10 per cent to be giuen to the coUectors of the 
shyres of the excisse in landwar<}, to the committee 
of the excisse, not e^ceiding 4 of the 10. 

Tlie housse ordanes the president of the pari : this 
aftemoone, to signifie to the generall ass^nbley, that 
they wold vsse all faire meins to furder the excisse, 
and persuade the people of die necessity of it, since 
the armes of the kingdome cannot be mantenid with* 
out it, quherone depends the mantinence of religione. 

The housse ordanes 2 of eache bodey to joyne 
with that comittee for Irland, and ordanes them to 
make all the possible dispatche that may be. 

The housse, one the humble suplicationeof Johne 
MaxswoU of Cowhill, ordains him to be demittit 
home, on soiierty of 10,000 merkes Scotts, and Mr 


MaxswoU of Innerweick to remaine still souerty for 

Letters from the pari: of England, 3d Januarij, 
subscriued by Ae Lord Gray of Warke, speiker [of] 
the Housse of Peirs, and William Lenthall, speiker 
of the Housse of Comons, shouing that they shall 
neuer be vnmyndfuU nor wntbankfall to the Scotts 
nation for ther leauge and vnion for the mantinence 
of religione, assistance of our forces, and guide ad- 
wysse and counsell of our comissioners, quhom they 
eamistly intreated the pari: might ren^aine with 

Comittees to meitt at 2 in the afterooone, and the 
housse to morrow at 10. 

Saterday, 1 Febmarij. Sessio 1. 

The Lord Coupar came to the housse this day. 

The housse ordaines the comittees for dispatches 
and moneyes, to meitt this day at S in the afiemoone 

Comissione for the exchequer, to indure till the 
nixt sessione of pari: read, wotted and past this day, 
the coram therof to be ^, with Thesurer principal! 
or deput 

Acte anent the ingathering of the taxt and loane 
granted by the conventione of estaits, in A^ 1643, 
as zet vnpayed, wotted and past, ordaind to [be] 
printed and proclaimd by a heraulde. 

The housse ordanes the publicke to g(iie souerty 


to Williaia Ltdell for a 1000 lib. starlinng, conforme 
to hes fitted comptes, by the comittee of the comon 

The housse to meitt one Tuesday at 10, and the 
cooiittes aftejcnoone, and one Monday at 8 in the 

The housse ordaines letters in fauors of Johne 
Wood, to be wretdn to the Scotts comissioners^ 
that they wold deall with both housses for the re- 
storing of Mr Woods guides. 

Monday, 3d Feb: No sessione of parlia^ 
ment, in respecte all the housse wer present at the 
generall assembley, at the wotting of the directorey 
of worschipe. 

Tuesday, 4 Feb: Sessio 1. 

The young Laird of Drum did humbley petitione 
the housse, that in respecte of hes brothers deathe 
the preceiding night, and his auen seiknes, that the 
pari: wold be pleassed to lett him be remoued to 
some housse in the toune, one sufficient cautione. 

The housse ordaines the suplicant to be transport- 
ed to the castell of Edinbrughe for 14 dayes, and 
ther to remaine as in the tolbuithe, with a sure 
gaird, and th^after to be r^tumid to hes former 

The moderator of the generall assemUey, accom- 
panied with 6 diuynes and als maney lay elders, pre- 
sents to the, housse^ this day, the directorey for wor- 

A. 1>. WA. ANKAU8 OF 8COTI«AND. «i67 

schipe^ wich was wotted to by the assembley the 
preceiding day, without a contrarey voyce. 

The housse appoyntes the morrow at 9 a docke 
the quhoUparl: to meitt for that purposse. 

The housse ordanes the comittee for processes to 
proceid, and the reports of suche processes as wer 
alredey concludit in the first sessione of this parlia- 
menty and comittee^ of estaits^ to be reported in 
plaine pari: one Thursday nixt, the 6 of this instant 

The comittees to meitt at 2 this ^ftemoone^ and 
the bodies to morrow at 8^ 

Wedinsday, 5 Feb; Sessio L 

This day the Earle of Kingome came to the 

The directorey for worschipe read and wotted, 
without a contrarey or disassenting woyce. 

The eomitties to meit this day at 2 in the after«- 
noone, and the housse to morrow at 9. 
Thursday, 6 Feb: Sessio 1. 

The Lord Torphichin came to the housse this 
day, and sueare and subscriued the band, othe and 

The housse ordines the cmnittees for dispatches 
and moneyes to meitt this aftemoone. 

A quere proued to the housse by comittee tor 
processes, quither or not thesse should be proceidit 
aganist that has the Marques off Argyles pas, ore 
not ? The housse ordaned the said comittee to de- 

90B A^NALES OF fiCOTXAND. A.D. 1645. 

sist from thosse eonteined in the list giuen in by the 
said Marquesi and by the ccmunittee of estaits, and to 
proceid aganist the rest 

The housse ¥rretts a letter to bothe housses of 
pari: in England, anent the Scotts armey in Irland, 
desyring them to giue trust to the bearir, Colonell 
George Monro, and to giue him a sped^ dispatche 
in that effair, wich so muche concerned the weiU of 
the 3 kingdomes. 

8euin artickells propossed by the comissioners 
from the generall assembley to die housse, read, and 
by the housse recommendit especiaUy to the comit- 
tee of ouerturs and bills, and ordaned, ante omnium, 
to be dispatched by them; and to that effecte, 2 of 
each bodey addit to that comittee. 

The housse ordanes 4 northe countrey ministers^ 
spelled by the enimey, to haue 400 merkes Scotts 
jEL peice, out of tlie malignants rents of that shyre. 

The housse adiomed till Saterday the 8 of this 
instant, and die comittees till then to meitt both h^ 
Sor and aftemoone* 

Saterday, 8 Feb: Sessio 1. 

The ccmiittee of proces makes a report to die 
housse, diat they £nd the sumonds of heighe 
tressone execut aganist James, E. of Montrois; 
James, Earle x>f Arlie; & Thomas and S^ Dauid 
OgQueyes, hes sones ; Patrick Grhame of Inche* 
brake, zounger; Dauid Grame of Gortfaie; and 


Alexander Mackdonald, fdias Coale Kittocke) &Cr 
releuant Remitted to the three estaits apairt 

Tua letters frome our comissioners in England to 
the pari: anent the sending of a comissione from 
the generall assembley to Mr Alex: Hendersone, to 
assist at the trettey at Vxbridge. The vther anent 
the marchinng of our armey southwardr 

The housse ordanes the seuerall bodies to meitt 
this day at 2 in the afternoone, the comittees at 5, 
and one Monday at T, and the housse that day at 2 
in tlie afternoone. 

Monday, 10 Feb: Sessio 1. Potneridiana* 

The comissioners from the generall assembley 
does this day present a remonstrance to the housse^ 
anent executtinng of justice one delinquents and ma- 
lignants ; anent a generall fast to be keipt throughe 
the kingdome, and anent a spidey coursse to be 
takin aganist the rebells ;. with all humiltey desyrinng 
the housse that they wold be pleassid to if order 
that this ther remonstrance may be recordit. Re- 
mitted to the consideratione of the estaits apairt* 

The comittes to meitt imediatly after the housse, 
desolues ; the seuerall bodies to morrow at 7, and 
the housse at 9 a clocke# 

Tuesday, 11 day. Sessio l« 

The desyres of the Englische commissioners read 
in the housse, desyrini^ that such delinquents as 
they haue in roll of the Newcastlers, be not protect- 

«70 AXNALES OF 8C0TLAKIX A. D. 1646. 

ed by the Scotts anney, bot that justice be done, 
conforme to the trettey and mutnall oouenant betuix 
the tuo kingdomes. 

The committie of dispatches anssuer to the Eng« 
lische commissioners read in the housse, and remit- 
ted to the consideratione of the seuerall estaits apairt. 
The housse ordaines the remonstrance of the ge- 
nerall assembley to be recofdit in the bookes of par- 

Letters from the comissioners at Vxbridge, of the 
dait 4 Feb: 1645, shouing the p^oceidings in the 
tretey, from the 30 of Januarij till that day, with the 
particular papers producit that passed betuix them, 
and the first artickles concerning our religion. 
The parties foUouing, yiz. 

James, Earle of Montrois ; 

Robert, Earle of Nidisdaile ; 

James, Earle of Airlie ; 

Jo: Vis: of Aboyne; 

Johne, Lo : Harries ; 

Colonell William Steuart ; 

Capitane Villiam Rollocke ; 

Sr Philipe Nisbit; 

Vill : Hay of Dalgatey ; 

Villiam Home, brother to Crounestaine ; 

Alex: Mackdonald, alias sone to Cole Kitocke; 

Sr Thomas Ogiluey, S' Dauid Ogiluey, sones 
totheEarie of Airly; 

A. D. 1645. ANNALfiS OF SCOTLAND. t7l 

Alex' Ogiluey of Inerquliaretey, zannger ; 

Patricke Grhame of Inchebrake, zounger ; 

Dauid Grhame of Gorthie ; 

Jobne Steuart of Sbeirglas; 

Johne Steuart of Inerequhaireqrtea; 

Donald Robertsone, tutor of Struane; 

Donald Glas Mack-Ronald of Kippo ; 

Johne Mackmorane. 
The housse passis, pro tempore et loco, from the 
present pronouncing of sentence of forfaultrey aganist 
S^ James Lesley, knight, and Capitane Somerwaill ; 
as also they pas simpliciter from the said sentence 
aganist Capitane Cbarteres, in respecte he embraced 
the benifitt of the Earle of Calendars proclamatione 
and pardone, and came in in Maij 1644. 

Anentthe forsaid persons, the housse does, in one 
woyce, 2 only excepted, viz. the Earles of South- 
escke and DalhcMisie, excussed to vott in respecte of 
ther particular intres, does all in one woyce find 
them giltey of heigh tressone, and forfaultes ther 
lyfiPes, honors, tytles, landes and gudes, and decerns 
the same to pertaine to the publicke, for defraying 
the charge of the warr; as lykwayes the saidea es- 
taites, in one woyee, ordaines the Lyone K. of 
Armes to delait ther armes out of hes registers and 
bookes of honor, to rent the same with al convenit 
solemity in the parliament housse and at the crosse 
of Edinbrughe, publickly. 

£78 ANNALEfl OF SCOTLAND. A, D. 1645. 

Not of the iioblemen present at this forfaultrey, 
11 Feb: 

Earle of Airthe, £arle of Louthean, 

Earle of Buchane, Earle of Laiiarke, 

Earle of Eglintone, Vis: Arbuthnot^ 

Earle of Glencaime^ Vis: Frendraight^ 
Earle of Cassiles^ Lo: Borthwicke, 

Earle of Dumfermling, Lo: Balmerinoche^ 
Earle of Kingome, Lo: Burlie^ 

Earle of Tullibardyne, Lo: Coupai^, 
Earle of Kellej, Lord Forrester^ 

Earle of GaUoway^ Lord Kircubright, 

Earle of Southescke, Lord Balcarras, 
Earle of Queinsberey, Lo: Lure, 
Earle of Dalhousie, Lo: Bargeney. 
As for the comissioners of the shyres and browes^ 
werey few of them all wer absent, wich wer present 
since the begining of this parliament. 

The comitties to meitt this day at S of the clocke 
in the aftemoone, and the housse to morrow at 10« 
V^edinsday, 12 Feb: Sessio L 
This day the Marques of Argyle came to the 
housse, and made a full relatione of all hes proeeid- * 
ings since hes last going away from this. 

The housse wer fully satisfied with my Lord Mar- 
ques of Argyles relatione, and desyred the presi- 
dent, in ther names^ to rander him hartly thankes 
for hes grate paines and trauells takin for the pub- 

A. 0* ]6i& ANNALES OF 8C0TLANIX Sf3 

licke, and withall latreated tq contmew in so knda- 
ble a conrsse of doing for the weill and peace of hes 

The housse giiies potrer to the committee for pro* 
eesses to sett doune a list of thesse that hes beine 
with Mc»itrois, and dewjd them in 8 classis:—- ^ 
1. Thesse that are innocent. S. Thesse that merittS" 
to be fynnd. 8. Thesse that desemes to be confyn* 
edr As also to call befor them all snche as are in- 
fovmed aganist aa fitnorers of Montroisy had beine 
with, ore are notorios mallgnants. 

The committies to mettt this afternoone at % and 
the estaits apairt to morrow at 8 in the mornings 
and the honsse at 10 a docke.^ 

Thursday^ IS Feb: Sessio Iv 

A Taming to ail the subieeta of the kingdomef 
drawin Tpe by the commissioners of the generall as** 
SiemUey^ presented by the coHmiissioners* this day to 
the honsse, being read, the housse finding therinr 
some luurshe exjHressioiies,. intreatted the assembley 
to amend the same, after th^ had reuised it, and 
then gaile order for the printing of it^ 
# The housse to meitt one Satterday the 15 of ibi» 
instant, at 9 honres, to wich tyme the estaits in one^ 
woyce did adioyme it^ and the committees this a& 
temoone at 2,- and the mosrow bothe befbr and a£> 


«» Aim AIJM OF tCOn. AVD. A. D. 1M& 

Sitadigr^ 15 Feb: Senio L 

Tkft ptwdant oC tlie pari: iatreatts the haill 
Lousse, that at 2 a docke this aftemoone the mem* 
half' ^ the housse wold honor the eorpes of the 
Se^le ef HadingtcHMi (qiAo dejcd the 5 daj of this 
mouifthe) iaconwoykig theaa froni St GeilU churche 
in Sdtiibraig^M^ to the abej churche of Holyrud- 
houtoe^ the place cf ther inkemsnt. 

A hill pxesented to the houaae by the commission- 
eia el the shriAiomea of Lonthcan, Easter, Wester, 
and Haddingtone, conphdning one ther grate bur- 
dens by the hillkiBg of three segments of horsse 
rfoam tibsm ; to wich bill the hovase retumes this 
anssuer: — That the heosse warn ver^ seasible of 
ther burdens,* and that iherf wer mw bnssied about 
the sfMwiipnll of snck eamsessi of discontent, wich 
tfaejr weU xealljir peifiwrne facfiMr Wedinedaj mxL 

Rqurt nude to the hcnssse bj the eomittee of 
pgoessses, anent the deirydinag of malignants and 
drtimpwHits in ciessis;. Remitted to the coosider»- 
tisM ofidfteaewndLeslsit&i^airtr 

The comittes to* meitt e«e Menday at d sa fhe 
menmg,. the seisandL bodiee at Mt, snd th* hionsse 
a^ l^in the aAesneotte. 

lioadAj^ » day. Scssiol. Polwriid^^ 
' TUa day the EaHs of Soxbrughe came to the 


Acte rafiftnng me acte of the g«Mnid aaifiiliUe^ 
anent tbe rcmcmiiig tbe iabricke of the ldrk« of 
Kirimjii)reck9 in QaUawAjf to » more wmtD^dkm 
place of situatione, wotted and past. 

A report from the comittee of ^sptttdMi giMii to 
the conssdersdone o£ the hoasse, and remitidd by k 
to the senerall estats apairt, anent th^ settinftg of aiM 
armey of IO5OOO foolte and 600 horssei kk too regt* 
ments, to perseu the rebeKs ttnd the intradera of the 

The eomittee Ibr disptftche^ to itteh this night at 
4 a elodke, after the hotisse rfsies imeditftl^, the se^ 
uerall bodies to morrow at 8, and the [housse] 11^ 
adiorned till 2 in the aftemoone. 

Tuesday, l»Feb: Sessio 1. Pomerfd? 

Letters of the 11 of Teb: instant, ftioitt dttr eotxii^ 
sioners at Vxbridge, shotting of the sloir progf c;ssef 
of tbe trettey ; at also letters from them to B^ Arch-' 
bald Jonston and Mr Robert Barclay wcr read, 
shouing the particulars in the trettey, imd of the 
hde satisfactione the Kmg had giuen lus zet in reli-< 
gione or aney vther poynt. 

The housse giues line to 2 ministeraf and af renllAg 
elder to goe to the castle, and visit the yoimg lAord 
of Drum, vpone hes auen humble petitione. 

Petitione presented to the housse by James Mot^ 
swoll of Innerueicke, desyring that the housse wald 
recomend, by ther letters to ther commissioner? at 

f?f AMN ALK8 OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 161& 

liOiidoD) the abussiog o£ hes lioiisse and paike of 
Gilford, in the countey of Surrey, by the pari: sonl- 
diours, contrair ther proteetione granted to him. 

The eommiasionera of the generaU assemblie this 
day presented to the housse the direetorie for church 
goyemement,. past and allowed by the acte of the 
general! assemblie, hmublie desireing the housse that 
th^ wold be pleased to ratifie the same, and inter- 
pone ther siyill sanction to it 

The seyeraU bodies to meitt presentlie, and the 
morrow at 8, and the housse to meitt at 2 in the af- 

Wedinsday, 19 Feb: S^sio 1. Pomerid: 

The housse g^ues warrand to the GeneraU Comi- 
sarie to allow to the half of the Marques of Argyles 
troupe,, aither in money or in free quarters, I8sh. 
per diem, till they retume from Dumbarton, Ascoke 
CoU Kitoe and his tuo sones. 

:Hombie, Gvenerall Comisar of the armi^. exhibitt^ 
an abrevee of his oomptes to the house, wich was 
red, and then remitted to the seuerall bodies. His 
charge did extend to 1,991,576 pounds, Scottes 

The house giues warrand for the Erie of Loudian,. 
the generall of the artylzerie, Hombie, S' Patrick 
Hambiltone, my Ladie Arly, to haue acces to the- 
Lord Ogelbie. 

A. D. 164& AVKALE8 OF 9C0TLAKD. W7 

Tuo snplicatioimes giuen in by & Wm. Dick, 
red, and remitted to the seneraU bodies. 

The house ordaines the comittees for processes to 
ezamjne Mr Jhon Telfer. 

The comittes to meitt the morrow at 7, the bodies 
at IO9 and the house at tuo in the aftemoone. 
Thursday, 20 Feb: Sessio L Pomexid: 

Act anent the tacsation for the mentinence of 
thfe arme, being drawine upe in a 11 artickles, was 
red, uotted and past, with the retentionof sezof the 
hundreds of annuarents. 

Act anent the lands, estates and guids of persons 
finrfaited, in ather session of this parliament, red in 
the houses wotted and past 

Act radfyeing a former act of parliament, anent 
the building of a new chnrch in the laduart of the 
parishe of St. Androis, red, wotted and past 

Act apointing the Laird 4>f Corsboe to be -hMid 
sheriff of Aaiir, iu respect that shyre had wanted a 
sheriff the 4yeizes bypast, wotted and past 

The .comittes to meitt at B, the bodies at 10, and 
the house at tuo in the aftemoone. 

Eiyday, 21 Feb; Sessio 1* Pomerid: 

The speker of the barrona, in name of ther bodey, 
intreatts the housse that the comittee for dispatches 
wold presently put out that armey condescendit one 
aganist the rebells* 

The speaker of the burrowes desyres the same. 

«7# AVV AI«M OF KOTLAMD. A. D. 164& 

The hoiisse appoyntes • committee of 4 of eache 
estait to heir die accomptos of & Adam Hepburne 
4^ Horabie^ Overall Comitsar and Tfaesaurer of 
the anney, of quhat he haa xieoaauad in England, 
and of the taait aiid Jpsne^ 

Nobkmen. Barrom. 

K TuUibardyn«^ La: of Oduone, 

£• Sotttbeacke» ]La: of Maner, 

Liord Lure, La: of Daicke, 

liord Bargeney^ I41: of Voline. 

flk Jo: Smyth, fi>r Edinbrughe $ 
Jo: Kenedey, Proueat of Aire ; 
George Gardyne, fi>r Brunt-Jyland 1 
B4ib: Mercer, for Calro$se; 
£ of this comittae to be a ooram. 

The comittee for proeessei makes this report to 
the hoQsae, wioh by woyeav vves alloued, that they 
had fynned the young Laird of Fintrey in 6000 
merkes Seotts, and ordaned him to jBnd sufiBcient 
touerty for 40,000 merkes^ for hes guid behauior in 
tyme coming. 

Item, Johne Camegey, zoungm*, of Balnamoone, 
ffwA in 3000 mcorkes, and for hes guid behaiuor to 
find catione for 40,000 merkes; and that thir 2 
^ea be payed, and cautione fowd befor the 1 of 
Item, Johne Prumond of Bidedone to be dis- 


missed, he finding eatttione lor lies good behavior 
fixr 6000 merkes in t^me coming. 

James Muschettof die sune, and Mr James Het^ 
dersone of Mackcanestone, beinng found to haue 
beine deceaved by the Lord Kilpont, are to be dis-» 
missed, eache of them finding .catione for hes good 
behaiuor in tyme coming, imder the paine of 5000 

The Laird of Inchetnre and Giid^an of Meg- 
inche, in the Carsse of* Gbnrey, to be dismissed, 
eache of them finding cautione for 10,000 lib. 

Item, Mr William Huntar of Balgaies, and Johne 
Hontar, hes sone, di^iissed without cautione. 

Grahame of Braco fyned in 2000 merkes, and 
to find catione for hes guid behauior for 20,000 

Item, Johne Grhame of Vrchill, fyned in 1500 
merkes, and to find catione, ut supra, for 20,000 
merkes for hes behauior. 

Item, Dauid Drumond, Master of Madertey, 
fyned in 2000 merkes, and to find catione for hes 
guid behauior for 10,000 lib. 

Mr Peiter Wedcrbume decerned free. 

Mr Johne Fletcher remitted to furder trayell, and 
hes depositions wer imediatly iherafler read in the 
housse, anent Ogilueyes eschape. la thesse depiv 
sitions he attached the Lordes Carnegey, St. Claire 
and Kircubright. 


Item, That the Laird of Hfiiiq>sfill and the Pro* 
uest of Dumfreis, ther prpceas to be examined and 
report therof made to the housse. 

The petitione exhibitt to the boofise by James 
MaxswoU, sone to the for&lted Erie of Nldisdeall, 
desyrmg to be sett at libertie, and to have the arayrs 
for his jnentinenpe payed* 

The housse ordaned him to be sett at libertie, on 
(catiane for hes good behavior in tymes ooming. 

The housse lykuayes ordaines the fornamd per- 
sones fyned» and ordained to find caution by theeo- 
mittee of pxocessi to doe the same befor the first of 
Marchf utherwayes to enter their bodie within the 
itoubuth of Edinbrughe^ and ther first surties to 
;5tand tim this be don ; as also the jhousse aloues th« 
comittee of process* 

The housse ordaines that letters offaomeingbe 
directed, at the instance of the shyres of Angus^ 
Fyff and Roxburgh, for payment of ther stent for 
mentinence of the ofiicers of fortoune* 

Act ratifyeing the directione for church gover- 
ment, in so far as the same is allowed by act of the 
generall assemblie, red, wotted and past 

Letters of recomendatione by the housse to ther 
l^ommissioners at London, in&uors of James, Earle 
pf Annandaill, for hes landes in Irland* 

The housse, by ther letters to & Thomas Fair- 
fax^ recommends 2 merchants of Glasgow, quho 

A. 1>. Wlk AimALES or fiCOTLAVD. t81 

hed cettaine packes of clothe takin from them, with 
moneyesy and themselues keipt vpe as prissoners, by 
some of hes wnder officers. 

The seuerair bodies to meitt to morrow at 7, and 
the housse at 9. 

Saterday, 2S Feb : Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

The housse ordaines 1 of cache estaitt to consider 
Mr James Baird hes seruices in the northe, and to 
giue ther opinion qnhat reuard he desenies for hes 
charges and losses; and withall the housse approues 
hes good seruice. 

The housse mrdaines the Lyone to seitt aU the 
members of the parliament to be present in the 
housse one Tuesday at 9 houres, that according to 
the sentence of the housse the armes of the forfault- 
ed persons may be riuen. 

The housse ordaines all the comittees to meitt 
one Monday at 8, and the parliament at S in the a£> 

Monday^ S4 Feb : Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by the shyre of 
Midle Loutheauy for the remoueall of a regiment of 
horsse quartered one them. 

The housse recommends this petitione to the se- 
uerall estaits, and that they first of all take this bus- 
sines in hand and dispatche it* 

The comittees to meitt at 8, and the housse at 10 
to morrow. 


Tuesday, 25 Feb: Sessio 1. Antemerid: 
The annes of 21 forfaulted persons, solemly rent 
in parliament, conforme to ther sentence, in pre- 
sence of the 8 estaits ; and of the nobility ther wer 
present — 

Man]'. Argyle, E« Sonthescke, 

£. Gleneaime, £. Lanrick, 

E. Eglintone, L. Balmerinoche, 

IL Cassiies, L* Bnrlie, 

E. Perth, L. Coupar^ 

E. Dumfermling^ L. Balcarras, 

E. Kingome, L. Forrester, 

E. TuUybardyne^ L. Lure, 

E. Gallouay. L. Bargeney, 

The housse, by ther sentence, findes Robert, 
Earle of Carnwathe, giltey of tressone, and ordaines 
him to be hanged, quarter^ed and drauen, and qnhoso- 
euer shall kill him declaries him to haue done good 
seruice to hes countrey; bot withall for hes sones 
merit and affisctione to hes natine conntrey, does 
transfer the estait and honor of Earle of Carnwathe 
one him, he paying a fyne of a 100,000 merkes Sootts, 
the one halffe therof befbr Saterday at night nixt, 
and the wther halffe 8 dayes therafter. 

The housse to meitt at 2 in the aftemoone. 
JSessio 2da, Huius die). Pomerid : 
The housse appoynies a comittee of 2 of eache es- 
tait, togider with the procurators of the estait, to 


draw tlie forme of the sentence to be pronounced 
aganist George, Marques of Huntley. 

Comissione granted by the faonsse to a number of 
persons for prowidinng die anney and odier pub-' 
licke bussines in the sfan^EaomeB of Elgyne, Forres 
and Ixmemesse, &c. 

The housss appoynts a comittee of 2 of eache es- 
tait to consider the roll sent be James Gthame, 
some tyme E« of Montrois, of the prissoners he of- 
fers to be exchanged. 

The comittees to meitt this night at 5, the bodies 
to morrow at 8, and the housse at 10. 

Wedinsday, 26 Feb : Seasio L Antemerid : 
A petidone exhibit to the housse by the gentrey, 
comons of East Lothian shyre, for a remoueall of a 
regiment of horsse quartered one them, wtherwayes 
that the housse wald be pleassid for ther oppressione 
to licentiat them to expell them by force. 

The housse hes takin order this day for the re- 
moueall of that regiment, and hes wretdn to the of>- 
ficers of that regiment to come and receaue ther pay, 
and orders for marching towards England. 

Petitione of die shyres of Murray, Sutherland and 
Innemesse, exhibit to the housse for ayde aganist 
the publicke enimey, read and remitted to die co- 
mittee for dispatches. 

Tua letters from the Prince of Orange, directed J 
to the estaits of the pari: of Scotland, of the dait the 


18 of Febnarg instaiit, IMS, shouiog that he had 
receaued 2 letters from them, one of the dait 9 of 
Sept: and the other the 9 of Nov^ 1644, in fauors 
of Thomas Cnmighame, leoomendit to him to be 
conseruator and comissioner for the Scotts natione 
in the estaits of Hollands dominions. To the 1 he 
anssuers, that it wbs in the pouer of the generall es- 
taits to admitt puUick officers, and if they wold doe 
it, he should conforme himselne and complay with 
ther decree; to the 2d letter he anssoered, that £x 
the expelling of Sr Patricke Drumond, the former 
conseruator, he could not doe it, in respecte he had 
hes office wnder the King of Grate Brittaas seaU, 
and wnles he did recall that gift, he could not obey 

The comittees to meitt thu ^ftemoone, Ae bo^ 
dies to morrow at 8, and the housse at 10 in the 

Thursday, 27 Feb : Sessio L 

The acte of mantinence of the armqr, read, wot-> 
ted and past 

The conclusions of the comxttee of dispatches for 
reicking out of the aimey, establishing of Bailie, 
Leiuetenant Generall of the same, and C c J o neli 
Horrey, Generall Maior of the same, approuen by 
the housse. 

The comittes to meitt this day in the aftemoone, 


and the bodies to mekt to morzow at 8 m tke morn- 

Fjryd^, 28 Feb: Semo 1. 

A repoTt firom the oommittee of processes read in 
the hoosse, and remitted to the seuerall bodies. 

Ouertonres for the East India trade^ read in the 

The hovsse appoyntes the comittee for dispatches, 
to meitt thb [day] at 3 in the aftemoone. The bo* 
dies to morrow at 8 in the morning, and the housse 

Saterday, first of Marches Sessio 1. 

The committee of proces makes ther report anent 
the Earle of HartefeH, showing that he desyres to be 
hard befor a committe of 2 of cache estait, wich the 
housse condesoencis too. 

The honsse inhibitts aney of the members of pari: 
to remoue out of toune this day«. 

The Laivds of Braco and Vrqiull, Grhames^ re- 
mitted by the comittee to the consideratione of the 
parliament, in respecte the committee wold not gine 
the oppinione, in that iixey had wiolat the faith gi- 
nen* The honsse does again lemitt them to the 

The Ogilneyea ordained to be sett at Ubertie, 
eache of them finding sonerty for ther behaoior, and 
compirance for a 1000 lib a pice. 

The housse remitts Mr Jo:. Corser of Drumfireis 


backeagAine to the ooimnitteof proccstobeflivder 

Jo: Ogiluey of ShilhiU^ ordanid this day to find 
caticne for 1000 nerkes for kes guide belumfer in 
tjme coming. 

The hottsse appromes the rept^ of the coiraxiittee 
ofproces, anentthe Laird of Emsfeild and Roger 
CarleiU, and ordannes them to be selt at libertey 
vpone su£Bci^it cantione. 

Earle of Traquair fyned this day by the parti*- 
ment in the soume of 40^000 merkes Scotts, and or- 
danes him to be confyned within kes anen lands; 
md all the former actea of parliament made aganist 
him in Ao 1641, to stand still in force and vigor. 

Tke said Earle by hes bill, dkm the fersaid 
soume and fyne, with present payment <^ the same, 
as also to Gonfyne himselne within the shnffdomes 
of Roxbrughe, Twedale imd PeUiles, to satisfte the 
lurke, and to cleire the somne auen to Camwatht. 

Acte anent the seall and pryoe of for&alted lands^ 
read) wetted and past. 

The housse grants to the Laird of Achinbrecke,^ 
Campbell, qnho had hes father killed in the estaits 
seruice, and hes quoU lands yasted, a 1000 merkes 
for die supplie of hes present necessity. 

The report of die committee of dispatches read in 
the housse this day, via. 14 companies of foote C^^] 
be broo^t fiom Iziand 

A. D. 1646. ANVALBS OF f GOTLAND. 887 

Item. That 1500 tnoned msD be bvougbt from 

Item. That the Laird of Oartkknd be sent with 
instructioiki to Generall Maior Mmiro to IrlaiuL 

Ratifictitione <^ Danid Lesleys patent to be Leiue* 
tenant Generall of the horsse in England. 

All this report approuen by the housse. 
Monday, Sd Marche. Sessio 1. 

A report frcmi the amditors of the Tresanrer of the 
armeyes compts read in the housse, and 8 querees 
by them prcqposed to the housse, wer this day againe 
remitted badce to them. 

The hoiisse approves the report of that comittee 
for heiring the generall Comissaries compts, and re- 
mitts qubat is not c<»nptit lor, or qnhat he may be 
charged with to the forsaid comittee. And lykwayes 
reeonunends to them the forme and maner of regu- 
lating the recepts of moneyes in tyme coming, and 
they to report to the housse. 

Acte eseimmg the labourers and workemen of 
maanfactories and doth workes from all quartering 
of shouldiours, read, wotted and past. 

The [honsse] hauing takin to ther ccmsideratione 
this day the report of that committee ordained to 
hdre the Earle of Hartfell, fynes him in the soume 
of 10,000 merkes, to be presently payed, and he ther- 
afler and hes sone to be sett at libert^^ they find- 
ing guid and sufficient sonerty for ther behaniov in 

186 ANKALfiS-OT 8C0TLAKD. A. D. 16i£k 

Qrmes to oraie^ wnder the paine of I0O,OM lib. 

The hoitsse oUoaes the Earle of Traquaire to come 
to Edinbrughe for 9 dayes, to cleire that debte 
alkdget auen by him to the Earle of Carnwathe. 

The hoiuse approues that acte of counsaill^ for tak- 
ing of Cole Eatocke and hes too sonnes^ and keipinng 
of them in prissone, with the monthly allowance of 
W merkes Scotts for ther maotinenee, and that of 
tber 5 keipersc 

The Marques of Argyle, by hes bill exhibit to the 
housse this day, quyttes hes intrest of that assigna^ 
tione made to him formerly by the housse of lent 
monayes in the north, and fynes, and eraues satis* 
factione otherwayes,. as the housse shall tkinke most 
fitt. As also that the housse wold be pleassed to ap- 
poynt a comittee to cognosce hes losses^ and the 
losses, of the countries of Argyle, Cowall, Kyntyre 
[and] Lome, vasted by the rebells^ 

The comittees to meitt one Tuesday both befor 
and aftemocme^ and the housse adiomed till Vedins- 

Wedinsday, Marehe. Sessio L 

The housse ordaines the relicte of Mr Jo: Home^ 
minister, killed at Newcastle, to haue, in considera- 
tione of her husbands arreirs, and for the support 
of hersdiue and her chyld, 2000 merkes to hir i& 
lyfibioity and to the chyld in fee» 

A. D. 1645w A imAL£S OP 8C0TL AKD. 289 

The report of the comittee of processes, anent 
James, Lord Ogiluey, quho alledges thbt he is a 
prissoner of warre, and not a priuat prissoner, and 
was takin one qnarters-^ this wa» proposed in a 
quere by the said committee to the honsse* This 
quere remitted to the oonsideratione of the seuerall 
estaits appairt. 

Tao of eache estait appoynted to speake with the 
Earle of Traquaire, anent the moneyes auen by him 
to the Earle of Camwathe. 

A letter from the Scotts commissioners at London 
to the pari: of the dait 25 Feb: shewing that the 
trettey betuix the King and parliament did brecke 
oflfe one Saterday last 

The housse ordanes the committed of dispatcher 
to meitt presendy, and to morrow at 7 in the morn- 
ing, and the housse this day at 3 in the aftemoone. 
Sessio 2da. Huius diej* 

Acte anent the putting of the countrey in a pos* 
ture of warre, read, wotted and past. 

Report of the eomittee of moneyes anent the re- 
gulating of ther receipts, read and anssuered. 

ArtickeUs to be exped in parliament, quhilks Wer 
exhibit by the comitte for dispatches, read and ag* 
greid too. 

Commissione to & James Lumsden to be gduer- 
nour of Neucastle^ read and passed. 

Report of that comittee anent the examining of 

VOL. III. u 


the Bark of Tniquare, anent Carnwaths monayes, 
remitted to the seuerall bodeyes. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 2 in the after- 
noone^ and the bodies befor noone. 

Thursday, 6 Marche. Sessio 1. 

The propositions anent the East India trade and 
sitting, remitted by the housse to the comittee of es- 
taits, with pouer to the said comittee of estaits to na- 
turalize them as if the parliament wer sittinng. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 8 in the morn- 

Saterdi^, 8 Marche. Sessio 1. 

The housse this day ift ther anssuer to the con^ 
missioners of the general! assembley, anent ther re- 
monstrttice exhibit to the parliament some few dayes 
past, anent justice to be execute one male&ctors, 
delinquents^ and malignants. 

The comissione giuen by the parliament to the 
grand comittee of estaits during the interwalle, read, 
wotted and past, with pouer to themselues, so maney 
for eache monthe as bussines shall requyre. This 
comissione to indufe till the nixt pari: 

The comissione for borrouing of moneyes, read, 
wotted and past;- the coram to be 5> one of eache es- 

The committee that was ordained to speake with 
Sr William Dicke, anent the payment of 850 thou- 
sand merkes restmng him by the publicke, makes> 


ther report : Imprimis, That the pari: does assinnge 
him 40,000 lib. starling, auen of the brotherly as^ 
sistance by the pari: of England, and that the housse 
wreatt to ther commissioners to deall effectually with 
them for that effecte. 

The pari: ordanes, lykwayes, the said Sr Wil- 
liam Dick to hatie reall escecixtione vpone hes bond 
of 200,000 merkes, and it to be proportionablylayed 
one, conforme to the order to be sett doune by the 
committee of mOneyes; 

Also they giue him the excisse of Orknay and 
Zetland, and also of the tobacco. 

Foure of cache estait nominat to be one the com- 
mittee for moneyes, wotted and past, viz. 
Nobility. Barrons. 

Argyle, & Michell Balfour of Denmill, 

Cassiles, & Will: Cochrane of Condone, 

Balmerinoche, Mr Francis Hay of Balhoussie, 
Burlie. Jo: Dundas of Maner. 

Sr Jo : Smythe for Edinbrughe ^ 
George Garden for Bruht-Iland i 
Jo: Kennedy for Aire; 
Will: Glendining for Kircubright. 
Acte of forfaultrey of George, Marques of Hunt'' 
ley, and George, Lord Gordone, hes sone, wotted 
and past. 

Acte remitting the processe of forfaultrey aganist 



Johne, Earle of Traquaire, one certaine conditiones, 
restrictions and limitations therin expressed, wotted 
and past. 

95 remitts to the comittie of estaits. 

Acte anent defeasance for the brunt and wasted 
li^nds, read, wotted and p^t 

Acte saluo jure cuiuslibet, read and past« 

Acte of continuatione of the parliament to the 2d 
Tuesday of Julay nixt, in this instant zeire, 1645; 
and the estaitts declars be the* said acte, this present 
parliament current to the day forsaid. 

J^fitfio s. Iffvimi Ktfenalfa^ ttetKatneatf, Cntj^fto et 
Unii$ tqfv» itttutUag 8 Me 3nUi 1645. 

Tuesday, Sessio 1. Noblemen present this 1 day, 
and wich came within a day or tuo, wer, 

Marq: Argyle; Earles of Kingome, 

Earles of Mar, Tullibardyne, 

Buchane» Lauderdaill ; 

Glencaime, Viscounts of Didope, 
Cassiles,. Arbuthnot; 


Craufurd and Lindeday, president of the pari: 
E. Marischatl, 
E. Lanrick, Secretarey. ; 
ix>rde8'Zester, Xordes Frasser, 

ElphingstoOf Balcarras, 

Burlie, Bargeney. 

Acte anent the raissing of horsse and footte, or- 
daning ther randewous to be at Perth, the-^24 day of 
Jalay instant, with letters ordaned to be sent from 
the pari: to the noblemen and squires, and to ther 
seuerall comittees ; wich letters the housse ordaines 
the president of the pari: to snbscriue in ther names. 
Wednisday, 9 Julij. Sessio vnlca. ^ Pomerid: 
The housse raett this day at 2 in the aftemoone 
in the grate hall of Streueling, wich fittingly ordred 
for them, wich cloth of stait, and the croune, suord 
and scepter^ war brought by the T^esaurer deput 
from Edinbrugh castle. 

This day Leiuetenant Generall Balzie, after a 
shorte speiche, did make a particular relatione of 
his imployment and carriage in hes seruice ; and 
withallidid exhibit a petitione to the housse, desyr- 
ing to [be] liberat and freed of some aspertions lay- 
ed (me him by diuers, humbley beseiching the housse 
to put him to a trayell, wich being read, 

The housse ordaines him to giue in to the seue- 

804 ANN ALBS OF SCOTLAND. A. a 1645. 

rail bodies of the estaits^ a particular relatione of 
hes carriage in vreatt, wich being considered, the 
housse fand that he had carried hunselue as a 
gallant commandery and did approue of hes ser- 

The comittee to meitt to morrow at 7 in the morn- 
ing, and the housse at 10 befor noone* 

Thursday, 10 Julij, Sessio vnica. Pomerid: 
Tlie housse renewes Leiuetenant General Bai- 
lies commissione to him, and ordaines him, with 
all possible diligence^ to repaire to hes charge to the 

The housse electes a neu comittee to goe to Perth 
with the Leiuetenant Generally to attend the armey, 
¥iz. sex of each estait. 

Nob t Barronjs* 

Marq: Argyle, Scotscraige* Fyffe ; 

E. Tullibardype, Bussie and ] 
£• Kingome, Bachltone, . 

Vis: Arbuthnoty Liberton, Mid Louthean ; 
L. Burlie, Glenegges, 

L. Frasser^ Ardroaset r r 

Perth, Rob, Amot; 

Dundie, the clerck, Mr Alex: Vederbume ; 
St Andrewes, Ja: Robertsone; 
^ontrosse, -•••-- 

I Perth; 

A. D. 164*& ANNALE8 OF ftCOTLAHD. 8d5 

Abeirdeine^ Patrick Lesley; 
Bmnt-Iyland, George Gardyne. 

The housse, by ther acte, ordames the comittees 
of moneyes, and commissione for the exchequer to 
stand in force and vigor till the nixt sessione erf* pari: 
to be holdin at Perth. 

Sr James Hacketts regiment of horsse, are by the 
housse ordained to be broken, and additaa a.recreut 
to the Lord Balcarras regiment. 

The honsse, by ther acte, ordaines the Lord Bal- 
carras good seniice to hes conntrey to be recordit 
inthebookesofparl: to posterity, and a letter of 
thankes to be vrettin from the housse to him, for 
hes ^R>rthey carriage and good seruice. 

The housse dedaires, that they ar werey sensible 
of my Lord Marq: of Argyles entres and losses, and 
will see that the same be recompensed in dew tyme; 
and withall comands him to leiue the caire of hes 
auen countrey, and to goe presently to Perth to at- 
tend the publick seruice. 

The estaits takes the E. Marishall, Viscount Ar- 
buthnot, Lord Frasser, Lairds of Boyne and others 
specified in the seuerall actes, into ther protectione, 
and will haue a caire of ther losses. 

The housse grants the lyke fu:te to the toune of 

Acte of restraint, that no seafiirring man or other 
transport tbemselues out of the kingdome, without a 

986 A^TNALES OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1045. 

pass from the comittee of estaits, or magistrat of the 
brughe quher he duells, wnder the paine of confisca- 
tione of all ther moueabjie goodes, and imprisson- 
nent of ther persons, - 

The housse, by acte, ordanes 150 pickes, 150 
musketts, with competent proportions of ponder, 
matche and baH to be sent to Innemesso, with let- 
ters to the Earle of Seaforte, to causse put out the 4 
and 8 men out of thesse shyres. 

The housse glues pou^ to the comittee to send 
the E« of Seafort a list of such heighland men, as he 
may giue pardon too, after he hes trayed ther beha« 
uior and affection to the countrey. 

The housse recomendes to the especiall caire of 
the committee with the armey, to adwysse with the 
comi^aries, anent the sendinng of some propor- 
tionate meassure of corne and meall to Innemesse. 

The housse recommendes to the comittee of es- 
taits, the gluing of S^ James Frasser satbfactione 
for the wictuall he furnished to Innernesse, and that 
he and S^ Jhone Mackenzie be wrettin for to repaire 
to that countrey vith all diligence. 

The housse recommendes to the comittee of es- 
tates, the drawing of the regiments in Innemesse 
south, and wthers to be sent ther in place of them ; 
this lykewayes the housse recomendes to the Leiue- 
tenant Generall caire. 

Xbe housse recomendes to the comissioners of the 


generall assembley, the indictione of a fast to be keipt 
at Perth, or with the armey, 26 Julay, beinng Sater- 


The comittce to meitt at the disoluing of the 
housse, and the housse to morrow at 6 a clocke in 
the morning. 

Fryday, 11 Julay. Sessio vnica. Antemerid: 

The comittee this morning makes ther report to 
the housse, that they thought it w6rey expedient that 
3 demey cannon be transported from Glasgow to 
Burrowstones, ore a some more convenient plasse 
one [the] Forth, and ther shipped, to be transported 
quher the comittee shall ordaine. 

Lykwayes, that the Marques of Argyle causse 
transport, from Dumbartane castell, a sufficient nom- 
ber of 24 lib. ball to the places forsaid. Also that 
Mr Robert Meldrum be sent by the housse to Car- 
leill, and from thence to the General!, to represent 
to him the estait of afiairs heir, and to bring home 
some troupes of horsses ; and the comittee of estaits 
is ordaind by the housse to giue him Ins instructions. 

Acte of prorogatlone of the parliament, till the 24 
day of Julay instant, to meitt at Perth ; and in the 
meane tyrae ordaines the parliament to be current 
till then, and all the actes made in this 3d sessione 
at Streuling to stand as lawes, and to haue full 
strenthe in all tyme coming; and ordaines the haill 
noblemen, commissioners of shyres and burrowes to 
meitt at Perth the day forsaid. 



$erti ti fntjboot 24 S^nUf, 164^. 

Litle thing was done, bot arrayinng and muster- 
ing of men and horsse, till the Vedinsday, the 30 of 
Julay, one wich day the fast beinng endit, ther mett 
of the nobilitie in the pari : housse, thesse to make 
the first sessioQ. 
E. of London, Lord Cfaanceler, 
£• Craufhrd and lindesayj L. President of the pari: 

Mar: Argyle, 

E. Baldeuche, 

£• Buchan, 

E. Lauderdaill, 

E. Olencaime, 

K Galloway, 

E. Eglintone, 

IE. Wymees, 

E. CassUes, 

K Dalhousie, 

E. Kingome, 

E. Finlater, 

E. Tnllibardtp, 

E. Hartefell, 


E. Camwathe; 

E. Perth, 

Vis. Arbuthnot, 

E. Roxbrujghe, 

Vis.. Didope; 














E. Marbhall sate in hes auen place, as £• Maris- 
hall of Scotland. 

Sessio vnica. Thursday, 31 Julay. 

The Earle of Carnw^the and Lord Cardros$e 
did solemly sueare and subscriae the othe of pari: 
and the couenant. 

The housse prdaines the Mistres of Naper and 
the Lord Napeirs daughter to be enlarged from pri^ 
sone out of Edinbrughe castl^ ; the Lord Erskyne 
oblidginng himselue and hes father, the Earle of Mar^ 
for ther good carriage and mode^ behavior in lyme 
coming, as also for ther compeirance quhenaoeuer 
the pari: shall call them. 

The housse releassis the Lord Naper firom hes 
imprissonment in Edinbrughe castell, and confyne^ 
him to the toune of Haddingtone, or hes auen housse 
of Merchistone, he actinng himselue for hes com- 
pirance quh^i he shall be called, wnder the paine of 
40,000 merkes. 

Three petitions to the housse, one from the toune 
of Edinbrughe, anent the prissoners ther ; 9d- from 
the toune of Leith, anent $00 bols of meall to ther 
poore, in the tyme of a fearful! plauge, out of the 
publicke magazine ; 3d. from tlie toune of Puiabar, 
anent the inhibitting of the fishing of harinngs ther, 
in respecte of the plauges spreding abroad. All re- 
^)itted to a comitte of 2 of eache estait, wich wer, 

300 ANKALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1645i 

Nob: Getit: Bur: 

Burlie, Halcartone, St Andrewes, 

Elphingstone. Bischoptone. Linlithgow. 
The Lord Chanceler makes hes report to the 
houBse, (beinng presid: of the comittee for the ar- 
mey) that since the report of the shj^es anent the 
satling of the armey, and commanders therof, was 
not come in to that comitte, that the housse wold 
be pleassed to re-assume it againe to themselues, or 
wtherwayes putt it againe to the comittee, that a full 
report may he made to morrow. 

The commissioners of the generall assembley pre-^ 
sents to the housse this day a yarning anent the 
rainging sins of the land, wioh prowoked Gods judg- 
ments aganist it, and the remedies of them, wich was 
read publickly ; and the president, in name of the 
pari: gaue the comissioners maney thankes, and 
told them that the housse wold take it to ther serious 
consideratione, and intreatts them to giue cache es- 
tait a copey of the same. 

The housse ordanes the grand comittee to meitt 
this day, imediatly after the dissoluing of the parh 
and to morrow at 9 in the morning, and the pari: at 
2 in the aftemoone. 

Fryday, 1 Augusti. Sessio vnica* Fomerid: 
The Lord Chanceler, this day, from the grand 
comittee, makes a report to the housse of ther pro^ 
ceidure, and quhat they had done. That they had 


concludit one 3 mounthes mantiiience more for the 
armey, vich was till the 1 day of Nov: and that the 
shyres doe presently aduance now three mounthes ; 
and that Generall Maior A4[onro be presently sent for 
wnto Irland, to be Generall of thir forces, and that 
he repaire heir with all speed, and bring a 1000 
musqueteirs with him ; and that & William Coch- 
rane be sent to Irland for him ; as also that Arthur 
Erskyne of ScottsCraige be sent to England, with 
letters from the housse for Generall Maior Midel- 
tone, that he come heir befor the 1 of September 
nixt, and bring with him 200 horsse. 

The housse ordanes thesse men wich were brought 
ype to recrute the regiments, accordinng to the com- 
mittees orders, to be deliuered to ther commanders. 

The housse ordaines the committee for proubions 
to giue warrand to the comissaries for proweant to 
the seuerall regiments, and that the president of the 
said comittee doe seinge warrant for the same. 

The E. of Dalhousie humbley petitions the housse, 
that they wold giue command [to] the LordThesaurer 
to deliuer him his signature of the west myle of Kir- 
caldey, alredey componed, bot by the comittee of es- 
taits stopped at my Lord Dumfermlings instance, 
by ressone of hes absence and imployment in the 
seruice of the stait* 

The housse remitts this petitione to the exche- 
quer, to doe therin as they will be anssuerable. 

308 AKNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1045. 

The Laird of Brodies bill, and some othei^ of the 
same nature^ remitted to the committee of bills. 

The housse ordaines tuo of eache estait to consi* 
der of the anssner to be giuen to the letters from 
the parliament of England, and from oar auen com- 
missioners ther, and to take order anent the com- 
missioners of the parliament of England, wich are 
one ther jomey thither. 

The comittee and seueraU bodies to meitt present- 
ly, and the housse to morrow at 9 in the morning. 
Saterday, 2 AugustL Sessio vnica. 

The housse ordaines the 4t pairt of eache mans 
estait and rent, without deductione, to be laiied, 
both of moneyes and casuall rent, that hes not come 
to the randewowze ; as also al thesse that hes gone 
away without the estaits passe to be in lyke caisse, 
and the said fyne to be applayed for the wsse of the 
outputting of the present leuey of horses in eache 
shjnre, and the prowy ding of magazins of armes ; and 
that the comiCtees of yarr of each shyre be oblidged 
to giue a compt to the estaits^ that this be punctually 
performed, eximing aged and minors, prowydinng 
they send out others for them. 

The housse ordanes a comittee of 4 of eache es- 
taite, to tray the deficients of former leuies. 

The housse ordanes a 1000 horsse, that are suffi- 
eient, to be presently put out to prosequte the rebells. 


with 40 dayes prookione to each trcmpe, wieh shall 
[be] conunpted vpe to him in hes pay. 

The housse otdanes 600 bols of meall to be giuen 
out g[ the pnblicke magagin for releiffe of the poore 
of Leithy wich are sorely wisitt with the pestilence^ 
wntill a contributione be collected to the same, and 
that they haue a contributione out of suche shyres 
they best pleis« 

The housse ordanes the comittee to meitt after- 
noone; and at 5 of the clocke the horsse to meitt in 
the northe and southe Inchest and ther to be deliuer- 
ed to ther commanders* 

The housse to meitt one Monday at 9, and the 
comittees and seuerall bodies that same day at 7 in 
the morning. 

The housse ordanes that to morrou, after the aC- 
temoone sermon, the estaits to meitt with commis- 
sioners of the generall assembley, to adwuisse anent 
the yarning giuen in by them to the estaits of par- 

Sunday, 8d of Agust* Sunday, Master Dauid 
Dickepreached to the estaitsin the parliament housse; 
hes text was in Esaias, 42 cap* and 24, 25 vers. 
Aflemoone to the estaits preached Mr Mungo Law, 
hes text was, Ezra, cap* 10* vers 2, 8. 

Monday, 4 AugustL Sessio 1* Antemerid: 

Johne Oliphant of Bachiltone, this day, did exhibit 


a petitione to the housse for the losses sustained by 
him in the pari: horsses destroying of hes cornes. 

The lyke petitions wer exhibit to the housae by 
Sr Johne Moncreiffe of the same, knight and baro* 
nett ; S' James Oliphant of Neuton, and Mr Dauid 
Moncreiffe of Cragey, for the same purpois, for wich 
tlier was a comittee of 3 of eaehe estait appoynted 
by the housse, to cognosce of ther particular losses, 
and to report. 




E. Perth, 



E. Tullibardin, 



L. Burlie. 


St. Andrewes* 

A draught of a letter read in the housse to the 
Englische commissioners, desyring them to stay at 
Beruick till they did heir from the pari: in respecte 
of the raginng plauge of pestilence in Edinbrughe, 
and diuers places alsquher in the countrey, and the 
present adioming of the parliaments 

This day the Earles of Annandaill and Queins- 
burrey cam to the housse* 

A grate bussines in the housse this day anent L. 
Generall Balzies exoneratione, vich was weaued offe, 
in respecte he was alredey exonered at the last ses- 
sione of parliament in Streueling, and; now againe 
the housse did ratifie the same with thankes. 

The housse ordanes, since that it pleassed God to 


call the Laird of Craigies of the pest: quho was 
lodged in the shriffe clercks housse, Mr Patricke 
MaxswoU,. that thesse that are within the said housse 
shall interre him in* a remott place of the ordinarey 
buriall place of the toune. 

The comniittee to meitt this day at tuo in the af- 
temoone, and the seuerall estaits apairt at same 
tyme ; and to morrow the housse at 9, and that they 
brackfast befor they cbme to the housse, to the end 
they may closse bussines befor ther deperture thence;: 
as also that the comittee doe not ibedle with aney 
priuat bussines quhatsomeuer^ till the publicke be 

Tuesday, 5 Augusti. Sessio vmca. Pomerid r 

A grate contest in the hous this day betuix the 
bvrrowes and the wther tuo estaits, anent the second 
pairt of the acte of mantinence of the armey, and 
they protestit that they had disaissented from the 
rest of the housse ; bot after better adwysment passed 
from ther protestations 

Mr George Winram of Libertone accussed the 
commissioner of Aberdein, Patrick Lesley, as one 
▼nvortey to sitt in parliament, beiong, as he auerred, 
a malignant^ and one that had drunken Montrois 
health. One wich accusatione the housse did appoynt 
a comittee of 3 of cache estait, to tray this challenge, 
and they bothe called to sitt in the housse till mat> 
ters ver trayed. 

VOL. tll. X 


The housse ordaines the Earles of Home, Rox- 
brugh and Buckcleuche, with the gentlemen of the 
shriffdomes of Roxbmghe and Jedbrughe, to stay in 
tDune (by woyces) till they putt out ther proportione 
of the lewies. 

The honsse ordaines NidisdaiUe and Annandaill to 
doe the lyke. 

The hoosse after much debait, by woyces, does 
ordaine that the managing of the rarre shall be per- 
formed by the commander in cheifiPe, as he will be 
anssuerable to the parliament or ther comittee. 

Acte wotted and paat^ ordaning al the command- 
ers of the armey to receid at ther charge, wnles the 
parliament doe call them ti> some other implojanent^ 
or they haue a forlooffis from the commander in 
cheifie, with certificatione^ if that the doe wther- 
wayes, the losse ther places ;: the estaits reseruing to 
themselues the choysse and electinng of colonells 
and rutemasterS). wich are not wnder regiments al- 

The housse continews the commissions for the 
exchequer, excisse, borrouing of moneyes, and the 
committee of estaits, diselaming the diuisione of the 
said comittee, and thir eomissions to byde in full 
force and strenthe till the nixt sessione of pari: 2d 
day of Nov: 

The housse bestowes the Earle of Glencaims regi- 


ihent one hes brother, Colonell Robert Cunning* 

The Lord Chancelers ouertours read in the 
housse, anent the maner and place of trettmg witb 
the Englisch commissioners; the anssuer to the 
Englische parliaments letters; as also anent th« 
Marqnes of Argyles vpe goinng to the armey in 
England, &c. all remitted to the con&deratione of 
the seuerall estaits apairt* 

Jb»Wb5. pr(tii{ Crimnatiit t^rUamtnii ttvtzttin* 
Mk flnno J^alntU flnrnmat, 1645. 

Vedinsday, 26 Nouembris. Sessio ynica. Pomerid: 
Mr Robert Blair, minister of St. Andrews, did 

preache to the estaits of parliament; hes text wes 

the quholl cL psalme* 

Of the nobilitey present this day wer i"^ 

Archbald, Marques of Argyle ; 

Johne, Earle of Craufurd and Lindesay, President 
of the Pari: 

Gilbert, £. of Erole, Orate Constable; 



A. D. 1645. 

Johne, Earle of Mar ; James, Earle of Finlater ; 
James, Earle of Buchane; Villiam, Earle of Lan- 

Johne^ Earle of Cassile&; 
Johne, Earle of Perth ; 
Robert, Earle of Hadingr 

Johne, Earle of Wymes; 


James, Earle of Calen- 

Johney.Lord Zester; 

Lord Cardrosse ; 

Alex?: Earle of Dalhousie; Robert, Lord Borlie. 

A roll of the comissioners of shyres present for 
the barrons at this session of parliament. 


Sk Archbald Jhonstone of Var- 

reston ; 

Sr James Fouills of Collngtone. 


S' Johne Wymees of Bogie ; 

Dauid Bettone of Creighe. 


Laird of Maner ; 

Laird of Bogball. 


Laird of Lamingtone ; 

Laird of Lie. 


La: Lage; 

La : of Apilgirthe* 


La: Buchanan; 

La: Polmais. 


Sk Jo: Hamilton of Beill ;> 

La: of Clarkingtone. 


La: Wederbume ;. 



La: of Sauchie.. 


Peibles, Mr Jo: Hay of Hayestone* 

Bute, --.... 

Aire, Lar: Cesnock ; 

Kincardine, La: HaUartone; 

La: Balmaine. 
Roxbrughe, La : Cauers ; 

La^ of Stobis. 
Perth, La: Friland ; 

La: of Aldey, 
Vigtone, La: of Garthland. 

Aberdeine, La: of Cragewarre^ ' , 

La: of Eighte. 
Renfrew, La: Houstone ; 

La: Caldwell. 
Forfar, La: Brigtone ; 

'La: of Teleinge. 
Dumbartane, La: Foidwood; 

La: Balwie. 
Selkirke, L : of Harden. 

L: of Whittseed, 
Bamffe, Laird of Boyne. 

Argyle L. Glenvrquhy, zounger. 

Cathnes, . - - - - 

Innemesse, - - - - - 

Orbnay, ----- 

A roll of the commissioners of burrowes present 
at this session of parliament. 







St Andrews^ 













Anstruther Vester# 







» Jo: Smythe; 

Rob: Mackeane. 

Mr Alex : Wedderbume. 

Mr Tho : Gray, Prouest. 

Oeorge Bell, Prouest 

Jo : Lepper, Prouest 

Geo : Jamesone, Prouest 

Gabriell Cunighame. 

Jo : Kennedey. 

Dauid Symsoiie. 

Rob; Whyte. 

James Pedie. 

Dauid Aleixander. 

Geo: Gardyne. 

Mr B4>b: Cuninghame. 

Mr Rob; Barclay. 

Mr Jolme Broune^ 

Vill: Vatsoneu 

Norman FairfulL 

Vill: Lyone. 

Mr Ja: Can^hell, Ptamest 

Jo: SprewelL 

Jo: Ochterlaunicu 

William Glendiningep 

Thomas Bruce. 
After the calling of the roll^ the Lord^ Earie ol 
Callrader, protestit, and tooke instruments in the 
Oeivk of Biters handei^ that tk« caUiii{g of the 

A. D. ifi45. ANNALR8 OP 8COTLANIX 311 

Earle of Lenili befor bim should not pr^udge him of 
hes place of precedencey, conforme to hes patent 

Mr Innes Baird, procurator for the Earle of 
Leuin, protestit in the contrair* 

Sr Johne Wymees of Bogie, and Dauid Betton of 
Creighe, protesdt, they beiong comissionn^ tor the 
shyre of Fyffis, that the calling of the camiasion^ry 
of Louthian shyre should not preiodge ther place (^ 
precedencey in pari: 

Sr Archbald Jhonstone of Vanrestone, and Sk 
James Fowills of Coilingtone, protested in the .con- 
trair, as commissioners of Mid Louthean. 

Sk Archbald Jhonston had a longe harrang to 
the housse, intreatting them to Tnitie amongest them* 
seines, to lay all jHriuat req>ects and interests as- 
syde, and to doe justice one delinquents and malign 
nants, shouing that ther dalienng formerly had pro- 
uoked Gods too grate seriants aganist them, the 
suord and plauge of pestilence, quho had ploughed 
ype die land with deipe fiirrowes ; he shew that the 
massacker of Kilsythe wes neuer to be fcvgotten, 
and that God, 4]uho was the just judge of the worlds 
wold not bot judge righteously, and keipe in remem- 
berance that sea of innoc^it blood wich lay b^r 
hes throne, craying for a vengeance osie Aesse blood 
thrisCey rebells, the butehors of so maaey innocent 
scales; he shew, Lykwayes, that the tymes requyred 
A more jiarrow and sharpe looking wnto th^i fonner- 


Ijr, in respecte that the faousse of pari: wes become 
at this present lyke to Noas arke, which had in it 
both foull ftad cleine creteurs, and therfor he be- 
sought the estaits ther now conveined^ by Gods e^pe* 
ciall pennisisione and appoyntment^ befor that they 
went about the constitutione of that heighe courte of 
parliamemt, that they wold make ane serious searche 
and enquirey after suche as wer eares and eyes to 
the enimies of t}ie comonwealthe, and did sit ther 
as if ther wer nothing to say to them; and« therfor, 
he humbley desyred that the housse might be adiom* 
ed till to morrow at 2 in the afiemoone, and that the 
seuerall estaits might consider quhat corrupted mem- 
bers wer amongest them, quho had complayed with 
the publicke enimey of the stait, ather by themselues, 
ox by ther agents or frindes. 

After this speiche was endit, it wes debaitit a 
quhyle in the housse, anent the maner of procedure 
and forme of trayell of thesse that had aney com- 
playence with the enimey, and hbw they should be 
remoned out of the housse. At last it was conclu«« 
^it, that the estaits should take it to ther considerar 
tione.apairt, imediatley after the housse was desolued, 
and that they should meitt to morrou at 9 a clocke 
^l the morning, and adwysse one the same, and that 
the housse should meitt at 2 in the aftemopne, yflilh 
put ftird^r, 


Thursday, 27 Nov : Sessio 1. Pomerid : 

Ther came to the housse this dny of the Dobilitie, 
the Earles dTDmnfermlmg, Tullibardin, Kelley and 
Louthean ; the Viscounts of Arbuthnot and Fren- 
dright; also the Lord Coupar: the E. Marishall 
cam to the housse this day lykwayes. 

This day the housse adiomed till to morrow at 
9 in the morning, and in the meane lyme the seue- 
rall bodies of the estaits till then to thinke vpone 
thesse of ther nomber quho hes had aney compliance 
ore dealling with the enimey, and to heir them be- 
for ther auen bodey quhat they can say for thenv- 

Fryday, 28 Nov : Sessio 1. Antemerid : 

The housse this day, befor they could choysse 
aney committies, did adiome the pari: till tuo in 
the afternoone, in respecte that the members con- 
trawerted, wich had aney compliance with the eni- 
mey, might be cleired, befor they went to aney bussi- 
nes or acte of moment or weight ; and in the meane 
tyme the seuerall estaits to meitt apairt. 
Sessio 2da. Pomerid; 

The housse appoynts 4 of cache estait to meitt 
imediatley after the parliament shal desolue, and 
.conferre anent the remoueall of thesse from the 
housse that hes had compliance or dealling with the 
ienimey, viz* 


Nobi Gemz 

Marq: Argyle^ Las of Friland, 

Earle of Craiifurd^ La: of Lie, 

Earle of Loutheao, La: of Maner, 

Earle of Casailes. La: of VarrestoQe. 

Diindie, Mr Alex: Vederbume ; 
Kingomey Mr Ro: Cunighame; 
Iruing, Mr Rot Barclay; 
Bnmt«lyland, Geo: Gardyne. 
The estaits adiomes the housse till to morrow at 
9 in the momiiig, and die 4 of eache eatait to meitt 
presentley, and report to the seueraU bodies tomor- 
row at 8| befor the parliament meitt, 

Saterday, 29 Not: Sessio. 
The Earles of Glencaime, Sangome, Camwadiey 
and Lord Balcarras, came to the housse thb day. 

After the othe of parliament was read, all thesse 
of the nobility present, and commissioners of shyres 
and burrowes, did sueare and subscrine the same, 
quho had not fonnerlie done it 

The housse i^poynts I of eache estait to heir the 
pronest of St Andrewes and Jedbrughe, anent ther 
carriage after Kilsythe batell; and James Wood, the 
bahie of St Andrewes, to be examined on that poynt, 
that he desyred the prouest to opposse die enimey be- 
for they entred the toune^ and he reftissed. Hiis 
comittee to report at 4 in the afiemoone. 

A. D. 1645. ANNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. 315 

The estaits ordaines the comissioners of the bor- 
rowes to be called by ther proper names by the 
clercks of pari: and not by the name of that bmghe 
for wich they are commissioners) in respecte that 
heirtofor they wold change in one sessione of pari: 
commissioners 8 or 8 tymes, and that none of them 
vote without giuing the othe of pari: &c« 

The honsse this day appoynts a comittee for dis- 
patches to order all things concerning the armies 
abroad and at home, peace, vare and the mantinence 
of the same, &c. ; the coram of this comittie 10 ; 
the nomber 6 of cache estait ; the president of the 
pari: (as in all other comittes) to be supernumera- 
rie in this also ; and the generall oflScers of the ar- 

Nob: Barrens^ Burrowes. 

Marq: Argyle, L. Oarthland, - . « 

E. Marishall, L. Lie^ . • . 

E. Glencaime, L. Creighe, ... 

Et Cassiles, L. Wederbume, ... 

£• Lanricke^ L. Aldie, ... 

£. TuIUbardyne, L. Ei^te. ... 

The housse giues a coipmissione this day to 6 of 

eache estait to be judges of the processes of all de- 

"linquents citted and processed by the pari: with 

pouer to them to judge of the releuancey and probft- 

lime of dittais, to ewmine vitimasey &c. 


Nob : Barrons 

E. Cassiies, & Archd: Jhonstone, 

E. Marishall, & VU: Cochrane, 
E. Glencairne, &• Tho: Ruthuen, 
E, Wymes, S"" Johne Wymes, 

Lord Burlie, La: Garthland, 

Lord Coupar. La: of Maner. 
Jo: Kennedey, 
Vil: Glendning, 
Mr Rob: Barclay, 
Mr Ja: Campbell, 
Mr Ro: Cunighame, 
Greorge Gardyne. 
The 2 Jastice deputts to be supemumerarey in 
this commissione. 

The housse adlomed till 4 in the aftemoone this 
day, and the bodies to meitt at 2. 

Sessio 2da. Pomerid: 
The housse hauing in the fomoone apoynted 1 of 
eache estait to heir the prouest of St Andrews, that 
touns comissioner, and the balzie of Jedbrughe, viz. 

Nob: Bar: Bur: 

LordBurlie. Si-Tho:Ruthuen. MrAlex:Vederbume. 
They made ther report that the did not find aney 
matter prouen aganist them wich might debar them 
ther wotting and sitting in pari: and so they wer ad- 
mitted to the housse. 


The persons one the former comitties wer woced 
in pari : this aftemoone, and the housse was adiom* 
ed till Monday at 9 in the morning. 

Sunday, 30 Nov: Mr Daiiid Dick preaehed 
to the park this day in the housse befor noone ; hes 
text was Job> cap. 5, rersse 12, 13 and 14. After 
noone preached to the housse Mr William Bennett > 
hes text was Psal : 2d vers, 10 and 12. 

Monday, 1 December. Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

The Lord Kircubright came to the housse this day. 

One of cache essait this day sent by the housse 
to the commissioners of the kirke, to craue that 
cache day in the pari : housse they may haue at 
prayers at 8 in the morning, a portione of scripture 
exponded, wich exercisse is to indure the space of 
haliFe ane houre. 

Nobi Ban 

Earle of Cassiles^ Laird of Garthland, 

Mr Ro: Barclay.- 

A letter directed to the housse of pari:- from both 
housses of pari: of England, read, subscriued by the 
Lord Gray of Warke, speaker of the Housse of 
Peers, and by Villiam Lenthall,. 'speaker of the 
Housse of Comons, requyring the pari: heir to re- 
store ther touns of Neucastell, Sunderland, &c. and 
to reteir from thence the Scotts garisons, betuix^ 
and the 1 day of Marche nixt. 

A letter from the L. Chanceler to the pari: reid. 


of the dait the 18 of Nov: anent the progitesae of 
bnssines with the pari : of England. 

Tuo letters from the Scotts commisdioners, direct- 
ed to the comittee of estaits, of the dait from Vor- 
cester housse, 18 Novr read in the honsse. 

A commissione to the comittee of processe, read in 
the housse, wotted and past. 

The pouer giuen by the housse to the committee 
of dispatches, read, wotted and appronen, wich is to 
consider of the distractions, distempers and deseasis 
of the kingdome, and the remedies, the ordrinng of 
the armies without and within the kingdome. Or- 
der gitting for (her prouissione and mantinence, as 
also the prosecutione of the war, with instructions 
and directions to the commanders in cheifife. 

The housse adiomed till 4 in the aftemoone. 

This fomoone, the Earles of Glencaime, Cassiles 
and Lanricke, made a grate debait in the housse, 
wich lasted aboue 3 houres, to manteine themselues 
to be one both comittees, viz. of processes and dis- 
patches, the barrons and burrowes opposing the * 
same. It past to wott of the housse, and it was 
woyced, that thesse 3 noblemen, 1 barone, and 1 bor- 
roughe, wich at the first electione war one bothe the 
saids comittees, should only be one that of the pro- 
cesses; and that the seuerall bodies should meitt at 
3 in the aftemoone, and choysse vthers of ther nom- 
ber to be one the comittee of dispatches. 

1. D. ie45^ ANN ALES OF SCOTLANIX 310 

Sessio 2da« Huius diej. Pamerid: 

The nobilitie for the S Earles of Glencaimey Cas- 
siles and Lanricke, wich wer one both comitties, hes 
chosaen for them to be one the comittee of dispatch- 
es, the K Diamfennling) Vis: Freudraght, Lord 

The banrons, for the Laird of GfartUand, hes 
chosen S^ Johne Hamilton of Beill. 

And the burrowes, for Johne Kennedqr, hes 
chosen Oabriell Cuninghame. 

A petitione this day exhibit to the housse by the 
gentrey and comons of the shriffilome of Argyle, for 
aide aganist the comon enimey, quho for 4 mounthea 
space (they often hauing implored ayde bot receaued 
none,) had nested themselues in that countrey, as 
lykwayes for supley of mantinence, so often promis- 
sed them, bot not receued. To the end of this pe- 
titionee ther was a remonstrance of the L. Marq: 
of Argyle annexid, quherin he regratted that he by 
basse calumniators was detracted, as he should haue 
medled with grate soumes of the publicke money, 
both for Irland and heir; and zet he took them all 
to wittness quho had intrest, that he had neuer re- 
ceaued aney ather for hes pttblick seruices or par- 
ticular debursments for the publicke, grate soumes 
beinng restand him for hes seruing of the ar- 
mey in Irland with meall and haringes. 


He being remoued, the Earles of Cassiles and 
Calender desyred the president, (after the petitione 
was remitted to the comittee of dispatches,) that he 
wold show my Lord Argyle, that thesse wordes ^of 
basse calumniators wer a litel harsse to be wssred in 
a petitione to a pari: and therfor, in name of the 
hoasse, villed his Lordschipe heirafter to wsse calm- 
er and meiler tearmess. 

Aughteine papers that passed betuix the Scotts 
and Englische comissioners, in the trettey in the 
mounthe of October this zeire, at St Andrewes, bot 
demands and anssuers, wer all openly read in the 
housse, and the, with the Englische pari: demanding 
letter, wer all remitted to the consideratione of the 
sftuerall estaits apairt. 

The comittees to meitt to morrow at 8 in the 
morning, and the housse of pari: adiomed til Wed- 
insday the 3d of Dec: and then to meitt at 8 m the 

Wedinsday, 8d Dec: Sessio L 

The housse giues pouer to that comittee delegat 
for processe, to giue orders to the officers of the 
armey for bringing in such prissoners as are deliu" 
quents, and for securing them thither. 

Acte ordaaing the keipers of the grate priuey and 
quarter sealls, cashett and signet, with the elerkes 
and wretters belonging to them, to repaire to St* 
Andrews, during this sessione of pari: that the 


leidges may be seruid, Mid that this acte be publish- 
ed at the mercat orosse. 

The housse ordaines the comissioners and sfayret 
to giue in ther diligence and procedure, anent the 
executions of these commissions aganist maligiiants 
and complajers with the enimey. 

The housse remitts the heiming of George Mel- 
weiUs caisse to 2 Lordes of the Sessione^ and they 
to report 

The housse adiomed till to morrow tft 8 in the 

Thursday, 4 l)ecembris. Sessio. Antemeirid: 

A list giuen in to the housse by the comittee of 
prooesse, of suche persons aOK they wold haue cdled 
heir to judgment and punishment from the seaerall 
jayles they are in. Remitted to die eonrideratione 
of the seuerall estaits apairt. 

A petitione exhibit to the housse by the prissoners 
now processed, and in the eastell of St. Ajudrewes, 
desyring that they may be proceidit aganist, not by 
a committee, bot that they may be judged ather by 
ther peeires, the Justice General], or be£br the quholl 
parliament. Remitted to the seuerall bodies apairt. 

A humble petitione Arom the parishioners of 
Monewaird, Creiffi^ and Comrey, to the comissioners 
of the generall assembley, and by them recommendit 
to the hoii^se^ desyring some siipley, in rei^peete 
^ VOL. ill. . . .y . 


that they wer all spoyled and brunt by the enimey, 
and now the plauge of pestilence raginng amongest 
them most fearfully. * 

This petitione Bemitted ta the comittee of bills, 
with order to them to condescend vpone a oertaine 
quantitey of meall to be giuen to them. 

The housse recomends a petitione exhibit to them 
by the brughe of DundiC) for ther necessities and 
damnages, to the comittee of bills and to report 

The comittee of dispatches makes ther report this 
day of some particulars concerning the arming at 
home; read. 

A letter from the GeneraU Leuin to the pari: 
showing of hes layinng doune befor the toune of 
Neuwarke n^pone Trent, and hes taking of the bridge 
aad S scouest with the killinng. of some of the eni* 
mey, read ; he desyres also money and clothes for 
the shouldiours, and showes them that the Englische 
pari: keipes no conditioae nor pactione to the armey 


The housse adiomed till 4 in die aftemoone this, 
same day« and the comittees to meitt at 8. 

Sessio 2da. Huius dieu Pomerid:^ 

The housse anssuers the prissoners bill, by repell- 
ing each ressone of the same in particular; and as 
for the declinator of & Archbald Jhonston, the 
housse in one voyee repalls the same lykwayes, if 
they haue not aaey person«U exceptione aganist hes 


persone^ then they may prepone the sane to the' 
comittee, wich wes ordred to ptoceid in tfaer pro- 

The housse ordcuns a 1000 bols meall to be pro^ 
wydki and sent for supley to the garissods of Argyle- 
shyre, and that the same be disposed ott to the se* 
nerall garisons at the Lord Marques of Argyles di- 

A petitione £his aftemoone exhibit to the housse 
by the Earle of Queinsbutrey, sheuing, that he bein^ 
comandit by the eomittee of processes to* enter hen 
persone in prisson, in the castell of St Andrewes^ 
for not obayed the acte and sentence of the Comiftee 
at Glasgow, he humbley desyres, in respecte of hesT 
t>odQy infifmitey, that they wold be pleassid to dis« 
pence with hes entrey for 3 or 4 dayes, till soumer 
roumes wer repaired for him. 

The housse allowes the suplicant Monday nixt fo 
entet his persotte in vatde in the castell. 

A petitione exhibit this aftemooEfe to the housse 
by the rector and haUl maisters of the vniversity of 
^f. Andfewes, humbley ^esyring, that according to 
the acte at Perth, in Agust last, the hail vniversities 
of Scotland may be citted, and they hard viua voce 
befor the estaits of pari: befor they proceided to de^- 
termine or doe aney thing in preiudice of the said 
▼niversitey, in prowyding a prouest to the colledge 

aii ANN AL£9 OF SCOTLAND. A. D, 1M5. 

of S. Saluator, ia preiudice of the fimdatione of the 
same, and the custome of SOO zeires hitherto vssed. 

The housse ordaines the members of pari: that 
are one the visitaticHie of this vniversity, and minis- 
ters also^ to meitt at Sl Maries colledge hall at 5 one 
Tuesday at night, and ther to heir all the said vni- 
rersitey can plead or say for themselues, and to re- 
port to the housse. 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 3 in the a£- 
temoone, and the comittees to meitt from 8 till 12 
befor noone." 

Fryday 5 l)ec: Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

The comittee of dispatches makes ther report, that 
some of the nmnber accordinng to the order of the 
hoijLsse aestemight) had spokin with the Earle of 
Callender this day, quho had gfired hes seruice to 
the countrey, and since that he was Leiuetenant Ge- 
nerall of all the forces within and without the coun- 
trey, he should now be at ther disposall, and accept- 
ed to be now ther commander in eheiffe, wich the 
housse ratified. 

A remonstrance from the commissioners of tlie 
generall assembley to the heigh courte of pari: for 
justice tpone delinquents and malignantsy quho hes 
shed the blood of ther brethren, &c. read* 

Four petitions and remonstrances of the sitme na- 
ture, and for justice to be execut one malignants^ de^ 
linquents, &c. exhibit Uy the hoiisae this aftemoone^ 


from the prowinciaH assembleys and shyres of Fyffe, 
Drumfreis, Mers^ Temot(}aile and Galloway. 

All of them be read in the housse, and the pre- 
senters, about SOO persons, remoued, the housse re- 
turned them this anssuer by ther president : — That 
the pari: tooke ther modest petiones and sesonable 
remonstrances werey kjmdly, and randred them 
heardy thankes, and villed them to be confident, 
that with all alacratiey and diligence they wold goe 
about and proceid in ansuering the expectatione of 
all ther resonable desyres, as they might themselues 
perceaoe in ther procedure thithertills ; and withall 
he intr^tted them, in the name of the housse, that 
they wold be eamist with Ood, to implore and begge 
hes blisslnng to assiste and encourage dietn to the 
performance of quhat they demandit, &c. He show 
them also, that the housse had appoynted 2 of eache 
estait to draw ane anssuer to them in vreat, and ther 
petions and remonstrances to be record to posterity. 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 8, and the 
eomittees to meitt after the despluing of the housse 

Saterday, 6 Dec: 8essio 1. Antemerid : 

Ther -was nothing done in the housse this day, 
bot the seuerall eomittees appojnited to meitt ime- 
diatly, and the .hoja83e adiomed till Monday, at 8 in 
the mominge. 

This day the Earles of Eglintone and Buckleucbe 
.came to the housse^ 

S?f A^NALSS OF SCOXL AHp. A. D« 1646. 

Sunday, 7 Dec: Mr Androw Cioit preached to 
the estaits this fomoon; hes text was, Epist: 2d of 
Peter, cap. 9* yfsts 9. ^Ir jElobert Douglasse preach- 
ed afiemoonei hes text was, Jeremiah, cap. 6. vers 
26 to the end of the chapter, O daughter pf my peo- 
ple, gird the with sackcloth, fl^c 

Monday, 8 Dec : Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

A letter from our commissioners in England, of 
the dait the 25 of iNov: shouing of my Lord Chao^ 
celers depertnre from thence tliither; desyring the 
estaits not to conclude ore enter in debait with aney 
bussines betuix the tiio lotions, till the L. Chance- 
lers home cominge, quho wold informe thepi of the 
treu estaits of all ther afikirs then 

The estaits ordaines 200 shouldiours to be sent 
fprthwith, and able commander, for securing and 
gaurding the castell of St Andrewes. 

The estaits ordaines 8 bolls meall to be giuen to 
the poore of the parishes of Monewaird, Comrey 
and Creiffe, in Perthersbyre, ^nd that the woluntarey 
contribution^ coUiected zestei*day be seQt to them, 
and djestribute by some descreit man. 

The estaits ordanes Commissarey Leuingstone to 
giue to the L^dey parries for this zeir, in respev^te 
of her necessities, 2000 merkes^ 

Three commoms ordred to be issewed furth by 
the estaits, 2 of them for trayell and executione of 
murtherers, and one for the executione of a feUow in 
Jjinlithgow, for bestiality. 


A letter from Chriftiane the 4^ the Danishe King, 
directed to the nobility and estaits of parliament of 
Scotland, earoisdyintrettinng to aecord and aggre- 
ment with ther King, ther religione and liberties 
beinng saue^ and offers himselue to be a mediator 
for a happey peaces read in the hoosse; daitit Haff- 
niae^ 10 Nouembns, 1645. 

This letter ordained to be anssner^ by the parfia- 
ment, bot delayed tiU the Lord Chancders home 

The oomittees to meitt this aftemoone, and the 
honsse to morrow at 8. 

Tuesday, 9 Dec : Sessio I. Antemerid-: 

Nothing done this day in the [housse,] saue that 
the Eailes of Marishall and -Dumfermling wer addit 
to that commissione finr wisitatioQjB'Of the TXUTersi- 

The hoHsse adiomed till Wedinsday, the 10 day« 
at 4 in the aftemoone^ and this day the bodies and 
oomittees to^meitt at 4 in the afiemoone. 

Wedinsday, 10 of Dec : Sessio I. Pomerids 

A letter from the estaits, directed to both housses 
of parliament in England, read, shouing them that 
they wold doe nothing that might make a hreache 
in that brotherly correspondence betoix the tuo 
Idngdomes ; orderedtto be subscrined by the presi- 
sident in name of the housse. 

A report from the cwimittee of dispatches reiuUn 


jhe <iomg^ iJRMniig <he ^MCrtw^i mi d^ltniclitXs of 
>oiur toroe^ wkhm the kingdeise. * ' 

This rqpdrt remitted to th» l^aid oommiltee t» be 
furder d€|^t0d^ BDd the reQiedies )k> be dioiigbt 

T«o hl^Ue petitio«9 «diflnttadieest%ka of part: 
by James, Earle of HartefeH^ qubetiii b6 ivAjqoih 
ledi^' hey cflbnces i^aniBt 4ie eOuatrej) luidf dis- 
deinies td di^te agaliist them, and 'doe9 hlunbky 
caste bimselue at their feette, and submitt biiasehiey^ 
lyfie and ibrtime^ to thfe mecoey. of the parliaiMlit, 
^d does appeall from the rigor of Ute Iaw to theie 
absolute mereey. 

The hoi^88e> by woyipes^ oi^daJnea die siq»Ucaot'to 
udoftpukdge hes gilt end emmfeftte fa«s ilittay befi:^ 
the ddigatt comissioners f<y parop o c ico, before he be 
^ard by the parliament. 

The [hof|S9e3 adii^cid tiU to morrow f^ ^' 
Thur^dny^ }1 Dec: Sessio 1» Antemerid^ 

The estai|» ordwies 8 barrons and S burgesses^ 
«¥ith Hm pfd[u^e«t and bldzies of the tonne, to be call- 
fid befine theal, aAd they to sett d^one the pryoe^ of 
fillers and yicMialls, J^pjisse meaUs, and lodgin|^ &c. 

B&r^ Bur: 

& MidieHBaUbnritfDeBniiU, Montrosse, 
Sr Gabert RaHuay of BalmKin^ Brunt-Iylaiid> 
^ Will: Forbes of Crageware. Dysertt 

The homble petioae of » WiUiam Dicke of 
JBfeade, this day exhibit to the estaits of pari: in- 

Ireatttohg to Itike mme soridusr nttaea of iilesse d^bu 
%iien MdA by the {>Qbficke) and that they wald adds 
<0me resouliMe pi<ec^t to ther fonnb^ wanvnlsy that 
he may receaue a competent pairt of that 8 hun- 
deretib and 40 Uiousand merkes auen to him lor pre- 
serttwg.ofhes erydit, ftc. read; 

The hottsse -appoynts a comftilttee ot 9o{ eache 
estait for this bussaaes, lOid a letter from theestaits 
to-be wretdn to him, Bhewihg that the housse wold 
haue ane eapeciall caire for the presteraaetioiie of hes 
crydit, and that they wold not rysae {i£ not forced) 
without some solide cnrder takinng for hes subsist- 
ence. ' . 

The eommktes and bodies to meitt this aftenuxme, 
and tlie hoHSse at 8'to morrow. 

Fryday, 18 Dec: Seaao 1. Antemerid: 

The estaits appoyhtes a comiltee this day to con- 
descend vpcN^ie the vnifef me trayril of losaesy and to 
take notice of thesse quho hes beiae constant in the 
countries causse, and nou totallie ruinbd, and cf tber 
subsistence ; the nond>er 4 of tbe ncinlityt and 6 of 
the Tther 2; the comme to be f. 

Nob: Bar: Bur: 

E. EgUatone, La : Halcartone, Perth^ 
£.HadiDgtoQe, La: Harden, JDittdie, 
E.fincMeifdie^La:Lie, Aberdmie, 

jL-Kirct^bright. La : Bdmainey AnBtrather-easter, 
La:Newuarkek. iHmaAmf- 


The estaitsthis day alao appoynU a oamittee of S 
of eache estait to conaider^ heire and rq[K>rt^ the 
Lord Hombiey Copiaaarey Geaerall, hes accomptes. 

No^i Bar: Burs 

£• Kelley, La : Caudone, Aberdeiney 

R Dalhousie, La : Garthlandy Bnmt-Iyland, 
Lord Zestet. La; Lie. Aise. 

The estaits ordanes a comitteey lykwayes, this day^ 
of one of eache estait, to anssuer the petione4>f the 
. Gommisaioners jo£ the generall.assembley^ .exhibit to 
the housse the 9 of this instant. 

Nob: Bar: Bur: 

E. of Cassiles. La: Varrestone. Lrwinge* 

A petitione exhibit this day to [the] housse by the 
commissioners of the generall assembley, in fauors 
of the ministers and inhabitants of Argyle, shotting 
the pitifiill estait .of that .countrey^ and desyrinng 
some suf^KNTt in ther extreame neoessiQr« .be apojrled 
by the barrabaros enimey» and not supplied by the 

Fyffieine ouertures by the commissicmers of the 
generall assembley represented to the estaits of pcurb 

The estaits ordaines a soleme fast and humilia- 
tione to be keipt in the parliament housse, by the 
members of the same, with closse dores, one We- 
dinsday nixt, and that ther be S sermons that day 4 
and ordaines this order to be signified to the comis- 
sioners of the generall assembler in m'eat 

A. D. 1645. AKNAJLES OF SCOTLAXm. 331 

The petitione of Argjrle, and ouertnces of the 
conuniss: of the generall assembley, referred to the 
seueraU bodies of the estaitB particular consideca^ 

The humble petitione of L. Generall Balzie exhi- 
bit to the housse, shewinng, that since he was so 
blundsed for hes eiuell carriage at that ynhappey 
conflicte at Kilsj^e, that they eataits wold giue him 
a trayell ; wich hill, by the housse, wes comitted to 
5 of cache estait 

NcAz Bar^. 

£• Marishall, La: Harden, ^ . . 

£. Cassiles, Lai Varrestone, ... 

E. Olencaime, La: Cragewar, ... 
£• Eglintone, La: Creighe, ... 

Lord Zester. La: Garthland. . . - 
The comittees to meitt this aftemoone^ and the 
hoQSse adiomed till to morrow at 8. 

Saterday, 13 Dec : Sessio 1. Antemerid : 
A letter from our commissioners M London, di« 
rected to the L. Chanceler, Warrestone and Mr 
Rob: Barclay, to communicat the same to the pari: 
read in the housse. 

Instructions from the Englische pari: to Colonell 
Generall Poynze and Rositer, to joyne with the 
3cotts Generall for reducing of Newuarke. 
In the letter aboue wrettin, our comissioners 


fhewes that they had procured from the pari: of 
England a mouothes pay in money, 6000 suit of 
dotbes, 6000 shirts, and 6000 paire of shoees and 
stockinges, for our armey befor Newarke* 

A letter from S^ James Lumsden, Ooueroour of. 
Newcastdl, shewing that Lodouicke Lesley, Oo^ 
nemour of Tinmouth Castle, had takin a shipe ladin 
-wiike «nunitk>ne from Lubecke one the Elbe, sent 
by Colonell Cochrim for James Orhame, and should 
haue landit at Aberdeine; read. 

A letter from Irland, directed to the committee of 
both kkigdomes, anent the posture of afiairs in that 
kingdome, and desjnres, that commissioners from 
Scotland with speed may be sent to Irland for the 
ioynt managing of the varre iiier ; read. 

All diir letters iiemitted by the housse to the se- 
rious consideratione of (he comittee for dispatches* 

The Lord Kircutxright, from the comittee for tray- 
inng the commissioners and tonne of Edinbrughes 
treattmg with Ja: Grahame, makes a report to the 
housse, wich was read^ bearing ther particular capi- 
tulations' with him, ther receauing protections from 
him, the missiue letters sent to and from them, ther 
canssingpToclame hes proclamations at E^nbrughe 
crosse, ther deliuering him vpe the prissoners in ther 
tolbuth, and ther sumondingthe castell to rander to 


Tlus report, by the hoiisse not thought exacte 
aneuche, and therfor remitted to a more narrow tray- 
ell, by the said comittee to be yssed, with pouer to 
them to citte and call for wittnes, papers, actes and 
records of Edinbrughe; toexameS^ William Gray, 
Mr Alex: Guthrie^ tomie derke, and to report ther 
auen oppinion to the housse. 

The housse to meitt <me Monday at S in the a£* 
temoone, and the bodies at 9 after sermon. 

Sunday, 14 Dec: Befor noone Mr Danid Dicke 
preched to the estaitts in the pari: housse ; hea text 
was the II Psalme* Aftemoone preached Mr An* 
drow Authenlecke, person of Dmidie; his text wa» 
I Colos: cap. 1, vers Sd, 4tr 

Monday, 15 Dec : Sessio I. 

Orders to the Lord Gupers r^[imeat to marcbe 
to Perthe. 

Orders to the Generall of the Artiliries regiment 
to marche to Falkland. 

Orders to Colonell Steuarts regiment to marche 
to Arbrothe. 

Orders to Vis: Kenmures regiment to marche to 

The housse adiomed till to morrou at 8 in thcr 

Tuesday, 16 day Dec: Sessio I. Anftemerid: 

Kothinng this fomoone fbne in the hous^ saue m 


grate debut anent quhat r^^ents ahould marche to 

The housse adiomed till 9 ia tibe aflemoone. 
Seauo 2da« HuiHs dieL Pomerid: 

TEe housse comnuuids the prouest and balzies of 
St. Andrewes to secure the prissoners in ther auen 
housses, ypone ther auen perriUs, in respecte they 
haue not prepared roumes in the castell for them,^ as 
they wer commandit 

The housse ordanes the acte of Perth, anent the 
raluatione of coale, to be put to executione ; and 
that the same be done within 2 monthesw 

One a bill presented to the housse by the commis* 
sioners of Fyffe-shyre, ordanes the yaluatione of the 
said shyre to be rectified. 

One a bill presented to the housse by the Laird 
of Cardnes, ordanes the Thesaurer Principall to 
passe him hes ward, in respecte hes father deyed^ 
and wes killed in publicke seruice at Hereford, con- 
forme to the acte of pari; 

Orders to Colonell Frasser to march& to England 
with hes regiment of horsse. 

Orders by the housse, that the commandit men 
wich came from ififeucastle, retume thither with 

That a shipe with 1000 bols of meall, 6a chalders 
of coles^ and 800 dailes, be forthwith sent by the 


Comissarey General! to Inoernesse^ for the supley of 
that garisone. 

Wedinsday, soleme fiist keipt by the honsse with 
closse dores, IT day December : 3 sermons, 

1 preached by Mr Ilob{ Douglas; text, 9 Isaiahe, 
Tersse 13, 14, 15. 

2d Ser: preached by Mr Androw Cant; text, 
Epist. of Panl to the PhiUppians, cap. 8, from the 
2d versse till the II. 

8d Ser: preached by Mr Bob: Blare ; text, Epist ' 
2d of Peter, cap^ 2d,^ vers 9r 

Thursday, 18 day. Sessio I. Antemerid: 

This day the £. of Eglintone petitioned the houses 
that hes 3 sons that wer in the countries sendee 
might not be all in one place, bot diuers. 

This desyre remitted to the, generall officers of 
the armey, with a speciall recomendatione to them 
from the housse to consider my Lordes desyre, since 
it proceidit of his loue to hes children. 

The housse orders the coram of the comittee of 
losses to be 9, ther being 2 noblemen and S of cache 
of the other estaits ; with a pouer to the said comit- 
tee to consider of quartering of shouldiours addlt. 

One 20 or 80 seuerall bills of complainte to the 
housse of the lend demanor of shouldiours, ther kil- 
ling and wounding of men and woomen, ther plun- 
derii^ and stealling of horsses. The estaits recco- 
neads all thir complants to be ordred and redress- 


tdhf the generall officers, as they wdCd be anssuer^ 
able to the pari: 

A report' from the comittee of dispatches, read in 
the housae« 

The^staits ratifies the 1 artickle of the said re- 
port, anent the bringing of 2500 from Irland, and 
that thejr be keipt in a bodey by themselues. 

Sdly, Tbey ratifie that acUckle of the I'eport, that 
4 man of the kingdome be trainnd ; wotted. 

The housse adlomed tiH 8 in the aftemoone. 
Sessio 2da« Huias diej. Pomerid: . 

The most pAirt of this aftemoone was spent one 
the debait of the remanent 9 artickells of the report 
of the committee for dispatches* 

A letter from <he Scotts eommissioners at London, 
read in the housse, that they hud procured from the 
parliament a monthes pay, wich they wer sending to 
Kewuarke ; that they had sent 5000 lib« sturllng to 
Thomas Cunighame to Campyeire; that the King 
had sent a letter to. the parh At Vestminater for a saue 
oon<h»cte to aome» to treatfor thegr<yuxidsofa sore 

The estaits ordaftes the eomittes to meitt to mor«* 
vow b^r and aftemoone, and adioma the housse 
till Saterday at 8 in. the maming, the SO day of tbiii 

• ' Saterday, 80 Dec: Sessio K ABtemerid: 
. The Lord Chanceler came to the housse thist 


day from London, and the Lord Bargeneyfrom his 
auen duelling. 

A letter directed to the Lord Chanceler from the 
Scotts commissioners at London, read, of the dait 
18 Dec: shewing that they had sent them sotne pa^ 
pers to be communicat to the pari: as also that they 
had procured to the Scotts armey befor Newuark 
3000 paire of booties, and a 1000 paire of pistoUs. - 

A letter from the Kinges Maiestie to the Speaker 
of the Housse of Peeires, for a saue conducte to the 
Ducke of Richmond, E. of Southampton, Jack Pal- 
mer and Jack Ashbumham, to treat with some of 
ther number to be appoynted by both housses of 
pari: for a saue peace, &c. read« 

The anssuer to the former letter sent by the pari; 
of England to the K. Maiesty, shewing that they 
wold not condescend to aney trettey, in respecte that 
hes Maiesty made only hes aduantage of thesse de* 
uices of tretties, to ther grate losse and preiudice, 
vitnes that of Vxbridge ; bot that they wold send 
bills, and propositions of peace to him, wich if he 
wold pas, he might become a happey King, and saue 
much innocent blood, &c. read. 

Tua papers from the Scotts commissioners to both 
housses of pari: in England, concerning ther anssuer 
to the Kinges letter ; read. 

A declaratione of bothethe housses of parliament 

¥0X« III. z 


of England to the parliament of Scotland, read, 
shewinng the payments and mterteinment of the 
Scotts armey in England, rand ring and vpgiuing of 
the garissons possesed by the Scotts in England, 
anent the conclusione and procedure of the vnifor- 
mitie of churche gouemiment and decipline in Eng- 
land ; as also anent the trettey of peace with the 
Kioges Maiestie. 

The copey of a letter from Paris, directed to the 
parliament of England, shewinng that the Q. mother 
and Cardinall Mazarine, after much bussines, had 
giuen the Q. of Brittane 30,000 pistoUs ; that the 
Princft of Orange had ane intention to haue the 
Prince of Walles to Holland, to marrie him one 
hes daughter, and diuers other particulars, &c. ; 

A letter from bothehonsses of parliament in Eng- 
land to the pari: read, demandinng restitutione of 
the toune of Belfast in Irland, possesed by our for- 
ces, and aganist the 11 day of Januarij nixt. 

A letter from the E« of Leuin, General of the 
Scottes armey, from Neucastle, shewing the condi- 
tione of hes armey, and of the necessity of the re- 
creutCning of the same^ for the weill of both king- 
domes ; daitit 17 Dec : 

A letter from & James Lumsden, Gouemour of 
Neucastle, read, shewinng the incresse of indepen- 
dents ther ; the eiuell carriagse of the Maior Blaek- 


Stone, with a desyre of the pari: comands to him 
anent thesse particulars, read. 

All thir papers by the housse remitted to the co- 
mittee of dispatches consideratione. 

By especiall order of the housse, all the members 
df the same does solemly promisse not to depairt the 
toune till the publkk bussines concerning the coun- 
trey be first put to pojmt with the pari: leiue ; also 
tliesse that are absent, ordered to be vrettin for. 

A quere proposed to the housse by the commit-* 
tee of processes, anent a clausse contained in L. Ge- 
nerall Dauid Leslies pass.e to the Lord^s Erskyne 
and Fleeming, viz. that he promissed one hes honor 
that ther persons should be saue and free. 

The housse remittes this backe to the said comit-r 
tee of processes. 

The estaits grants a comlssione of justiciarey to 
certane persons, to tray the behauior of the comis- 
sarey of Kircubright, and some others insolent per- 
sons quho had imprissoned the magistrats of the 
said toune, &c. 

A petitione this day exhibit to the housse by Mac- 
condochjH'a, and the Capitane of Dunstaphnage, in 
name of the inhabitants of Argyle, Lome and Kin- 
tyre, read ; that the housse might take some serious 
consideratione of ther grate losses, and some pre-' 
sent order for ther subsistence to seme the coun^ 


This petitione remitted by the housse to a coinit> 
tee of 2 of eache estait appoynted to that purpois. 

The comittee for the general comissaries comptes 

. ordained to meitt this aftemoone ; the haill comittes 

of pari: one Monday befor and aftemoone; and the 

housse adiorned till Tuesday at 8 in the morninge. . 

Sonday, 21 December. Mr Androw Cant did 
preache in the parlc housse befor noone ; hes text, 
Epist 2d of Peiter^cap. 2^ vers 9. Mr James Guth- 
rie preached aflernoone ; hes text was . - - - 
Tuesday, 23 Dec : Sessio I. Antemerid: 

After the Lord Chancelers relatione was red in 
the housse, of hes negotiatione in England, he in- 
treatted the estaits to doe^usticeimpartially one thesse 
delinquents, God by- hes wonderful! prouidence had 
castin in ther hands ; then that they wold goe about 
the recreutting of ther armey in England for aduan* 
cing the grate worke ef refermatione ; and that they 
wold retume to that vnanimitey and concord amonge 
themselues, that appeired in them at the begining of 
this worke, and banische all heart burnings and jelo- 
sies from amongest them — Concordia res paruae 
crescunt ; for the. vicissitude of Godes mercies and 
judgements one this nation might be the most in* 
ducing motiues to bind them all togider ; which, if 
the with vnfained hearts went about the performance 
of thesse deuties, God wold make them vndoubted- 
ly happey instruments of a blessed peace andvnion,, 


to the honor and glorey of hes grate name, and the ] 
Weill and ioy of all that did trust and feare him. 

Report of thesse things most material!, the comit^ 
tee of processes thinkes fitt to be exped in this ses- 
sione of pari: 

The 1 artickell anent the acte of Glasgow, con- 
cerning a reuell for fynes to be payed be delinquents ; 
quere. Wither the same as a reuell, be prewissly ob- 
serued by the comittee of processes or not? Remit- 
ted to the consideratione of the seuerall' bodies. 

The housse ordanes the Irische prissoners takin 
at and after Fhiliphaughe, in all the prissons of the 
kingdome, especially in the prissons of Selkirke, Jed- 
brughe, Glasgou, Dumbartane and Perth, to be ex- 
ecut without aney assyse or processe, conforme to the 
trettey betuix both kingdomes, past in acte. 

Report of the comittee of dispatches, read. 

Petitione from the Gouemour of Beruicke, S' 
James Ramsay, read, anent the strenthning of the 
valles of the said toune, die payment of hes garissone 
and Mr Canonier ; that the said pajrment be made 
to him and hes garisone without aney losse, at the 
toune of Bendck, mounthly. Remitted to the bodies 

The humble petitione of the toune of Brechin to 
the estaits, shewing that ther tune hes beine 2 seue* 
ral tymes plundred and vasted by the enimey, and 
desyres diat they may be exeimepted from payment 


^f ther 2 mootbes maatiiience» sad baue r^artitione 
pf ther grate losses, for ther present subsistence^ 
. The housse orders L« Colonell Barclay to be wret- 
jten to ; superseed that 2 monthes mantinencci and 
that they wold pay him an^ vther way ; and for ther 
losses it is recommendit by the housse to the comit- 
tee for lossest 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 8, and the 
seuerall comitties to meitt this afternoone. 

Wedinsday, 24 Dec: Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

A letter from Argyle, read in the housse, shewinng 
the furey pf the enimey, Ma^xlonald, in that countrey, 
and ther impossibility to bold out if not supplied. 
Remitted to the qoinittee of dispatches. 

A letter from the Oenerall, the Earle of Leuin, to 
the pari: read, shewinng that he had come to New- 
castle, and left L. Generall Dauid Lesley, with Ge- 
neral Maior Holburne, to comand the armey befor 

The housse adiomed till tp morrow at 8, the bodies 
to meitt this fornpone, and the committees after- 

Thursday, 25 Dec: jSessio I. 

Nothing done this day in the housse, bot orders 
giuen that tlie comitties should pieitt this day after 
and befor noone, and the bodies at 4, 

Fryday, 26 day. Sessio 1. 

The Earle of Cassiles chossen president this day, 


in respecte of the absence of the Earle of Crauf urd 
and Lindesay. 

A declaratione from the comissioners of the gene- 
rail assembley, remooing such stumbling blocks as 
the enimeyes of the treuth layed^ by ther declara- 
tions, in the way of waicke ones to compley with 
ther mischiueous desings aganist religion and treuth, 
read. They craned that the pari: wold be pleassed 
to interpone ther authority therto, and order the 
same to [be] published and printed. 

The housse, after some debait^ orders this decla- 
ratione to be printed and published, and the presi- 
dent, in name of the housse, to rander them heartly 
thankes for ther grate caire of the comon weill, and 
tymly declaratione for the peace of the same. 

The parliaments anssuer to the remonstrance of 
the commissioners of the generall assembley, pre- 
sented to the housse in the begining of this sessione 
of parliament, read ; quherin the estaits promisses to 
doe justice one delinquents, to persecut the enimies 
of the comonwealth, and to endeuor the establish- 
ing of treuth and peace. 

The housse ordaines the ammunitione that wes 
goinng for the garrison in Innernesse in ane open 
barke, to be put in that shipe of defence that is 
goinng thither. 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 8, and the 
comitties to meitt this aftemoone. 

an .ANNAL£8 OF SCOTLAKa A. D. Mdu 

Saterday, 27. Dec : Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

The housse ordaines the comittee for dispatches 
to giue orders to the horsse to marche north, wnder 
the command of Colonell Henrey Barcley. 

They lykwayes ordane the said committee to make 
ane end of dealling with aney generall person by 
way of trettey . 

The hpusse giues orders to the comittee of pro- 
cesses to secure the prissoners in the castell after the 
best way they thinke fitt ; and that none haue ac- 
cesse to them bot one necessarey grounds, and they 
honest men and of good reputatione, that shall haue 
warrand vader the president of the comitties hand. 

The housse ordaines 1500 bolls meall to be pro- 
wydit and sent to the garisons in Argyle, Lome and 

The hpusse ordaines S0,000 merkes, Scotts money, 
to be giuen for the subsistence of the paritioners of 
Muckart and Dolar, wich soume they ordaine to be 
distribute to t)iem by the adwysse of the Marques of 

The housse ordaines a regiment of heighlanders 
to be leuipd yonder the Marques of Argyles com- 
mand, with pouer to him to putt garisons in such 
places as he shall thinke most expedient in thesse 
heighland shyres, for the weill of the countrey, and 
ppftie pf our fr^endes. 

The housse adipriied till Tuesday, the SD of this 


instant, at 8 ; and the committies to meitt all this af- 

Sunday, 28 Dec; Mr Robert Blair preached in 
the parliament housse befornoone ; hes text was, 
Fsal: 110, yerss 1, 2, 3, 4. Aftemoone, Mr Dauid 
Forrett preached in the parliament housse ; hes text 
was, Isaiah, cap. 59, vers 13, 14, 15. 

Tuesday, 30 Dec : Sessio 1. Antemerid : 

That comittie for the thesaurer of the armies ac- 
compts, made ther report to the housse this day. 
Hes charge of the Englische resaitts since hes last 
accompte of money receauid in England, amounted 
to the soume of 169,304 pound starling, 12sh. 7d. 
the discharge eque. They wer remitted to the con- 
sideratione of the seuerall bodies. 

The housse, after some debait anent the slow pro- 
gresse of bussines, by woyces, ordaines tlie bodies to 
meitt from 8 in the morning to 10 ; the pari: at 10, 
and the housses in the aftemoone. 

A letter from the L. Generall the Earle of Lewin, 
from Neucastell, the 24 Dec : read, sheuing that the 
King hes 3000 horsse and dragouns, and is redey to 
take the feildes, and does not certanlie know quither 
he intends for West Chester, Neuwarke or Scotland ; 
quherfor, according to hes deutie, he thought good 
to adwertisse the pari : of the same, &c. and desyres 
to know ther mynd in tliesse ai&ires. 

The L. Chanceler this day shewes the housse. 


that he had receaued a letter in particular from the 
L. Generall, wich did put him in mynd of hes deuty 
to the good of the publick seruice, and intreat the 
housse that they wold agane take to ther serious 
coDsideratione the recreuting of. ther anney in £ng* 
land ; that they wold take order to pay the Generall 
the rests of hes 20,000 lib. Scotts money, and thinke 
ypone some recompence to be giuen to Vand-rusche, 
quho for hes loue to die kingdome of Scotland hes, 
one hes auen proper charge, leuied a regiment of 
horsse, and was with them in seruice in the Scotts 

The housse adiorned till Vedinsday, at 10 in the 

Wedinsday, 31 Dec : Sessio I. 
The first classe anent thesse that hes beine in 
armes with James Grhame aganist ther natiue coun- 
trey, or hes beine octiue for him, or hes receuid 
comissions from him, or hes sent out shouldiours to 
him, or furnished him horsse, armes or amunitione, 
&c. beinng much debaited in the housse by the L. 
Chanceler, Earles of Cassiies, Lanrick, Xx>thean, 
Lord Burlie, La: of Warrestone, Caudon^ and 
Maner, was at last, by woyces, vnanimously enacted, 
that the latitude of the fynnes of such as are not pro- 
cessed with forfalture and death, shall be betuix 6 
and 3 zeires rentt, and that in that latitude the debts 
auen to couenanters and good countrey men be con- 


sider^. This additioae was wotted to be ioyned to 
this acte, viz. that this acta should be extendit and 
stricke agantst all relapses and delinquents since the 
last acte of obliigione, and that notwithstanding of 
thesse fynes, the pari: and its comitties, as they 
should thinke expedient, should banishe, confyne, 
or imprissone all suche within the classe, as they 
should thinke to demeritt a heigher censur then ther 
fynes, and might proue dangerous instruments to the 
peace of the countrey. 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 10; the 
comitties to meitt this aftemoone, and the bodies to 
morrow in the morning, according to the setled or- 

Thursday, 1 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

The housse appoynts Sunday nixt to be a day of 
fast and publicke humiliatione, and that ther be 3 
sermons in the housse that day. 

The housse ordaines the committee of dispatches 
to make choysse of a sub-comittee out of ther num- 
ber, to thinke one the anssuers to be made to the 
demands of the parliament of Elngland ; as also to 
thinke one wayes of accommodatione, and proposi- 
tions of peace with the Kings Ma^, and the wayes 
to atteine to a happey peace. 

Report from the comittee of dispatches read in 
the housse, anent the appoynting a commander in 
irheiffe to comand ouer the forces within this coun* 


trey; that the E. of Calendar, the Leiuetenant Ge- 
neral!, may be putt to it, ather to lay doune hes 
commis»one, or wtherwayes to wndertake hes charge. 
This report being almost 2 houres debait, pro and 
contra in the housse, did at last resolue, by woyces, 
that the Earle of Calender should be wrettin for in- 
stantly by the parliament, to come heir and wnder- 
goe hes charge, or wtherwayes to send a positiue 
anssuer ; that if he refussed, wthers might be put to 
the seruice. The Clercke Register ordaned to draw 
the letter, and the president of the parliament, in 
name of the housse, to seinge it. 

The housse adiorned till to morrow at 10, the 
comitties to meitt this afternoone, and the bodies to 
morrow at 8. 

Fryday, 2 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

This day ther was 2 sessions of pari: both befor 
and aftemone, wich was sdey appoynted for dis* 
patche of bills. 

In the aftemone, the housse reoeaued letters 
from ther commissioners at London, quherin was a 
.coppey of a letter expostolatorey from the Kings 
Maiestie, directed to the speaker of the Housse of 
Peirs at Westminster, commanding them to grant a 
passe conforme to hes former demand for a trettey 
to the Duck of Richmond, and the pari: anssuer 
therto, with some papers giuen in to both housses by 


the Scotts comissioners, all read and remitted to the 
committee of dispatches. 

Ane wther letter read from our comissioners, 
shewing the reducing of the citey of Hereford^ to 
the parliaments obedience by Colonell Morgans and 
Colonell Breckes, by a stratageme, as als the rand- 
ring of Skipton castell, in Zorkshyre, to the pari: 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 10. 
Saterday 3d Januarij. Ses&io 1. Antemerid: 

A letter from the Laird of Ballindalache, to 
the Marques of Argyle, shewing the posture of 
affaires in the north, read in the housse, desyming 
spedey ayde, and that better correspondence may be 
keept betuix the pari: and comittee with them then 
formerlie hes beine. Remitted to the committee of 
dispatches, and in the meane tyme the housse or- 
daines the Marq: of Argyle to wrett to the gentle- 
man, and to encourage him with assurance that they 
will furder all the assistance he requyres. 

A petitione presented to the housse from the com- 
mittee of bills for Mr Dauid Hay, clerke to the pro- 
cessesy for hes fees, in respecte he hes seruid that 
comitte thir 2 zeires, with tuo seruants and himselue, 
and hes neuer receaued aney thing ; wich bill the 
housse remitts to the comittee of processes, quho 
best knowes hes seruice, and ordaines them to modi- 
fie to him a competent fee, and how the same should 
be payed* 


The report of the comittee of processes, anent the 
processes of thesse wich wer found releuant and pro - 
uen, wes begun to reid in the housse, bot beinng 
one the houer of 12, it wes delayed till Monday nixt 
the 5 day. 

The housse adiomed till Monday at 10 houres, 
and the bodies to meitt that day at 8. 

Sunday, 4 Januarij. — The fast wes solemly keept 
by the members of pari: beinng 3 sermons in the 

Mr Androw Bennett preached in the morning ; 
hes text Prowerbs, Sal: cap 29, verss: 1, 2. 

Mr Androw Cant preached nixt to "him ; hes text 
was 1 Kinges, cap 8, versses 37, 8, 9, 40. 

Mr Robert Douglasse preached in the aftemoone ; 
hes text wes Profett Jeremiah, cap 3, verss: 22, 28, 

Monday 5 Januarij. Sessio 1. 

The anssuers of the 5 processed persons, withe 
procurators of the estaits replayes, ther duplayes 
and triplayes, all of them read in the housse, and by 
the housse remitted to the consideratione of the se- 
uerall bodies apairt. 

Sessio 2da.' Huius diei. Pomerid: 

The housse ordaines Nathaniell Gordon to pro- 
duce the principall paper of the names of thesse men 
wich did take him, subscriuid with ther hands. 

The Generall of the Artelizirie, by hes petitione, 


desyres to be hard, as haulng commissione from the 
Geiierall and L. Generall Leslies, anent the matter 
of quarters, wich the housse was now about to de- 
bait, anent the validity of the same in thir 5 mens 

The housse ordaines him to giue that he wold 
say, in wreat, to the seuerall estaits. 

The pari: wreatts a letter to the estaits and Admi- 
rall of Zleeland, of thankes for ther kindnes showin 
to S' Jo: Scott, in sending a waighter to vafte him 
ouer to Scotland from the danger of pyratts, wich 
letter the estaits ordanes in ther name the president 
of the parliament to subscriue. 

The housse adiomed till to morrow at 10. 
Tuesday 6 Janij : Sessio 1. 

The housse assumes this day to ther considera- 
tione the trayell of losses, and the maner of the same : 
lo. That probatione be vssed by the partey losser and 
hes tenants vpone othe, quher wther wittnes are not, 
and the modificatione be penes judicem. 2o, That 
the probatione of losses by sea, be by coquett and 
entrey of goodes. So, That seuerall conmiissions be 
giuen to tray the losses both of land and brughe, 
and that barrons be one the trayell of brughe losses, 
and burgers be one the trayell of land losses, and 
that the committee of eache be promiscouus. 4o, 
Anent the mantinence of thesse that are totally ruin- 
ed, and how they shall be made to subsist. 


This 4t artickell remitted backe to the comittee 
of losses to prepare the same better, in respecte that 
the estaits of malignants are by the housse formerly 
ordained for the mantinence of the armey. 

5o, Anent brant housses and landes, and thesse 
quho haue had ther duellings and lands destroyed 
by fyre be the enimey ; that ther losses be declared 
a publick debt, and that they be payed out of the 
landes of thesse forfalted, and to be forfaulted. 

This 5t artickle lykwayes remitted to the comit- 
tee of losses to be better prepared. 

The housse ordanes the comittee of processes to 
goe one, and take informatione of thesse that should 
be processed with forfaultrey, and caosse citt them. 

The housse ordaines a particular clerke for the 
losses, and the sub-clerke to keepe a register of the 
same ; and the Clerke of Register shew the housse 
that he had appoynted Mr Androw Baird, clercke 
of the losses. 

6o. That the comittee for losses haue power to di* 
rectt out commissions to the shyres, for trayell of 
losses, with the pari: approbatione ; assented to by 
the housse. 

Nixt the housse assumes the report of the classi^ 
catting committee, and putts all suche in the 2d 
classe that has put out horsse in assistance of the 
rebells ; 2, or hes beine 24 houres with the rebells ; 
S, or hes receaued commissions from Montrois to . 


leii^y men, &c« that ther iyne exceid not foure ^ires 
rent, and not lesse than 2 zeires rent. 

In the 3d dasse, the Kousse places ail suche as 
haue keept correspondence or intelligence with the 
enimey; 2, or had communicatione with the eni- 
mey ; 3, ore haue takin protections from Ja: Grhame ; 
4, ore haue giuen the enimey mantinence or compo- 
sitione in money or wtherwayes, &c. 

Thir 2 classes, after the report by the said co- 
mittee, with 5 seuerall clausses annexid to the 3 
classes for payment of ther fynes, and trayell of ther 
rents, wer alt by the housse remitted to the consi^ 
deradone of the seuerall estaits apairt 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10. 
Wedinsday, 7 Jarij: Sessio I. 

A letter from the Scotts comissioners to the L. 
Chanceler, shewinng that they had sent the doubles 
of some papers giuen in by them to both housses- of 
parliament in England, of the dait 24 of Dec : to be 
comunicat to the pari: heir ; readi. 

Item, they sent the coppies of 7 or 8 intercepted 
letters from Di'gbey to the Queine and Lord Ger- 
mane, and from the King, a? also from Montrois to 
the King and Digbey, the reading of wich, the housse 
remitted to ane other tyme. 

The housse this [day] does againe resume die de- 
bait anent the 2d classe, wich was zesterday remitted 
to the seuerall bodies, and adds this dausse to the 

VOL. III. 2 A 


penult member of the said classei or hes keipet ran- 
deszwous, committies or 8i»ey publick meittings^ for 
adiwneing the enimies seruice ; wich additipne by the 
housse was assented too. 

The 8d elasse quoUy assented too by the housse» 
without a contradictorey wotte. 

The housse adiomed till the afterooone* 
Secunda Sessio* Huius diei, Pomerid: 

The housse did agaiue resume tlie concluding of 
that acte anent the dassicatting of delinquents, at 
wich th^ had left in the fomopne; and ordred that 
ao noblemani barron or burges shall exercisse aney 
publick place or of trust, or haue a wotte in parlia- 
'ment during this warre^ till a happey peace be con- 
cluditr and that non that falls within the 3 classes 
shall haue woyce in choysing of commbsioners to 
the pajpl: during the tyme forsaid*. 

A letter from the Leiuetenant Generall, the Earle 
«f Callender^ shewing that he should be at St. An- 
drews one this weeke, to attend ther (Lo.) com- 
naxids; read. 

He housse adiomed till to morrow at 10; 
Thursdayrt Jarij: Sessio 1. 

The housse by ther letter, giues comand and pouer 
to the generall officers at the armey, to supley the 
place of comissioners, and to meitt with the Englisch 
commissioners at Newarke^ till the parliament did 
send i^e some of ther auen number. The sendinji; 


of this letter remitted by the housse to the comittee 
of dispatches^ and ther conunissione to be sent with 
one qttho shouhl be one c^ the number. 

The classicatting acte concludit zestemight, and 
ordred to be wrettin in mundo, wes read in the housse^ 
and wotted in toto, and past 

The housse adiomed till Saterday at ID houre& 
Saterdajy 10 Jarij : . Sessio 1. 

The housse this day assumes the debait and ex- 
ceptions of the 4 prissoners, anent quarters, and first 
reids all ther processes, defenses, anssuers by the 
procurators of the estait ; replayes, duplayes and tri- 
playes, with thesse defensis giuen in by Ja: Ogiluey, 
anent quarters, in the Sd sessione of this trienniall 
pari: at Edinbrughe. 

Sessio 2da. Huius die}. Pomerid: 

The housse after 9 hourres debait this aftenione, 
at lenthe came to a wotte, wich was, that they repell- 
ed ther defenssis foundit one quarters, hauing read 
all that was said or aledged for S^ Rob: Spotswood, 
William Murray, Nathaniell Gordon, and Mr An- 
drew Guthrie. 

iSio coppies of letters from the King to the speak- 
ers of bothe housses of pari: and to the Scotts co- 
missioners at London, of the dait, the first 26 Dec: 
the wther 29 Dec: 1646, anent a trettey for peace, 
still insisting that he may come to Westminister with 
800 and himselue; and if that trettey faiU, ther to 


haue a free pass to ather of hes garissons of Oxford, 
Newuark ore Worchester ; read. 

A letter from the parliament to the Elarle of Sea^ 
forte^ read, and ordred in name of the housse, to be 
siabscriued by the president of the pari: 
The housse adiomed till Monday at ID houres. 
Suqday, llJarij. — Mr Jo: Moncreiffe, Minister 
of Kingorne, preached to the housse befomoone ; hes 
text was Reuelatione, cap. 3, vers: 4. Aftemoone, 
Mr Jo: Smith, Minister of Brunt-Iyland, preached 
tp the housse; hes text was Euangelrof Jhone, cap. 
5, yers 22, 23. 

Monday, 12 Jarij : Sessio h 
The Earle of Kingorne, with the Lords Zester 
and Bargeney, addit to the comittee of losses. 

The housse ordaines the comittee of dispatches to 
meitt at 2, and to sitt till 6, in ther sub-comittee from 
6 till 8 ; the comittee of process to meitt at 2, and 
sitt till 6 ; and all thir comitties to make ther reports 
to the housse one Thursday nixL 

The housse remitts the order to be takin with 
ther auen prissoners with the enimey, after quhat 
maner the comittee of processe shall thinke most 
expedient and fitt for the guid of the stait. 

The roll of such as wer citted to compeir befor 
the parliament as delinquents, wes publickly [read,] 
and 3 maisses called in the housse and at the dorre^ 
and remitted to the comittee of processe. 


The housse appojrnts the morrow, bemg Tues- 
day, for heiruig of bills. 

Tuesday, 13 Jarij: Sessio i. 

This day, after the report made by the comittee of 
processe, anent the releuancey and probatione of Mr 
Robert Spootswoods dittay, wich was read and re- 
mitted to the seueral bodies, conforme to the orders 
of the housse. 

The remnant of this fomoone spent one the heir- 
ing of bills, as was ordred zesterday. 

Tliis day the housse ordaines S^ MichellBalfoin*, 
& Jo: Houpe, Mr Alex: Cohieill, Justice Deput 
and James Suord, to examine all such as shall be by 
the committee of processe remitted to thers. 

The housse ordannes Fryday nixt for the senten- 
ceing of Spotswood, Murray, Gordon and Guthrie. 

The housse adiomed till Thursday the 15 of tins 
instant, at 10 houres. 

Thursday, 15 Jarij : Sessio 1, 

A letter from General Maior Monro, from Irland, 
to the pari: of the dait 26 Dec: 1645, shewing them, 
if that they condescendit to die Englische to pairt 
with the toune of Belfast, that they might lykwayes 
pairt with all ther interest in Irland, and humbley 
desyres to haue the estaits adwysse how to carrey 
himselue in the bussines, end diuers other particu- 
lars ; read. 

Ane wther letter from the Scotts commanders in 

858 AKNAI^B8 ^F 8C0TLANIX 4.0. 1846w 

the gRrisflon of Belfast, sfaeving diat Ihe Englisdbe 
commissioners did danandthat garisooeto be de* 
liuered to them, conforme to a vote of the housses of 
f>arliament of England producit to them, of the dait 
18 Nov : 1645» of wich they sent tiie double inclofr* 

llie housse remitts the ansaering of both tfair let* 
ters to the comjnittee of dispatches. 

The housse this day, one a qaere from the comitr 
tee of processe, setts dime a reuell anent the propor- 
tione and fyne of delinquents beioig appeirand 
heires, viz. that hes fyne shall not exceid a aeires 
rent, and a halffe of that he is to sucoeid to $ and diat 
the appeirand heire be in directa linea. 

The housse adiorned till to morrow at 9 houres, 
and that the haill members dyne befor they come to 
the housse, and ther be only one sessione all that 

Fryday, 16 Jarij. Sessio L 

The housse hauing formerly appoynted this day 
for sentenceing of thosse guosse dittaye^ was found 
by the comittee of processe releuant and prou^i ; af- 
ter 3 houres debait anent the sentence to be ginen 
aganist Nathaniell Goidon, the comittey hauing 
found him guilty <^ heigh tresson ; the housse^ by 
wottes, sentences him to be for&ulted in lyfi^ lands 
and guds ; hes head to be strukeo from hes shoid- 
ders at the crosse of St. ^ndrewes, on Tuesday the 

A. D. 16i6. ANNAL£S OF SCOTLAND. 350 

20 of this instant, at the hdure of 19 ; and the magis- 
trates of the sajd brughe ordained to see the same 
performed ; and hes lands and goods to belong to 
the publicke. 

To this sentence of Nadianiell Gordons, the L. 
Chanceler wotted not. 

The Earles of Dnmfermling^ Cassiles, Lanricke 
and Camwathe, wer not cleire anent the poynte of 
quarter; only amongest the barrons the La: of 
Creighe was non liquet, 

The Gomittee of processe haning found WilHaai 
Murayes processe and dlttay releuant and prouen, 
and that he had incurrid the paine and guilt of 
heighe tressone, the same report being read in the 
housse 2 ouer, does by ther sentence and wotte for- 
fault him, conforme to the acte of pari: 1644 ; or* 
danes hes landes and goods to belonge to the pul>- 
licke, and hes head to be struckin from hes shoul- 
ders at the mercat crosse of St Andrews, one Tues- 
day nixt, the 20 of this instant, at the houre of 12; 
and the magistrats of the said brughe to see this 
sentence «zecut 

Hes brother, the Earle of Tnilibardin, wes not in 
the housse this day. 

Thesse ihat wotted William Murray to be impris- 
soned during Iy£fe, and hes landes and goods to be 
ibrfaulted, wer. 


Earle Eglintone, 

£a: Glencaime, 

Earle Kingome, 

Ea: Dumfermling, 

£a: Bucleucfae ; 
mid amongest the barrons, the Lairds of Halcartone 
ftod Brigtone. ^ 

Mr An^row Guthres prooesse being found rele* 
uant and prouen by the comittee of processe, qnhosse 
report being agane oppinly read in parliament, and 
he found to haue incurrid the paine, and to be guilty 
of heighe tressone aganist the staits of this king- 
dome, wes by wottes forfaulted, ut supra. 
' The Earles of Cassiles and Dumfermling wotted 
to spare hes lyffe, and forfault hes lands and guids, 
and to comitt him a perpetuall prissoner, wer the 
Earles of Cassiles and Dunifennling ; the Lord 
Chanceler did not votte. 

- The housse, befor they did «iter to the reiding 
of & Robert Spotswoods processe, did repell the 
defenses giuen in by him anent quarters, quo adeum ; 
only the Earles of Cassiles and Dumfermling craned 
pardon iof the housse, that they wer i^ot cleir in that 

- The comittee of processe.hauing found his dittay 
releuant and prouen, and him to be guilty of heigh 
^^essone, ther report beinng this d^y read in the 


housse, by wottes, diey did foriault the said S^ Ro- 
bert Spotswood, hes lyffe, lands and guides, here- 
table and moueable. 

Hes report by the housse wes found bimembrous. 
The punbhment of the first wes found, after debait, 
to be arbitrarey to the parliament, wich wes hes ad- 
wyssing, doqueting, signaling, earring and deli- 
uering, zea, and persecutting James Grhames com- 
missione aganist hes natiue countrey ; the punish- 
ment of wich offence being, after muche debait, put 
to the woyces of the housse, it was wotted capitall, 
and he for the same judged to losse hes head. 

The 2d member of hes dittay prouen, wes hes 
beinng taken in armes aganist the countrey at Phi- 
liphaughe, wotted for the same to be forfaulted, hes 
goods and lands to belonge to the publick ; and for 
the 2 forsaids faults hes head to be strukin off hes 
shoulders, at the m^rcat crosse of St Andrewes ; and 
the magistrats of the said brughe ordanned to see the 
same put in executione. 

Ther wotted to spare hes lyffe, forfault hes lands, 
and imprissone him during lyfie, 

Earle Eglintone, 

Earle Cassiles, 

Earle Dumfermling, 

Earle Carnwathe. 
The Lord Chanceler and Earle of Lanricke crauid 
pardon at the housse, and did not wotte. 

389 ANNALE8 OF SCOTLAKD. A. D. 1646. 

Amongest the barrMS) to spttre hes lyfe^ Ln: of 

Amongest the barrowes, Mr Robert Sarcher, for 

A letter from our commissioners ai Londcm to the 
parliament, anent the propositions of peaoe^ and ther 
desyre of alterinng some passages therin ; as also 
anent the militia, with eertane papers and wottes of 
bothe housses, tibat our horsse may be ther reduced 
to 2000, and our dragouns to 1000 ; thir letters of 
the dait at London, 6 Jarij : 1646, read. 

Theanssuer of both housses of parliament to the 
Kings 2 letters of the 26 and ^9 December, read. 

A letter of the 11 of Jarij : from Generall Lesley, 
^kf^yjxag tho Lord .Hombies ype coming to them to 
Newuarke, to cleir the acoempts betuix them and 
Zorkesh]nre» and to send Tpe ji ccohittee to attend the 
armey. \ 

The housse adiorned tfll JSaterdayyth^ ^"^9 at 10 

Saterday, die IT Jarij:: Sessiib 1. 

The Earle of TuUibardin ^umbley ; 
housse, that they wold be pleassed to pi 
brother William Murrayes lyfFe, in respe^ 
auerrid one hes honor, that he was 
mentis, as also within age. 

The housse, ailer debait, refiisses hes pifctitioi^c» 
and ordanes ther sentence to stand. 



This day Sf Robert Spotswood, William Mulmy, 
Nathanell Gordon, and Mr Androw Guthri^ 8d 
sone to the sometyme Bischope of Murray, receauid 
the sentence of for&ultrey in the pari: houase, one 
ther knees, seuerally; Will: Murray and S^ Robert 
Spotswood last 

This day in the bousse was read a letter from 
pari : to the maior and citey of London, giuing them 
heartly thankes for ther zeall to the reformatione of 
religione, and eamestnes of establishinng presbiterw 
iail gouemiment ; as also for ther loue to this kmg* 
dome, and ther seuerall adresses to both housses of 
pari: ther for that efiecte ; and by the housse ordain- 
ed to be subscriued by the president of the pari: in 
ther name. 

The housse ordaines the committees to meitt this 
aftemoone, and the bodies all Monday,' and the pari: 
at 4 ia that day in the aftemoone. 

Sunday, 18 Jarij: Mr Robert Donglasse preach- 
ed to the pari: befor noone; hes text, Isaiach, cap^ 
10, vers 24f, 25, and 26. Mr Androw Cant preached 
to the housse this af^moone ; hes text, 1 Kinges, 
cap. 8, vers 37, 38, 89, and 40. 

Monday, 19 Jarij : Sessio 1. Pomerid: 

The Earle of Tullibardin againe this day gaue in 
a humble petione to die housse, ibr prolonging the 
executione of that sentence pronounced aganist hes 
brother, Will: Murray, &c. 


After much debait in the housse <anent this peti- 
tione, at last it was put to the woyce of the housse, 
the ministers beinng called that had wissited him, 
and ther dedaratione takin, the housse granted a de- 
lay till Fryda7,.23 of Jarij : of the executione of ther 

The housse directs a varrand to Colonell Maule 
and James Suord, to searche the sentenced prisso- 
ners, if or not they had sent out aney letters, or 
wrettin aney papers ; with pouer to them to eicamine 
all that had beine withem ther anent, one othe, and 
to report. 

The housse orders the Thesaurer of the armey to 
pay to Doctor Oliuiers widow the soume of 2000 
merkes Scotts, to transport her home to France. 
Tuesday, 20 Jarij : Sessio 1. Antemerid: 

This fomone, altho the housse was adiorned till 
4 in the aftemoone, zet it mett and directed a war- 
rand to Colonell Maule, -Gouemour of the castell of 
St Andrewes, to deliuer the prissoners that was sen- 
tenced on Fryday last to the magistratts .of St An- 

Sessio 2da« Huiusdiej. Pomerid: 

The housse mett this aftemoone, and adiorned 
the par] : till Thursday at 10 houres, and ordaned 
the bodies to meitt on Vedinsday befor noone, and 
the committies that day aftemone. 


Thursday, 22 Jarij: Sessio 1. Antemerid: 
Nothing done in the housse this fornoone, hot on- 
ly the Earle of Cassiles chossen president, till the 
retume of the Earle of Craufurd, quho was absent 
in respecte of hes mothers death. 

Sessio 2da« Huius diej. Pomerid; 
The Lord St. Qaire beinng examined, was by 
the housse exonered and discharged of that charge 
aganist him, for trincatting at Hereford with the 

This day it was wotted in the housse, that none 
shall be oblidged to lend money, aboue the tuentie 
pairt of his estait ; and ther estaits to be wallowed 
according to the judges estimatione. 

Lykwayes, that no money be borroued from such 
as haue alredey lent, till they be payed of quhat they 
haue formerlie lent, ore of quhat the stait owes 

The housse lykwayes, by woyces,. finds that none 
shall lend money, wnles he be worth of zeirlie re- 
uenew 5()P merkes Scotts money, and 5000 of 

The housse finds that the number of that commit- 
tee for rabsinng of moneyes by borrouing, fynning, 
processing of delinquents and malignants, and ex- 
cisse, to be 7 of cache estait, and thesse that are of 
this committee to be one no other committee. 
The housse adiomed till Fryday the SO day, at 5 


in the afternoone, and the bodies of the estaits to 

meitt seuerally in the fornoone. 

Fryday, 90 Jarij: Seaaio h Pomerid: 

The oomitte for fynes^ processes, iiione3re8 and 

excysse, being ioyned in one, 7 of eache estait are 

elected by woyces in the honsse, viz. 

Nob : Barrons. 

E. MarishaU, . La: Bogie, 

E. Cassiles^ La: Maner, 

E. Tullibardyne, La: Condon, 

E. Finlater, La: Craighall, 

Vis: Arbuthnot, La: of Eight, 

Lord BurHe, La: Findaurie, 

Lord Coupar* La: Cragiewar, 


James Steuart, 1 ^ „,. , , 
« . * , f for Edinbrueh; 

Robert Lockart, ) ^ 

Mr James Campbell, for Dumbartan ; 

Alex: JefFray, for Aberdeine ; 

James Peddie, for Montrosse; 

George Jamesone, Prouest of Conpar ; 

George Gaimes, for Brunt-Iyland. 

Saterday, the 31 Jarij: Sessio L Pomerid: 

A commissione for selling of delinquents lands^ 

read, wotted and past the honsse. 

A letter from the assembley of dewins in England 

to the commissioners of the generall assembley of 

Scotlaod, reid in th^ konsse, shewinng the estaite 


and posture of churche aiFaires ther, and of ther en- 
deuors to auppres heresies and shisems, and to es- 
tablishe preabyteriall gouemiment and- setlinng of 
ther churche, &a This letter was presented to the 
housse by the G<Hnmissioners of the generall assem- 

After the reiding of this letter, the housse ordaines 
a letter of inconragement from the parliament to be 
vrettin to the assembly of diuynes in England, giu- 
inng them thankes for quhat they haue done in en- 
deuoring to settle the churche ther, and willinng 
them not to faint, bot chirfuUy to proceid in such a 
good and pious worke, &c. 

The president ordained to subscriue this letter in 
name of the housse. 

• The Earle of Calenders demands to the housse 
read, wich he requyres, if that the housse put the 
command of ther anney one him, wich wer thought 
most exorbitant and presumptous ; zet it was ordered 
that the Clerck of Register should draw vpe a comis- 
sione to him aganist Ihlonday nixt, in general tearmes, 
and the restrictions to be giuen him in artickells and 

The housse <this day agane assumes the debait 
anent the dectione of the committee of estaits du- 
ring the intemall betiiix sessions of pari: and by 
woyces makes choysse of 13 of eaohe estait, vie of 


NobUityr BarranSf 

E. Eglinton. Laird of Colintonne, 

E. Lotheane, S^ Ja: Lockart of Ley, 

E. Glencairne, S' Jo: Hamilton of BeiU, 

£• Dumfevmling, Laird of Garthland, 
£. Buccleuche, Laird of Cesnocke, 

£• Wymes, Laird of Tostis, 

E. Dalhousie, Dauid Betton of Creiche, 

E. Lanricke, S^" Tho:RuthuenofFreeland9.. 

Lord Zester, La: of Wedderbume, 

Lord Kircubright, La: Balmaine, 
Lord Balcarras, La: of Taillung, 

Lord Bargeney. La: of Cauersse. 

Sr Alex: Oibsone of Durie, Clerk Register, and 
S' Adam Hepbume of Hombie, one of the Lordes 
of the Sessione, are supemumerarey for the bar- 

Jot Jhonstone, Burger of Drumfrois ; 
Will: Glendinng, Prouest of Kircubright;. 
Jo: Oughterloney, Barges of Aberbrothe; 
Jo: Kennedey, Burges of Aire ; 
Robert Anott, Prouest of Perth ; 
Mr Alex: Wedderbume, Burges of Dundie ;^ 
Mr Robert Farquhar, Prouest of Aberdeine ; 
Mr Rob: Cunnghame, Burges of Kingome; 
Tho: Bruce, Burges of Streueling; 
Sr Will: Dick, Burges of Edinbrughe; 


ArcM)ald Sydserfie^ Burges ther ; 
George Porterfeild^ Prouest of G^sgew. 

The housse adiomed till Monday at 9 a clotke* 

Sunday, 1 Feb : Mr Androw Cant preached to 
the bousse befbr noone; his text, Esaiah the 7, 
yersse 24. Aftemoone, this day, preached Mr Bo« 
bert Douglasse; heatext, leremiah, cap. 81, versse 
29, SO, Sl-2 and 9; 

Monday, 2d Febmarij. Sessio I. 

The housse ordaines 2 letters to be wrettin in 
fauors of Mr Robert Meldnun, one to the Scotts 
commissioners at London, the other to the conunis- 
sioners of both kingdomesr 

Acte that no bookes of diiunitey be printed or re^ 
printed, or concerning churche affaires, without the 
varrant of thegenerall assembley, ore commission-* 
ers of the kirke, read, votted and past. 

Acte ordaining no libells, pamphletts or histories 
to be printed or published concerning the kingdome 
ore staite, without warrant of the principall secreta^ 
rey of estait, parliament or priuey counsaill, read, 
wotted and past. 

Acte discharging lykwayes, wnder the paine of 20 
lib. to be payed by thesse that comes to them pro 
capite, wnles they be of that familey ; and the vplif)> 
inng of the fyne to be according to die aete of Perth, 
read, wotted and past 

TOL. III. 2 b 


Acte of extensione of the acte of hes Ma'^ second 
parliament, concerning not couenanting patronsi 
read| wOtted and past 

Acte anent plantatione of scoules in cache parishe, 
with fees to b^ prowydit to the scoolemaster, of the 
soiune of not exceiding 800 merkes» and not vnder 
100 merkes, forby bi^tissme and marriages, and the 
profitt of the scollars, to be payed at 2 tearmes in 
the zeire, out of the proper lands and ieinds pro- 
miscttoslie of the parishe, read, wotted and past 

Acte discharginng fiures wpone Mondayes and 
Satterdayes, read, wotted and past 

The housse this day resumes the bussines anent 
St Saluatots colledge in St Andrewes ; and after 
2 houres debait, ordaines the said vniversitey, con- 
forme to ther preuilidges, to plant the first master of 
that coUedge, now waikand by the deds of Mr 
George Martine, prouest theroi^ with a sufficient 
able man, as th^y will be anssuerable to the pari: 
and generall assembley^ 

The housse, by woyces, finds the report of that 
committee for the Lord Balcarras bussines shall 
stand ; and ordaines him, for hes satisfactione, to 
haue the lands of Goxthie, wich belonged to Dauid 
Grhame, laitlie forfaulted.^ 

The Earle of Calenders eommissione, making him 
Commander in Cheiffe in Scotland of the armiey, 
without derogatione of the Earle of Leuins patent 


and commissione in aney pairt, read, wotted and 

Wotted by the woSse, that hes comissione should 
stand in thesse tearmes as it is generally conceaned^ 
and the narratiue to be appairt ; bot nothing fol* 
loued one this comissione : for Callender wold not 
accept of it, wnles that all reseruations wer delett out 
of tlie same ; so that Grenerall Maior Midiltone ex- 
cepted of the comissione, with such restrictions 
and limitations as the pari: was pleassid to grant vn« 
to him, with the tytle of Generall Maior only. 

The commissione for the Exchequer past, and or- 
dained toindure till the nixt sessione of parliament; 
and thesse that wer one the comissione formerly, 
now attached ore to be attached for malignancey, 
ordained to forbeare cominng to that judicature wn- 
till they be cleired. 

The housse to meitt to morrow at 10 a cloeke.' 
Tuesday, Sd Feb: Sessio I. 

The housse [this] dayes enters one the report of 
thesse directed to speake with the Earle of Callen- 
der, wich declared to the housse, that he wold not 
imbrace a subordinat commissione ; so that ypone 
this report, the housse enters in a present debait 
anent a commissione to be giuen to Generall Maior 
Midiltone, wich was manimously accordit one and 
ordained to be exped. 

A grate debait in the housse this day anent the 


altering of the oomissioners to attend the parliament 
of England. The Earles of Glencaime and Len- 
ricke, with muche hait and contentione, wold haue 
the Earle of Craufurd [and] Lindesay to haue beine 
addit as supeniumerarey to that commissione; bot 
after a werey long debait, that bussinea was referred 
to a selecte committee, widi ordained the former 
commissione to stand, withoul aney addition or al- 
teratione at all.- 

The Thesaurerof the araneyes propositions de- 
baitted, read and assented too by the housse. 

The honsse adiomed till Vedinsday at 9 a docke. 
Wedinsday, 4 Feb:- Sessio 1. 

Acte anent recruitting of the armey in England 
with 10,000 footte^ read,, wotted and past. Fyffe- 
shire excepted out of this acte, in respecte of ther 
grate losses at Tippermorre and'Kilsythe, and the 
former grate leuies from thence. 

23 bills remitted by the housse to the comittees of 
estaits, fynnes and moneyes. 

Acte saluo jure cuiuslibet^ read, wotted and past 

Acte adioming the parliament, and declaring the 
same to be current till the 2d Tuesday of Nouember 
in this instant zeir of God, 1646, to be holdin at 
£dinbrughe,.or quher the comittee of estaits shall 
appoynt the same to be holdin ;.in this acte, pouer is 
giuen also to the committee of estaits to conveene the 
pari: souner^. if the necessity of affiurs so requyre. 


atm oC die ilermdi Crfrnttfall f^arUainnit Ugant mif 

Thursday. Primus dies ParliamentL 

Mr Johne Leuingstonne made the sermon ; his 
text was 1 Cronickells, cap. 15, versse 5: And quho 
is Tilling this day to consecrat his seruioe to the 

Memorandum, that this day & James Steuart, 
PjTouest of Edinbrughe, with his Deane of Oilde, 
Bddries and Thesaurer, sat at a table couered with 
greane clothe, in the parliament housse, vithin the 
inner bar, in grandeure. 

Mr David Dicksone said the prayers this day. 

Ther wer present of the nobilitey, 
£• Loudon, L. Chancelor, L« Rosse, 
Marques of Argyle, L. Cathcarte, 

£. of Sutherland, L. Torphichin, 

E. of Eglinton, L. Balmerinoche, 

E. of Cassiles, L. Burlie, 

£• of Leuin, GeneraU, L. Couper, 

Vis: of Arbttthnot. L. Kircubright 


The housse first elected the Lord Chanceler, the 
£. of Loudon, president of this sessione of parlia- 

The housse giues a general! war jant to all quhome 
it may conceme, (not mentioning the Lord Thesau- 
rers name,) to bring the cromie, suord and scepter,.] 
from the castell of Edinbrughe to the housse, and 
deliuer them to Arthure Erskyne, quho supplied the 
Earle Marishalls place, he not being admitted him- 
selue to sitt, and hauing no ^eputej ther for him. 
The first day of the parliament, Mr Johne of Haye- 
«tooe, in absence of the l^ord Constf^ble, quhq was 
Qot present the night befor th^ pirl: receauid the 
keyes of the pari: house, and one the first day of th^ 
sam^ hfid hes gaur^* 

The Lpr^ Chai^c^er did t\^is day oppin vpe th^ 
piirliament with s^ q)eache ; an4 after hiip, V^rre^- 
«ton, the )Ci|ig^s adq^cat, h%^ a iqng tedious sp^ich 
of ane houre juid a halfies lenthe^ aganist the pryme 

The Earle of Crfi^ufurd apd l^^pdes^y, X^rd The- 
surer, refusses tp deliuer the honqrs bot by hiqi- 
selue, ore hes ^eruf^^t in pari : and that wnder in* 
strum^t, ^3 he had receaued then^ at (he en^ix^g of 
the lust SjCssipp^ pf parliament from the E. ]V(ari- 
shall ; quh^rvppp^ by a new order of the housse 
this day, ^^ i<$ againe ordained tP dc^H^ th^fiA to 
^ott^craigei qx els the capitane of Edio^brughe casr 

A. P. 1049. ANNALS8 OF SCOTLAMa 8T5 

tell IB ordained to make oppin dores and delioer 
them to Scottscndge. 

The housse ordames the re^sters of parlianTent 
to be produced by the Clerck Register, to morrow, 
wich was done by Jo: Diksone, hes semvit. 
Friday, 5 day Jarij : Sessio vnica. 

The honers produced by the Lord Thesaurers 
seruant, William Law, in parliament. Vpone the 
productione quherof, the £• of Cassiles, in face of 
pari: in the Thesaurers name, tooke instruments. 

This day, all they quho are now members of pari: 
did solemly sueare the othe of pari: and subscriue it 
lykwayes; they that had not subscriued the national 
couenant, did subscriue the same in face cf parlia- 

The housse ordaines the comittee of exceisse 
to proceid still in ther bussines, till the parliament 
sail giue them contnurqr orders. 

The housse lykwayes ordaines all Ae comitties of 
warr in the seuerall shyres of the kingdome, to pro- 
ceid, and acte bussines, wntill the parliament shaU 
take furder orders and nominat new committies. 

This day, the sumonds of Alex: E. of Eglintone^ 
aganist the Earle of Olencaime^ reducing a decreit, 
obteined by Olencairne befor the Lordes of Sessione, 
aganist for the place of preeedenoey, is called in 
pari: and continwed* 

The housse this day ordaines a committee of 6 of 


eapheestait for dispatches, maior pars to be a coram, 
prowydin the be one of eache estait 

Argyle, Balcleuche. 

£g]intone» Arbathnot, 

CassUesy Bahnerinoche ; 
Bartons. Burroues. 

Presid: of Pari: sopemumerary in this, as in all 
other comitties. 

The hoosse ordaines a comittee of three of eache 
estait for ouertoures, and moneyes, the coram to be 
maiore pars prowyding ther be one of eache estait ; 
and for raising the burdens of the coontrey. 

Nobility, Barrens, . . ^ 

The housse this day lyywayes ordaines a comittee 
of S of eache estait, for bills and ratificationes, 
maiore pars to be a coram, so that ther be one of 
eache estait. 

Nobility, Barrons. - - ^ 

-r.» 1.^^ ••• 

The housse this day sends the Earle of Cassiles, 
Varrestone and the prooest of Edinbrughe, to the 
commissione of the kirke, anent a fast ordained to be 
l^eipt by all the members of the housse, and the leauge 
and couenant to be subscriued by them, one Vedins-r 
id^y nix^ the 10 of Januarij. 

A. B. 164a AJn^AJLES OF SCOTLAND. 377 

This day the Marques of Argyle had a yerey long 
speiche^ consistmg of 5 heads, wich he called the 
brecking of the malignants teidi, and that he quho 
was to speake after him, (Warreston, viz.) wold 
brecke ther jawes. 

His first head was aganist die ingagers being 
statesmen, and intrusted with grate places, quho had 
broken ther trust. 

2d. Agani^ the ingagers committee-men, quho 
by ther tyranny had opprest the subiects. 

Sd. Aganist declared malignants, formerlie fyned 
in parliament, ore remitted, a^d now againe relaps- 

4th. Aganist thesse that wer eager promotters of 
the laitt ingagement with England. 

5tly. Aganist suche as had petitioned for the ad- 
uancment of the leuey. Thir 5 heads he called his 
classes. Varrestone, the Kinges Aduocat, after the 
Marques of Argyle had endit^ read a speache 2 
houres in lenthe off his papers, being ane explana- 
tione of Argyles 6 heads, or teith, as he named them ; 
with the anssuering of such obiects he thought the 
pryme ingagers wold make in ther auen defence 
aganist the housse now convened, wich they did not 
acknouledge to be a lawfull parliament. 

This day a letter from the Scotts commissioners, 
E« of Lothean, Chisley, and Glendining, from Lon- 
don, red in the housse, shewing the grate attentione 



of affidres ther, and hou that aboae 160 members 
of the Housse of Comons wer extrudit the housse 
by the blasphemous anney; as also how the comit- 
tey of the anney had resolued to putt the Kings 
Maiestie to the tryall of a counsaill of warre, and 
ther to judge him as a prissoner of waire : Lykwayes 
they desyred the parliament wold giue them speidey 
instructions how to carey themselues in so difficult 
a bussine^, not knowing to quhome to applay them- 

The housse remtttes the anssuering of this letter 
to the comittee of dispatches ; and ordaines them to 
meitt to morrow at 8, with a comittee of the comis- 
sioners of the kirk; and the pari; to meitt at 10. 
Saterday, 6 Jar\j : Sessio vnica* ' 

The Cbanceler makes n rqpK>rt fcom the comit- 
tee of dispatches» anent t^er procedur this morning 
with the committee of the kirk^ anent the anssuer to 
be returned to our commissioners letters at Lon- 
don. The acte of the committee of estaits anent 
the iucUctione of the pari; remitted to the seuerall 

The iiuti^ warden to be prefixed to the actes to 
be pa$t in this sessione of parliament Remitted to 
the bodies lyl^wt^^. 

The orders of the housse this day read in parlia- 
ment, i^ued and remitted to the coipittee of ouer- 

▲. D. 1640. ANNALES OF SCOTLAND. 379 

tures, to see if they will adde aney thing more to 
them, for this present sessione of parliament. 

The housse ordaines the bodies to meitt one Hon- 
day, at 8 in the morning ; aqd at 8 one Tuesday ; 
and the parliament one Tuesday at 10 houres. 

Sunday, 7 Jarij : Mr Dauid Dicksone preached 
befor npone ; bes text, 46 Fsalme, vers 10. 

Mr James Hfimilton preached nftemoone; his 
text, Cronickdls 8, cap. 5, at the begining. 

Memorandum, that this Sunday & James Steu- 
art, prouest of Edinbrughe, with his haill toun^ 
counsaill, came in, in grate pompe^ one the L. Chan- 
celers right hand, the Marques of Argyle walking 
behind them, with his mace carried befor him, and 
sat doune at a grene table, sett for him in the pari: 
housse, within the barrs, in chairee, with a blacke 
weluett clothe and cusheon befor him* 

Commissioners of ahyrea present at this parlia- 

Edinbrughe, S^ Archbald JhoQstone of Warres- 
. ton; 

George Vixuram of libertone, 
Fyffe, Arthur Ersl^yne of Scottscraige ; 

& James Haccett of Pitfirrane. 
Linlithgow, Mr .William Sandelands of Hilders- 
George Dundas of Dudingstone. 











Elgyne and 



Johne Hamiltone of Vdstone ; 
Mr Johne Dicksone of Busbie. 
James Douglas of Mowsall ; 
Johne Fergusone of Craigdare. 
Sr Loduick Houston of that ilk ; 
William Semple of Fulwood. 
George Buchanan of that ilk ; 
'& Jame Hope of Kersse. 
.Johne Cockburne. of Ormestone ; 
Robert Hepbume of Keithe. 
•Sr Dauid Home of Vedderburne ; 
La: of Suanton, younger. 
Sr Robert Gordon of Embo. 
S' Charles Erskyne of Cambuske*- 

Jo: Llndesay of Edzell*; 
Sumer of Balyordie. , 

Alexaqder Broddie of diat ilk ; 
fir Lodouick Gordon of Gordons*- 

Alexander Brodie of Lethem. 
Sr Alexander Murray of Blackbar- 

Jo: Dicksone of Hartrie. 

Sr William Cuninghame of Cuning- 

hamehead ; 
Sr Heu Campbell of Cesnocke. 


Kincardin, Laird of Halyreine. 
Roxbrughe, & Androw Ker of Greinhead ; 

S^ Thomas Ker of Cauersse. 
Perth, & Thomas Ruthuen of Freiland ; 

S^ Johne Bnme of FordelL 
Kircubrighty Villiam Oreirsone of Bargaltan. 
Vigtone, & Robert Adare of Kilhille ; 

Androw Agnew, fear of Lochnaw. 
Aberdeine, Arthur Forbes of Eaght ; 
. William Forbes of Leslie* 
Ranfrew, & George MaxswoU of Nether Pol- 

Johne Shaw of Greinocke. 


Stirlinge, «----- 

Selkirke, - • . . . 

Orknay, ------ 

Cathnes, Sindaire, Laird of Dunbeathe. 

Commissioners of burroughes present at this par- 
Edmbrughe, & Ja: Steuart'; 

Ja: Borthwick. 
Perth, Patrick Rosse. 

Dundie, Ro: Dauidsone. 

Stirling, Tho: Bruce. 

Linlithgow, James CampbelL 

St. Andrewes^ Ja: Suord. 

Glasgow, Geo: Porterfeild. 

389 AKKALES OP ^COTlAl^D. A. t). 1649. 


Hew Ketiedey. 




William Symsone. 


James Law. 




George Jamesone. 

Anstruther Easter, 



Maior Mackbimey. 


George Gardyne. 




Mr Rob: Cuninghame. 




Mr Robert Barclay. 




William Glenduning. 




Mr Alexander Jaffira. 



Anstruther Wester, 

- - - 




- - . 


Mr James Campbell. 




Gedione Jacke, 




Alex: Cuninghame.- 


James Aitken. 


Mr Alex: Douglas. 

A. D. 1649. 



Johne Forbes. 

Mr Johne Hay. 

James Mackcullocke. 

Forfary Johne Scott. 

Ruglen, - - - 

Lauder, - . - 






Forres, - . . - 

Rothesay, - - . - 

Whithome, - - . - 

Lochmaben, • . • . 

Anan, - . - - 

Cullame, «... 

North-BemicI^ • - - - 

Sanqnhaire, - * - - 

Domocke, - - . • 

Newgalloway, - - - - 

Arbrothe, - - - - 

Queinsferrey, - - - - 

14 instructions concludit by the committee of dis- 
patches, and YOtted in pari: and sent with ane ex- 
presse to the Scotts comissioners, the Earle of Lou- 
thean, & Jo: Cheisley, and William Glendininge, 
at London. 

1. To wsse inyour applicatione, the Saluo, mention- 
ed in your letter, that it seime not to import the ap- 


probatione of aney violence yssed against the par- 
fiament, oi aney member therof. 

2. That you haue your addresses to such Lords 
and comons as are oure frinds, and weill a£fected, 
and of the honest partie. 

3. That your appKcations be so conceaued, that 
they giue no occasione of offence* 

4. That nothii^e proceid from you justifiing the 
Kinges proceidinges and actiones. 

5. Nothing in approbatione of the lak ingage- 

6. Nothinge wich may import ane breache, ore 
giue, or be a ground, or seide of a new yarre. 

7. That they wold delay to medle withe the Kinges 
persone, according to ther seuera1| promisses and 
declaratione at Newcastle and Humbie housse. 

8. That none of the members of this parliament 
had, or hes aney hand in the proceiding of the ar- 
mey aganist the Kinge and members of parlia- 

9. If they proceid and pronunce sentence aganist 
the King, that you enter your disent and protest^ 
that this kingdome may be free of all the desola- 
tione, miserey and bloodshed, that inevitablie vill 
follow therwpone, without offring in your ressone, 
that princes ar eximed from triall of justice. 

10. If they proceid to shaw, the calamities will 


follow, and how grinoils it wiU be to this Idiigdoiney 
considering has delittei^ vpe at Newcastle. 

li. If the papers, called the peopells aggreimenty 
shall be pressid, and shall import aney thinge anent 
the processmng of the FrinCe, or clamaing the iunda- 
ihentall gouemiment of that kingdome, that you eii<- 
ter yonr dissent and protestatione, vt supra. 

12. Yon shall [act] after the same instrnctionsi qr 
theirin, by adwysse of our frinds ther. 

i$. To prosecute your last instructions,- anent the 
couenant, and aganist toUeratione. 

14. To shew that the Kinges last concessions aro 
not satisfactorey to ws in poynt of religion. 

M€tmorandikln.-^That in the comittee of dis- 
patches, the 6 of Jari}: in the morning, beinng eon- 
▼eined anent the drawing vpe instructions for ther 
comissioners at London, anent the Englishe speedey 
procedure, contrairey aU law, aganist the Kings 
lyfie, and being assisted by 6 ministers, m. 
Mr Rob: Douglasy Mr Johne Row, 

Mr Dauid Dicke, Mr Samuell Rutherf<Hrd, 

Mr James Guthrie, Mr Patrick Gillespie. 

Amongest them ther arosse a'dispnt ypone Vare* 
stons mouing of a fiuit to be keipt by the parliament, 
wither or not the comittee shodid goe presently <me 
to some instructions to ther commissioners, the 
King being in such hazard, or to superseed them 
3 or 4 dayes, till after the fast ; after much disput, 
TOL. lu. 2 c 


it was ofRTted by w6yoes, that as the bnssines of 
greatest eonsequence was the Kings preseroatione^ 
they sboiihl all goe to the present drauing. vpe of 
the instructions. Tbesse that Totted for a delay of 
expeding presently thesse 1:4 instructions, wer the 
Marques of Argyle, £k Tiio: Ruthnen of Freiland^ 
and Mr Dauid Dieksone, and Varestone, the aduo- 
cat; and that tiU after the fast should haue beine 
keipt: hot Argyle» after he saw that it was caried 
by wottes in his contrarey, he changed his first op- 
pinione, with a faire t^pologey,' and willed them 
then presently to enter to the bussines. 

Vedinsday, 25 of Januarij^ 1649. The pari: 
hailing, takin ane othe <^ secresey of all the mem- 
bers of the honsse, sent Robert Hackett with 8 
troupes of horsse to i^prehend the Earles of Lau- 
derdaill and Lanrioke ^ bot befor the horsse came^ 
they wer gottin a shipbord of a Flemishe man 
of warre that attendit vpone Lauderdaill, and had 
brought him from Holland in the beginiagt of 
this mounthe. The parliament sent tb^ maisser, 
Mr Johne Hendersone, abord the waughters shipe, 
(bot could see non of them,) and charged tliem, 
wnder the paine of tressone^ to compeir befor tho 
parliament, within 8 dayes; the Hollander cal-* 
led him ane idle fellow. One Sunday, the 28 of Ja- 
rij: they lowssed from Leith, rowd, and came doune 
to Elie road, qiiher the Lord Balcarras, in tyme of 
the forenoons sermon, (being sent for) went aboard 

A'. 0. iM. A'^AttS OP 8C6Tt AKD: 3BT 

tfnd spoke with Lauderdaill and Lanrick ^ and ab^ikte 
2 m the afternoone they went to five sea for Hollaiid;* 
Au9 they eifcaped the patliaments handes. 

K. Charles behedit at Wbytehall gate^ iii Eng^ 
laAd, by that traiterous parliament and armey, (all 
honest men being formerly remoued,) one Tuesday,,* 
l!he SO of Jantiarij, 1649, and wes interrid at Vinde* 
sore, one Friday,- — ^ of Febmafij, in the same wanlte 
K. Henrey the 8, and one of his wy£fes, wer formelv 
ly interrid. The maner of his carriage to the 
graue thus : the EJngs seruants that waitted all 
the ijme of the Kinges* imprissonment^ went be^ 
for the bodey ; the Gouemour of the castell went 
with Boetor Jnscsone, nixt^ befor die bod^ ; the 
Ducke of Richmond, with the Earles of Herteford, 
Southampton and Lindesay, carried the foure cor- 
ners of the veluet oner the eorpes, wieh was caried 
by shonldiers ; it was desyned by the D. of Rich* 
mend,' that the bischope might ysso the ceremoniea 
Tssed at die biiriall of the dead^bot that was not per-* 
mitted, &c. 

Prince Chattes pro<Slai]hed Kiiig 6[ Ginte Brit^ 
faBe, France and Irland, at Edinbrughe crosse,- by 
IHa and Snaudon, herauldes;- the Lord Chance-^ 
ler, Loudon, in- black Teluet goune^ read the pro- 
clamatione: he was assisted by all the members of - - 
irpone Monday, the 5 of Februarij, 1649. 
' The toune of Inwemesse taken in this monthe of 


FdNfUai^ 1649, by T. Mafckaioiei Ltiid of Fliucar- 
dey, brother to the Earle of SeaSart^^ assisted b; 
some of tbe Frassers and Monroes, and by them 

The kst of this mountbe of Febroarg, 1649^ Johae 
fllphuistcme» Lord Bahnermocha^ deyed of ane apo- 
plexie, i& his auen chamber Ib Ediabnighe^ one 
Thursday, about 8 in the im>ming, being the first of 
Marche, hamng supped with the Marqoas of ArgyH 
gone Weill to bed, bot fand himselue seeike after his 
Srst sledpe ; called to a semant for some sacke^ boi 
faefor the semant eonlde retume with the wyn«, he 
was gone* At thb tyioe^ die Karfe of Lothean, & 
Jqv Chisley, Yilfiam Gleadwng and Mr Robert 
Blare, minister of St Andxewes, eommissioners for 
the kingdome of Seotland^ in lEi^land» hauing re- 
eeaued orda's to goe for Holland to tlve King, and 
being at Grauesend to imbarek% they wer arrested 
by a troupe ^ Cromwells horsse, By warrant firom 
that bbspbemoeB armey, and ticked parliament 

& Archbald Jhonstene^ in Februarij Ii^ yiz* 27 
of the same, being arrgumg against & Jor Broune, 
anent the Scotts hst going into England^ and the 
Englishe, with Cromwell and I^unb^r^ tier heiiv 
coming at the Whiggamaire roade, confest publickly 
in open parliament, (altho by him ibnnerly denayed, 
and mensuome,) that they cam into Scotland with 
Sonsent; quherwpcne^ Sk Jo: desyred the clerke to^ 


xnatlte tliftly atf mt ^ssentidl )|>oytit, now coirfbMed 
ID publicke parliament 

In the begining of Marc^ 1649, Oenerall Scoiite- 
master, Roe,,wi|8 sent Co this parlialnent from tha 
eommittey of estdls of the oomcmwealth of England, 
(as they call tfaemselues) desynng to know if they 
wdd adhere tathe paper giuen in by the Seotscom- 
.missioners to ^e lower housse of England, of the 
M of Uie last mountjie; the pari: hes anssnered it^ 
and hes ^uen Roe his dispatche, shewing that they 
did adhere to that pi^r, and quhat ther commission- 
ers had done. 

He shew that the Sootts commistiJonerd wer conii* 
ing doune to Bemk^ with a gaunL 

This pari: wpone ther aete of cbksris, (as they 
call it) widb they made in the begining of this pari: 
to catche all men that was not of ther mynd, bot 
louedB King and peace, €lid displace the £. of Cran- 
fiird out of the office of ThesAurer, wnhard ; ai^d 
made 4 commissionei;B of the thesaarey, vn* 
Argj^en Cas^es^ 

-Eglintmi Bttrlie. 

For S' James Catmiohell, The^aorer D^ate, th^ 
faaue placed hes sope^ Sk Paliiell> a follooer of the 

In the Lord Priney^BeaUs place, E^ oTRoxlniigfai 
Ihey haue placed the E» of Sutli«rland. 

In placeof theEarleof Lanrieke, Seeretarey, they 


luiue placed tuo coiiiHcte secretaries m. jdie Earl^ 
of Cossiles and Louthean. 

In place of Sk Me^: Oibsone of Dnrie^ Cleijce 
Regbter, the/ haae placed Jlion^ton, the Kingeg 
aduocat; and in hjs plf^ce th^ haijie made Mr Tho: 
Nichdsone aduocat. 

They baiie displaced .8 14^x^9 ojfthe Session, wer 
rey able men, viz. 

The Register, Innerpeph^, 

Th^ I)q)ut» Balconey, 

Justice Clercke, Neutoi^ 

L. Halcartone, Lie; 

and in ther places they haue p^t ' 
Mr Geo: Vinrame of Libertone^ 
S^ Ja: Hope, Gen : pf the Cuniziehousse j 
Mr Robert Macgill, ane aduocat; 
Mr Robert Bruce, ane aduocat; 
Laird of Cesnocke, Campbell ; 
Laird of Brodie; 
Mr Alex: Peirsone, ane aduocat; 
.& Will: Scot, a clercke of the sessiojtie. 
The Lord Balmerinoche e^traprdi^arey place 
of the sessione, they haue bestowed it one hes bro- 
ther, the Lord Coaper, quhosse head i¥ill not fiU 
his brothers hate ; and the other vacand extraordir 
xiarey jdace^ wich belonged to the Earle of Crau- 
furd, they haue filled it vpe with the Earje of Ca^r 
f i]^, that hes now S places. 


The Lord Balmerinoches corpes wer intterrid in 
the old chapell of Rastalrickey one Fryday, the Sd 
of Marche. 

James, Ducke of Haiailtone, was bdieidid in Eng- 
land, by that impious pari: and conwictether as 
Earla of Cambridge, the 9 of Marche, 1649;. and 
that same day, after him, wer beheidit Henrey 
Riche, Earle of Holland, and Ednard, Lord CapdL 

9 Marty, 1649* The parliament past a most 
strange acte this mounthe^ abolishing the patronages 
of kirkes, wich pertined to laymen since euer Christ- 
ianity was planted in. Scotland. Francis^ Earle of 
Balclenche, and some others, protested aganist this 
acte as Trangous, and all togider derogatorey to the 
just rights of the nobility and gentrey of the king^ 
dome of Scotland, and so d^arted the pari: housse* 
Bot current was carried for the tpresbeterles and 
churche .way, in respecte Argyle^ tke Chanceler, and 
Arch: Johnston, the kirks minon, durst doe no 
wtherwayes, lest the leaders of the church should 
desert them, and leaue them to stand one ther auen 
feeitt, wich without the . church. non of them could 
Weill doe. 

This notable pranke in effecte resembles muche 
the 14 Grauamen wich Germaney did exhibit, Reg: 
Carol: 5, to Pope Adrian, amongest the abusses of 
the Roman sea, that the Pope and hb L^^ats vsurp- 
ed the right of patronage belonging to layicks, and 


di4)eii66d them benefices TAeeund to Bis fimorits and 
abettors, oontrarey to law, ijght and reall possesaioiiy 
tyme out past idl memorey and prescription ; vich 
wold proae in jtyme the ruine of the Catholick 
church ; bot lykwayes .void stQixe ype mimey eni«* 
mies aganist the Roman churches in doing so pab* 
licke ane acte of ininstice, qoherin so jnany persones 
(laylcks) of all degrees wer intressed. 

And this acte, to make it the more spetiousy Aey 
colored it with the liberty of the people to choyase 
ther auen miniatorsi zet the generall asaemblcy 
holdin at JBdinbrughe^ in the moimthes ^ JuliJ and 
Agust, this same zeire, made a werey sore mint to 
haue snatcht this shadow from the people^ (notwith- 
standing ther former pretences^) oolationed the sole 
pouer one the presbeteries^ and oiite**fooUed the peo^ 
pie of diat right they formerly pretended did only 
and especially helonge to them, jure diuino ; as ac^ 
^oording to the new deuinitey of thesse tymes, till the 
acte was past, bothe the leaders ai^d ther creture 
Jhonston, pleaded with all the forcible argoments 
wrested Scriptjare could produce, to procure ther 
auen ends and gratnes, wiche tyme will not fail} 
Jieirafter folly to discouer to a wronged posterity. 

The Scotts parliament sent craimissioners to the 
young King, to Holland ; the Earle of Cassiles, the 
Laird of Brodie, Mr Alexander Japhrey, Balzie c^ 
Aberdeme, and Mr Robert Barclay, prouest of Ir- 


win ; and with thir ooimaiwiaiKry of the ttaite, tiie 
kirke sent Mr George 'Winram of libertone, reidf 
ing elder, with Mr Rdbert Balzie and Mr Jame$ 
Wood, minuters. They all made saill from Kir- 
caldey road, in «Rione Gilles^Hes shipe, tme Saterday 
the 17 day of Marche, instant. 

The parliament, one ther $^rmer sentence of for- 
faultrey against George^ Marqaes of Huntley, or^ 
dained hes head to be choped off from hes bodey, at 
the croase ct Edinbrughe, one Thursday, the 88 of 
Marche, this zeire; wich w^b performed. He wpld 
not be relaxed from the sentence of excommiic** 
tione^ &c His corpes wer carried to Settone, to be 
interrid ther in the comon buriall of that family, 
from wich lumselue had is^ewed. 

The first exchequer day that was hddin after the 
ryssing of the parliament, in the end of Marche diis 
zeire, the Chanoeler, Loudon, had 9 gifts past ; the 
signators qnherof wer wnder K. Charles the Firsts 

1. His haill lands wich wer hold in ward and re^ 
leifle (for most of them wer so) changed, and holdin 
blenche^ for payment of a read rosse. 

2. A gift, durante vita, of the shriflbchipe of Aire, 
altho gifts of this same nature wer declared woyde 
in this same pari : 

8. A gift to him and hes heires of the balairie of 
Kyle» It seunes that the«se S signators now past, 


wet a pairt of that recompence for wiche he be- 
trayed the King to Mb eiuiiue% and Ae countrey to 
its oppressors; for indeid he played notoriously .with 
bothe bandes. And being president of that pari: 
1648^ wes the only man, by his longe.oratione, that 
most wrged and moued that ingiigement against 
£ngland» for the Kings releiffe» wich he theiafter 
disclaimed, and persecutted all vthers.quhom hinv» 
selue had persuaded to x^ntenance .and enacte thesse 
lawes himselue rfirst did brak, enacte^ and repeaUe; 
quhen as he had bound himselue, both by word, othe 
and wreat, to the Kings Maiesty^ at the He of Wighl^ 
being then one of the commissioners of .the king- 
dome of Scotland. At 4he pari: 1648, he maid a 
longe oration, most bitter and invectiue, against the 
Englishe, calling them a periured natione, .oppres- 
sors and murthers of ther King, heretiques, sectaries, 
enimies io monarchey, breckers of leauge and cone- 
nant. To most of the .actes of this pari: be .consent- 
ed, especially to the leuey, and all of them he sub* 
scriued with his auen hand, (beiDg4>resident therof) ; 
bot about the end of the same^ he begane to appeir 
in his auen colors, quhen as that parb and the com- 
missione of the kirke could not aggrie one certaine 
poynts, imediatly after Ducke Hamilton was ^lacted 
to be generall of the armey. Bot in this pari: Jarij : 
1649, he spoke als muche aganist that wich formerly 
he h^ plotted and contriued, as was sufficient to 

A. B. l«ia ANNALBiS O^ SCOTLAND. 305 

lett understanding men know, that now he kbored 
to put him of the way^ quho only could call him to 
ane accompt for hes periurey and fallsse packing. 

To remember how with aboundance of teares the 
If CSbanceler made his xepentance in the east chnrche 
of £dinbrughe, declaring so much of hes former 
honest /deallipg to the people as he weiU knew eurey 
one ynderstood ; and this wes done to pleasse some 
of the ^eadipg ministers, (quho wer now leading diis 
penitent in trlumphe,} ea^d causing him sing peccaui, 
to bleare they eyes of tjbe comons ; he can yeill pjre- 
uaricat with mc^ quho takes him to be the L* Chan- 
celer of Scotland, bot with God he canQot, quho 
knowes him to be a heighland man bothe in lyffis and 

To remember, how in the preceding zeire^ 1648, 
the Marquesse of Argyle and the E. of Craufurd, vent 
out to Muskillbroughe Links to fight the combat. 
The E. of Lanricke wes second to Craufiird, and L« 
CoL James Innes of Sandsyde, wes 2d to Argyle ; 
fill that wes one them could not make Argyle to fight, 
till he saw L. Colonell Haddan, the Chancelers man, 
coipe i^ to pertey them. Then was he something 
stoute, and refussed to subscriue that paper, wich he 
wold haue formerly done (I belieue against his will,) 
bot had beine forced ather to doe it or elk to cast ofie 
his doublett and boottes, wich he wes wounderous 
lothe to doe, in respecte of the coldnesse of the wether. 


JPpr ihyi grate escape, Argylebecame a.warejr humble 
(peinitent to the,committie of the kirke, acknouledgUig 
:this foplishe acte pf be a scriptiiaU disertione. 

Vpone this imergent, the.Msewing gener^ll assem- 
bly made ane acte^of the .12 of Agust, 1648, aganist 
/duells, Trotters and receauers.of challanges and chaiy 

tells, th^ .without respec^ ^pf persqns ihm shall 

be procejised jfifii the censures .of i^e kirke^ and 
dnake tl^er repentenc^ i^for the^niUpit, &g. .tuo se- 
.nerall JLordes dayes. -Thejfir^t dfty, the minister it 
io shevthem ther sm and the gra^nes of ther o& 
/ence ; and the 2d day, they are to make .a soleme 
<pubIicke.confessione therq^ and professione cf ther 
.imfalned^humiliatiqueand repentance for the same^ 
,and if they ^refosse to zeild obedience, ihem to \^ 
processed with excqinynicatkfne. 

Sr George Halibortone of Todrefrs deyed in 
Marche this zeire, 1649) he was one off the sena^ra 
.of the coUedge of justice; and ,in his place the - - 
In Marche this xeire, 1649, deyes WiHiam Dcypg* 
4a8, iEarle of Morton, Lord Dalkeidi and Abeidoiu> 
(Knight .of the order of the Garter, soraetyme Lcucd 
Thesauri of Scotland^ Capitane of the Gaurd, and 
Gentleman of the Bed ,€%iamber to K. Charles the 
.First) at the ca^gtell of Kiriwall, in Qrknay, and wes 
faiterrid ther. This same zeire^ theSOofMaij, at 
Kirwall, in Orknay, deyes Anna Keith, Countease 
)&f Morton, eldest daughter to George, KS^rle Miuit 


•chhall rfSooOaodt and wjfEt to Wmifan, Earle of 
Morton, and wea interrid by her husband ther, 

Vedinsday, 8 Apprilis. Letters came from the 
Earle of Cassilesy from Holland, shewing that hes 
liaiestie wold not nor could not allow this pari: 
and ther iniust acte of classis ; bot wold grant heart- 
ly all that might aduance or conceme religione, and 
wold aubseriue the couenant 

Mr Dauid Dicke, xnjnister of Glasgow, wreat to a 
ladej, that her ladischipe nedit not to be aifirayed 
that England wold trouble ws; for (says he) the 
King cannot giue ws that satisfactione, doe quhat he 
will, that will moue ws to inwade that kingdome, or 
opposse that holy and religious armey, &c mening 
the hereticks and sectaries. This Mr James Bruce^ 
vunister of Kingsbams, told ipe, that my Lord, the 
Earle of Craufurd, told him he saw the principall 
letter, and read it Sunday, 7 Apprilis, 1649. 

V Apprilis* Leiuetenao/t Generall Lesley, laying 
with his anney about the North Watter bridge, sent 
to Edinbrugh^ to the oomitte^ 10 prissoners from 
time to time ; they wer gaurded frome Couper of 
F^flfe this day to Brunt-Iland. The cheiffe of them 
wer, L. Colonell Lightone, Maior Johne Strachan, 
Mr Jo: Cruckshanke, a preacher, and Mr Villiam 
Orde, serviter to James Grhame, sometyme Earle of 
MiAtr^ quho had latefy beiae seat to this coun- 


trey with letters from his master out of Holland ; he 
was apprehendit at Kermare, in Angnt. Maior 
Straquhan, being in Dmiotyre, with the Earle Man* 
shall. Da: Lesley sent' Gilbert Carre toft him, to 
speake with him ; bot immediiitly after he €am to 
himy he put him wnder a sure gaurd ; and thus sent 
him to Edinbrughe, by the estaits order, as he af- 

In this mounthe of Ap^ryk,* Uier was MO horsse 
leuied in FyiFe, to the Lord Mcho and & James 
Hacckett of Pittftrrane, quho wer colonells. Eadi 
horsse was raissed ypone the rent of 8768 merkes, 
vith 12 lib, of leuey money for eache trouper. The 
horsse and furniture, as sadell and pistolls, wer 
ratted, eonforme to the acte of leuey, at 160 libs 
Scotts ; the ruttemasters tooke 800 and 890 merkes 
Scotts, for such as could not sett horsse to ther 
lyking; tiz. 160^ lib. for the horsse, 40 lib. for the 
ryder,^ an^ 12 Bb« for €» leu^ money.- 

Elchos ruttemasters wer, Aleicander Frasser, 
vnckell to the young Lord Louat, his cussin ger- 
mane, and Androw Amott of Kepeldrae. fik James 
Hacketts troupe wer for himselue. 

Nota. — ^The charges of the shriffdomeof Fylie,from 
the letter end of Appryle, 1648^ to the end of Appryle^ 
1640, for excisse^ monthly mantineno^ leuiejpes of 
horsse and footte, vnder tiie Lords St. Claire^ Kelly^ 
Dwnfermling, Balcanras, Dauid Lesley, Col: Fitscotr 


tey, Sr Jo: Lesley, S^ Aich: Stirling of Garden, Lord 
Elcho^ Sr James Haoket of Pitfirrane, widi ther 
leuej money,- extends too 800 and 60 thousand 
merkes Scotts. Since the shriffdome of Fyffe ex- 
tendes ta suehe a waste soume of money, I leaue it 
be inquyred after by all honest men and trew pa« 
triotts, qubat the soume will extend too throughe 
all Scotland, and how the same i» expendit The 
subiects liberty, notwithstanding, being daylie more 
and more retrinsched ; the countrey empouerished, 
0{^rest and mined : priuate men wnder the cloke of 
religione, from the dust raised to mightie fortnns, 
and ministers become conquesters of land. 

Nota. — ^That King Charles, the day befor he was 
^xecut, being' in St. James^ Galerey, (accompined 
only with Doctor Juxon, and the Capitane of that 
blasphemous and traiterous gaurd, wich waitted on 
him,) quher one a vindow, he espayed hes auen pic- 
ture drauin on the glasses one wich he lookit aboue 
halffe ane houre ; this ruffian, his keeper, (askis him 
quhat he did meditat one, for nou he should be 
bussied with better thoughts then to gaze one a pic* 
ture in the glass ; to quhom the good Prince made 
no anssuer at all, only Doctor Juxon humbley be- 
sought his Maiesty not to take notice of the seuruefr- 
behauiour of so basse a varlet Bot, sayes the Doe* 
tor, S% it seimes to me, that your Maiesty hes beiie 
one some deepe and serious meditation; if wrJi 


your good liue and patknee^ yoor Maiesties good- 
net wold shew it me, I wold be hartilie weill ccmtent 
Sayes the King, this indeid is my picture <»ie the 
glassy and befor this tyme did I neuer perceaue it^ on- 
ly now I Bad a fault in it ; quhat is that, (sayes the 
Doctor,) if it ftiay pleiae yotr Mai^ ? you see, sayes 
the King, that heir h abotte my head a^ croune, b6l 
it should haue a crosse ; and so begins to Ytter to' the 
Doctor a most pious and profound* meditatione 
wpon the vanities of earthly crounes and kingdomes^ 
and assurid ioyes and atemall felicities that attendit 
all thesse that trewly embraced the crosse in this lyffe: 
and with all, he made to the Doctor a briffe capitula- 
tione of hes auen grate nuseries and misfortuns ; and 
then the Doctor had ansuered him werey piously 
one that same subiecte. The King, interupting his 
jurder discoursse, sayes. Doctor, I haue forgottm 
one thing wich is now come in my mynd; you see 
heire my figure designed Cardiis Rex, and fitting 
my present estait^ and aiBsurid houpe ofmyfiiture fe- 
licity, this anagram of my name is presently come in 
thought of tbesse tuo wordes, Carolus Rex— 

Cras ero Lux ; 
Wlch I houpe in the mercy of my blessed Sauiour, 
J^us Christ, befor the morrow at this tyme, shall 
b6 assuridly werified one me a miserable smner. 


tCU tftmiill at tit IBtdtlamtiKtiotie aqpinte fit XUtelUoitr 
Cti fit fiotii, tMa ISlufSttLXlHH ; 

PK>claimed at Edinbrughe Crosse, 4 Maij, 16(49. 

Wberas the staits of parliament, ypone considera^ 
tione of the insolent practisses, and rebeUious at* 
tempts of Thomas Mackenzie of Pluscafden, and 
other his associatts, did^ by acte of parliament, de» 
dare them and all suche as should ioyne with them 
guilty of the cryme of heighe tressone; and prohi>- 
bit all maner of persons quhatsomeuer to giue 
aney manner of assistance, or countenace the persons 
forsaid, wnder the paine of being- esteimed rebells 
and enimies to religion^ king and kingdome; and 
further, the committee of estaits out of ther eamist 
desyre to preserue the peace of this kingdome^ and 
to reclame thesse men from ther wicked wayes to ther 
dutiey and obedience, and especially out of ther cle- 
mency touards suche as throughe informatioBe wer 
insnared in- thesse courses, did giue pouer to L* 6. 
Dauid Lesley, to make a generall offer to all suche 
as wer in armes, of freedome in ther persons and e»* 
taits, they gining ane assurance for ther good beha- 
uiour in tyme coming ; all wicfa, notwithstanding, 
James, Lord Ogilby; Lord Rae; Lues Gordon, 
.sone to the lait Marques of Huntley; and Ihone 



Mideltone, sometymes called Generall Maior 
Midletone; haue rissen in annes, and iojnd in 
opine rebelllone with the said Thomas Macken- 
sie of Fluscarden; wich sheweth that no necessi^ 
for ther auen preseruatione hathe driuen them to 
this coursse,. hot ther constant malic and wickednesse 
aganist this causse of God and peace of this king- 
dome, and ane ambitious desyre to atteine ther auen 
basse endes r for if the had aney lone to religione and 
the soleme leauge and couenant wich thqr haue 
suome and sttbscriued, they wold not haue ingaged 
in wayes so euidently destmctiue therwnto, aganist 
the mynd and judgement of the qnhoU kirke ; or if 
they had aney regaird to the peace of this kingdome, 
they wold not begine ane vnnaturall warre, to shed 
the blood and teaipe the bowells of ther auen natine 
countrey, and increase the burdens of this exhausted 
kingdeme^-and therby (if the Lord in mercey pre- 
uent not) bring one famine and desolatione; nether 
wold they, if they had aney respecte to the King, 
persist in desinges so proeiudiciall to his pouer and 
weellfaire, indeuoring,^ so far as in them layethe, to 
diuert him from giuing of satisfactione to the com- 
missioners sent from this kingdome, and now attend- 
ing his Maiesties anssuer*. Therfor, the eommittee 
of estaits, after mature deliberatione, doe heirbay de- 
clare the saids persons, with ther adherents and 
abettors, and all such as shall heirafter ioyn and 


concure with them, to be guiltey of heigh tressone^ 
and to be proceidit aganist accordingly ; and dis- 
charges all wther persons, of quhatsomeiler quality 
or degree within this fcingdome, to assist or supplie 
the saids rebells and ther adherents, or aney of them, 
with men, moneys armes, ammunitione, wictutU, 
eounsell or intelligence, or to keepe aney correspon- 
dency, publick or prinat, or aney quho ayde or coim- 
ienance them, wnder the paine of being esteimed as 
enimyes to religion, the Slings Maiesty, and the peace 
of the kingdome : and further giue pouer and war- 
rant to all the good subiects within this kingdome^ 
to risse in armes for opposing ai^d suppressing the 
saids rebells, as they shall be requyred by the Oene- 
xall, L. Gen: Lesley, or aney others hauing autho- 
rity for that effecte ; and to the end aU the king- 
dome may haue full satisfactione concerning the equi- 
tie of our proceidinges : and that thesse now in re- 
bellione^ may be zet reclaimed from ther wicked 
.practisses and desainges, if it be possible ; or wther- 
wayes left altogider wnexeussable. The comittee of 
estaits is content to pas by aney thing they haue done 
in reference to this lait rebellion, and to allow wnto 
them ireedoome in ther persons and estaites ; they 
renouncing and disclaiming ther present course, and 
giuing assurance for ther deutiful carriage in tyme 
coming. It being always prowydit, that such as 
shall accei^ of this .o£fer, shall come in to Leiu: Gen: 


Lesley, and giue the satisfactione betuix this and 
the 20 of this instant, in wich caisse they shall be 
free. Bot that the said decleratione shall stand in 
full force aganist all such as after the tuentie day 
slial persiste in rebellione, or iojrne with them ; and 
that in respecte of ther frequent out breckings vpone 
all occasions, ther wiues, children and families shall 
be no longer wnder the protectione of this king- 
dome ; and that such conrsse shall be takin for tran- 
sporting them out of this kingdome into forraigne 
pairts, as the estaits of parliament, or other commit- 
ties, shall thinke fitt. And for encouragement of 
all sache a^ shall suffer in opposing or suppressing 
the saids rebelts^ the comittee of estaits declares 
that the losses and suffiringes of suche as haue, or 
shall be actiue in the causse aganist the rebells, shall 
be takin into especiall consideratione, as ther car- 
riage shall deserUe, and repaired out off the estaits 
of suche as shall obstinatly persist in the said rebel- 
lion. As lykwayes it is declared, that quhosoeuer 
hath, or shall doe aney thing aganist the saids re- 
bell's and ther adherents and abettors^ or aney of 
them, in ther persons or goods, during the tyme of 
ther continuance in rebellion, shall be free of all ac- 
tions criminall or ciuill, at the instance of aney per- 
sone whatsoeuer for the same. 

And, lastlie, it is ordained, that thesse presents 
be printed and published at &e mercat crosses of 


Edinbrughe, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth and Aber- 
deene ; wich publicatipne, at the places forsaid, the 
committee of estaites^does declare to be a sufficient 
intimatipne to the baill p^rso^is abo^e specified, and 
to all the leidges. 
l&linbrughe, Maij 4, 1649. 


die OttU atOy mime at U. C]ftarle« tbt m- imXt fltup 
setter to tj^ t^tMfi Commfftftontr* at tie 9^tise, in 
tie UgjMnit at fMf, 1649. 

As it is sett doune in the Englishe .Diumali -of the 
21 of Maij, this same zeire. 

I hajie, (out. of n^ qaire to the peace of my king- 
dome of Scotland,) o£Gred unto you^maney tbinges for 
the satling of my subiects ther, and I doubte not bot 
al honest men will ahere to me. I haue endeuored 
to giue you quhat satisfactione I may witli honor and 
saftie to my people ; and zet you tell me that you 
cannot abate me. of th^se vnresonable conditions 
(wiche neuer subiects proponid to ther King) put 
vpone me; bot ^thoughe you declare unto me, 
that befor I be admitted to the exercisse of my re- 
gall pouer, I shall giue satisfactione to the kingdome 
in thosse thinges that conceme the security of reli- 
gione the, vnion betuix the kingdomes, and the 


gcx)d and peace of my kingdome of Scotland, wich I 
haue manifested ymto you. Zet you still presse me 
aganist my conscience, and comon liberty to eurey 
subiect^ to take the couenant; and put diuers other 
thinges vpone me not proper for a King, tendring 
the weillfaire of his people, to doe ; bot if you refusse 
to admitt me, I doubt not bot I shall be admitted 
King without you. The co^unittee of estaits haue 
alreadey proclaimed me, not only the Righteous heire 
.and lawfull s,uccesspr tp my de.ceassed father, bot de- 
jclared ane vnanimous and cheirefuU acknowledge- 
ment of my lyffe, and successione, by laufull right 
imd wndoubted successione and dissent^ King of 
Grate Britane, France and Irland ; and that all the 
subiects of Scotland are bound humbley to obey, 
manteine and defend pie as ther Souerainge Lord 
^d King ; the perforinance quherof I shall expecte 
from the committee of estaits, the assembley of the 
jkirke, and all my louing subiects. 


One the 2d Tuesday of Maij, this ^ire, 1649, a 
paftey of 120 horsse at Baluenie^ vpone Spey, com- 
mandit by Leiuetenant Generall Lesley to attend 
thesse feildes, wnder the conducte of Collonell Ker, 
Leiuetenant Colpnell Hacket, L« Colonell 3trachen, 
the most considerable pairte of the rebelles in the 
^rthe, wer by them beattin and routted, to the num- 

ifa D. 1M9. ANNAL£8 OF SCOTLAND. 40T 

ber of 1200, of quhome betuix 60 and 80 were kill- 
ed, and neire 800 takin prisoners ; amongest qnhom 
the Lord Rae with his most considerable officers, 
and diners gentlemen of the name of Mackenzie. 
The prissoners sent to Edinbrughe in Maij, this 
zeire, wer 

Lord Rae, 

Robert Mackcay, 

Rorie Mackenzie of Readcastle, 

Colin Mackenzie of Pennicke, 

Jo: Dumbar, 

Mackenzie of Laick Hausse, 

Duncane Mackay, 

Donald Mackay, 

Johne Mackay, 

Rorie Mackloyd, 

Johne Mackalester, 

Norman CampbeU, 

Rorie Mackleine, 

Mnrdo Mackenzie, 

Hector Mackenzie, 
^ Kenethe Mackenzie, 

Donald Mackfarsone, 

Thomas Mackfiffsone. 
All thir wer imprissoned in the tolbuith^of Edin- 
brughe, in this same mounth of Maij. 

S3 of Maij, 1649.— The parliament sat doune 
againe this day ; in it ther was onJie 4 Lordes, and 
, not 20 bartons and bui'gesses. 


Spring. — ^The spring this zeire was cold and dray, 
for the most pairt, with some seasonable showris in 
the latter end of it 5 wich coldnes made 4he grasse to 
be werey long in growing, the hay to proue werey 
bad and shorte, and the cheisse and butter to be 
deire, viz. the cheisse 58sh. and 3 lib. the staine ; 
butter 6 lib. the staine. 

One the 11 of Junij, this same zeire, the Scotts 
cpmissioners, viz. Earle of Cassiles ; the Laird of 
Brodie, in Murray; Mr George Winrhame of Liber- 
tone, in Edinbrughe-shyre ; Mr Alex: Jeffra, burges 
of Aberdeine ; and Mr Robert Balzie, and Mr James 
Wood, ministers ; retumid from Holland, landit at 
Stenhiue, in Merins, and went iomey from thence to 

23 Junij, 1649. This Sd sessione of the second 
faienniall parliament, sitts only in the afternoone, 
and the sessione sitts befor noone. Ther wer 10 
jnoblemen only present from the doune sitting to this 
/day ; often fewer, bot neuer more, viz. 
Marq: Argyle, £• Leume, 

E. Sutherland, Vis : Arbudmot, 

E. CassileSf Lord Cathcarte, 

£• Buccleuche, Lord Burlie, 

£. Louthean, Lord Couper. 

In the begining of Junij, this zeire, the parliament, 
by ther proclamatione, licensed Englishmen to bay 
pod traiu^K)rt oxen, kyne, sheepe of all sortes, lykjc^ 


wajres horsses and eoks ; wich wes one of the most 
hurtfull actes could he made to mine Scotland, and 
aduance the deileignes of the enimies therof ; bes-> 
tiaUs of all sorts being at so heighe a rait thesse 4 zeirs 
bypast in this comitrey, and fleches in the comon 
marketts scarsse bayable, bot at werey exorbitant 
raitts ; the lyke had neuer beine seine in this king- 
dome hertofoj:, since it was a natione. 
. In Junijy this same zeire, also, 1649, the pryces of 
wictuall and comes of all sortes wer heigher then 
euer heirtofor aney lining could remember. 

Whyte wes sold at 16 and 17 lb. the boll ; 

Beare at IS lb. 6sb. and 8d. and H lb. the boU; 
. Peasse at 14 lb. the boll$ 

Ottes at 15 lib. the boll; 

Otte meall at 15 lb. 9sh. and 16 lib. the boll; 

Peasse meall at 9 lib. the boll, and 9 lb. 10 sh, 
And thesse wer the raittes of wictuall and comes in 
Fyffe; bot in Lothean, Edinbmgbe and Leith, the 
pryces wer muche heigher^ 

The malte comonly wes solde in Fyffe and the 
adiacent pairtes of Angus, at 13 lb. 6sh. 8d. and 14 
lib. the boll. 

And the aile wes sold for 2sh. 8d. 3sh. and 3sh. 
4d. and the worste of all 2sh. Wyne saicke wes 
ficli in Fyffe at 34 and 36 shillings the pynte ; 9nd 
.French wyne at 14, 15 and 16 sh. the pynte. 

>fota. That S' Hen Cam^ell of Cesnocjc?, and 


Alexander Brodie of tiie same^ qaho wer made 
Lordea of Sessione by the parliament this zeire, in 
place of Sk James Locart of Lee, and S^ Johne Ha- 
milton of Orbestone^ displaced by them, wold not 
except one them the place of sessioners, bot refussed 

Abqat the letter end of Jmiij this. scire, a.conip- 
mitte from the generall assembley mett at St An« 
drewes, for .examining of yittnesses aganist Doctor 
Johne Baron, prouest of S. Saluadors colledge^ and 
some of the regents and masters of that vnirersity^ 
wpon diners poynts of ther behauior and carriage^ 
(being matters of werey small ^consequence) bot ex<- 
tremly hatted and maligned as frinds to monarchey^ 
by Mr Robert Blair, Mr JSamell Rutherfurd, and 
Mr James Wood, men gratly malingingmonarchey^ 
as some of ther wretts bears wittnes to the world, 
especially Rutherfurds booke intituled. Lex Rex* 
This comittee told Baron in plaine jtermes, that they 
wer commandit to proceed aganist him by the ad* 
wysse of Blaire and Rutherfurd, and sew him in 
dounerigfat tearmes that he could not keepe that 
place; bot if he wold woluntarly demitt, they wold 
prowyd a zeirlie manti^ence for him, prowyding he 
wold remoue himselue out of that wnirersity ; wick 
his frinds, seing ther malice, willed him to doe, ere 
he wer constrained. So that wnder hes hand, this 
SOofJunij, he consigned a demiasione, ccmdition* 


idly, (that he sbould be prowydit for wtherways) in 
the hand$ of Mr Dauid Forret, moderator of that 
comittee, minister of Kilconquher. This committe 
called scoUers as wittndlses aganist ther aiien mas- 
ters, without asking if they had aney thing obiecte 
aganlst the saids wittnes, they for the most pairt being 
(contrair to law) all minors. 

Zounge scoUers wer accussed for that they should 
haue said, that ministers, now at least some of them 
wer become false profitts, fosters of calumnies, and 
vniust accusers of ther brethren. 

2. That Argyle wes infamous by the dayly expres- 
sions and iniuries he wssed towards honest men, 
wnder the clocke of region and law. 

3. That they wer not honest, nor treuly religious, 
that aueur'd Maior Straquhan a notorious villane to 
hes countrey and presbeteriail gouemiment 

Nothing of all thesse 3 calumnies wes prouin 
aganist the zouthe accussid, bot onlie he voluntarly 
confessed, that indeid he loued Argyle better then 
aney of hes accusers, and if he had at aney tyme 
called him infamous, (which he did not remember 
he had euer done) wes onlie that to the world he 
had not beine famous, in respecte of his eiuell suc- 
ces in diuers batells and conflicts he had lost, and in 
hes not fighting with the E^rle of Craufiird in A^ 
1648, quhom Argyle himselue had challenged to 
combat at a certaine place. In this acte he thought 


that Acgyl^s lionor suffered muche, wiicb .posterity 
could not bot take especiall notice qffe. 

Rntlierfii]:d and Blaire tooke.iimaU notice of.aney 
of hes poynts, bot of that c^t^cerning Straquhane, a 
'bc^uers sone in Muskelbi:Mgjhej for this (altho not 
prouen) the zouthe was sentenced .to be publickly 
bettit in the comon scolles^ bot lie disdainid thej 
wiulust sentence, and left the coUe^ge. 

It is to be notted, t;bat in eurey colledge Blar^ 
Rutherfurd and Woodf hes ther emissaries and di- 
latersi and if one wo;;d be spokJn, it is made too, if 
agwist them tl^ey baif, especiaUy if they be leamid, 
or not (her Fay> or depending one them; so that it 
wold appeire to all jionest men, that thir thrie 
men hes with ther abbetors layed thesse foUouing 

First, To displace and defame, quo cunq: modc^ 
all honest and leamid men. 

2. All .that afi^ectes monarx:hey or Jungly gouemi- 

S. To displace all thesse in place that holds not 
ther tenetts, and to suffer not to be preffered bot of 
the auen stampe. 

4. To haue all places in the vniversity at ther dis^ 
positione, th^t all, both masters and scollers, may 
depend onis tliem, that with th^ more cimin|( they 
both poyson the fontans of religion and policey. 

For Mr Rob: Blare wes, Reg: Ja: 6, banished 


thewniversitjr of Glasgow, (for hes antimonarchicall 
tenetts) to Irland, quher he lurked till thesse Tnba- 
pey troubells began in Scotland ; and scarsse wes he 
Weill retumid, hot preferrid by thesse that fauored 
him, then preferrid to be minister of Su Andrewes, 
thereby setting him in a place quher he could most 
diflusse hes venome. 

Mr Samuell Rutherford, akho lousse in hes 
zouthe, hes beine from his first begining a suorne 
enimey to monarchey, as hes wrettings testifie; a 
hatter of all men not of hes oppinion, and one quho 
if neuer so Hghtlie ofiendit, vnreconcilable ; woyd of 
mercey and ehari^, altbo a teacher of both to 

Mr Rob: Dagleishe, agent for the kirke, was 
clercke to forsaid committee. 

Julij, 1649. — In the begining of Julij, this zeire, 
1649, the Earles of Tueddale and Panmure, with 
the Lord Balcarras, wer admitted to the parliament, 
notwithstanding that they both wotted and acted for 
the ingagement, 1648, and the Lord Forrester also. 

One Vedinsday the 8d of Julij, the generall assem- 
bley sate doune at Edinbrugh. Mr Robert Dou- 
glasse was chosen moderator. 

Mem: That in the begining of Maij, this zeir, 
Dauid Leslie, the Leiuetenant Generall, being at 
Brechin, Mr Mungo Law, one of the prechers of 
Edinbrughe, being sent by the commissione of the 


kirke to see Maior Straquhane casseired^ (if it sa 
pleasaed the Leiaetenant Generall,} <xr wtherwayes 
to aubimtt himselae to hes orders; in presence of the 
L. Generalls huley, and maney more, Mr Mongo 
said that he should be heartUe sofey, that the L, 
6. should displace Maior Straguhane; for if he so 
did, he assurid him that he wold want the prayers of 
10,000 of the saints and godlie of Edinbrughe, to 
accompeney hes armey: sua Mr Mungo played hes 
bttssines so handsomly, that he persuadit the L. G, 
that it was better for him to tollerat one sectarey^ 
(and a villane) quhom he called a godly and reli- 
gious sant, then by degrading of him, disapoynt 
Cromwell of his intelligence^ and himselue of the 
shoe sants of Edinbrughes prayers* 

Edinbrughe, II Julij. To London* Our assem- 
bley goes one sueetly ; they ar about a neu psalme 
booke, to be sung throughout all churches, wich by 
some is weill taldn, ther moderator beinng Mr Ro- 
bert Douglas, who caried it bot by a werey few woy- 
ces before* Mr James Guthrie is werey wysse in his 
carriage, in keiping a bar as set one the nuilignants, 
till they be vintered and summered not to be admit- 
ted to aney publicke meitUngs.. Ther is no newes 
from our King, wich makes our parliament conCtnew 
longer then it was expected* You shall neuer per- 
suade some heir that L* Gen^all Cromwell, yonr 
new Oouemour of Irkmd, shall goe thitheir^ for 


quhat he doe ther, say they, quhen in e£bcte Dub- 
lin is gone ? therfor, I pray you, cleir ws in the 
doubte, wither ther be aney reality herin, and quhat 
number he takes with him. The north of Irland, 
except Derry, is all in the enimies hand, wich wiH 
proue of sad consequence to bothe nations, if some 
speedey coursse be not takin. Our suppleis sent 
towards Carickfergus, in meall and other thinges, is 
fearid will come too shorte, zet it shewes our wil- 
lingnesse to reliue thosse poore souls, of quhossemis* 
serey wee ought to haue a fellow feilling. Mr Fer- 
guson, a minister from thence, is retumid this day. 
Thesse are to shew posterity the correspond- 
ence was keipt betuix Edinbrughe and London 
this zeire. 
12 Julij, 1649. The 13 of this instant the K. of 
Orate Britaine went from Compeigne, and about 8 
of the clocke in the aftemoone, being acc<Hnpanied 
with the Duck of Anville ; and from thence went to 
Chantilli, quher he was intertained with all the ho- 
nors that were befitting his persone, according to 
the eiq)resse order sent by the Princesse of Condi 
for that purpose. The nixt day, after dinner, he 
went from thence to S* Germans, quher the Queine, 
hes mother, went 8 myles to meitt him, and hauing 
mett, maney teares wer shed one bothe sydes, in tes- 
tknoney of the rescent they haue of ther comon af- 
flictione. Dinm* a 10 ad 17 Juli|. 


13 Julij; 1649.-»L. Generall Da^ Leslie told Mc 
Lauerence Oliphant, minister of Newbrughe, quho 
told me it this day, that some 5 or sex dayes befor 
this, in Edinbrughe,^ he was at a priuey committee 
meitting, quherat wer present 
EX Loudon, Chanceler; Mr Rob. Balzie, 
Marques of Argyle; Mr Ja« Wood, 

L. Generall Lesley ; Mr Robert Douglas, 

S^ Arch: Jhonston; Mr Dauid Dicksone, mi>- 

Sr Jo: Cheisley; nisters; and 

Mr Ja; Guthrie; 
with the commissioners that went to Holland, viz. 
Cassiles and Mr Geo: Vinrhame of Libertone ; quho 
after they had spokixr of maney bussines, at last 
they fell wpone that bussines and message to the 
King, and hes last ansuer to the commissioners; and 
all of that concludit in this, that if he wold giue sa- 
tis&ctione anent religione and the couenant, by wich 
they wer all tayed to manteine and assist him to the 
last drope of ther blood, and vtemost endeuor. On- 
lie 3 of them opposed that condusione, by all 
meins, and with diuers arguments, sauoring of thfem- 
selues and ther zeall to the new Englishe comoi^- 

The 3 opposers wer S^ Archbald Jhonston, Re* 
gister; S' Jo: Chisley, the new Master of Requysts, 
(a basse fellow, borne in Clidisdaill, lait clerke to 
the Scotts commissioners in England, knitted by 


K. Chftr: L at the Isle (^ Wight;) and Mr James 
Outhrie, minister of Lauder; a man once totally 
episcopall, bot now a prjrme rayller, a grate fa^ 
uerer of conuentickells, priney meittings and secta^ 

At this same tyme^ Pilat Bradshaw^ Lord I'resi- 
dent of the counsaill' of estait, (quho adiudged K. 
Charles to dye) was' made, by that infamous pari; 
chanceler of the dntchey of Lancaster, Julij 14, 

15 Julij, 1649. William Murray came from Hoi- 
land at this tyme^ quho was long looked for to be 
the expresse promissed by the young Song to the 
Scotts commissioners, to be sent heir with his last 
anssuer. Some priuey letters he brought from the 
King to some particular men, the contentts quherof 
was not reweilld ; he denayed thttf he had aney pub* 
licke message, ore commissione, or letter from the 
King ; zet it wes knowen he had priuat to Argyle 
and the Chanceler, &c« 

29 Julij, 1649. To remember how that one Mr 
Naysmithe, a minister at this generall assembley, ar- 
gued much to haue the haill teinds to the churchy 
and wes opposed by the Marquesse of Argyle and 
Earle of Cassiles, with all the lay elders, as a propo- 
sitione muche scandalizing the professione and ther 
often promisses, zea, (said some^ a thing not belong- 
ing to tl^m.) Bot Naysmithe, werey iihpodently 

VOL. III. 2 E 

416 ANNALES OF SCOTLAND. . A. D. 1649. 

and affiintedly affirmed, that it must be manteind 
that the teinds did belong- to the churche, jure di- 
iiina Ai^gyle ansuered, wee must manteine the con- 
trarey, with all our pouer, of that falls oppinione of 
yours. Cassiles said, the more ze gett, the worsse 
contented you are; bot in this ze haue nather diui- 
nity wnder the gospell for the same, nather ressone 
or aney poynt of humane law. Then, said Argyle, 
the churche hes alredey the 10 of all the rent of the 
land, zet it seime they are not content, nather are 
they the 30 pt of the inhabitants, I may say not the 
100 pairt : it is not good to awalkin sleiping doges. 
The modera^r, Mr Rob: Douglas, said, that hes 
brother, Mr Nasmythe, spoke mor rashlie then he 
was awarre offe; and he admired he was so imperti- 
nent, and therefore willed him to be quyet ; bot Na- 
smythe replyed, h^ only spoke out that wich maney 
more of that number of hes professione thought : 
some lay elders,, that wer barrons, sitting by him, 
desyred him to burey that, wtherwayes they wold 
make the suorde decyde that questione, and lett him 
and all suche couetous persons see that teindes wer 
not wnder the gospell juris diuini, bot juris humani. 
So you see how Nasmythe did sing, the shamefast 
caroU, in face of the assembley, in name of hes bre- 

Julij, 1649. In the generall assembley, haldin at 
Edinbnighe, in Julij this zeire, ther wer werey maney 


ministers depossed,formanteining the lastexpeditione 
into England to be lowfull, for reliffe of our King,- 
quhome thesse bloodie blasphemers hes since killed,- 
contrarey to the soleme leauge and couenant with 
that perfidious natione ; amongest qnbom wer Mr 
Androw Ramsay and Mr William Collin^ ministers 
of Edinbnighe, tuo leamid and worthey men ; they 
wer much regraitted by honest men, and thesse quho 
treulie loued peace and treuthe. Bot the current of 
the tymes went so, that in respecte they wold not 
dance to the play of the leaders, Douglas, Dicksone, 
Cant, Guthrie and Law, they wer deposed from the 
ministerial! o£Bce, quhen as one of them, viz. Mr 
Androw Ramsay, hed beine ane actuall minister 
aboue 53 zeires, quherof he had seruid in Edinbrughe 
36 of the same. 

L. Generall Mideltone went werey neir at this as- 
sembley to be excommunic^jt, wer not he compeired 
and spoke boldly for hiiiselue, and hardly got 4 
monthes to adwysse quhither he wold subscriue that 
declaratione emitted by the assembley anent the in- 
gagers or not. 

30 Julij, 1649. Memorandum. — To be res<dued 
of this doubte, viz. that since all the malignants of 
the kingdome did auer that James Grhames succes 
and prosperous fortune in so maney batells winne 
be him, djd cleirly demonstrat Gods fauor to him, 
and the goodnes of hes causse, (wich by the pre- 


ciMe paifty) was tbottght th^ only not to know a 
maligtitftit by, in that tb«y mameined and fanored so 
▼nehrietian and Tnrkisha an« oppion; as if the 
goodnM and lawfallnet of tb« caosse dependit alto- 
togiddr ona th^ sueee^e. 

And now, sincte Jolij last, 1649, and the Whiga- 
more toad, tha face of gonemiment being changed 
and pnt in other hands, and the kirke now asspyring 
to so grate a height and triiimphe, all ther papers, 
actes almost, and declarations bothe of churche and 
stait, runs with that same clansse, riz. aganist all 
wioh, not only eminent testimonies of Oods wrath 
hatie bciiie giuen, in defakting at them, &c. meining 
the Englishe engagement, bot especiallay the course 
per^ned by the Earle of Lanrick, George Monro, 
at Sipling and Pluscardey, and ther adherents in the 

The blttsphemers and sectaries in England, from 
Iher bygaine prosperous iuocesse in all ther impious 
and' wicked actions aganist Gods treuth, diuyne and 
humalne lawes, wich they bane trampled wnder 
footte, affirme in al ther declarations, lykwayes, to be 
the only eausse quhay the Lord iauors them in all 
Iherfaifterprysses aganist the wicked (as the call all 
siieiie quho are not of ther mynd and oppinione) with- 
in the 8 kingdomes, naming themselaes,and all wthets 
sectaries and blasphemers of ther stampe, the godlie 
and the saintesr qnhen, kideid, dU ther actions ate 

A. P. leiO. 4MKAL£$ 6F SCOTLAWD. tfl 

noioely iUcgallv bat most irreUgious and impioiis, 
both contrarfiytoUwesof Godflndmen; themseliies 
being tainted with all the hainous sins and impieties 
quherwith aney heathin nation hath beine branded, 
euen Sodome itselne ; if periurey, couenant break- 
ing, hipocrasie, ambition, couetousnes and all sortes 
ofblasphemiesy in the heighest degre, aganiatthe 
hiissed trinitie, can be them be acoompted sins. 

Sache are the now sants that qpfHresses Gods peo- 
ple in thesse kingdomes, and all wnder the color 
and pretext of concioice, and clocke of religione 

JttlQ, 1640. Mr Johne Mavle, a broken merchant, 
iattly master'd at Glasgow, and imeadiatly tum'd 
preacher, in the begining of this momithe, making 
a learned sermon no doubt, (for the gentleman hes 
no language hot hes mothers,) wnwronging Predan, 
in the churche of Brechin in Angus, befpr a famons 
auditory i the glasse hsuing far out rune his di»* 
coursse ; to make the tyme, he falls vpone the Kinges 
books, Emsfp B0mhm% and with maney fe^rfbll impre- 
cations, exclaimes aganist it, as aganist a most eze« 
cr^le things fiillof leyes and vntareuthes;sayii^, they 
call it the Kinges booke ; bot, beloued people, I 
assure you, it is the deiuells bocAe, come from the 
bottomlesse pit of hell, and fearced full of wiok* 
ednesse and impieties ; and with thesse disooones, 
this braue preacher consomid his glasse. 

Nqt.«i^To inquyre the maner how Mr WiUiam 


Marshall, nuDister of Salin, being troubled in con* 
acifflice, deyed» of quhom the report ^went, that he 
had gtab'd himselue, in Julij, 1649. 

Lykwayes, to inquyre how Mr Jaxnes Spen^ 
minister of Aua, deyed, Julij, 1649. 

SoMMER.-— This quarter proued pleasant and we- 
rey hote, with much raine about the midell . of Ju- 
lij, wich lenthenedrthe come muche. The pryces of 
come raisse werey mudi this soumer. Peasse wes sold 
at. Haddington markett for 22 lib. Scotts the boU; 
aitmeall in Edinbrughe markett 15 lib..; aittes 14 
lib : zea, in Fyffe, aitt meall was sold for IS lib. 
6 sh. 8d. and 14 lib. Beare meall 12 lib. ; peasse 
meall 8 lib. and 9 lib. in some places ; the whitte wsus 
chapest, being sold for 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 libs. 

6 Agust, 1649. This day the generall assembley 
raisse, being Monday, about 9 a clocke at night, 
after they had ^sitten from the Sd of Julig, now a 
mounth and 3 dayes. 

7 Augusti, 1649. — The night befor the ryssingof 
the parliament, ther fell out a grate debaitjn the 
housse, an^it the anutdl rents of moneyes, wich the 
nobilitey and some of the barrox^ that* followed 
them, wold haue reduced to 6 per cent. Aganist 
wich acte, S' James Steuart, prouest of Edinbrughe, 
in name of the haill burrowes of the kingdome, did 
protest in the contrarey ; and so all of the commisr 
sionerspf. the burrowes arrosse and depairted the 


faousse. The E. of CassHes ^aid, veil, since they 
wer gone, they wold wote the acte, for they might 
als well doe it without them^ (meaning the burrowes,) 
as they had do];ie maney more of grater consequence, 
hot a King or his commissioner. And so 2 estaits 
pastjthis acte, without the 3d. 

Vedinsday, the 11 of Agust, 1649.— The parlia- 
ment rosse, and the generall assembley arrosse 
vpone the Monday the 9 of this same mounthe, 
about 9 a clocke at night; and ther new elected 
commissione of the kirke, had ther first meiting one 
the morrow, being Tuesday the 10 day ; and ap- 
poynted ther first quarter sessione, (as they call iti) 
to meitt at Edinbrughe in the begining of Noyember 
nixt, this same zeire. 

12 Agusti, 1649.-^One Sunday, the day aboue 
wrettui, about 3 in the aftemoone, deyed Patrick 
Lesley, Lord of Londors; he was neuer maried, 
bot had aboue 67 basse children, sons and daugh- 
ters, he was aged - . . . at Fitcartey; and 
was interrid priuatly at the east end of Neubrughe 
churche,one Tuesday in the night, die 14 of the same 

On Thursday, the 23 of Aguste, this zeire, the 
Lord Borthwick maried — _^ Ker, 2d dai^hter 
to William, Earle of Lothean, one of the principal 
secretaries of estait ; her grandmother was sister to 
Archbald, now Marques of Argyle. 


i4 Agasti» IMS Tker mett st Perth, t^ day 

aboue wrettin, the comittee of estaits, from £dm* 

broghe adiomed tfaidien By the aae acte of the 

laat aeuaona of pariiaiaent, ther wer present ther, of 


£• of Loudone, Chanceler ; Lord Burlie, Lord 

Sr Jo: Moncriffe, K. Barronett; 

Arthur Erskin of Sootts Cf aige ; 

Sr Ja: Amott of Femey ; 

» Tho: Ruthuen of Freeland; 

fir Jo: Broiine of Fordell; 

Mr Qeoi Winram of Libertone, one of the Coll : .of 

Sr >■■ ■■■ Inglis of Ingilstone; 
Sr Jo: Walchope of Nidrie ; 
J^ Oenerall Dauid Lesley; 
& Arch. Jfaonstoni Clerk Register ; 
Mr Tho: Nicholsone, Adoueat 
£k Jo: Bmythe, for Edinbmghe; 
Geo: Jamesone, for Couper ; 
Ja: Sttord, for St Andrewes; 
Pat: Ross, for Perthe. 

Ther cammissioiie ires to see the peace of the 
Heigfalands; hsm, cause the cheiflfes of thecbnns 
reueu ther bands for the public peace; item, to 

A. D. 1640. ANNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. 4^ 

cauBse the pryme men of the Ilea and Heighland» 
to subscriue the band appoynted by parliament In 
Febrij last ; item, to borrow moneyes, &c« 

Memor: That one Thursday the 80 of Agust, in 
the presbetrie of Couper, some queries being giuen 
in by Dauid MackgiU of Nether Rankillo, younger, 
Mr Jo: MackgiU, minister at Denbolge, hes brother, 
moderator of the presbeterey, hauing remoued him* 
adue in his brothers causse, and Mr George Thom- 
son, minister at Kilmaney, moderatting, in bote and 
heighe tearmes, not to medle in that bussines, bot be a 
litle sparing, since that both the parliament and com- 
mittee of estaites had giuen diuersse determinations 
and sentences in thesse bussines; and that the mater 
was mere ciuill and didnotbelonge to therjudicatorey. 
Mr George anssuered, that wa« not eneuche that if 
the parliament did wronge, they should not conniue 
therat; ane other replayes to him, it wer good that 
they should bewar to medle with the parliament. 
No, sayes Mr George, w^^y proudly, wee must and 
viU correct the parliament; and afteniards finding 
some of the brethren to smyle at hia ambitious fool- 
ishnes, he then begane to retract quhat he had 
spoken, bot could not make sensse of it This was 
certified me by Jo: Arnot of Woodmill, a reuliog 
elder ther present, (and ane quho wa9 intereised in 
the said qurees,) and by Mr Dtuid Onne, minister 

486 ANHAIiES OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1649. 

of Monemaall, betuix Woodmill and Kynaird^ one 
Monday 3d of Sept 

Nota. — ^It is to be remembred, the cheifiest be- 
lowes that hes blowin this terrible fire, wer first the 
vnhappy bischopes of bothe kingdomes ; and now 
the preachers and ministers, viz. protestants, presbi- 
terians, sectarians, independents of all sortes, quho, 
in leu of obedience and conformitie to gouemiment, 
and compliance with the necessities of so good and 
religious a King, did teache and obtrude to the peo- 
ple (all this tyme bypast, and now still) nothiiig 
more then -Christs causse, religion, liberty and pre<- 
uilidge of the subiecte, quherby they haue not only 
imbittered the affectione of t&e yassall, bot fn effeote 
quyte poysoned aganist ther natiue souerainge and 
prince, quhence this aphorisme may be collected :— 

That the best instruments misapplayed doe grat«- 
est mischeiffe, and proue most dangerous to aney 
stait; and as of the sueitest winnes is made the 
sharpest vineger, so churchmen, quho, by ther holy 
functi<me and robes of innocence, should be the 
sueitest of all professions, quho should breathe no- 
thing bot peace, vnitie, allegeance and loue, if they 
misapplay ther talent, ^d abandon themselues to 
the spirit of faction, they become the bitterest eni- 
mies, the most corroding cankers, and worst vipers 
in aney comonwealthe, and piost pernicious to the 
prince ; m regard that they, hauing the suay ouejr 


the conscience, mctk is the rudder that steeira th^ 
actions, wordes and thoughts of the rationall ere* 
tare, they transport and snatohe it away whither 
they will ; making the beast with maney heads con-* 
ceiue according to the color of thesse rods they wsse 
to cast befor them* 

Not— Agust, 1649. The present gouernours of 
this kingdome hes maney excellent wayes and in-c 
ventipns to gett money ; in so much quhen the cow^ 
slack'd, they haue a way to presse her nipples, lyli^e 
Prospero Colonnas goosse, plucke the olid fetheres of 
the oppressed gentrey, burgers and comons, that the 
new ones may grow the faster. In thesse pilfering 
dewyces, the Chanceler, Register, Jonstoun, and 
some of the leading ministers, and others of ther 
complices, exelles. 

9 mtKtts jHt 

About the latter end of this past winter, ather m 
the end of Februarij, or beginning of Marche, this 
zeire, Mr Robert Farquer, in Aberdeine, being fallin 
in dislyke with the Campbells and present gouer-p 
nours, for hes agility in the lait expeditione to Eng* 
land, being then comissarey for the northe shyres, 
was now called to ane accompte, and smnmond to 
Edinbriighe for that end. He wits grately perplex:** 


6d, fearing that if he came in tiler lumdeB, without 
8pme holy recomendattoney per expreasmn, octwitfa- 
Manding the naturall drynesse of hes hmclce leone 
bodey, zet they would so squisse him with ther 
i^krewesy so longe as they could perceane aney com^- 
fortable juce in him, that heirafter he wold looke ra- 
ther lyke one thunder slaine, then a Uuing creture. 
Bot he, a sutle craftie fellow, hauing wex'd himseliie 
a long tyme qnhat oonrsse to take, to euitt the racke 
and gins layed for him, at last bethinks himselue of 
one way of addresse, as Che moste assurid of all 
otheres, wich was thus :-«<- 

The tyme of his compirance at Edinbmghe draw- 
ing neire, (for be behoued to take iomey one Mon- 
day) causses, aganist Sunday at night, hes wyffe make 
good cheire, and sendes a particular confident of 
his to Mr Androw Cant, the minister of Aberdein, 
(one quhosse northerly motion had a werey grate 
influence one the south, he knowing Arcana Imperij) 
to invitt him to supper. He refusses to come once, 
tuyoe ; at last, Mr Robert resolues with himselue to 
haae him at aney rait, and forthwith goes to his 
housae himseine, and werey eamistly, in sabmissiooe 
and humble termes, intreatts him to lett him be ho- 
noured with hes companey at supper. Tie minister 
refusses, in respecte of the coldnes of the night; be 
atill vrges him to goe, and he should find ane sure 
Antidote for aney cdd. At last bemg ouercome by 

A. D. 1640. ANVALfiS OF SCOTLAND. 489 

Mr Roberts importunty) he goes home with him, 
(all this ^me it is obseroable how he cald him no 
wther but still Master Robert) and being sett by the 
fyre^ and made werey velcome, Mr Robert goes to 
his closet, and brings to the hall a goune of blacke 
veluett, lyned with martrickes, and wold haue Mr 
Androw putt it one, wich^ with small intrettey he 
did ; (therafter, in all his discourses, he calls him 
atherproaest or comissary, and not Mr Robert). 
So hauing supt, and made a plentifull meall, and 
being againe sett by the fyre, Mr Robert asks the 
minister, if he had aney seruice to command to Edin- 
bnighe, for he was citted to appeir ther befor the 
parliament, to make hes accompts, and therfor be- 
sought Mr Androw that he wold recommend him to 
some of his most confident frinds, wich he promissed 
to doe. At last, bed tyme drawing neire, Mr An- 
drow ryssesto be gone, and wold haue castin oflPthe 
goune ; hot Mr Robert intreatted him not to doe 
so, nor wrong him that farr, in respecte he had 
brought him from his auen varme housse in so cold 
and rigid a night, to pertake of so homly fair, for no 
other end bot to bestow that chamber goune one 
him, as befitting his age and grauity, wishing it had 
beine better tor his causse ; bot such as it was, he 
humbley intreatted to accept of it, as ane assurance 
and tokin of hes loue and affection to him, wich Mr 
Androw did without more ceremo&eis« So Mr Ro^ 

430 ANN ALES OF SCOTLAND: A. D. 1649. 

belt did accompaney him home, with his gouae one 
hb shotilders, and at pairting, Mr Androw told him 
he should not doe weUl to goe without his letters. 
He said he wold not To morrow he got his letters, 
one to Argyle, ane vther to Lotheal!i, and the Sd to 
the Register, Warrestone, with 2 to some xninisters, 
wich made him relcome to Edinbrughe, and after- 
warden to dance about that fyre, (wich, as he fearid) 
should^ if not burned him, zet at lest scalded him 
yerey sore. This historey I had from a werey con- 
fident and intrinsicke frind of Mr Roberts, quho 
had from his auen mouthe^ and told it to me, the 
10 of Sept: 1649- M. I. M. 

September, 1649. For traying the lowsse lines 
of the ministery of Angus and Meamis, the lait ge- 
nerall assembley haldin at Edinbrughe, in Julij last, 
appoynted a committee of ministers and reuling el<- 
ders^to wisit that prouince, in September and Octo- 
bar this zeir, wich they did, and depriued 18 minis- 
ters ; and tuo expectants they silenced ; 5 ministers 
they suspendit; and tuo kirkes, wich had old failed 
men, they ordained to be prowydit of new ministers. 

This committe tampered a quhyle with the Lord 
Ogiluey, he being remitted by the generall assem- 
bley to them, bot could prewaill nothing with him 
to conforme himselue to the acte of the generall as- 
sembley ; so that> they gaue him the 1 day of No- 
uember nixt, ather to gjue ^atisfactione, wtherwayes 

A. D. 164.9. ANNALES OF SCOTLAND. 431 

they assurid [him] that then, and no longer, the 
church wolde superseed the pronuncing sentence 
of excommanicatione aganist him, for his contuma- 
cey and disobedience. 

In September, this zeire, George, Earle of Kin- 
noule, with 80 commanders, and aboute 100 Danes 
and strangers, arriued in Orknay ; they gaue them- 
selues out for the for-runners of James Grhames 
armey of strangers ; they tooke the castell of Birsay 
in Orknay, and garisond it ; they brought armes and 
amunitione with them for 1000 men, and imediatly 
entred to leuey and presse souIdiours« 

In the begining of Septem: tliis same zeire, the 
Earle of Craufurd'and Lindesay, hauing receuid a 
passe from the committee of estaits to goe offe the 
countrey, was delte with by his frinds to subscriue 
the band enioynd by parliament, wich altogider he 
did refasse, wnles they wold score out of it that 
claus, quherby the subscriuer did acknouledge the 
last session of parliament to be a laufuU parliament. 
Argyle being absent in the Heighlands, and the Re- 
gister, Jonston, not in toune, the Chanceler opposed 
the delating of it Bot the committee of estaits ca- 
ried it by plurality of woyces, that that claus should 
be delet, and he should subscriue it; so the Chan« 
celer tooke vpe the band after that Craufurd had 
subscriued it, and wold not produce it, that it might 
be inroUed, and acknowledged satisfactorie ; bot the 


committee^ with werey heighe wordesi forced him to 
produce it, and imediatljr past ane acta that Crau- 
furdd fiubscriptione of that band) without the forsaid 
daus, was satisfactorie ; one wich acte, Craufurd did 
wreat to the committee a letter of tfaankes, and shew 
them that since they had granted that fauor, that he 
wold make no wsfie of ther passe, bot wold stay at 
home, and not depairt ofie the countri^. 

1649. — The 11 of October, thiszeire, Mr George 
Winhrame of Libertone, one of the Senators of the 
Colledge of Justice, tooke shipe at Leithe, sent by 
the comittee of estaits to the King, nou at Bruxells, 
in West Flanders, with letters. He went in com- 
paney, in a staits man of warre, with the Conserua- 
tor, Thomas Cuninghame, to Holland. 

Memoraiid:---About the 14 of October, this zeire, 
1649, the rumor of thesse comanders and poore 
souldiers that had accompanied George Hay, Earle 
of Kinnonle, to Orknay, and wer bussie leuing 
souldiers ther, made L. Generall Dauid Lesley passe 
northe wkh some 7 ore 8 troupes of horsse, quher he 
stayed some 15 dayes, confirming the northern 
Bhyres in ther obedience, and wieiuing the garisons 
ther; returned southe about the begining of No* 
uember, finding no sture nor oppositione then 

Haruest {2UART£R.«-i«This zeire, in the begining, 
was fiiire,bot after Michellmis6e,ther was grate raines 
in the lowland and in the heigh landes; the mowes 


wet terey grate^ zet the cornnes wer weill woun^ 
the whyte, peasse and beare wer good, bot m the 
best groundes the ottes wer worste, and generally 
the ccMrne yairdes wer bot of a small bnlke in F]r£ky 
Loutheans and Angus especialley* 

In October and Nouember this [zdr,] ther rane 
and wer spred frequent rumors that L^ Oenerall 
Oliuer Cromwell wes routted in Irland, zea killed ^ 
and againe, that he bore all doune before him lyke 
ane impetuous torrent ^ how that he had takin Tra- 
daffe and Washeford, and ther nather sparing sex 
nore age, had exerdssed all the cruelties of a mer-^ 
cilesse, inhumane, and bloodie butcher, euen bru- 
tishley aganist natur« One thesse rumors^ Wil» 
Dougla» did wreat thesse lynnes : — » 

Cromwell is deid» and risiii^ and dead againe^- 

And liasen t&e 3d tyme after he was slaine ; 

No wounder for he's mesiinger of heU, 

And now he buffetts ws, now posts to tell 
Qubats past, and for more game new oounsell takes 
Of his good IHnd the Deiuell, that keipn the stakes. 

The 10 day of Nouember, this zeire, departed 
this lyffe Anna Balfour, Ladey Elcho, eldest daugh-^ 
ter to Robert, Lord Burlie ; and wes solemly inter- 
rid at the churche of Ester Wymees, the 22 day of 
the same mounthe, being Thursday, 1649« 

The 12 day of Nouember, this zeire, Robert 
Douglas, Earle of Morton, departed this Jyffe^ of a 

TOL. III. 2 F 


dmplnmxte eonoaued at his nephew, George, Earle 
at Kinoirle, at the castell of Kn^kewall, in Orknay, 

Jolme^ first Enrle of Wymes, departed at his 
housse of Wester Wymees, about 11 of the clocke 
is the fbtnoone, one Thursday, the 22 day of No- 
uember ; and wes interrid at the churche of Easter 
Wymeesysolemly amongest his ancesters, one Tues^ 
dij, the 4 daj of December, 1649. 

He mtried Jeane Gray, eldest daughter to Pa- 
ttick, Loord Gray, and had by her issew suruing 
1 sone attd 5 daughters. 

& Alexander Hamiltone, brother to Thomas, 
fiNt, Earle of Haddkigtone, GeAerall of the Arte- 
lizerie of Scotland, a man of a rare spirit, and a 
werey valiant souldiour, departed this lyfFe at Preist- 
feild, neire Edinbrughe, 26 of Nouember this zeire, 
1649 ; he was 3 married. 

1 wyffe, the eldest daughter •'of Tho: Dalzell of 
Bins, in Linlithgowshy re ; 

2 wyffe, was Cochrane, da: to - - - - - - 

3 wyffe, was Crightone, 3d daughter to S^ Dauid 
Ci^htone of Lugtone, in Fyffeshyre. 

Deeember.— In December, this zeire, Johne, Earle 
of Craufitrd and Lindesay, wes anew summond to 
subscriue the band for acknouledging the last ses- 
aioffie of parliament a lawfull parliament, and all the 
aetes made therin, wich he had formerly refussed to 

A. D. 1640. AKNALE8 OF SCOTLAND. 485 

doe, or vtherwayes to enter his persone within the 
castell of Edinbrughe. • Bot he resolued to escape 
for Hdlftnd, and went to the Ely, a parpois to em- 
barke, haning the comittee of estaits passe ; not- 
withstanding thereof, they had noa resolued, eoiOf 
trary to ther former passe, one aney tearmes to im- 
ped his woyage, and therfor sent to his houssesome 
commanders to seasse one all he had, wich hes ladey 
seeing, sent to the Ely to him, befor he had east- 
barqued^ and made him to retume to hes auen 
housse; some of the nol^ty and ministry taking a 
dealling for moderating the committee of estaits 
rigor, and delaying the vrging him to a fiirder tyme. 
My Lord wes euer contentit to giue the churdbe 
all resonable satisfaction, bot to deelare that sessione 
of parliament qnherby the engagement for the 
Kings liberatione aganist the perfidious hereticks 
and faithbreakes of Enghind, wes wnlawfuU, being 
ioommandit by parliament, and him to acknouledge 
the last sessione of parliament, quho had no Tther 
Tarrant for ther meitting, bot the indiction of that 
wich they disannlledi that he wold not doe one aney 
tearmes, for if he should so doe, then he behoned to 
ratiffie that sessione of parliament, that had quyte al- 
tered the gouemiment established by the former ses- 
sion of parliament, quherin wer aboue 65 of the no» 
hility, and in this, not aboue 8 ; as also by so doings 
he ratified that acte of thers, by widi lie wras oatted 

4M • • AKNALES or SCOTLAND* A. Sl 164t. 

cthes office and pUce of Lord Thesaurer of the 
kingdome ; and consent to diners others actes^ wich 
' werey bothe preiudiciall and dishonorable to him- 
Jtelue and to his neirest frinds, enacted bjr that ses* 
juone of parliament^ aganist all law, resone and liber- 
ty of free Scotts subiects. 

The ladey of Pittardo in Fyffeshyre, a sister of 
the housse of Fordell, Hendersone, being apprehen- 
dit for witchcraft^ wes imprissoned in the tolbuith 
x>f Edinbrughe, in the mounthe of Julij» this zeire» 
and a commissione giuen by the parliament^ then 
^tting, for her trayejl, quher shoe remained vntil the 
midle of the mounthe of December thereafter; and 
being weill at night9 wes fooad dead ^ne the mor* 
row, all suolnne, th^ symptomes of poysone being 
seine one her. It w^s thought that shoe ather [had] 
taken the poysone of herselue, being guilty of that 
hellish cryincy or that it had beine administrat to her 
by the advysse of her frinds and kinred, quhom 
by h^ wickednesse, (if shoe had been puUickly 
brunt,) shoe had blotted and staiped thesse families 
shoe was descendit off, of quhom wer djscendit 
maney religious, wor;schipfull and Torthey person- 
ages, 1649, 

Maney witches apprehendit, commissions giuen 
H^y parliament and cbunsell for ther tryell, and they 
execnt, in the shyres of Fyffe, Perth, Stirling, Lin- 
Uthgow, Edinbrughe, Hpiddintone, Mersse and 

A. D. W0. Alj[KAL£S OF SCOTLAND. 437 

PeibleS) &ۥ I mayselue did see, the 20 of Jnlij, 
diis zeke, in one ailemoone, commissions seueraUy 
directed by the parliament, for traying and burning 
of 27 witches, wqmen, and 3 men and boyes ; ther 
depositions wer publickly read in face of parliament, 
before the housse wold wotte to the presidents sub- 
scriuing of the acte for the clerke issewing of thesse 
commissions. Lykwayes diuers commissiones wer 
giuen by the Lordes of Counsell, in Nouember and 
December, this same zeire, for traying and burning 
of witches; ther depositions wer read, amongestthe 
wich thar was one that confessed that sho had beine 
of lait at a meitdng with the deuill, at wich ther wer 
aboue 500 wittches present. So far had that wicked 
enimey of mankind prewailled, by this illussions 
and practisses, one thesse poore wretchcid mis^tible 

Take heire some passages of tuo letters, one wret- 
tin by Sk James Steuart, prouest of Edinbrughe, the 
other by S^ Johne Chisley, and printed in the £n- 
glishe Diumall of 81 c^Febrij: 1649, and allowed by 
order of parliament. 

Honored Sr, 
Since the ouertoures of the sub-comittee of the 
estaites, and the sub-commissioners of the kirke, 
aboute th^ declared Kinges message, ther are grate 

438 ANN ALES OF SCOTLAND. A.D. ie4ft. 

discooienti amongest diem ; and also with the peo- 
ple, some clashing also betueen thosse of the estaitea, 
and thosse of the kirke haue heme heighe, so that 
they are at a grate stand quhat to doe. 

It being noysed abroad that new pnq>ositions are 
drawing vpe, (by the sub-committee,) to be present- 
ed to the committee of estaites, and to the kirke, to 
be sent to ther declared King ; it hath caused the 
people to meitt in maney places, about petitions to 
be presented to the committee of estaites, aganist 
aaey further treattey with hioL The kirke and most 
religious of the people b^in to be idoys of the 
Kjnges desainge, to suprysse tbem by faire promisses 
ibr hes «uen ends and interest, and therfor it is la- 
boured by the best assistance of the committee, that 
thosse propositions they are aboute, may be mudi 
heigher then aney thing formerlie; as that if he 
come, he may quholly cast himselue vpone his par- 
liament of Scotland, to be altogider gydit by them, 
and cast offe Montrosse and all other enimies. 

Ther is more men landit this weeke in Orknay-Iy- 
lands from Montrosse, bot tfa^ gratest pairt of his 
men and weshells are spoyled and lost ; tor of 1200 
he shipped from the sea syde, neir Gottinburrey, 
ther are noe more then 200 landed in Scodaad. (It 
is said beirj that thosse that cam last to Orksay-Iy- 
lands, are going for Irisod;) for cjahen they had 
fayl^ about tuo ieaiigues from the shore, thcjr wer 


' shattred by sticking in the iee; maney deyed^ others 
after got ashore and deserted : and they wer much 

Ther cam now onlie tiio shipes with 2(K> soul- 
diers and ther officers ; 12 brasse feild peices, and 
some small number of armes, with a parcel) of 
amnnitione. Montrosse himselue is zet at Gotten- 
brughe, with some Scotts, Englishe and Dutch of- 
ficers, waitting to see if he can gett aney moneyes 
for them ; if not, they will desert him. 
19 Februarij, 1649. 

9 £(iSt of tit d^orrei^ tcnlf ^mnnition fiat batf Hftftn 1^ 
iHontrofttt {or l^cotlantr, mo^ ofbitji hMitftfStvostttf 
atOr ^ffleH. 

Imprimis, 1200 souldiers, officers for 2 regi- 
ments, 13 frigatts fraught, 2 weshells for conwoyes, 
12 brasse guns ; the Kinges foote colors for one re- 
giment, the Kinges standard and colores, Montross- • 
es standard and colours, prouisions for aboute a 
mounthe, commissions for the officers. 

The Kinges standard was of blacke damaske, with 
3 paire of handes folded in cache other, and one cache 
syde of them 3 handes and naked armes, out of 
cloude, with suords drauin. 

i4iO • ANN ALES OF SCOTLAND. A. D. 1649. 

The Kinges standard of foote was of blacke taff- 
tay, with a mans head in the midele, bleeding, as if 
cutt off from a bodey. 

Mootrosses standard was of whyte damaske, with 
a lion rampant one the tope of a rocke, with ane 
other steepe rocke on the wther syde of a riner. 

The Kinges standard of horsse had this motto—- 
Quos pietas virtus et honor fecit amicos. 

The Kinges standard of foote bad this motto-*- 
Deo et victricibus armis. 

Montrosses standard had this motto—Nil me- 
dium. , 





B'D DFr « - ifJtf